Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 40 year old

Date someone special from Alaska, United States. I work two weeks on two weeks off so it makes dating hard. Hobbies i workout when i can. Ride lot of mountian bike downhill or trails,play softball,soccer,weight left or just hang out at home with my to kids doing what ever fun thing comes to mind. What makes me unique not much i'm kind of a reg guy hows a father i'm honest, and dont have time for games unless its 4 play thats all ways fun. My taste in music from RB ,hip-hop,salsa,country i can't dance but i can learn with help. Goals simple to provide and protect also to be the best father i can. To give my kids a good and fun life as they grow up as well to be honset, strong, caring.
What i'm looking for just some to hang out with. The company of a women as friends and if thing work out maybe more.

Meet people from Alaska, United States. I am working on Improving my life free of drama. I want a stable caring friendship, something more than just attraction. Would like to meet people with depth who understand themselves and know their limatations. To temper life with a sence of something more than just living but still enjoy life, the pleasures and joy that it offers. Caring, understanding, enjoys children and who cares some for their fellow man/woman. Kind but strong women who understands emotions are not instructions for life.

Date single man from Alaska, United States. I am white!
Yes I am single, and have been for some time.
I'm driven and have lots of passion for the goals I've chosen. I like high energy people who know their own minds and truly understand the virtues of honor and loyalty. I am a cynic that is filtered through optimism,anything is possible.
I am ambitious in regards that my ideas will be realized and if not,it will not be from a lack of trying.
I put forth the most I am capable of and respect others who can do the same.
I am almost always right unless someone can show me I am being bull-headed.
I was born in California, lived in Bellingham,WA.,and currently live in Anchorage,Alaska.
I am ol'fashioned in respect & courtesy towards a woman. A woman who knows what it means to be a lady is very appealing. The classic line- I am a nice guy,really! Their are lines I will cross, if you know what a Taurus is then you have some idea.
I promote the betterment of my kin & my Folk,that is my focus. If I am doing well or if I am not I will still see to your wellness as long as the common bond of honor & loyalty is maintained.
Good company,good food,and good drink is worth more than anything else in the world. The one thing a price tag will not be on.
Accept the challenge that life is,and excel. A good attitude can make all the difference for a persons day.
The true enjoyments in life are the ones that can be shared.
By the way, did I mention that I am white.
Maybe you are the one

Meet men and women from Alaska, United States. I'm not so sure about looking on here and finding a "match" just based on these descriptions. So I'll just cover my interest. I like health & fitness and outdoors stuff. I love to travel. I enjoy couples dancing to live music. Those are some my favorite things to do. I''m hoping to meet someone with similar interest.
I take satisfaction in living well- eating a good diet, sleep, and exercise. I run trails, hike, and downhill ski. I just bought a backpack which has yet to be taken out this summer. But, it’s ready for adventure. I like to push myself physically when I workout. I’m definitely not the guy who has to take a fire arm with me when I go on a hike. That’s just not me, although I do own a fishing pole, but I'm not likely to take up hunting as a hobby anytime soon unless there was motivation or incentive to do so. I have nothing against hunting and I grew up eating moose and other wild animals.
I have a wide range of woman who I find attractive. Intimacy, touching, snuggling, massage, and physical affection are important to me. I have a preference for women who are curvy and sensual. I don’t need physical intimacy right away in a relationship, but it is improtatn to me.
Ok well just write if you want to k ow more.

Date a man from Alaska, United States. I tend to be forthcoming in general and don't lie (I will delay answering a question though!) if I can help it (While I hate white lies at times, I understand that, at times, one needs to paint around the truth).
enjoy reading and truly don't understand why many people don't (Seriously, there's some good stuff out there!). It baffles me, truly.
I prefer music over television and love all types so long as they fit the mood/occasion. The Sun is my favorite object in the sky (Next to the death-ray satellites encircling the Earth, which will prove the doom of all mankind).
I am usually caffeinated at a cellular level and strongly believe that this has, at times, caused me to enter parallel dimensions (I may be in one as I type this...).
I am beyond loyal to those I care about but I keep that circle smallish. I will always be there for a friend but am selective about the company I keep. Over the years I've learned to be careful in my associations and that many people that decry drama turn out to live it out on a daily basis.
I've been told that I am: Crazy, outrageous, the kinda guy who makes others just feel good, a jerk (In regards to being a bit too blunt), an easy drunk, a true friend, a funny guy, a smart guy, flirtatious, clueless, too nice for my own good, etc
An example of my 'absurd' side:
I can tie my own shoes w/out being overly proud of myself : )
I don't believe in the moon and regard it as a popular myth and mass hallucination on the part of all humankind.
I also believe that math is a myth created by the Illuminati in an attempt to cover up something more insidious than I can currently imagine. That being said, I can still add and subtract and, on my good days, multiply and/or divide. I also believe that if you have a letter in a math equation you should be writing a letter rather than solving a problem.
I still get presents from Santa. Not because I've been good but because I got some dirt on the guy.
I wouldn't say that small feet/shoes freak me out but they do, well, kinda weird me out a bit.
I believe that all conspiracy theories are a conspiracy to hide other conspiracies behind a thin veneer of a paradigm that I am unable to grasp. I don't believe in 2012 Doomsday prophecies. Instead, I think that aliens will come to claim what is theirs. I, for one, welcome our alien overlord masters with open arms (Given me some brownie points, I hope)
I have a bit of a fondness for absurdities. They make more sense than reality more often than not.
Now that I've highlighted my quirky/absurd side....
In the long run we are all here to further our spiritual development while empowering others to do so as well. This requires that we "Check ourselves" from time to time. Many people do not have this ability and I hope to have mine grow over time.... Honest self-examination is not easy and when we engage in it w/open eyes we can get a bit uncomfortable but it is the best path to personal growth.
Each day we are given another opportunity to grow and realize how blessed we are in our lives. I truly try and realize and embrace this though, admittedly, do struggle from time to time. But, with each struggle comes greater strength and understanding...
I'd like to meet someone who has a sense of humor and excitement for life - someone intelligent, fun, active and a fully grown adult who has not lost their sense of wonder for life and the world....
I don't have to many 'requirements' for a relationship but am not overly fond of cat lovers (allergies) or those that engage in liberal philosophies that are out of balance with reality. Someone independent who is looking for the same.
I like strategy games and some card games and have few people to play them with in Anchorage and would enjoy someone who likes 'game nights' and is willing to accept that I go to Kenai to visit family and play games about 6 or so times a year.
Someone who is capable of trusting and growing in a relationship, really.

Meet a soulmate from Alaska, United States. Kind, caring and honest to my best. I like to cook, swim and make people around me happy...i do love to watch movies and i love singing too.......i'm passionate and very romantic when i have the right woman......i love to eat i consider that as my favorite, i love country music,soul and blues in bed time.......i love to laugh and make silly jokes sometimes but i do get serious when needed.....if you wish to know more about me just ask and i will tell you............

Date someone special from United States. Driven but know how to relax. Know what you want and take what you want in life but still take the time to relax, but with balance.
I am type A and I love to win but it's not essential it's just an urge. You should be driven but not obsessive about gettting ahead. Balance is key and open mindedness is essential.

Meet people from United States. I'm a guy that that really isn't super picky I don't want you to lied to me or be a person that does drugs. Im a strong believer in treat someone how you want to be treated. I'm not a prince charming but it's only because I'm not a prince. I'm trying to make some changes in my life less tv more exercise get out more be more active and eat better. I don't expect anyone to be all of those but some of them would be nice. I live to smile and love to laugh. I'm a little shy at first but I get over fast.

Date single man from United States. My friends describe me as a quiet person initially but once I get to know someone, I am more comfortable in talking. Hoping to meet someone special who shares the same views and thoughts liked , but let's chat or exchange emails and we can go from there.

Meet men and women from United States. I'm new to town - so new I may not even be there yet. Just took a new job in Anchorage and am on my way from Kansas. Wondering what I will find when I get there.
For most of my adult life, I felt like I was playing one continuous round of golf - where once you get out of one hole, you head to the next. But I've made a boat load of changes over the last couple of years. I recently lost a load of weight, and with my new found confidence and energy I look to meet someone who can help me explore new things and enjoy my life more fully.
I love to travel, and travel a lot for my job. I like seeing new places, visiting old places, and hearing stories about places we all have been. What is true that I absolutely love to experience what the world can bring -- whether that means seeing it myself or hearing about it from others, I like just experiencing it.
I like to make people laugh, and spend much of my time when getting to know people figuring out what I can say to make them laugh.
The one thing that you would have to absolutely accept and can never ever ever change about me is ... I'm a Packer fan, always have been (even when they stunk) always will be. There I said it.
I am independent and spontaneous - so I am pretty quick to go running out the door to find some patch of nature to get lost in. What I miss out on is having someone around to add some fun and laughter in my life. Someone to encourage me to get out of the house on those nights at home. Take me to a movie, pull me into a concert, suggest a quiet night with coffee a good book.
I am looking for:
Someone who is honest, and can handle my honesty.
Someone who is independent, and is open to my own independence.
Someone patient and understanding, yet can laugh like champion.
Someone who is a sucker for a Packer Fan helps too.
And ... ummm ... okay, this is a bit shallow of me but ... well, if you don't have a profile picture, I will likely not respond. It took a lot of guts for me to show my ugly mug, so that means something for anyone else.

Date a man from United States. When people describe their first impressions of me it is often as reserved, quiet and stoic. Though I may be those things, what they are actually seeing is shyness. Alas I am no social butterfly and I am fairly confident that no one has ever described me as the life of the party...well maybe after an occasional night of inspired karoake.
I have a great passion for my career which I see as more of a calling. It has a requisite lifestyle that many see as overwhelming and chaotic with extreme emotional highs and lows. A very difficult thing for individuals in my life to understand and accept that personal hardship is sometimes necessary for my work.
I also have a passion for all kinds of music but the only instrument I play is an ipod. I can check all of the appropriates boxes for the outdoor interests and activities of a good Alaskan. I love to travel and want to do more. When I have the time and motivation I enjoy cooking especially when it is a team sport.
I am looking for someone that is independent, self confident and passionate about their own interests. Please do not confuse this with self-absorbed....Patience, compassion and understanding are good qualities as well as mere tolerance of my lifestyle is probably not going to work out.

Meet a soulmate from United States. I moved to Minnesota a little over a year ago for work. I have not gotten to know the area as well as I would have liked, yet. I would desribe myself as fun, intelligent, athletic, competive in some ways, laid back in others. I guess I am looking for someone to hang out with and have fun with and see where it goes.