Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 65 year old

Date a man from Alaska, United States. mans man who smokes cigars, treats a woman as an equal, and i like sports. i work 5 12 months a year in alaska and winter in california and travel the rest of the year. i want to establish a permanent relationship with the right person

Meet single man from Alaska, United States. I am looking for some one that is willing to make a friend ship blossom in to a serious commitment for each other. To share laughter and all that life has to offer with children and grandchildren, friends and community.

Date a soulmate from Alaska, United States. now i am A PAID MEMBER. Maybe at our age we might lower our sights a tad, and accept those small inconsequential idiosyncrasysies as we all have gathered over the years; we'd be just as happy, I think.
Loosing some weight now, feels good. P.S. I am a smoocher!
I like good rock and roll/soul dancing and love slow dancing. I don't have animals, don't ride snow machines,4 wheelers, jetskis, and don't climb mountains anymore. But I work out every day, like short hike/walks, especially with company. I am looking for a woman not too slender, not too heavy[less than me], a woman, who keeps herself up, is reasonably healthy and has her own income, hot too conservative nor too liberal,. I too would like to travel, as one can afford it, and look forward to visiting my daughters and granddaughters and Son-in-laws, yours as well, as well as friends living Elswewhere. But I am looking for a cuddler, a warm, pretty and happy woman, to have good discussions with and lots of smooching!

Meet someone special from Alaska, United States. I Love church,my children ,grandchildren and life. I like to walk,bike hunt and fish and meeting new friends
Honesty, religious controlled temperament easy going socially, values Others opinions, reading and children.
Traveling, family histories, church related programs, physical activities! Picture to be added

Date men and women from Alaska, United States. I like the outdoors and it is important that my companion like it as well. I spend a lot of time reading nonfiction and don't watch much TV. I like conversation. I don't drink or go out to eat much. Being retired, I like road trips. I would like to go to Europe and Asia but to travel the rural areas, not the tourist places. In the states and in Canada I travel by truck camper mainly for the independence and economy. I rather camp in national forests rather than RV parks. Much that I do I do alone because I haven't found too many people that either have the interest or the time. An interesting determiner of compatibility is whether my partner would be comfortable doing the things I want to do and if not, whether she would be happy allowing me to do it alone. Obviously she has the same freedom.
Putting all the preceding interests aside, I would do most anything with my partner in the interest of sharing and pleasing them.
At our time of life we have/should have full, active lives. We want to share what we have in common or grow to like things in common and still do the things that bring us satisfaction.
Again, what I have written is the selfish me. I would do a lot more to please my partner. I have been known to take dancing lessons which says a lot about how far I would go to please someone.

Meet people from Alaska, United States. peaceful and out going jolly and sexy and very exciting to and with the right person if that be you. Romantic is something i have to work on but it's all ways their. touchy feely kind of person . Most of the same for you to. We would simply be a work in progress. I'm out of words for a while. until i here from you, by................................................

Date a man from United States. I am retired and I am looking for a companion to spend time with at my home in Cozumel Mexico. In the winter ,and time here in summer in Colorado/Alaska . But I am flexible on time spent in Cozumel. Looking for an attractive woman with brains and able to support her self.
I am 65 in very good health and need to lose 5 lbs. and working on it. I am 6 foot 4 inches tall,bald . I like and ride motorcycles,not Harley's. I am currently restoring a 1972 Norton motorcycle. I remodel homes in my spare time. I SCUBA Dive and like deep sea fishing,swimming in the Ocean.Like taking walk's in the mountains. Used to hunt but not any more. Like hunting with a camera today. Like all types of animals.
Love women and Love making Love with them.
My match I hope will be Attractive and slender with a good sense of humor. Like the same things I do,but I can adapt to things she likes also. I like all kinds of sports, food, animals,and people.
I have recently been spending 2 months a year June & July in Houston,AK. House/Dog sitting for friends who like to go to the lower 48 to visit family.
Looking for a Female with similar interests to spend guilty time with. I seem to get a long with younger women more than women my age and it seems as the younger women get along better with me than guys there own age. No hang ups when it comes to money,friends children,pets, or what we are going to do for the day or evening.
I have a sense of humor and can make you laugh,Also I am a comfortable person to be around.

Meet single man from United States. About me,,,,athletics, the arts, the natural world, and an eclectic bundle of pragmatic issues , these are a part of my package. Curiosity, creativity, and a latent sense of spiritual life contribute. I value fitness not as an end in itself but it paves the way for richness in a variety of context. I'm very excited by intellectual conversation . Inquiries about life's ebbs and flow seem to provoke a warm sense of intimacy.
I am fortunate to have the opportunity of education with a B.F.A. and Master Degree in Art. Along with an undergraduate degree in interdisciplinary studies. I admit commonsense and intuition provide an inner balance to all that ! And I aspire to add more calm then chaos to the scheme of things.
Be nice to spend some time with someone who has a sense of calm along with intellectual and activity orientations. I don't know how that would occur because people are all made up of different needs and backgrounds. I'm willing to accept what works. I'd like to
develop a closeness that transcends words and have fun with it all ! A sensuous and cerebral person would be who I am looking for in a relationship.

Date a soulmate from United States. very likeable-enjoy tomorrows and like to walk.I enjoy meeting new people and walking on the beach and playing some golf. Life is going by so fast.I do like to travel to warmer climates and hopefully move there to soon

Meet someone special from United States. im a honest one woman man.looking for a woman who is honest n a one ill treat u like u should b treated n i love to fondle. cuddle n have fun.want woman who can communicate with n show her feelings as well.i dont have baggage n dont want any either

Date men and women from United States. Alaskan, work hard, play hard. Aviation minded. Love being outdoors doing anything. Listening to the rain on a metal roof, with a fire. Wood smoke from a cabin stove or a camp fire on a clear night. Quiet adventure awaits, are you game ?,

Meet people from United States. what ever i'm looking for i have'nt found it yet..i'm satisfied with my life never think about what i should have done differently.i'm pretty practical about my situation in life and don't really expect more than what worked for