Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 43 year old

Date single man from Alaska, United States. I am a fun loving guy who enjoys walking, talking, and good food. An intelligent conversation and a nice bottle of wine are also great things. I am looking for someone who is intelligent, fun and adventurous.

Meet a man from Alaska, United States. My girl is caring. She takes good care of her physical body. She's a hottie, but doesn't act like one. She's honest. She is committed to me. She's loyal. She's a beautiful queen. She dresses nice. And, she's always surprising me. And, she makes me coffee and a nice dinner with candles. She has an electrifying personality with all people. She likes going to church on Sunday. And, she luves me a lot.
Note: Believe it or not. I can see all these qualities in you. So, be yourself.
I'm hard working. I love the arts. I like to stay in shape. I like meeting new people.

Date someone special from Alaska, United States. I love social gatherings with friends, Coffee in the morning, Barbeques, bonfires, boating, flying my plane and discovering wild new places for my next camping adventures. I'm not a home body but I do love rainy/snowing days to stay inside and watch a good movie or read a good book. Im a highly motivated guy who loves the great outdoors and has a zest for life... I love experiencing new places and pushing the limits,,, it's durring these times I discover more about myself and my strengths weaknesses.
I have allot of family and friends and love to entertain, cook and have friends over for a good bonfire, grilling, drinks and talking smack...
At this point in life I'm looking for a a person who feels as young as I do a woman who really has a zest for life and a fire in her eye...
She must be interested in a mans man but not be afraid to speak her mind,,( I love talking smack) however It's all out of fun... She must have a flare for adventure for I'm always seeking it and be strong enough to keep up,, although I would never leave her behind...
I love a woman who can dress up but not be afraid to wrestle in the front yard and get grass stains on her jeans.. A woman that commands respect when she walks into the room but loves to let her hair down for me...
Are you ready for adventure, passion, fun???
OMG!! I can't believe how much soliciting and scamming going on with Match .... is everyone els having this problem???

Meet people from Alaska, United States. A friend recently told me 'You have a great life - good job, nice house, amazing friends, and a goofy dog. What more could you want?' This is a good question and the statements are very true. I am looking for somebody to share 'things' with me. Since returning to Fairbanks a couple years ago, I have had a hard time meeting people outside my social network and most of my friends are coupled up. I know Fairbanks is a pretty amazing place with amazing people. I am hoping that putting myself out there on the 'tubes' will help me find some of these people.
A bit about me. I consider myself fairly grounded. I believe in simplicity and try to lead a lifestyle that matches. I am goal driven, work hard and enjoy what I do. I enjoy adventures and challenges. Recently, my challenges and adventures have taken the form of traveling to places that push my comfort zone. I enjoy traveling and trying to view the world through the eyes of others. I am not sure where I will travel to next, but it is something I am actively exploring now. I enjoy being outside and outside activities - mostly cross country skiing, biking, and hiking. Most of my outside activities are day trips or long weekends. I enjoy cooking a good meal. I would much rather spend an evening with a few good friends than go out and be surrounded by people I don't know.
I will work more on this with time. But until then, I hope this is enough for you to learn a bit about me.

Date men and women from Alaska, United States. Hello ladies,about me im the type of guy who likes to stay busy. One of my passion is smoking salmon and black cod. Also having ice cold beer when you open that smoker up, there is nothing like that. It is almost as good as a long night of killer ?. I work hard and i love to play hard at times . I guess im looking for someone to enjoy the more simple things in life .coffee conversation and life in general .

Meet a soulmate from Alaska, United States. There needs to be some satisfaction in getting to know someone personally rather than reading a summary (devoid of facial expression body language). But I guess I have to fill up 200 characters before I can post this. So here goes: I am trustworthy, respectful, cool, and a nice guy. I play hockey. I am in the Air Force. I am conservative and I do not pretend to know it all. I really like my job. I really like where I am at in life. I really like my church. I trust in God. I love and cherish my family and my friends. I like pets but do not own any currently. I would want to be friends with anyone first & then move on to dating/romance if we see things are working out. I think the amount of information that "Match" wants you to put into these profiles is a bit crazy as many of the sections are redundant...I'm just not that into going on and on about myself.
I'd like you to share my good traits naturally, or maybe you have other good ones of your own. I'll want to spend a lot of time getting to know you first. But likewise, I leave open the categories about the type of traits for which I am looking for in you. it would be preposterous, frankly, to think that I could predict that special someone for me even if I combined all of these categories together. That's foolhardy. Beautiful people start with their character, personalities, tolerance, etc. All of these good things carry over into whatever sizes, shapes, and colors that God gave you. This is why some people have that something special about them that is very attractive to others, even though it never fits into any category that people can easily describe or databases can easily define.
Oh yeah, I thought this might be pertinent around here: I'm not an alcoholic, nor sex offender or pervert, nor addict, I don't do drugs, I have had the same good job for 16 years (school before that), I've never been to prison.

Date single man from United States. I am grateful for most everything and everyone around me. My life is wonderful and I would love to have someone special to share it with. I enjoy watching football and I have the NFL Sunday Tickets this year. Yay... If you like UFC too, I will fall in love. Haha...
A good night can be going out or staying home watching a movie snuggling on the couch. Of course, the hot tub is in the back yard. I do so love taking hot tubs.
I do have two young boys 8 and 12. They are the most important part of my life and I love them with true unconditional love. They are the sweetest and I am sure they will like you too.
I want a relationshiip not a fling. Wish to have someone special and have us fall in endless love. A special woman I can treat with love, respect and honor. One who loves to be treated nice and loves to be happy. Yes I love to get flowers for you. To make you smile know that I am always thinking about you. :)

Meet a man from United States. I have one 15 yr old son at home full time, a job that is wonderful and a life I'm proud of.
I would ask if there is a "villian" (i.e ex's or hated bosses etc. etc.) in your life, please pass me right by!
Life is FAR FAR too short for this, and I have zero interest! So far what I've found is that nobody smokes / drinks to excess and goes to the gym daily & is athletic and toned. This all sounds great, but the reality (from my recent experience) is quite different.
I truly believe this "could" be a decent way to meet people, but the truth would help bunches!
I'm 6'6" 248lbs and NOT overweight & nice to look at, but you won't find pictures of my kid / house / dog and mother on here, and I question why anyone would? I'm more than happy to send picture(s) staright away if theres mutual interest.
Please be honest and if most of your recreation revolves around alcohol, I'm definitely NOT your guy!
Stay thirsty my friends, but not too dang thirsty!

Date someone special from United States. im a simple person i dont need alot to be happy. someone who enjoys the little pleasures in life. im a work aholic and looking to do more than just work there is more things in life to do looking for someone to do them with possibly for the rest of our lives

Meet people from United States. I am a single healthy man. I don't play games and i dislike superficial people. I am honest and have excellent moral values. I'm outgoing,thoughtful,and have a good sense of humour. I believe that communication,honesty, and respect are important in a relationship. I am very family oriented. I like camping and hiking in alaska. I would like my date to be interested in some of the same things as I. Yeah i know sounds kinda boring. The man your looking for mite be flying just under the radar. You will never know so take a chance. I will. I almost forgot i dont like SNOBS WITH UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS!

Date men and women from United States. I have the best job in the world, and love living in Alaska. I travel a lot in throughout Alaska, and my work slows down big time in the summer, so time to play.
I feel it is important to treat others the way you want to be treated, and you get out of life what you put into it.
I am looking for someone who loves to smile, dinning out, or eating in, dressing up or going fishing, cold winter nights by the fire or sunsets on a beach.

Meet a soulmate from United States. Hello,
First off, I do NOT chase. It's a game for boys. I am a man with desires to meet a woman. Playahs need not read any further.
I said I do not chase and for good reasons. This is NOT a game to me and I have absolutely nothing to prove. I am proud, strong, intelligent, confident, fiercely loyal and ready for the second half of my life. I wish to share it with a "Real" lady. I am not as young as I used to be and no time for games.
I have 3 wonderful children. Two in college and one in High School. Youngest lives with mom. I have always had a credit on my child support. I will always have love for my ex-wife. She and I had good times and bad. I believe more good than bad. We were together for over 24 years and married for almost 21. My ex and I have been apart since April 2011 divorced since August 2011. I am in a completely different point in my life right now. We were as fair with each other as we could be. Doesn't mean I have to like her, nor do I.
I am a computer aided draftsman/designer. I have been drafting and designing in Alaska for almost 20 years. Last 4 years I have been self employed. I draw most anything. Structural, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical. I have a client in Hawaii I worked for off and on for over two years. I spent a month in Hawaii working for them a couple of weeks after my divorce was final. What timing. I now work in Los Anchorage and commute from my home. I absolutely love my job. It is interesting and fun. Something I have craved for years. I still do the self employment gig on the side. Spring is very busy for me.
I spent 7 years as a Volunteer Fire Fighter with the Central Mat-Su Fire Department in Wasilla, AK in the 90's. Definitely some of the best 7 years of my life. The adrenalin rush was better than sex sometimes. I absolutely loved the feeling of rolling up on a scene and being part of a team dedicated to making the best of a very bad and dangerous situation. It truly gave me purpose and felt awesome. I gave up the Fire Fighting thing because of the politics. I do love helping people when they need you the most. Hey, I am a the astrological description of a Leo. I am definitely a Fire Sign. :-)
I would love to find an honest, attractive, caring and loving woman. I am a man. I look like one, feel like one, smell like one, hear like one, see like one and act like one. I am also a romantic, respectful and loving man. I love giving flowers, opening doors, warming the car, standing up from the table when a lady arrives or leaves the table. I am also one to let you have your own space, girl time, just don't forget I'm with you because I like you. Refer to the "I am a Leo" comment above. If you read the astrological definition of a Leo you will see that I am King of my domain, loyal, kind, fierce, prone to sulking if I don't get my way, a natural born leader and am hugely successful if I am loved. I fit all of those. No need to deny it. It is what I am...period. Don't like it? Have a pleasant day. I am VERY proud of me and what I have accomplished in my life!
I'd love a woman that can be a lady, best friend, companion, laughing partner, gardening partner and a passionate lover. One that understands what love is and one that I can love. I am a very passionate man...about ALL that I do.
I do not chase for very good reasons. This Lion doesn't chase everything that looks easy. If I view your profile and "you" might be interested, your choice. Chasing expends too much energy on futile efforts. I would prefer a more traditional courtship. In today's day and age is that possible anymore? Do most women know or want a gentleman?
I have my own, good job.
I have my own, good vehicle.
I have my own, good home.
I have my own, good life.
I don't have my best friend...