Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 71 year old

Date single man from Alaska, United States. Closest friends describe me as handsome, loyal, steadfast, unflappable, even tempered, kind and generous to a fault. I think they're probably too kind and generous. I've calmed down a lot over the years and have learned the value of the phrase, "How important is it?" the hard way more than once.

Meet someone special from Alaska, United States. have been told I have a good personality,I would rather be on the lighter side of life than the heavy,,I am a responsible outdoorsman and enjoy being a part of this beautriful state,,I am looking for an easy going lady

Date a man from Alaska, United States. physical,or mental?my daughter Lila,living life,retiring,education,world travel,engineering,mechanics,my daughter,again im grateful for the lord (our heavenly father)an what he provides for us,my daughter(again)an lady(attractive)sexy,feisty,honest ,sincere,very romantic,no hang ups,no gam music,clean,positive attitude,my social life rite now is terrible.people whom are fools,clowns,animals,dvds,movies,looking for companionship,heartfelt togetherness,appreciation,sharing stable romantic affecionate,passionate about, me ,my daughter,my dodge ram quad 1500 4x4 p/u.clothes physical hygene,puntuality,appearance,etc.

Meet men and women from Alaska, United States. Life is a very short so we try and make it as enjoyable as we can.I am of the old school so I wold like to find someone who appreciates walking hand and hand, having doors opened,and treated with all the respect that a lovely woman could stand.My mate and I was marred four 52 years so I think in long term my family and friends say that I am exciting and fun to be with. I do love life but I wold like a friend and mate to enjoy it with me . so if you are the type of person that shares some of the same interests maybe we could talk.I have had a lot in life more than most. I have always been open to trying new things and places. I prefer to [LONCH] not sit home and watch TV. I do love to set and snuuug by the fire. listen to rain or watch it snow a peaceful home is such a special gift. so in closing I leave a few little words. love is such an interesting feeling. I wold like to feel the love that wold light up my soul,the love that can give you the feeling of total and complete happiness .I have the greatest hunger for life.while my life is rich and full, I think that it would be better if I had someone to share it with. I am a romantic and really believe there is someone who feels the same and wold love to share her life with me .I am a healthy,happy individual who lived in Alaska most of my life, and enjoys doing just about anything and going anywhere,I am a man that is not afraid to cry ,a man that can make you laugh, and hold you when you are sad. I am a loving and caring man. I love life and live it to the max and I want to continue to learn love and laughter in my hart and sole. I am like the finest bottle of wine the older I get the finer I get. And I wold like to walk the road of life without losing the site of love and laughter and that can only be with the right young lady.

Date people from Alaska, United States. Challenges are eagerly excepted, thanks to generous sponsors we completed the "IDITAROD TRAIL RACE TO NOME".20 days on the trail was a physical & mental stress test indeed. My team teaching me much about animal & human behavior. "Pay it foreword" is a concept I support 500%. The pleasures received from giving are treasured moments. Public service began at an
early age with the scouting program, U.S.A.F. & 20 plus yrs. with Alaska State Parks, & Oregon state parks. Volunteering is still on my agenda. having a special lady working along side me on some projects would be awesome. Being very optimistic my glass is definitely half full, Focusing on positive issues. Our families are full of laughter and quick wit..
Perfect matches do not exist, making ourselves emotionaly,physicaly. and logisticly avaiable is challenging. Chemistry is only a part of the scenerio. Sharing our hearts, our souls, our bodies, and not compromizing WHO WE ARE, remaining individuals is critical. focusing on each others needs.
Leaving behind our past & focusing on our todays & tomorrows. Being flexible and foregiving, Being the WIND BENEATH EACH OTHERS WINGS Allowing each to BE ALL THEY CAN BE. supporting each others interests, blending personalities as much as possible. Learning, listening, teaching.
allowing appropriate humor to flow(laughing with and not at) laughing until the tears flow!!!!!
Verbal and phsyical abuse should not be tolerated by either person.
As every one of us are starting a new chapter in our lives we all have something in common. We are all unique individuals and should remain so. Thank you for reading my portrait. Thanks for your sincere consideration.

Meet a soulmate from Alaska, United States. im a very happy going man who loves to have alot of fun. i love to shop for my lady just for her being so good to me. no main reason. im balded because i shave my head. i will be 64 in march. i also want a lady who can love a black man as well as any other man. one that will walk beside me and not hold there head down when they see one of there friends. i have a 12 year old son, whom i love very,very much. he is very smart and he is taking japanese in shcool. he graduates from the 6th grade in june of this year. i don't ask for much, just be honest with me, because that goes both way.

Date men and women from United States. I like a simple kinda guy, drinker, smoker, partier-a divorce or two under the belt-all those are good. Those are the REAL people. Just out for a good time like me. A guy into some beers at the corner bar and a game of pool. Maybe a bottle of whiskey for a "special" night at home. No one too hi-falutin, someone who accepts me for who I am. Someone who don't mind me throwing back a few with the boys. Sure I've had a few brushes with the law, and more than my share of sex partners but I like to think I learned from all that. I'm tryin to be honest and hope a special guy can accept a gal like me. I don't need no angel and hope you don't neither. I cook good and keep a reasonable clean place. I like to drink, go to the fights, watch action movies and just hang out. I'm pretty easy going. It don't take much to keep me happy.

Meet people from United States. I am grateful for good health and family.
I enjoy being with people who have a healthy sense of humor, like to dine out, go to a movie, stay home and read a good book and find good things in this world to be grateful about.
I enjoy being with people who have a like-mind as I do about God and faith, who will accompany me to church not because I want them to do so but because they want to do so.
I can laugh at myself!
I like my pet's company and sharing walks with him. I take him for a Blessing of the Pets annually because he is one of God's creatures too. AND He keeps my secrets!
I am looking for a companion, a friend.
Must be caucasion. Cannot be black.

Date a soulmate from United States. I am a happy and cheerful person and surround myself with friends of the same temperament. I love a sudden rainbow, a beautiful sunset, the laugh of a small child, a fish on the end of my line, cooking a special meal or a batch of cookies for someone special. Taking a cross country trip and just following the road to see where it takes you and ending the day with a picnic of cheese and wine. Happiness and laughter!
I am grateful for my friends who have remained at my side and supported me and returned me to happiness during times of sadness and grief.
I am a kind and loving person who loves being around people. I would love to have someone to love again but if that is not to happen, a good friend who enjoys life as I do and wants to share the good times, would be wonderful.

Meet a woman from United States. My friends and family are very important to me. I love life and live it to the fullest. I enjoy physical activity (weights and cardio 5 times a week) and being outdoors. LOVE fishing! I am faithful and respectful of others and expect the same in return. Love to laugh and like a sense of humor in others. Previously worked for an major airline and continue to travel often. Just returned from a trip to Patagonia!
As above in return. Looking for campanion but willing to see what develops down the road. Should be affectionate and loving, like holding hands, hugging, kissing, etc!!! Will understand if I want to spend an occasional night or weekend with my children or girlfriends.
Someone who likes to hike, bike, walk and go to gym. Likes to fish but not neccessary. If he likes to hunt I will respect his right to do that on his own. Enjoys traveling, domestic and international and if not will be accepting of my going alone or with others. Enjoys eating out occasionally, a nice meal at home or just a peanut butter sandwich if we dont feel like cooking. Not a fussy eater but do enjoy good food and wine.

. Absolutely adore the fact that I got to be a part of this Universe...They will have to drag me kicking & screaming to the other side.
I have a genuine love of humanity, am reasonably intelligent and have a fabulous sense of humor...does that include wit and mild sarcasm? lol
I am a healthy, happy individual (have lived in Alaska almost all my life) who enjoys doing just about anything and going anywhere.....would dearly love to find a Gentleman of similar qualities and interests.
One of my poems, written on Nov.11, 2007
The Promise
The Winds of Fate
Or the Powers that Be
Have been very kind
To you and me
Who could know
Not you, not me
That as one
We would come to be
I make this promise
Only to thee
No greater love
Could there possibly be
Then the love
That can only be
Given out of the Depths
From me to thee

. What's in the next book?
What's around the bend?
I am curious and enjoy learning.
Travel is a way to learn.
Meeting people makes travel so worthwhile.
So I go.
But coming home,
Yes, that may be the best.