Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 62 year old

Date someone special from Alaska, United States. Enjoy travel adventure inclusive of excursions oriented toward fitness. Can be anywhere but mostly in winter months. No problem with strictly platonic... less complicated usually. Must be open with communications, thoughts, ideas, the beginning if possible.

Meet a man from Alaska, United States. Brief Summary, April, 2012: Retired Marine Mammal Biologist (Foreign Fisheries Observer/U.S. Govt Rep. aboard Soviet and Japanese fishing vessels in the Bering Sea, Alaska; Onboard U.S. Govt Observer/Representative/Program Staff re Dolphin and Marine Mammal interactions with U.S. commercial Tuna fishing vessels in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean (these positions were with U.S. Dept of Commerce NOAA Fisheries); Associate. Scientist, Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission Program Staff re non-U.S. Tuna fishing vessels involved with Dolphins/Marine Mammals in the ETP, Central/South America 1986-1990; NOAA Fisheries Manager, Gulf of Alaska/Bering Sea 1990-1992; Pribilof Islands Prog. Mgr./Marine Mammal Biologist, Alaska 1992-2005.
July 14 "Update": I just deleted my previous "Profile"and will provide a much more complete revision very soon. My earlier Profile consisted of several "Updates" regarding what I thoroughly believed were sincere, honest, definite, very real and mutually Loving, Committed relationships during approximately the past 6 months to say "Thank You" to all who had contacted me but received no reply as I am a One Person Person and believed each of those relationships were serious and a solid "Match" but which unfortunately and ultimately proved to be otherwise.
Because I thought I had several times REALLY found what most of us on these sites long for and hope to find, I cancelled my re-subscription and 8/10 is my last active day. However, since my subscription is still active, I want to say that I am again hopeful and truly believe that "Someone" is out there for me and I sincerely welcome any contact of interest to which I will gladly answer any questions, provide further information and otherwise reply should this temporary "Profile" and other personal info generate enough interest to want to know more.
In short and most humbly, I consider myself to be one of those "nice guys" who just aren't supposed to be "... out there..." and have often been told I am too much so for my own "good." But I am simply who and what I have always been, still am and will always remain and my qualities and faults are in the eyes of the beholder. I can honestly say that based upon actual facts, which anyone can validate for themselves, I have had and plan to continue a very interesting Life which needs no embellishment or exaggeration. I am honest, sincere and genuine to the very core of my Being as I am neither clever enough nor do I need to pretend to be otherwise.
Thank you for taking the time to read this abbreviated and hastily composed "Profile" and I hope you will check back soon for a more complete and much improved version, or simply contact me if the above is of enough interest to do so.
-David (or Dave, your choice).

Date single man from Alaska, United States. nice person healthy smart traveled likes cats Loves pizza. Ships are fun like golf mows lawns
likes the Beatles. swims a lot rides horses
science fiction movies are great. Biking is a lot of fun truthful hard workin easy going

Meet a soulmate from Alaska, United States. I am a warm, thoughtful and considerate guy. I am financially and emotionally stable. I am romantic and affectionate. I exercise regularly, eat right, and look much younger than my age. I certainly don't act my age. I am tidy without being obsessive. I am very good at keeping myself busy. I can change a tire and I can change a diaper. I am honest and trustworthy. I'm not much of a party guy and I'm not into the bar scene. I like to try new things. I read a lot, lately it's been mysteries and legal thrillers. I like to cook and I can fix almost anything.
I am pretty intuitive. I can usually tell when you just want to vent and don't want me to solve your problems. Sometimes you just want someone to listen. I am not intimidated by intelligent, strong willed women. I know creating and maintaining a lasting relationship takes effort. Anything worthwhile takes effort. But it's still got to be fun. That's the point isn't it. Although it's not necessary to spend every minute together, I want a relationship where we want to spend every minute together. I like holding hands. I like watching movies with a bowl of popcorn. I like having fires in the fireplace.
I'm an upbeat and happy person. I believe that you create the world you want to live in. Honesty, trust, and fun are the important elements in my world.
I like to travel and I like to come back home. I like walking dogs. I like talking and I like listening. I like all fitness activities. I like yoga and meditation.
I can fix a toilet, remodel a house and give a great back rub. Life can be fun. Cheers.

Date men and women from Alaska, United States. I've been all over the world just got back from my last project in Aruba and a friend told me to try out match that's why i am on here. (I think i want a lady who) -who loves to and can travel... see the world, laugh, play golf...enjoy spontaneity, finding the right restaurant on a side street in Paris, having the right table, interacting with people and cultures... I love people, love making people laugh, and am very affectionate and considerate.

Meet people from Alaska, United States. My retirement plans for Seattle didn't pan out and I am still in SE Alaska planning my next move...which would seem to be remodeling a little house on the coast in Westport. It's coming along well and a move is in the near future. It will be an interesting year. I am Outdoorsy, retired early, musical, arts aficionado, likes fine dining, reading, beaches, walking, hiking, surfing, travel, etc etc yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah... Generous, funny, semi-fit, and have been told a great kisser .

Date someone special from United States. Inacence in child's smile makes me smile
Life freedom choice which I thank everyday
I laugh manly and loudest at my self
My friends are few but true ,can ask and receive
From them as they can from me.
Looking for in a relationship friend let it grow naturally

Meet a man from United States. Just Like you I am looking. For what I am not certain. We all look for love. But love is the one thing that we have no control of. It just happens. So I guess it begins with being friends, pen pals, traveling companions, or just conversation.
Be thankful for the blessings that you are given instead of wishing for the ones you think you should have. Life is an ever unravelling experience, somtimes full of joy and other times filled with hardships. Embrace the joy and learn and grow from the hardships. Each moment is to be cherished and each day a chance to embrace life. This is the motto I try to live by. I am active, healthy, and caring of others. I can laugh and I can cry. I have been rich and I have been poor. But what makes me who I am is a faith in a Higher Power, a richness of spirit, and a loving heart.
The greatest accomplishment in my life is to be blessed with two wonderful children whom I Love with every bit of my heart and soul.
As I read profiles on this site it seems that most of us are searching more for a fantasy than a reality. We have taken all of our desires and wishes and put them in a box hoping to have it delivered to our door. I do believe in fantasies. Most of us have already experienced one true enough to deserve the words " I Do ". But life put a fork in the road and seperate paths were taken. I hope for another fantasy ,but believe it will more likely be built from pieces put together from paths that cross mine - not in a box.
What I am hoping to find on this site is an opportunity to create new friendships. Ones that can grow one day at a time. Companionship in life's simple pleasures. A cup of tea and a good conversation. A walk and talk. Bicycling our many wonderful paths in and out of town. Water sports on a sunny summer's day or a cosy fire and moonlit night in the winter at the cabin. Sailing, swimming, tanning in the sun. Working out at the gym. Hiking Flat Top, Crow Creek, Bird Mountain. Going to a movie, dancing, the PAC. Dinners in and dinners out. Drag racing down Benson Boulevard on Friday nights ( Ok - just kidding on that one ).
Just enjoying companionship and life itself.

Date single man from United States. I'm an outdoor-oriented guy with a sense of humor (some say an overdeveloped sense of humor.....!) I enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities, from hiking and camping to hunting and fishing. I love Alaska, but I also like to travel and revel in spending time on warm, sunny beaches too. I'm looking for an active lady with similar interests. I was married for 30 years (to the same delightful lady) but she died nearly 10 years ago. I have one "homemade" son, a surrogate son and a bunch of kids who call me Uncle, or Grampy. I love kids, dogs and horses. I am often accused of being a large, older, "kid" myself. And that's OK by me.
I like to compete in the "timber sports" (sawing, chopping, axe throw, etc.) Each fall I enter multiple events at the UAF "Farthest North Forest Sports Festival." I revel in showing up a myriad of "20-somethings" by demonstrating to them that a mature individual can more than hold his own against "youth and exuberance."
I am retired from over 30 years with the Alaska Dept of Natural Resources, most of that time with Div of Forestry. I have had a great life and career. Though officially I am retired, I still do some seasonal work in the fire service. The supplemental income from fire work allows me to travel and "play" in the off-season.
I have visited many countries and expect to continue to do so. Most of my travelling involves hunting trips. I have hunted multiple times in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico etc. I love to visit Hawaii.
I'd like to find a fun-loving and adventurous lady who would accompany me on my travels. If she wants to hunt, terrific. If she just wants to see remote Alaska or far away lands, take pictures and enjoy the adventures, that's fine too.

Meet a soulmate from United States. I have just reached age 62 but it is still just a number. Lots of fun and impressions left to experience. I have been fairly active all my life. I am semi-retired and can set my own schedules to coincide with events of mutual interest. I like to go out to eat, go to concerts, movies, plays, drives, walks or help cook at home and watch a DVD or talk over a glass of wine by the fireplace. I was born and pretty much raised here in Anchorage so I know alot about Alaska and this area. I enjoy smart, interesting conversations, shareing, discussing, exploring, commmunicating on many subjects of which some may be of mutual interest. I have an underlyingspiritual make-up, just not very religous. That would make me a Christian if asked. But mostly just a balanced good human being I believe.
I have travelled the Globe alot and been on 4 Continents, and visited at least 15 Countries, some for extended time. My education has come from visiting many interesting venues around the world and 3 years of college (no degree). Traveling is still ok but not as fun as it use to be. Those 11 hour flights to Asia get longer every time I go. Although those 5 1/2 hours to Hawaii still is a pleasure. LOL. So do you like sand and sun and snorkling?
I am seeking to meet a happy, confident, fun, smart, independent, romantic, financially able to contribute, and an open, curious woman with whom we would share some mutulalities and also some total opposites for spice. I will share anything about myself you would like to know if you contact me.
I do not like games or much drama at my age. Or yours. It's called Life and I love it all. Would you care to explore further with a few emails and see what comes of it?

Date men and women from United States. I hope yuo will parden my spelling
You and i
I hope that we can do things to togther that both like .
I'm in to fishing i have a small boat 21 ft / and a camper.
Caching a good size fish is thrlling and being at sea makes you full of life . seeinga wale seeing natcher .
Thares nothing like making a fire and toking of the drems and thing you wish to do and thing .

Meet people from United States. Why does God make beautiful women? So many to admire, wish I was with you to enjoy life as it should be, can I do that with you? Never know..take the chance to get to know me.
Young at heart, not a spectator in life.
I enjoy getting to know people, I would like to learn what they enjoy and they learn to enjoy what I like to do.How do friendship begin? Am easy going, non judgmental.
I enjoy the outdoors, like fishing, boating, camping, snow machining and hunting.
I enjoy life not to be complicated now, because now is time to enjoy not wait to for things to pass by and say i could have livedet a better enjoyable life, so why wait. Life is to short, so why waste it to keep looking, take a chance and this chance won't be wasted.
i want someone that feels that why not enjoy it with the people that are looking for it; Yes, life can speed by u before u enjoy life. So, what are you waiting for. Am i your future? Remember life is short. Sorry about repeating myself, what can I enjoy about your life?