Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 39 year old

Date people from Alaska, United States. I'm single father of teenage boy, and I'm proud of him and who he is becoming. Spending time in nature is the way I recharge the best, but I also enjoy the downtown scocial life. If I was to describe what I'm most looking for in a person it would be, a woman that is kind and liked in the social arena, strong in her business sense, and able in her life with nature.

Meet a soulmate from Alaska, United States. Currently Separated ...please don't confuse that with having multiple interests, or ill intentions. I've been on my own since middle of last winter. Working towards a conclusion, and ironing out a few wrinkles. If you ask, I will tell. I dont care for drama, or games or deception so please ask if theres a question.
I’m a happy go lucky person ready to make the best of things in any situation, I am a cynic and like to crack jokes and cut up. Life is way too short to be all serious 24-7. I was raised to work hard, earn your keep, pay it forward, be respectful, diligent, patient, have traditional family values. I am a gear head engineer type, you know, nuts and bolts. I'm a guy and like dirt and mud and noisy things that scare people. Motorsports and metal are my passion, I ride, race, tweak, weld, fab, and customize toys. I am also a outdoors woodsy type. I like to “get out of town” and think someday I might just stay there. I grew up hunting and fishing in remote AK territory. I haven't traveled much out of AK but would like to see the world with someone. I'm an adrenaline junky, I'm energetic, adventurous, and usually take off for the middle of nowhere on a whim. Not haphazardly, but spontaneously planned. I often travel at night to avoid I'm a skilled survivalist, and believe in being ready for life's happenings. I'm not a set around type. I do stuff mostly outdoors, but very much enjoy time indoors as well. I like to make things happen, rather than wait for them to occur. I put 110% into what I do. Not that “you” have to be that way, its just me. Sorry I don't have many pics of myself doing things, I'm usually alone...
I’m mostly into rock, but like country and known to jam some old school stuff. I can be crazy fun, off the wall, occasionally deviant and totally rebellious, yet a totally responsible dad. I am spiritual, but not overly religious. I am open minded, and love talk about philosophy, crazy theories, and other conspiracies... I’m intellectual, continuously learn and progress. I feel like a day was wasted, if I didn’t learn something new, or grow in some way. I get huge satisfaction from physical things, and feel guilt if I miss my goal, a work out, even if work is a long 18 hr day. Staying in good shape is a part of life. If your looking at “my sign” and scratching your head, I am NOT a typical Taurus. I was born on the “cusp” of Gemini. Means I carry both traits, and its pretty interesting to Google that subject, if you have never put much faith in astrology, like me, I found this, and now it ALL makes sense.
As for you, your driven, self respecting, family oriented, (dogs are people too) could see yourself “going and doing” things, maybe getting a little dirty, you dont mind a little sand in your cupcake, lol... enjoy a warm campfire and cold beers… after being stuck to the axles and winching all day… or just chillin after a hot and dusty day at the race track, the golf course, or on the water fishing, have no fear of boats, small planes, shooting guns, or breaking a nail while wrenching on race cars? If you want to have a good time, well, I could see myself going out dancing with a girly girl, having a fine dinner, catching a show, tasting wine in a tux, or even viewing an Artist Debut. Heck we could go to wally world in our PJ’s…screeeech! Ok, maybe not! So write me already… I'm looking for something that's been missing all my life. A complex person that has the perfect shape, the perfect fit, her mind is NOT a pattern, but a multi dimensional laser cut mechanism wired to fit this crazy schematic. Someone that challenges me, makes me want for her company, her thoughts inspire me, ground me, and make my day complete... Until then... I wait patiently. I could keep on writing a whole bunch of cool stuff, but it sounds like I'm selling a used car, and I am out of allotted characters in this tiny box. I'd rather talk in mono... you've read this far, you know what to do

Date someone special from Alaska, United States. Just looking for some new friends. Recently just got out of an 8 year relationship. I have a daughter who is the most important thing in the world to me. I work out of town and am usually only home a week a month so I like to spend as much quality time with her as I can. I enjoy camping, fishing, boating, snow machining, 4 wheeling, movies, and hanging out with my friends and family.

Meet men and women from Alaska, United States. I'm military stationed in Ft. Richardson for about 1 yr and a half, I love my job and I'm a very lay back person, love the outdoors and playing sports. I enjoy being around good friends and hopefully I get to meet more great friends here and maybe who knows.

Date a man from Alaska, United States. So I’m putting out the beacon. Yes, I’m single and yes, I’m looking. (smiling :-)
I’m a successful 38 yr old guy that has a great life and is looking to spend time with a special lady that might be a good match. Describing (more like selling :-) myself in this ad is not easy…but here goes…I’ve been told that I’m ambitious and I’ve been told that I’m really easy going. If I was to pick that apart I would say that I’m ambitious when I go after something professionally, but easy going with my personal life. Professionally, I’m goal orientated and successful. When it comes to my personal life I like to keep things simple and focus on things that really matter like friends, family and keeping a positive outlook on life. I’m an active person that enjoys going to the gym. My most favorite winter activity is going snowmachining and my most favorite summer activity is hiking with my dogs. I enjoy stepping back at times to just pay attention to the little things in life. I believe that laughter is one key to happiness so I like to make people smile and catch them off guard with friendly humor. I’ve been told that the first thing that people notice about me is my smile.
What/who am I looking for? I’m looking to get out and have some fun with a lady that enjoys life. She would enjoy being a busy body at times, but equally enjoys turning the phone off and laying down on the couch for the evening with a fire. With the right guy she would be open, honest and be emotionally available. She would also have a healthy level of emotional, relational, & spiritual maturity.
I do have a 8 yr old daughter that is a great kid! I’m sure all parents say that, but REALLY...I lucked out with her! We have a very close relationship and I try to be the best parent that I can be for her. Even though I'm a single parent I do have a great family support network...making time for dating is not a problem! :-)
If any of this sounds like a guy that you would like to learn more about...feel free to send me a wink or email me. Have a great day and good luck with your search!!! :-)

Meet single man from Alaska, United States. So I just moved here in May from Michigan and I got the chance to start over.. Would love to meet someone to go on new adventures with. I am a down to earth person and very easy to get along with as a friend or a lover.

Date people from United States. Okay about me I am recenitly seperated going thru a divorce. Relizing that the silence is alot louder then i thought it would be i have 2 teenage girls who mean the world to me. Just looking to strike up some conversation at this point

Meet a soulmate from United States. Hi my name is Aaron. I'm looking for that special woman to experience this great city with. Someone that I can share my love, passion and interests with. I work a lot of hours and like to enjoy the time when I'm not working. My ideal mate will have a life of her own and not need to be by my side all the time. If you think your interested let me know.My ideal match will be kind hearted, attractive, adventurous, open to new experiences, devoted, romantic, erotic, sincere and spontaneous.

Date someone special from United States. i have no patients for games. if you dont know what you want then i cant help you. i am very giving. but wont be taken advantage of. i am looking for someone who is going somewhere in life and wants to better themselves. someone with a positive outlook on life. negative attitudes need not apply.

Meet men and women from United States. .I am looking for an honest woman who i can be honest with and will listen to me, Someone who would be happy to sit around and cuddle and enjoy eachothers company. Someone who is happy to hear from me in the middle of the day when I call just to say hi and cant wait for the evening to come so I can hold her in my arms and stare into her eyes. Looking for a woman who can be positive influence in my childrens lives. My kids will always come first and if you cant accept that I don't need to get to know you.

Date a man from United States. A little about me, I love getting out and running rivers, watching movies, and eating good food with my friends, my ideal match I'm not to picky, but ya gotta have a sense of humor :) other than that anything goes :)

Meet single man from United States. Just retired from the Army for medical reason after almost 14 years of service. Returned to Alaska after being away for about six years, for some rest and relaxation. Trying to find my core self again, lost it some where in Iraq after my second deployment and with friends that have departed. Due to those experiences, I hardly ever take anything to serious, which has its ups and downs.
Looking for someone, who is secure in their own skin, able to take the good and bad life with throw at them, and keep moving forward. It is not about the destination but the journey, so if that is your mentality, you might be the one.