Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 70 year old

Date a man from Alaska, United States. I'm looking for a caring ( as in kind) and passionate lady, Long walks on the beach to soothe the soul. Sorta looking for a spunky,witty, fun filled lady who does not take things to seriously unless they are serious.. Like honey the outboard motor is falling off the boat kinda thing. LOL

Meet people from Alaska, United States. I live alone with two bossy dogs. I am a set net commercial fisherman in Cook Inlet. I have lived in Alaska for fifty one years, most of the time in Nikiski. I like to go some place warm in the winter for a few weeks. I love walking on the beach. I like to go see the local plays and entertainers that come up from outside. It would be nice to have someone to go with.

Date men and women from Alaska, United States. I am a good , honest and dependable man, I like to cook at home and I enjoy my yard and the landscaping etc, I enjoy the outdoors. I also love my dogs , they are great friends, we go walks every day. There are many things I do and like to do. I am retired but cannot sit still and get involved in may projects, I have remodeled my home somewhat , built a new pantry and then added a solarium onto the deck. I work part time for a boat repair facility, I used to own a machine shop in Whitefish Montana, so i do there machining for them. I have now used my home for the past four years as a B&B, it is fun and you meet lots of people. I own a backhoe and like to landscape so my yard is a plethora of large rock gardens I like travel, and love to take lots of pictures, the transition form regular film camera to digital is still somewhat of a mystery, but I am getting better. I have more bear pictures than National Geographic, I get a lot of these while out fly fishing. Anyway , enough about myself.
I am looking for a nice lady to share in what I do. I want a partner, a friend, a nice warm woman who can share in my type of camaraderie. I live in Kodiak but that is not necessarily permenant. I am pretty adaptable. I have lived in the UK ( Isle of Man ), North Dakota. Montana, and Alaska

Meet a soulmate from Alaska, United States. Alaska is my first love in life. I have traveled the world and have found no replacement. How ever, I hope to check out Siberia next year. Bound to be something to like in 10 time zones. Guess I got some wonder lust looking into Russia from 15,000 ft from the most western tip of Alaska at Cape Prince of wales and from the Diomede islands between US and Russia. I plan to SCUBA up that way this summer. Want to check out the ocean bottom at some old Eskimo sites. I have wanted to do that since I was a bush pilot there many years ago.
Right now I wouldn't mind having a dance partner to practice with. Im working on the west coast swing. My east coast swing keeps tripping me up. Been doing it for 45 years. Any ways....more later. right now just trying to get the old message off this screen...It's 8 months old...later.

Date single man from Alaska, United States. Like 60 degree weather and sports. Appreciate someone that depands a clean and tidy home and yard. Enjoy watching sports of all kinds especially football, basketball, softball and wrestling. Exercise together and more often -- biking, walking and light weights. Travel in Alaska and Midwest. Like kids that are smart, clean, sports minded, and disciplined. Team oriented in all endeavors.

Meet someone special from Alaska, United States. i like my outdoor life boating beachcombing fishing and camping from time to time but when at home i like to kick back watch tv or just listen to music every once in awhile i like to cook and bake love the great smells it gives off.

Date a man from United States. Retired US Navy diver and Ex airline pilot, enjoying golf and fishing. I like the solitude of the forest and deep water ocean. I own my own airplane and enjoy flyfishing and golf, also my hunting is done with a camara in the remoteness of Alaska.

Meet people from United States. Im curious,nervous,dubious of this whole app. However; I would enjoy meeting someone who would accept me for who I am. I would do the same for her. I have always been taught, from A very young age,to be humble. Consequently, I find it cumbersome to pontificate about myself. In fact, I am doing just exactly that in trying to meet my minimum number of characters. Im itching to get out and load my 57 chev in its trailer for A car show in the Valley.

Date men and women from United States. my frends say that iam a nice guy. my dog fr frenchie makes me smile. i was one of the first people to go work at prudhoe bay after the discovery of oil in 1969 . worked on the pipeline and the road to valdez. retired ice road trucker

Meet a soulmate from United States. positive and look to the future not the past. like to travel and take road to be out in the ocean on my boat, fishing, siteseeing. looking for a friend and lover. she has her own place and job

Date single man from United States. I don't want anyone who does drugs, and who have friends who do drugs, or is a dirty person, and lets the house go with dirt , I am not a clean freak, but, I do keep things clean.
I don't do a Lot of Bar Hopping, or going out with friends to Bars,

Meet someone special from United States. Long time resident of Fairbanks, Ak. Looking for the independent companion who likes her space and who would be a tolerant, respected and faithful friend. Love the outdoors (and the indoors,too.). I boat, snowmachine, frequently burn wood for heat. I garden and greenhouse, love all the seasons, love sensual and erotic massages- to and fro, I'm divorced, three kids,(girls), none living at home. Quit smoking ten years ago but recently started again (and trying to quit again), never seriously called handsome, enjoy coffee, live alone, own my house, love most types of music- have a great collection of MP3's, virtually uneducated by today's definitions, have all my own hair (I mean, what I have is mine, I even seem to be gaining in my ears). I read a lot, mostly SF or non-fiction. Just your standard type guy. In general, I strive for adequacy. I'm not a very good listener but I can fake it well enough that you won't hardly notice. I used to do a lot of gardening and greenhousing but it was mostly for the kids. Nowadays I just try to get some small patch to grow anything. How 'bout you?? She would have interests similar to mine along with her own, my interests would not conflict with her's. She would be attractive, sensual, tolerant of my shortcomings and I expect her to be no more perfect than I am. She likes her space and is willing to allow me mine. Not morbidly corpulent, although erotically plump-ish is ok.