Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 59 year old

Date people from Alaska, United States. average type , nothing special. not a computer geek. just a working stiff,tring to get by in these times .I like the simple things in life ,no drama .WANT TO MEET SOMEONE NEW ,for fun and posible relationship.I"m not to stedfast on the type ,Let"s see what happens .

Meet men and women from Alaska, United States. I am looking for a serious relationship. I like to have a good time but not into the bar or drama scene. Alaska is my home but I love to travel to warm places with lots of sunshine. I like kids but don't have any. I have a week on and week off schedule so if you need someone to be home all the time I am not what you are looking for. I am pretty independent but also dependable and be counted on to volunteer to help.

Date someone special from Alaska, United States. Im looking for someone who I can have a great time with and relate to. The pictures I have show who I am, what I love and what I do. I love my family and enjoy doiong family things. I hate drama. I am looking forward to retirement and enjoying my life with somebody I enjoy being with and hopefully I can find that person.

Meet single man from Alaska, United States. I love to dance to hot fast music, looking into the other persons eyes while
we create new fun moves together. Someone who gives a good massage would be good too. Someone how likes a another women every know and
than would be a plus.

Date a soulmate from Alaska, United States. A sane, articulate, intelligent, reasonable, and somewhat cautious man seeks woman of same substance with similar values and tastes... But certainly not exactly like me. That would be boring. Sort of a renaissance man - musically inclined (I play guitar and sing... Sometimes write), somewhat athletic (play golf, canoe, walk, hike), but at the same time intellectually fit. I can read, can discuss most current events intelligently (no, the latest dirt on Paris Hilton or Britney spears are not "current events"). I will read and sometimes write poetry... and I can construct a whole sentence. I am good with my hands as well (fair carpenter, plumber, electrician, mechanic and woodworker ... I enjoy building things). Oh - I can cook, too. I would rather stand around a bonfire playing guitar and singing than go to a white tie & tails affair... But I do clean up pretty well, and I certainly won't embarrass my date if we should go to such a function. The "with kids" living arrangement is more like "adult kids" who live here, and sometimes come & go as their lives dictate... While not exactly a jet-setter, I try very hard to travel to Ireland as often as finances and time allow... Usually every year (my father emigrated from there). With a sister & nieces living there, and a slew of cousins scattered all about the place, I can usually find great craic wherever I go. It's also great fun to play "tour guide" when I have a travelling companion.
Well, I've succeeded and failed in my life. I've been a major force in raising 4 (theoretically) adult children, and they all seem to have turned out pretty well. I am proud of them and love them fiercely. I can't say that I am an overwhelming financial success, because accumulating wealth has never really been a priority. I seem to manage to have funds for my needs and many of my wants. Accumulating friends and loved ones has always been far more important. !

Meet a man from Alaska, United States. I am looking to meet a special woman who is kind, well educated, intelligent, honest, and fit; who is a bit adventurous, interested in travel, and enjoys Alaska (summer AND winter!).
I ride an indoor bicycle and take long walks as regular exercise. I enjoy hiking on trails, but have been less inclined lately to do so alone. I've been in Anchorage for 6 years and love the views, the wildlife, and the seasons, and even enjoy shoveling snow! I am not into hunting, fishing, or snowmachining, or owning a dog. I am a peaceful and quiet person, and shy till you get to know me, preferring one-on-one to groups.
I am intellectually curious with a wondering mind (heavy toward the sciences but with an artsy side focused on classical music). I follow world events and politics with the same interest level as I do my "hometown" sports teams. I keep a neat house and spend lots of time on big and small home improvement projects. I can be incredibly industrious one week, then equally lazy the next, though my commitment to regular exercise is continuous.
I've been fortunate to live overseas (non-military) for almost a decade (two decades if you include Hawaii and Alaska!), during which time I took advantage of frequent "shoestring" travel to other nearby countries.

Date people from United States. I am a self-employed man who earns over 200,000 a year. I take care of my self and want my woman to do the same. I like to dress well and appreciate a classy woman to do the same. I am not a cheap date, but gold diggers need not apply, just have gainful employment and no bus passes. I enjoy going out on the town eating at fine restaurants and going dancing (two-stepping). I've been told that i am very handsome all my life (but i haven't let it go to my head). I am a blue/white-collar worker, a switch hitter so to say. I know how to put up a towel rack! I'm working out of Anchorage this summer and looking for companionship while here. If things go well, who knows what it could lead to. I've been in business in Alaska for 36 years and i am back and forth from Seattle. I will text or e-mail a picture if i feel you're the right person, i do not like having images of myself on the internet for business purposes.

Meet men and women from United States. I am looking for a an easy going person who likes the simple things like cooking, watching wildlife, the outdoors, and also likes to spice up life with travel, exploring, going out to dinner, theater, concerts. Mostly, it is a person who communicates well and is kind and willing to share life's ups and downs while focusing on the ups.

Date someone special from United States. I am checking out this as a way of meeting people. My humor and ability to converse are fairly well tuned even though they may get odd at times. I enjoy company. A friend would be nice. I am independent and like people who are the same. I enjoy my time with friends and also some time to myself. It would be nice to have someone to do things with especially in those circumstances when it is more fun to have an accomplice along. And frankly, just someone to call to take in a movie or just kick around. Or even to take off to explore a new place to one or both of us for a week or a weekend (Yes, I know those are incomplete sentences).
I am neither pursuing a life companion nor am I avoiding one. That sort of thing has to happen naturally.
I like those that are independent and happy and enjoy being around other people whether it be one or many.
Little things don't matter much as there are enough big things in life that are important enough to cause stress. So why sweat the little stuff?
I am quick to laugh and love the company of those that also are this way. I am told that I am good company and fun to be around.
Although on the surface I am an open book, there is a private side of me that finds going on this site to be a bit of a stretch. Once upon a time, I would never had imagined that I would do such a thing. Never say never, right? I don't mind sharing a photo, just haven't chosen to do it on the profile. I would like to get to know someone a little bit by chatting before meeting, but, just because I get pretty busy sometimes. If you don't care for my words, what difference is it what I look like. Most wouldn't be disappointed, I am told.
There is not anything specific that I am looking for, but I am sure there is someone that would enjoy my company as I would enjoy hers.
I would think my friend would be confident and self assured with an independent streak. She would would enjoy traveling and probably have done some too. She would be comfortable with her differences and mine. And in fact, find them a reason to celebrate. She might carry the conversation in a public setting when I am not up to it but enjoys listening when I do. She would enjoy my cooking and might even have a martini with me while I do cook. She would have ideas about things to do. she would be willing to coax me into doing something to show that I would indeed enjoy myself (refer to the mention earlier that I will do just about anything).
On the other hand, maybe none of this would apply. I have found before that just when I think I have it all figured out, I find out that I really don't know that much at all.

Meet single man from United States. I am pretty much a "What you see is what you get" kind of guy and the Golden Rule is a big part of my philosophy of life. I have a great sense of humor and look for any opportunity to use it. I am thoughtful, caring, honest and faithful. I am financially secure and fast approaching retirement in less than two years!
There is a lot that the world has yet to offer as far as travel and life experiences are concerned and I intend to find out how much. My bucket list still has ample room for more entries and I expect to keep adding to it as I work at checking off those Ideas already recorded there.
My wish is to find a friend and partner who shares a lot of the same interests as I do yet brings new and interesting ideas that will enrich both our lives. I hope to find a woman who appreciates having someone who is devoted to making her feel special and understands that a true relationship is symbiotic. Could that be someone like you?

Date a soulmate from United States. Well this is frustrating . . . my account & profile got hacked and severely changed, so I'm having to rewrite it! Result of a spam e-mail from a lady chastising me for posting 'nude' photos here! I knew I didn't post any such photos but . . . I fell for it and clicked the link she provided to check for myself . . . should have known better . . .
I'm a Christian. I had indicated before that I was Seventh-Day Adventist, but find there seems to be some confusion with what that means. It would be more accurate to say my faith is Non-Denominational and that I believe in and adhere to the Word of God, the doctrine and ALL 10 Commandments of the Bible . . . I observe the Sabbath as stated in the Fourth Commandment.
I am athletic, healthy, emotionally and financially stable, somewhat shy around women, but self-confident and self-assured . . . I can handle myself in any social setting. I am in very good physical condition (no beer belly!). I don't smoke, drink, chew, gamble or chase wild women! I'm an indoor/outdoor fella - I like to hunt, fish, hike, ski, go camping. I also enjoy sitting by a fire drinking a good cup of coffee while reading (to you!), watching movies, listening to good music, and talking. I also enjoy cultural events; concerts, symphonies, theater, museums and the like. I had a ca (pictured) but she has since died at 17 years old. t now have a St. Bernard/Malamute dog (also pictured!), and I like most critters and kids! I'm a tinkerer - I putter and can fix most anything! I'm stable - been in the same house for 25 years and retired after 25 years a cop. My terrific son just graduated high school and heads off to college in the fall . . . my wonderful daughter is 14 and will be around occasionally for a few more years!
I'm looking for a LADY! A Beautiful (inside and out!) Christian Lady, athletic, physically fit. She's sexy and healthy and has a nice figure because she takes good care of herself, exercises, and eats well. She is not overweight (even if she says she needs to lose a few pounds!). She is very self-assured and knows what she wants and isn't afraid to take risks to get it. She is concerned about her appearance but not vain, dresses to be attractive but not sleazy, and doesn't mind getting gritty now n then camping! She wants a man who is her equal, her partner. She is not dependent. She wants and needs me for who and what I am, not merely for security. She like outdoor activities as well as staying indoors. She likes animals and kids. She is romantic! She likes to go on walks, hold hands, cuddle, hug and kiss! She is spontaneous, a flirt, mischievous and playful! She is honest, open, up front and direct. She is classy! And most importantly, she loves God (more than me) and worships Him with me and truly believes the Bible is the Word of God.

Meet a man from United States. I am a car nut!, but seriously I'm looking for a long term relationship. Someone to enjoy the great outdoors together or just happy to be at home. Family is first and for most. Trying to balance work and play. Want to travel more. Hoping to find that special person to enjoy life with.