Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 25 year old

Date single boy from Alaska, United States. About myself: I'm 24 years old 6'3" brown hair, blue eyes, I'm in good shape, I have a good job, a nice car and a place of my own. I think I'm at a good point in my life and I'm looking for someone to share it with. I enjoy the outdoors and things like hiking, camping and road trips I also like going out to eat, going to the movies and having a drink with friends and shooting pool. I'm open to a LTR but I'm also ok with just making new friends so if you want to know more please email me

Meet men and women from Alaska, United States. I'm honest with myself and others, i have a big heart, love playing basketball, outgoing, fun to talk with, fun to be around, have a humorous side. What i am looking for is a girl that's loyal and true to her word. I want a girl with a great personality, and attitude.

Date a boy from Alaska, United States. I live an active life and love trying new things. If I could, I would spend all my time traveling and exploring the outdoors. We all have to the pay the bills though, so I spend half my time working as an engineer in the oilfield. It's not a bad job and gives me long stretches of time for adventures.
My parents raised me to be an honest, independent and open minded person. I get a selfish sort of enjoyment out of doing things for those that I care about. I can be goofy at times but I'm not oblivious to reality either. I've sacrificed a significant portion of my life to establishing my education, career and independence. Now I would like to find someone to share some of life's best experiences with.
Most weekends I try to get out of town and go fishing, hiking or boating. I spend an inordinate amount of time taking pictures and could easily wait 3 hrs for the perfect light. I enjoy 99% of all movies but don't like most TV and don't really watch sports. A few items on my "To Do List" include: a multi day kayaking trip out of Seward, fishing in the Florida Keys, starting Yoga, and taking a trip to Argentina or Chile.
I'm looking for a woman who shares some of my interests but, most importantly, who embraces the unconventional and is not afraid of change or trying new things. A girl who reads and is interested in rest of the world. A woman who is comfortable in the outdoors and loves to travel. If this sounds like you, we should talk.

Meet a soulmate from Alaska, United States. Friend forever good looking, Need True Friend to share every thing of my life. Its more then a relation with that person. Looking for permanent relation. One person is enough for life who can share her problams and listen yor. Need a cool and calm life

Date a guy from Alaska, United States. I've lived in Alaska for almost 7 years. I'm an avid outdoorsman. I enjoy doing anything outdoors and try to spend as much time outside as possible no matter what time of year it is. I also enjoy playing and watching hockey and lacrosse. I'm looking for someone that shares similar interests as myself to spend time with and see where it goes.

Meet someone special from Alaska, United States. I am not looking to get married rite away but at the same time I want a real relationship. I want to take it slow. Find someone who wants to talk, hangout, see movies and be friends first. I'm out of AK till he fall so I'm also looking for fun people to hangout with when I get shipped back to AK. I know most women are looking for Mr. Ritenow but don't write me off too quickly and keep me in mind. I'll be shipping home soon enough. I just hope there is at least one good lady left in AK.
Me: I'm in the Air national guard, own a real truck and no kids. I'm not fat but no Ken either(working on that). I joke alot but will always give an honest answer if asked. I do drink but not too much, no drugs of any kind. LOVE to grill, bbq and hang with friends. I do play video games but only if there's nothing else to do. Have a few tats and I plan on getting more. I love to get out doors with good, fun people. Camping, laughing, good beer in my hand and great people around the camp fire is my idea of a good time. I also enjoy staying in and watching a tv show or movie. kind of a all around regular guy.

Date people from Alaska, United States. My name is Justin and you will end up falling in love with me. I think it has something to do with me being more romantic than Leonardo DiCaprio clinging to a wooden door in the middle of the ocean romantic. I am currently in the Army as a Cavalry Scout Section Leader, you're a woman and wouldn't understand even if I explained it to you but that's ok because I would never ask you to explain the story arch of the Twilight series. Things I like (not in any specific order because it changes on a case by case basis anyways): 1. Long distance running 2. Archer 3. Mad Men 4. Women 5. Fashion (and no I'm not even a little gay, but i'm completely cool with that and all because by my math 1 gay man frees up at least 2 woman plus takes a dude out of the equation, high-five!) 6. Clemson & Panthers Football 7. World Rally Car Racing 8. Knowing that if I ever hit rock bottom I'd still have more going for me than Lindsey Lohan 9. Schwayze
My next goal in life is to become an Air Traffic Controller and move into my new condo in downtown Charlotte, NC so I can be closer to my amazing son whom I believe will be the next Zoolander. However, I am very interested in being a trophy husband, and I feel that is my true calling. Things you should probably know about me: 1. My clothes and shoes would probably occupy more space than yours in the closet 2. I love wearing suits 3. I love to drink beer and Old Fashioned's so learn to make one 4. I can cook 5. I'm a dog person, so I don't care about your cats 6. I was raised to be a gentleman, but I am also overly sarcastic if you couldn't already tell 7. Don't challenge me to a dance off
What am I looking for? I don't know, but who does? I do know that I will be back from deployment very soon and I'm organizing a dinner for my Platoon and it would be nice to have a date. If you end up being cool we can be besties!

Meet single boy from United States. Im lookin to chat n make freindships n whatever happens happens im sinle i like walks hiking basketball running n hanging out watching movies n just talking as well
I am lookin for a seriuos but b freind first relationship.

Date men and women from United States. My name is Darren. I'm a dispatcher for the Ketchikan Police Department. I go to school at CTU and am trying to get my bachelors in Criminal Justice, I have about 2 years left. I have lived in Ketchikan for about a year now. I like to be outdoors, like hiking or fishing. I also love sports like baseball and football! I have a dog named McKInley who is 16 weeks old and is a lab, rottweiler, and shar-pei.
I'm looking for a girl that would enjoy some of the same things and likes to get out and have some fun. I need an honest girl and someone that I can trust.

Meet a boy from United States. thank you for taking the time to see who James is and what I stand for. now let me provide you a short description of my history and my understanding. i am a Pisces by nature saying that i see my self as a honest, loyal, well round individual who enjoys the little things in life. i have learned and applied a great many things in my life growing up with a loving family in beautiful medical springs in eastern Oregon 25 miles away from town. have you ever had the privilege to taste the sweet nectar of the honeysuckle flower. oh and i ex specially enjoyed when thunderstorms would roll over my home; the dark purple and emerald green lightning are my favorite. i am an avid photographer "love the Nikon" Geo Casher, trail rider, mountainous trails. i studied 2 years in college what can i say i enjoy the art of science. i particularity find fractals fascinating there like living forms of information the farther you explore the more complex and radiant they become. i moved up to Alaska after college. you may ask your self why am i wasting time reading this description of a guy with dew in a puffy beard as his cover picture i might be that one (ruff around the edges) gentleman. i believe the only way to have a long lasting relationship to take off is to have a firm foundation upon which to build. furthermore i encourage friendship then a relationship. I would always be there to open doors for you, offer a helping hand when needed, i would be that friend that presents an out stretched hand then say's i'm not scared we can do this. or perhaps it's a slow dance with a radio playing a joyful country tune in the distance as we dance to are selves under neath a reddish golden painted sunset, the one thing ii relentlessly such for that i know is out there is that final peace to this great puzzle, the zen, the photo for my Nikon, just to see the warm glow of your passionate smile as the final ray's of golden light dance across the seemingly endless sky. all i would ever ask is to be your own true self to you and the friends you have come to know. all i have to offer is my true self "mask not included" smiles a definite.
This is this is who i am and what i believe in if you don't agree then i wish you luck on you search because i am not the one for you.

Date a soulmate from United States. I like to hang out and have a beer....after I go to the gym. I'm very dedicated to physical fitness and bettering myself. I plan on going to college for a physical therapy degree in the fall. I enjoy playing pool and having a BBQ.

Meet a guy from United States. FUN A girl that wants to have fun, hang out and injoy eachother. I love to laugh. I don't take things too serious unless they are serious.
A KEEPER I'm looking for a girl who dose not give up easy in life. One who knows who she is and what she wants in life. Falling in love is easy, staying in love takes work. I want a girl that knows how to love and what it means.
I have been through a lot in my life and I'm willing to go through so much more. I like to have fun and I also like to relax. I work hard and play hard. I never give up on the things I want in life.