Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 37 year old

Date someone special from Alaska, United States. I cant respond to emails yet. However if you continue reading you will find mine, that's if you have an investigative mind :)
Hola, Privet, Greetings, etc.-My background is Jamaican- a mixture of Black(West African), White(English,German, Irish, Scott, Jewish,French)and East Indian(N.India) - I am Mulatto/ Creole. Have recently moved back to Alaska. I am currently a Real Estate investor. Researching different states/ countries,areas for a possible permanent local to plant some roots, or may just stay in Alaska if everything goes as it should.
My taste in music is very eclectic as I love most types such as 80's and 90's, 2000's classical,reggae,salsa, heavy metal (old school). On I go: I try not to be a judgmental person, I am laid back person.My views are moderate; God is not political correct!.I am still considerate and respectful of others feeling and enjoy a dialectic conversation. I like to travel when I can. Lately been to Europe and the Caribbean. My personality profile is estj. I will answer this now: I dont smoke weed, I dont Bob Sled, never had dread locks and yes Jamaica is very diverse racially-Black, Brown(mixed) East Indian, White, Chinese and other. Oh almost forgot. our official language is ENGLISH!
Rolyan Anyway, I believe you should treat a person how you would like to be treated, respect, communication and trust is vital AND I believe that one should NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER, GET TO KNOW A PERSON FIRST! I cant really respect a woman that swears constantly like its a 2nd language.
77 I am looking for a LTR, seeing where it goes; a traditional, educated woman that can be feminine, communicative, monogamous, affectionate , however, not extremely needy Just a balanced person. I am seeking a confident woman who is out of her princess phase and a bit open minded, not a total, right or left wing zealot.
gee Dont contact me if you are loud, total introvert, a commitment-phoebe, a poor communicator, a NARCISSIST, a pathological liar or mail,cheater. Oh if you have any stds dont contact either. I dont think its being picky to request that!!!
If you are a traditional educated woman from: Ukrainian, Eastern or Western European, White, Middle Eastern,any Asian, East African(Ethiopian, Eritrean) Latina, West Indian-mixed-,Native American or White American drop me a line. I have noticed that I get along great with Europeans , Russians, Pacific NW women(Seattle, Portland) more, I guess most are more open minded and less hypocritical than White Americans when it comes to acceptance of color,etc., Exception- Americans that have traveled, educated and have minorities as friends. What, too much?! :)That said good luck to all in finding your partner in life, whether its me or someone else.God Bless!

Meet men and women from Alaska, United States. Looking someone who is not afraid to let her hair down. Must be able to cook but I'm willing to teach as long as she is patient and not someone who give's up easily. I love someone who is willing to take chances and take trips on no giving notices. She must love animals and be kind, gentle and able to stand on her on two feet, in other words strong hearty.

Date a man from Alaska, United States. I'm a honest many who likes humility rather than extravigant. Knowing what you would like to do or pursue for futher endeavors is a plus. Also having a opinion of your own is very good. I'm a simply guy working in the construction field which want companionship. I have already done the bar scene and that stage in my life has passed. Being able to bond with someone is the ultimate goal in my opinion. One that I can interact with fully and can comprise with

Meet people from Alaska, United States. im fun,easy going fair in a fight down to earth humble nice people pleaser but not a push over id bring you coffee in bed make u breaktfast cook for u and never forget your birthday oh and buy u flowers just to let u know i care

Date a soulmate from Alaska, United States. I'm Driven & out going My Family & friends & My Three Cats The Two Accomplishments I'm Most Proud Of Winning The National Wrestling Alliance Pacfic Northwest Tag Titles With A.J Styles & Being Part Owner Of The Alaska Wrestling Federation The Wrestling Commuinity & My Best Friends Jackson & Alissa One Name Jeff Dunham I Volinteer @ The Animal Sheler Trainnimg The Felines Animal Rights Organuzations

Meet single man from Alaska, United States. I'd like to start out by saying that I was raised right and have morals. If your looking for a "good time" or to have some "fun", please look elsewhere. I enjoy playing and watching sports, fishing, camping, movies. I love my job, it's challenging and tests me in more ways than you can imagine. I love almost all music, except old country....too depressing. I love being outside in the summer, doing whatever. Willing to try anything once. Not a big partier, never have been, but can BBQ like no other. I'm very outgoing and have always been a one woman man. I'm definately not perfect and don't expect you to be either.

Date someone special from United States. I moved to Willow 8 years ago from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Since then I've seen some great places and met some real neat people. I travel for work, and spend a lot of time on hunting and fishing trips. But there's always times when its good to just chill at home for a bit. I would enjoy having someone to share in these types of future experiences.

Meet men and women from United States. My friends would describe me as funny, honest and one of the few REAL people they know in the lives. I believe I fit that description. I like to have fun, doing and seeing new things. I am loyal to a fault, and I expect the same.
I am proud of my flaws, and I would be proud of yours as well... because they are what make us all individually wonderful people in our own way. Those things define us. I am also proud I am getting an education, and my family and friends for being supportive of me.
I would like to attract someone who has similar interests in life. Direction, which could be very laid back, or some one highly motivated. I tend to to be pretty intense some times, and lazy at really varies on the day, so I guess I would call myself average in that respect.
My social life is pretty limited right now. I'm in school and trying to earn my degree, so I focus a lot of time on my education. I do enjoy the company of friends, and meeting new people. Visiting new places and staying home are both good, in the right company.
I laugh out loud at myself sometimes, and at life in general when it warrants a good laugh. It never happens as much as it could, but that could be a good thing. Funny jokes and posts on face book are notorious for being a good laugh.
I'm looking for a relationship be cause I want a true friend, who is more than just a friend. I want an woman who knows what she doesn't want in life and see me as the polar opposite in life. She needs to be real. She needs to know how to be a lady when she should, and how to be free. I believe the freedom shared between two people is their true ticket to happiness. I want to share a deeper kind of love with this woman, the deepest.
I am most passionate about being myself, and trying to make myself the best man I can be in my mind, body and soul.

Date a man from United States. I am a fun loving, caring, genuine guy, trustworthy, responsible individual. I would say my best qualities are I'm very honest, genuine and good-natured. When I'm in a relationship I'm committed through the ups and downs. I love the outdoors camping, hiking, hunting, fishing or just simple things such as going for a walk. I also enjoy traveling and seeing new destinations living in Alaska; I think a vacation mid winter is a must to a tropical sandy beach to get some sunshine. My perfect vacation would be just spending lots of time on the beach goofing off in the water. I also like the finer things in life good wine, good company, fine dining, and my hot tub life is to short not to indulge and spoil yourself. I also like to do simple outings such as local events, bowling, movies, yard work or just taking it easy. I’m not one that enjoys going to bars and drink socially only. I’m very goal driven and like a challenge I feel you can accomplish most anything if you put your mind to it and follow through.
I love kids a smile on a child's face is absolutely precious. I’m not one to sit around watching TV the winters in Alaska affords plenty of time to catch up on movies and a great time to cuddle with that special someone. My favorite time of year is the fall there is something magical when the leaves change color with a crisp cool air inviting winter to come. I feel, as I am a great catch I own my home, I'm financially responsible and I have a big heart. I have 17 years in the Army and looking forward to retiring and closing that chapter in my life and seeking new endeavors job opportunities. I’m currently seeking to finish my process technology degree with UAF. My perfect match would probably be a Tom Boy that doesn't mind getting dirty but also cleans up nice for a night on the town. I’m not much of cook but learning ,I am very type A and my house stays pretty clean.
What I want out of a relationship is to find a best friend to share my life with long term. I'm looking for someone that I can share my interests with and also appreciate my partner’s interest, which may be different. I’m fairly conservative looking for someone that has similar values, morals and beliefs. I feel as communication, trust, commitment, and quality time is the key elements to a good relationship. I would like to have kids of my own someday which I feel would be the greatest gift ever. And of course they must like dogs cause I have two McKinley 4 yrs. old, and Willow 10 weeks both silver labs that are Daddy's little girls and are absolutely spoiled.My perfect match would probably be a Tom Boy that doesn't mind getting dirty but also cleans up nice for a night on the town. If you think you may be that special someone than lets have coffee on me.

Meet people from United States. My closest friends would discribe me as funny & driven inmy chosen career field my family & friends & my three cats make me smile the two accomplishments I'm most proud of are winning the National Wrestling Alliance Pacfic Northwest Tag Team Titles With My friend A.J Styles & being part owner Of The Alaska Wrestling Fedration. I'm Greatful for my Life Liberty & Happyness Someone who Loves Me For Me sitting somewhere and just relasxing One person Jeff Dunham.A caring & loving Person who will let me kiss her hand and cuddle with her I'm Passionate About Animal Right Issues

Date a soulmate from United States. I love and appreciate life. Laughing and enjoying people. Some weekends I like to get out go for a hike and others I like to chill and enjoy a good movie. I am in the army so my hours can be crazy. I love my crazy kids! I have a big heart, and I am not the most subtle person. I certainly put an effort into being subtle or using a "filter" which normally fails horribly which translates into a good laugh, or a running joke. I enjoy meeting new people.
I am pretty new to the area, but I have enjoyed what it has to offer, learned how to snowboard, and went fishing during the late part of summer. Like to go out every now and again with my friends downtown....A few weekends ago I watched some female roller derby, it was wild and really fun to watch.
Looking to meet fun people, don't have a lot of expectations, but looking forward to see where this goes :)

Meet single man from United States. I am a middle school music teacher. Not the rough career everyone may think of from an Alaskan but I love working with kids.
I grew up in the Army and have had the opportunity to live all over the world. From this I have learned to love and appreciate others.
I enjoy a wide variety of activities. I went to London to see Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera and Wicked. But I also like to head out to Valdez and kayak Shoup Bay. I like many activities as well as relax around home enjoying the view of my lake and the Chugach mountians.
I am an easy going guy who likes to get things done but not get hung up on things. Things happen and if you don't go with the flow you could be seeing gray hair a little early.
Would love to get to know you.