Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 67 year old

Date a soulmate from Alaska, United States. My perfect match? I guess would be intelligent, a person of well social behaviour and manners, as well as orderly. She likes to dress well and share the same interests I have: World affairs, photgaphing natur, all sorts of animals, latin music to opera, and more.
In regards to these world affairs I try to read between the lines of the medias presentations to form my own opinion.

Meet men and women from Alaska, United States. 6'1" eyes of blue and silver hair. Am a pleaser and enjoy giving soothing backrubs. Am retired and am living alone in my house on 40 acres of land. Am looking for a friend because I certainly don't enjoy living alone.
Have a lucrative business and if anyone is interested in making money, please contact me.
One lady started out because she didn't have enough income and needed some extra money. She ended up earning over $ 40,000 a month. This is a true story.
Another true story: A hispanic family in the Phoenix area was truly "down and out". They didn't have any skills, just tons of desire and ended up earning over a million dollars.
One lady made over $20,000 a month after ony being in the business 2 years.
Yes, the economy is down and that's why everyone needs to do something of their own and not complain.

Date a man from Alaska, United States. I came to Alaska while in the military and loved it so much I retired and stayed here. I love to camp, especially RVing, I like to fish for kings and Reds on the Kenai, People say I;m witty and can be the life of the party. I am looking for a companion to travel with both in Alaska and in the lower 48. I take vacations to Canada, Seattle, California Maui and Cabo San Lucas and enjoy ATVs and hunting and fishing. I like traveling in the RV because with an RV you can stop and smell the roses instead of being rushed by tour guides. I am married and I had to place my beautiful wife in an assisted living facility in Seattle because of Alzheimer's, that has taken her from me. I am not looking for a wife, I am looking for someone that likes to travel, to both the lower 48 and RVing to diffrent spots and travel to Mexico, Hawaii and other places in the world. So if you want to travel and have fun, get back to me. So if you're looking for a husband just keep on looking because at this time its not happening.

Meet single man from Alaska, United States. I'm a conservative politically, who strives to learn what the general media refuses to devulge to the public. I've listened to Rush Limbaugh for the last 25 years, getting hooked on him the first time I ever heard his show. Yes I am a right winger, with good reason. Clinton and Obama and Johnson and FDR and other World Gov't types are selling our country out. They all have abused the U. S. Constitution, and have not had their feet held to the fire.
I would like to meet a woman who is a thinker when it comes to politics and not someone who believes everything she sees on TV and reads in the politically correct media. Also my life revolves around my religion and golf, in that order. I currently spend winters in Az. in order to play golf, and summers in Ak. I start off my winter travel by going to Georgia for several weeks to play golf with a buddy, and visit my Daughter and Granddaughter. I have no urge to travel the world and do not have the income to do it. My deceased wife was a living Saint, gracious, accomodating, and just a farm girl with great down to earth common sense. I have 3 grown daughters, all doing well and are very wholesome young women (mostly thanks to my wife).

Date someone special from Alaska, United States. I've lived in Alaska for 43 years. I was a teacher for 22 years. I have two sons one lives in Anchorage and one live in Houston Texas, a sister that also lives in Houston a brother and sister in Colorado springs, CO.I now live in Anchorage and want to spend some time in a warmer climate somewhere in the southwest. Then I can travel around from there.
I enjoy spending time with family and friends doing different activities from sight seeing to cooking and good conversation. I like to surround myself with good people that I can spend time with.
I like to cook on the barbecue. A good steak or some type of fish is good but it's not always easy to cook for one though.
I enjoy doing home improvement projects and to keep my home in good shape and at times helping out my friends with their projects, if I can help someone I usually do.
I also like to keep my camera handy and do some nature photography. You never know what you might run into. Travaling around this state there so much see and it is always changing.
I sold my boat this spring so now I go with a friend he has a bigger boat anyway and that gives me enough fishing and I don't have the upkeep.
I enjoy going hunting with my son an some of his friends and some of mine we spend about ten days out and have a great time. We sometimes even get a moose which is a plus. The fall is a great time to be out in the mountains
I would like to meet someone that would like to share in some of these activities as well as others. I'm usually up for new things.

Meet people from Alaska, United States. I'm new in town, all alone, and looking for a special lady to share time with. Currently quite busy getting ready to open my business here, but would like to spend some time discovering the ocean and local shores.

Date a soulmate from United States. I am looking for someone to make me happy. I would like her to be a good cook. I have been given by myself for a year and eating mostly microwaved food. I like to go out to eat but not by myself. I'm not looking to jump in bed with anybody right away. As for my social life goes, it sucks.

Meet men and women from United States. my closest friends describe me as very caring/helpful.I am very proud of rasing my 4children,and their accomplishmentsin life so far.I am gtateful,to be retired and living in Alaska,which has been a lifetime dream.I am hoping to find a woman who is interested in sharing this lifestyle,with me,asbest friend and soulmate.I live in a fairly rural area,so at this time,I have a fairlylimited social life.Ican laugh out loud,at some of thesupposed human traits,of some of the people,that I come in contact with.I find that human nature can be rewading to watch,at times.Ifind I am most passionate,about sharing intimate moments,with theperson,thatI love and care about.

Date a man from United States. just looking for a homely girl with good cooking, sexual & sensual, careing & sharing , same as i am should like outdoor sports, hiking, camping, fishing skiing etc . some one who can cuddle & kiss infront of the fire & also on a river bank or on the beach .

Meet single man from United States. How would your closest friends describe you? That I fun and true.
What type of person am I hoping to attract? I want a honest girl who will love me. I am going to retire next year if all works well. How would you describe your social life not very good now.

Date someone special from United States. My friends would say I am easy going and have strong ethics and integrity. I would look for the same in a mate. Politically conservative and passionate about individual freedoms. I am greatful for my children, their families and my reasonably good health.

Meet people from United States. I have worked all my life and now retired. I have kids and they are amoung my greatest accomplishments. I enjoy life, I don't fret. I do travel and enjoy seeing new places in this country. Fishing and golf are amoung my favorite passtimes.