Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 52 year old

Date single man from Alaska, United States. Howdy,
I am a guy who works hard and try's to get along without crashing (my motorcycles), sometimes that's hard enough.
My motto is, Life is a fools game, a woman you can't tame and your only as free as you let yourself be.
Sometimes I think the Gods are laughing at me and I don't mind much, better to laugh than weep.
I'd like to think I could meet someone who is kinda like me but that hasn't happend yet, in this world we see many strange personalities and mine may not be the most popular. politically I like The crazy Old Man, you know the guy who sticks up for the Constitution. Socially I"m looking for my Honey! I tend to say what I think and mean what I say, and I'll back it up. Don't get me wrong, I can be incorrect at times and when logic and common sence call me out I will backdown and I'm not ashamed to apologize.
I believe in sticking up for the underdog, slapping off the High Hat, and opening the door for a lady. My musical taste has come to Country. But I like most anything, depends on the mood.
Just a man.
I'm looking for a woman.
Hope you find the guy your looking for, But I'm better!

Meet a soulmate from Alaska, United States. I enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, hunting – you know the typical outdoor stuff. (why else do we live in Alaska). I also enjoy quiet evenings at home watching movies or just doing what ever.
I have decided to go back to school, so a lot of my free time is spent in the books.
I’m looking for someone that has at least a little intelligence and a sense of humor. They don’t have to enjoy the great outdoors, but if they do all the better..... I would hope they enjoy sitting around a campfire, walks together on the beach or trails, or watching the sun set and or rise.
Being on my own, I do have skills in laundry, house keeping, and cooking. Actually I enjoy cooking and have been told I'm pretty good at it.
I'm looking for a long term relationship, I am not interested in one night stands, flings or games. I'm looking for that special person, someone to share the rest of our life's together.

Date people from Alaska, United States. Hmmm....... I believe I am outgoing and fun loving in the public, yet enjoy my time at home with family just as much if not more, or peaceful solitude as well. I am committed to being as good a dad as possible to my two boys. They are the apple in my eye (there is room for that one special someone as well). I like all the things that go into being a good father to these two handsome boys. Quality time, participatory, hangin out, just bein there when they want or need the time. I also have coached every sport known to kid-kind. I have fun teaching the kids well. I enjoy many sports, and also officiate sports. It is my personal peace of mind. Just doing it well. That is important, to give a good effort at what I am doing. Good natured, light hearted, I enjoy smiling and like seeing the smile come out in others - maybe yours? I believe I am a pretty fun, gentle, and giving soul who is looking for that lady to complement me and for me to complement her. I appreciate someone who has a sense of self worth. I also appreciate those little things we can do for each other. I like being able to open the car door for you, escorting my friend and partner - the chivalry of life. Yet, I also believe in support for each other's person and personal interests. I believe my partner should be my best friend and visa versa. I like to have fun! Do you? And I want to share that fun with someone special! Drop me a note and say hello! I would enjoy visiting, learning, listening, smiling, laughing......and generlly looking to have fun and keep an open mind and heart to opportunities.......always looking for the good in people and in life...... Enjoy.Hmmm..........describe my ideal match. Well, I think - actually I know - I am looking for someone who is very comfortable with themselves. I enjoy a relationship that has a sense of interdependence. I would enjoy that we share and enjoy each other's lives and successes, that we would be each other's best friend. I would want us to be comfortable such that we are happiest when we are together, yet also smiling while doing our own thing - knowing that there is that special someone that you will be with at the end of the day. I like fun, upbeat, light-heartedness atmosphere and yet I appreciate quiet moments, cuddling, or enjoying snuggling up to a good movie. My partner - this lady - is out there, somewhere. I like someone who is as comfortable in shorts and tshirts being relaxed, ready for playin around, yet is as comfy getting 'dressed to the nines' when the event calls for it. Someone who enjoys quiet times, conversation, busy times, silly times, kid times, and can understand the value of each. Communicating is valuable. Both verbal and nonverbal. It is a key value to a successful long term relationship. I absolutely enjoy seeing old couples that have been together forever....and how comfortable they are with each other's persona....very warming to see. All those other things that we believe to be important to a relationship are a given. I value friendship as the foundation to a long, happy, successful love relationship. Gotta enjoy being around the boys. If there is one thing that I love - it is family, being a dad to two very handsome, fun, smart, gregarious, respectful boys. We do lots together. And if you so happen to have kids to bring into the fold, it can only get more fun! Take care of the home and family and everything else falls into place in the world (work, friends, community activities, etc.). It is fun being able to provide for the home, for the boys. I like that and would hope you would too! perky_keith at the "hutmail" system is one way to find me. I wish you the best in your search!!!! Don't be shy!

Meet someone special from Alaska, United States. warm compassionate and self reliant woman. I've been broken and hobble thru life so have no real desire to try and carry others when I struggle to cary myself.I was married for over 20 yrs and been there done that bought the tee -shirt and post card even have extra stamps. I seen the streets and what it has to offer and would rather be by myself than tolerate the broken tattered and chemically dependent that I refer to as Street urchins.I live in Alaska so I see far too much of it,I do not mind recreational use and I do that myself.If you are intolerant of that then you need not apply.After all that is what we do here on a site.I am well educated and well traveled .What I want is a warm self satisfied person who can be idependent yet desire a man who could appreciate those things.If you have no drive for closenes and companionship then you too need not fill in an application for review. I am a man with a very stong sex drive still and if that is no longer a desire for you then again don't bother and waste my time.I just want someone who wants me as much as I want them. If you feel you can fill that tall of an order then set the fire alarm off and get evryones attention because there will be many who would be more than happy to break down your door and rescue you even if you do not need to be rescued.I am not a knight in shinning armour nor am I the prince who rides in o a white horse. I am just a man and whish to be treated as such. My castle is min and lacks a Queen. If you are out there then grant me permission of an audiance and you will have my full attention

Date men and women from Alaska, United States. Well ? I work a lot,and dont have a special someone to cuddle with or tell about my day. No movies or dinner are planed since we havent met yet. I think i just want someone to love who could love back.

Meet a man from Alaska, United States. A description in 4000 characters and AT LEAST 200. Let's see, I have a teen aged daughter who is a great athlete and fantastic student. She graduated HS this year and is very active and self reliant.
People say I am outgoing, honest and have a great sense of humor and to be truthful... I have to agree with them! :-)
I enjoy travel, hiking, camping, home projects and motorcycles.
I'm looking for a friend to enjoy all of these with and do some exploring.

Date single man from United States. who am I? I am a man that lives by spiritual principles, bibcal principles. Love, kindness, forgiveness easy- going, and gentleness. Not perfect! Living within my means is very important.. I am hard working, but enjoy my relaxing times as well. I am a owner of a small business, also I serve a director for a large corporation. Life is very short and I want to make the next best step. People are valuable. I love to travel and enjoy sightseeing different areas of the country.
I am a christian man. Im on a journey and want to share with someone special on this journey. To have and hold...hands and hugs
I believe that helping others is important. The good samaritan attitude...

Meet a soulmate from United States. I am a man who enjoys laughing. Life is to be taken seriously, of course, but I insist on having fun with the right woman. I like dining at a decent restaurant, watching a good movie, having a good cuddle and traveling. Doing things spontaneously is often more pleasing than any sort of planned outing...right?

Date people from United States. Friends say I smile with my eyes and its true. I enjoy life but it's much better when it's shared. I'm looking for an articulate, intelligent, pretty woman who's friendly, active, healthy, passionate, confident, sometimes naughty and not crazy. I'm looking for a friend and lover, and if it develops into more, great. If not, that's OK too.
About me Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Blue
Best Feature: Chest
Body art: Strategically placed tattoo
Sports and exercise: Cycling,
Golf, Other types of exercise,
Racquet sports,
Walking / Hiking,
Weights / Machines,
Auto racing / Motorcross,
Exercise habits: Exercise 3-4 times per week
Daily diet: Fast food,
Keep it healthy,
Meat and potatoes
Interests Business networking,
Coffee and conversation,
Dining out,
Museums and art,
Music and concerts,
Wine tasting
Education: Bachelors degree
Occupation: Other profession
Income: $150,000
Languages: English,
Politics: Middle of the Road
My Place: Nice condo on a greenbelt
Pets I have: None
Pets I like: Cats, Dogs,
About my date Hair: Auburn / Red,
Dark blonde,
Dark brown,
Light brown
Eyes: Any
Height: 5'0" (152cms) to
6'2" (188cms)
Body type: About average,
Athletic and toned,
Languages: English
Ethnicity: Asian,
Black / African descent,
East Indian,
Latino / Hispanic,
Middle Eastern,
White / Caucasian
Faith: Any
Education: Bachelors degree,
Graduate degree,
PhD / Post Doctoral
Job: Executive / Management,
Financial services,
Medical / Dental / Veterinary,
Political / Govt / Civil Service / Military,
Sales / Marketing,
Technical / Computers / Engineering,
Teacher / Professor,
Travel / Hospitality / Transportation
Income: $50K
Smoke: No Way,
Drink: Any
Relationships: Any

Meet someone special from United States. Warm carring, love and honesty is what want to give to that right person.
My friends say I am very focused on life and long term plans. When I don’t want to go out with them, I am taken on a short errand witch becomes a trip to town. I am looking for a warm loveing, careing person to share my freindship and maybe the rest of our years. I do enjoy haveing a great time.
My life now is limited to people I work with even though we do all not have the same interests. We share stories of our time off. House chores. trips, etc. A lot of us are busy with chores at home. We do get together occasionaly.
I like to be there for someone that also wants to be there for me, and maybe has lived a similar earlier life, with the same interests activities, goals, vacations, retirement, beyond the point of keeping up with neighbors. I would like to enjoy life now and also prepare for our comfort when we reach the point to be taken care of. That’s life. Life is mostly work. To enjoy this space of time makes good memorys. And maybe we can refresh that occasionally in our life from time to time.
To love and be loved for many years while living life to the fullest, and being outdoors with good people put my own life in perspective. I know there is some one who will share the same interests goals at this time in life that has had some of the same experience in their past. We still make plans. We just enjoy it at a different level. I love early Saturday or Sunday morning drives, sunny no rain or a late night cruise. Life is not an excuse for not living. Used to go out rock and roll dance for years I still love music, rock and roll, swing dance.

Date men and women from United States. Hi there! I may be you’re Knight in shining armor of I may be you’re worst nightmare!
I finally figured out I have no control of women! They have minds that only they can understand!
Me??? I was married for almost 20 years. Three Kids, youngest is 20 they are all very independent! Not sure where they got that from? Two daughters and a son. My passion is flying. I have built a cabin at a remote lake and flown in most of the materials. Looking forward to the time when I can spend more time out there. It would be nice to spend it with the right woman. If you are in Timbuktu or Anchorage (which by the way isn’t really part of Alaska) send me a note if you are interested in getting to know each other better.
I have not been arrested for anything yet.
I’m 5’11 when I stand up strait, like when the National Anthem is being played and I weigh in at 195 lbs today July 4, 2012.
I have read a lot of women’s profiles on match and must agree that pictures are important. That is shallow, at least I realize that. But what the hey. Do you have sense of humor? You need one. Sarcasm should not offend you. Dish it out and take it! Now I may be getting old but I haven’t lost my sex drive yet! :)
Well I have been on Match for about 10 years and haven't found a match yet. What does that say? I'm looking for a petite partner.
What is wrong with me?

Meet a man from United States. Im here for freinds I have the love of my life already and nothing can change what I feel for her.she is and always will be the love of my life.However I have a son that could and would treat a lady like she is suppossed to be treated.Just throwing that out there.Ok I hope that I meat some freinds and I guess we will see.