Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 80 year old

Date a soulmate from Alaska, United States. I'm a christian lady that doesn't push it on anyone. I believe family comes 1st always & am grateful to God I have one. My 2 kids are on their own & doing well, so are the grandchildren. I'm a country girl at heart, love western music, slow waltz, walks in the woods, watching all the wild animals that go thru my yard including the squarrel that sits on my knee to grab part of my lunch. I enjoy quiet living in the country & remote when I get the chance, often for weeks at a time. I'm looking for a man that loves the outdoors & is willing to do the extra it takes to be there. Did you ever watch breakup on the Yukon? Howl at the wolves or hoot to the owls & get them to answer you? I know where to go & do so. I'd rather split wood or turn dirt for a garden than go to the mall or gym. Join me? For hot cocoa?