Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 56 year old

Date a man from Alaska, United States. i am self employed and am blessed with a successful business. i enjoy working out on my treadmill every day. i am not a very good cook so i often eat out [no fast food]. i am greatful for my salvation, my health, my family, my friends, my home, and my business.
i don't drink or go to bars. i don't mind if she does,
its just not for me. she must be a Christian. she must have a sense of humor- no drama.

Meet people from Alaska, United States. The qualities I value most in myself and in others are strong spirituality, honesty, loyalty and kindness. Intelligence and a love for the outdoors are also high on the list. In relationships, I am affectionate, caring and devoted, and am looking for someone with the same qualities. I am a one-woman man, and can't handle lying. I love to learn new things. I work at home when I'm not traveling. That allows me to put in plenty of time for my work and allows plenty of time for family as well. I listen to classical music more than anything else, but I also like Indian music, folk and classic rock.My future partner will be honest, kind and intelligent and will want me to be devoted to her. She will not lie or cheat. She'll enjoy learning new things. We'll do little things for each other out of politeness and kindness even after we've been together for a long time.
Politially, I'm a registered member of the Green Party and have been since it was first recognized as a party in Alaska back in about '92. I am very careful to buy organic foods, not use much plastic, always vote in favor of long-term thinking and have been a visible, nearly full-time activist on environmental issues in the past. If anything, my views on social, environmental, and humanitarian issues are getting stronger. I'm opposed to abortion (except in the case of rape, or when the mother's life is in danger) for the exact same reason that I'm opposed to the death penalty.
I'm definitely a Christian, but I also believe that the Buddha really was an enlightened being and that the Dali Lama is continuously reincarnated. I am interested in learning more about Hindusim as well. I believe that there is one God, and that most people in the world worship the same God but using different names in different cultures. It may be that Indra is another word for the Christian God and that Krishna and the other Hindu Gods are what we would call angels or saints.

Date single man from Alaska, United States. I live in beautiful Alaska and no longer can imagine living anywhere else. Even winters are magical.
I am considered level headed and the quiet type. My woman can usally push my smile button with her personality.
I am looking for a lady with a nice smile who can bring her own style to the relationship. If she likes quiet walks, country music and dining out, all the better.

Meet a soulmate from Alaska, United States. HWP & ESFP - Quest is adjust life to capture more freedom to drift, dance, play, read, music, harvest, hobby, walk, solace. -
A perfect waltz is the meltdown ...
"masters" is in navigation, has nothing to do with sanctified ed-u-ma-fa-ca-tion. "autodidact" describes me well,
.... rest is perplexing - Not prone to follow -, nada ride the tourist bus or touristy package routes (enjoy hostels), will change with every new day and adapt to the seasons... cosmopolitan yet seek renaissance - don't mind the rain nor need a tan... swill with the strangers on the street and play proper with the snooty... prefer relaxed and casual... bluegrass over opera... have never been to a major league sports game but love live concerts... a natural early morning riser and don't own an alarm clock (or wristwatch)... communicate with animals just fine... understand science and enjoy challenging unknowns... don't fit normality on religion or politics... am adept with mechanical gadgets of any sort... ideals of good health &; how to achieve it... adore(d) by kids and have 2 great references as a single parent .. (they are fully weaned now) ... fear for humanity and the ills of civilization but dwelling upon it is reserved for coffee hour with friends in the morning as we solve everything there... can easily wear a smile for all to see... prefer hugs over handshakes, am on here as casual, curious and cautious - not enough room in my world to play a multiple(s) dating game. (rather not "date" at all) - My match won't be the common woman, your hair will usually be messy and no bother by a broken nail... we can waltz on ANY dancefloor (driveway/lawn/beach/etc), know a motorcycle, boat, horse or fiddle, - (is difficult to compete with a horse though DO encourage the fiddler) ! - understand the animal world and not fear it. you know you're beautiful and won't be in competition to the TV or magazines... or be insecure of the woman we pass on the street. You'll be active and love to move... have your own hobbies that probably set you apart from others ... strive to stay in great health, know the value of eating organic but not fret over an occasional brew or chocolate inspiration... etcetera, communication is an easy natural thing ...
anguish or stress is NOT on the menu, entertainment IS -

Date someone special from Alaska, United States. I am a hard working man who wants to share his life with a honest woman, open to good communication and share our lives together! yesterday is gone (water under the bridge) live for today and tomorrow. life is good. lets enjoy it together!

Meet men and women from Alaska, United States. I'm a caring honest loving person looking for the same. I'm grateful for the life that God has given me and the experiences He has allowed me to have. I love working outdoors and doing things for other people, especially the elderly. I don't party or go out to bars but a good movie or play is fun. I like comedy as long as it doesn't get raunchy. I'm looking for that speccial person that wants to be friends and have fun. Then we'll see where that takes us. I'm a firm believer that where God guides He provides. I'm new @ this so I hope I don't seem too awkward. I look forward to getting out and doing things this summer (as much as work allows) And I never have a bad hair day. : ) O'kay ladies, here's the shocker. For relaxation I enjoy crocheting. No, I have not been to prison. : )
Most I give away to friends and charity. Just trying to be honest. Sheesh! there goes my odds of finding that special someone. lol I will PROMISE this, whomever finds that I am someone they would like to know and perhaps form a relationship with, above all else I will be truthful, honest and faithful. .
I currently live in Wasilla, If you catch me looking at your profile and I don't comment please don't be offended. Most likely I see something in there that I feel puts me out of your league or I'm probably not who you are looking for. One thing for sure is that you must be a born again child of God. If you are not sure what that means i'd be more than happy to explain it to you.
And as a fair warning, I'm coming with 4 Springer Spaniels. LOL I'm taking a break right now so all I can do is wink. But if you're interested, wink back. :)

Date a man from United States. I like good communication, and above all honesty.I am looking for a open kind honest woman who can dress up or down depending on the occasion .I like the outdoors and spend as much time as i can there, biking, hiking, fishing, snowmachining. I like fine dinning or just a good movie and a bottle of wine at home with some one special. i would like to find someone who i have things in comon with. .

Meet people from United States. I am retired marine I am attending university to finish up my masters upon completion I am returning back to government employment My major field of work has all been medical, but after several years of it , it was time to change, so i took a leave of abscence and decided to complete the remaining credits i needed to finish my education

Date single man from United States. I am a gifted / flawed, confident / sensitive, bold / shy, lover of life and hater of evil, who wrestles daily with God, "the way things are" and my internal contradictions, striving always to do better and make a difference, both for this world as it is and being mindful of the one to come.
Like Bono, I believe in a future where the colors bleed into one, and redemption is achieved through the Man who was betrayed by a kiss, but I still haven't found what I'm looking for -- at least not all of it. I treasure above all my children, but they do not live with me full-time anymore, so I am in search of connections, community and ultimately a permanent companion, so that I can fulfill my potential as a child of God, father, colleague, friend and citizen.
You are not scared by authenticity, complexity and challenges; you're nobody's fool but you also believe it is better to have been hurt than never to have trusted at all; you are firm in your principles but open to what you don't know, rejecting reflexive ideologies in social conventions, fashion and politics; and you believe in getting to the point and expressing yourself carefully but concisely.
You and I mean what we say and say what we mean, within our capacities as human beings; we believe in a holistic concept of beauty that integrates the mind, body and spirit, with no "letting ourselves go" in any area; we want intelligent conversation, deep feeling and a full expression of the physical gifts of life, including sex. We have value honesty and sincerity most, and prefer a struggle to complacency and boredom.

Meet a soulmate from United States. I like to travel ..have a house in arizona which I go to when ever I can ..Enjoy the sunshine and swimming in my pool..I work alot , have two jobs, one with the airlines which allows me to travel and one that pays better!!!..looking for a women who is self assured and likes to smile at a silver haired 56 yr old guy...ME!!! PS I love baseball and going to Mariners games in Seattle, taking in pike place market and all that the area has to offer for the day and fly home that night or not....

Date someone special from United States. i am a texan
i have lived a long hard life
i have lived my life by my standers
i have moved to alaska to get away from all the things that makes me unhappy
i have done what i think was right and will live with what i have done wroung
i jest want fish hunt and cook for someone that likes to be cooked for
i am lookin for some one who can do for her self but likes to have the love of a good hearted man
so if you you have an good and open lovin heart
please seek me out

Meet men and women from United States. I am a calm easy going person who hates people with bad or fast tempers. I am looking for a friend that would like to enjoy life without all the crap. I love traveling and have been to more than 20 countries on 6 continents.