Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 26 year old

Date a soulmate from Alaska, United States. I am a funny person but can sometimes be serious. Although I prefer for things to be more relaxed and drama free. Typically I play with my dog after work and take care of my house. (I can't stand it dirty)
In a woman I am looking for someone who is responsible and mature who likes to have a good time naturally. Maybe do a good game of ping pong or have a campfire and go camping. I would love to meet a woman who has a dog as well.

Meet single boy from Alaska, United States. I like to snowboard, I’m outgoing but easy going, I like to laugh, I think I’m an REI poster boy who should have a show on travel channel… blah, blah..
Instead of me trying to sell myself by listing the same qualities/hobbies that are on half of the other profiles out there, allow me to take a different route. Here are a few qualities that some might perceive as negative:
1. I’m a 26 year old that’s living out my 10 year old fantasy. I have no kids, no pets, and no major commitments (outside of my dream job). Right now I’m all about having the freedom to do what I want, when I want. I’m not quite ready to grow up, and if you’re the “get married, have kids, settle down as soon as possible” type (…be honest with yourself) – probably not your guy.
2. I’m gone often and have a pretty irregular schedule. Last minute week long trips to places like Tokyo and Honolulu are not uncommon, and I’m usually too busy working or out exploring to be in my room on Skype. If you’ve been called “needy” or have ever been described by the “Overly Attached Girlfriend” meme – I’d probably make you miserable.
3. I’m a super nerd in disguise. When I was a kid I wanted to be Han Solo. Wait, I still want to be Han Solo. In fact, the only reason I even fly for the Air Force is because they still don’t make Millennium Falcons and I have yet to befriend a Wookie.
If the above paragraph:
a. Confused you – We might have issues
b. Scared you off – It’s for the better (and you should watch Star Wars sometime)
4. You like to be little spoon? Well, I’m sorry, but you can’t have it all the time princess because I prefer jetpacking – that’s what it’s called when I get to be little spoon (and you get to be my jetpack). Relationships are all about give and take and if you’re an uncompromising cuddler – we shall not cuddle.
If you’re still reading my profile at this point then we might be compatible, and who knows… maybe even good a fit. Shoot me a message – let’s start with drinks and sushi :)

Date a guy from Alaska, United States. I love good conversation. I like real conversation. It doesn't have to be intellectual but if I need to know about the weather I can look out the window. If You seem interesting to me then I will ask you out. We will have a drink, maybe two. That will be it. If I enjoy it we will do it again.
Yes I recently got into 'balcony gardening'. This facilitates one of my true loves: food & cooking.
After a quick search I see nobody of interest to me. Beauty is a common essential. I consider it obligatory as I like pretty things. further more importantly a person needs to be captivating. They need to have aspirations, interests and passion. But the beauty part is still essential.
If you meet the above criteria feel free to em.. 'holler' Unless you use the word 'holler' genuinely in your profile, if you do please go away.
If you use 'txt tlk' then go away.
If you are immature then go away.
If your profile has no pictures or obscured pictures then go away.
If you have MSN go away.
If you are going to send me a generic long drawn out message then, you guessed it.
Oh and must like dogs. I have a dog, no like is adeal breaker.
If you get past my crappy man shields I'm cuddly in a gruff sort of unshaven way.
If and I mean only if you get this far. I will have my people contact your people. And we will see where that goes. You may get that drink.
They say a longer description is more likely to get responses. Well I will meet you for a drink. That is all. A longer description requires a longer date. This is unlikely. I do know the best restaurants and all the hidden gems of our state. These aren't on offer until you have something to offer me.
So for now a drink :)

Meet someone special from Alaska, United States. I'd would say i love my conversation's the most with a girl out of everything. I mean really interested in her word to the point were. When she complains its entertaining to me, when they smile its the sunshine in my day, when we disagree we laugh and call each other crazy.
To understand her body language is a must i think its the only way you can really understand how she is feeling without her saying it. I don't like guessing games, but i am saying its nice to really understand somebody so well you have a idea whats going on in there head without words being said.
In terms of finding someone special unlikely i don't compromise to whats above nor do i think anyone should. I'm the type that doesn't really see everything as so black and white, but i still have my moral values.
I'm very passive carefree type of guy, i am kinda a idealist. I am sarcastic which comes off bad at first because i have monotone voice, but if you have a good head, and are not too gullible its easy to pick up.

Date people from Alaska, United States. So I don't know how to talk about myself without sounding narcissistic so I'm not going to try to. In my humble opinion, I think I'm awesome. Generally people like me, but then again some don't, which is fine because nobody's perfect. I moved to Alaska in December for work, and couldn't be in a better place. I spent the last few years working abroad and travelling the world. I filled my passport in two years and I think that is a pretty cool accomplishment; and I am nowhere near being done with my adventures. I see life as an epic adventure, and I do everything I can to enjoy every minute of it. I don't really know what else to put here so if you have any questions or suggestions let me know.

Meet men and women from Alaska, United States. At this moment I'm an on-call ferry terminal assistant. I'm taking a CNA course starting in August. As far as what I want in life I want a steady job, my own place, and time to do things that I like. I'd also like somebody to share my life with. Nursing allows a person the option to travel and get lots of time off. I like working with and helping people. I'm a caring individual and tough when I need to be. I like traveling and look forward to doing it more often. I enjoy learning all the little things in order to become an independent person. I enjoy learning how to build and work around the house. I like keeping busy. I enjoy reading. I'm always down for new adventures and experiences. I'd like to meet someone open-minded, smart, and positive. I have kind of a silly sense of humor. I laughed pretty hard watching the Sarah Silverman Program a little bit ago. I like Valdez for the ice climbing, snowboarding and skiing. Once I get a feel for the medical field I hope to pursue a career as a rad-tech or an RN.

Date a boy from Alaska, United States. I am an outgoing fun person. Most of my off time is spent riding my motorcycle, and it is always more fun to explore with someone on the back. I'm in general a very happy person, and I'm looking for someone that enjoys the simple things in life.

Meet a soulmate from United States. Just got to anchorage not too long ago. I'm excited to start exploring. I tend to be slightly shy at first (compared to my usual self). I have a great sense of humor and sometimes can be sarcastic. I do have 5 tattoos and I plan on getting more. I try to enjoy every moment of my life regardless of what is thrown my way. I try not to let the small things bother me. I want to find someone that can handle my sense of humor and likes to keep a smile on her face the majority of the time. I am very spontaneous. Any chance I get to try out something new, I go for it. Regardless of what it is. You only live once, right? I have my flaws like every one else. I dont expect perfection and want someone that feels the same way. I want someone that enjoys going out and doing whatever comes up but also someone that doesn't mind sitting back, watching tv, ordering take out and just enjoy each other's company. I love to travel and plan on continuing my tavels. Hopefully I can find someone that shares the same interest. I am not perfect or try to be. I am just, Me. One thing I can promise is that I have a big heart and I like to show it. I tend to lean slightly on the romantic side. I have my past and you have yours. Lets see what we can make of the future.

Date single boy from United States. I am an easygoing, spontaneous and sometimes add guy. I'm an open book so if you want to know anything about me just ask.
My ideal match would be someone who is also adventurous, tolerant, and can push me to be a better person.

Meet a guy from United States. My name is Dave. I was born and raised in Alaska. I love to laugh and make others to the same. I am pretty athletic and play a few sports. I am looking for someone who is kind hearted and treats others with respect. I wold like to find someone who enjoys going out and having a good dinner and a few drinks but can also have fun by staying in and whatching a movie. If you want to know more... Ask :)

Date someone special from United States. I'm a hard worker and a very active person. I'm always trying to move forward and up in life. I enjoy being around friends and family. I would like to meet someone that likes to get out and have fun and has a good personality.

Meet people from United States. Fortunately Alaska has provided my life an amazing mind blowing environment and a rock solid family that has taught me many valuable lessons. I have been able to experience some of the true wonders of this world and am looking forward to the journey that is ahead. I am grateful to have been introduced to the splendor of nature at an early age and continue to travel to places that have rarely if ever been touched by man. I enjoy spending quality time with a woman who can appreciate all the inspirations that I have come across... even something as simple as seeing the joy in my lab "Sadie" smile.