Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 42 year old

Date someone special from Alaska, United States. I am a single parent with 3 kids. I enjoy all the time i get to spend with them. I am a very out going guy with lots of energy and spunk. I am kind and will go out of my way to help others. I enjoy working with teaching my kids there friends about the outdoors. my hobby is building off road trucks then mobbing them through the mud. I am looking for someone with the same interest to join me in the adventures of life.

Meet single man from Alaska, United States. look at things positive, someone that loves me and i will love them..simple honest not controlling. happy,,sexy,,loving. exciting..well not jealous, someone that would love me to the end of the world..i would love to meet a happy person that enjoys
life, doesnt let yesterdays rainy day ruin the sunshine today.

Date people from Alaska, United States. I am looking for a Down- to- Earth- Kinda- Girl-, Who likes to have fun, laugh, enjoys the out- doors. Who takes life serious,but still makes time to have fun. Someone who I find Attractive of course, I have found that to be important, along with A great personallity.I (Don't mean just looks ladies, there are many more way's of being attractive to me!!) "Other than just looks" love to kiss and Cuddle, Im even for a Romantic walk on the beach,or a picnic in the park. Just enjoy the One- Im- with,and the weather of course! Really just a good all Around- Women, who enjoys life, and Adventure, with a good sense of Humor!!!!!!! And likes Bad Jokes!! Some good ones too!! Just Like To Have Fun.

Meet a man from Alaska, United States. I am never unique and you will never find another like me.Been told i am handsome.Looking for a woman outgoing and who will not bring me down.Life is what you make it,make it fun.Want a woman, not a drama queen.Do not like to fight or argue,I am easy going as long as it is reasonable.I dont like to stay still,I race cars and trucks in summer,snowmobile,ski and ice skate(played Hockey from 5yrs old until I was 21.I like to work out when I can find someone who does to.

Date men and women from Alaska, United States. Hello to you and thank you for visiting my profile. I joined match to find what most of us are all looking for. someone who we are attracted to, someone we can trust, and someone we are compatible with. so since I'm here I'm goin to be completely honest and not waste mine or your time. I don't view myself as a hero or knight in shining armor but I do believe I'm a good person. I am deep and take things that are important to me very seriously, sometimes too seriously but I've gotten much better than I used to be. I do not like phoney people, kiss asses, thieves, heavy drug users, violent people ect. Hate to hear people say they don't like drama only because most people I hear say this are the center of it but I'm gonna say it " I don't like drama". I don't live in the perfect house with a white picket fence and I'm in the process of making it the way I want it but it ain't there yet. Also probably the hardest thing for me to throw out there is that I have hsv... Not that I'm looking down on myself but more the way society has painted the picture of it. If you know what it is and wanna say hello please do, if you don't know please research it and decide on your own if your willing to say hello or not. Either way is fine, I understand most people don't understand and that's ok.
I have three children whom are mostly grown, they don't spend much time at ol dads to much anymore but they are a huge part of my life. I love the water and I love boats, I don't own one at present but will most definitely when the time is right. I like to hunt, fish, ice fish in the winters, go out to eat anytime of the year. Also like to hang at home and improve it weather it's inside or outside. Eventually would love to have a shop to tinker, a garden and maybe a few chickens scratching around. Also I work hard, I work physically and I work long hours. Not always but alot, just the way I'm wired.
I am looking for a partner in life and I am looking for the last partner for the rest of my life. someone I can support in there goals and dreams and they are willing to do the same for me. If you might be intrested in knowing more about me please say hello and thank you for reading my profile.

Meet a soulmate from Alaska, United States. I came to Alaska ten years ago from Canada and absolutely love it here. I love the beauty, the grandeur of this state. I'm grateful for the happy, simple life I've found here, and I'm hoping to find someone to share it with.
I’m fairly active. In my time off I enjoy hiking/camping, getting outside with the dogs, running, yoga. I’m competing in a “Spartan Race” (mud/obstacle course) in September and am pretty excited about it. But balance is key, and I also appreciate quiet time at home, making a meal, chatting over wine, reading, watching movies.
I’m a big believer in the Golden Rule and try to practice kindness. I laugh a lot (mostly at myself), prefer listening to talking, and concentrate on being grateful for all I/we have. I tend to be private and am selective with relationships, friends or otherwise. But once in, I’m loyal, considerate, and affectionate.
It is important to treat the special people in your life well. Manners never go out of style, either.
If you smoke, do drugs, are mean, love Fox News, have a lousy credit rating, or aren't OK with sharing the couch with the dog, we're probably not a match.
Thanks for stopping by, and best wishes on your search

Date someone special from United States. Right. Now, here's the deal. I'm a professional from 8-5 and I really like what I do for a living. In short, I help the people that help people. I'll clarify that if you're interested. ;)
In my down time I workout and enjoy the outdoors. I particularly like hiking, biking and golf. Fitness has become a big part of my life recently and would like to meet someone who is like minded.
Now, here is where it gets fun. I'm looking for a woman who appreciates getting out and finding the new and interesting. A friend that is as interested in me as I would be with her. I guess the closest I could come to describing it would be "comfortable". I am a very Trust Worthy Man. During my various careers I have stood knee to knee with team members and had my character tested. I'm looking for the woman that appreciates that trust and those values.
Put simply, I have everything that I need in this life. Now, I'm looking for more and hoping that I find her here. This will be a fun experience and I look forward to talking with you. :-)

Meet single man from United States. I'd like to find a partner in adventure in all aspects of life. I work hard when I need to, but I work to live, not the reverse. Ultimately, I want to share small and grand adventures with a great woman - including a family; one that is focused on each other and not on keeping up with the Joneses or on mindlessly 'entertaining' ourselves. But I like to simply make new friends too. I'm think I'm a good listener and communicator and I can still say I'm honest. I don't take life or myself too seriously, but I'm not ignorant or careless either. I'm a Christian, though not a great one and I don't have it all figured out - I spent about 8 years as more or less agnostic after confronting the problem of evil, not doing enough to resolve it in my mind. I think Gandhi said "At the heart of any religion is the heart of every religion." There's some wisdom in that, but it's not enough. I like philosophy, politics, and religion, and I dig to learn because the PR version we get so easily is so often skewed - the devil and the truth are often in the details. Activity-wise, I like to climb (alpine/ice/rockice), ski (backcountry/skate/resort), raft, kayak, mountain bike, hike, run (usually up small mountains in summer), play hockey, play with my great dog, spend time with friends, and read. And I want to be able to share some of the best moments and adventures (like an alpine sunrise in the Chugach), the sort that in the past have usually left me thinking "Wow, this is amazing and I'm lucky as hell to be here but I wish I could share this with someone other than my buddy here." On match, I'd be happy (though not satisfied) to make some new friends to share adventures with. My ideal date would be fun, adventurous, honest, caring/kind, intelligent, confident, silly, spontaneous, independent, active, attractive, athletic, outdoorsy, and well- grounded - but idealism is not fair! She'd also be secure in herself and have a history composed of more than a string of successive relationships. She would be emotionally deep but also stable/grounded and not emotionally dependent. She'd value experiences over possessions. She'd like a day in the mountains followed by a night on the town. She'd be thoughtful and openminded (and opinionated, if willing to listen too), responsible, have a moral sense (I am an unapologetic Christian but I do not think that ethics need be religiously derived), and would give people the benefit of the doubt. She'd care about her contribution. She'd make me think, and appreciate it if I did the same for her. She'd be kind to strangers and love dogs and animals in general. Education is something, but intelligence and above all an honest and willing-to-consider approach is far more important. And she'd have some sort of adventure business that I could quit my day job to do! :-) We'd be too different if a beautiful Alaska day doesn't make her want to get outside with the dogs, at a minimum. Above all she'd be caring, kind, well-grounded, energetic, fun, and attractive to me. I know this sounds rather idealistic, and I suppose I am to some degree. But I know I'm ideal to probably no one so it's all about taking a chance and being willing to get to know someone. If you write me and your profile has no pictures, please send me a good picture(s). Attraction is perhaps the easiest essential element to sort out in very early stages. Thank you for reading.

Date people from United States. A woman who enjoys pleasant conversation and likes outdoors fishing and camping. A woman who knows who she is and what she wants out of life. Wants to share her life with someone else. Has goals and dreams and the drive to achieve them. Has a positive attitude and does not abuse drugs or alcohol. I like to go to church and sobriety events. I am looking for a woman who is outspoken and not afraid to speak her true feelings. Someone who is gentle and caring yet knows how to set boundaries. I am a non-drinker but don't mind if she drinks but not excessively. A woman who is warm and caring and knows how to cuddle whether it be in a mansion or sleeping in a tent. Someone who has big dreams and has the drive to achieve them. Someone who loves the Lord Jesus Christ and is not ashamed to let others know that. A goal setter and works hard to achieve career goals and always wants to improve. That is how I am and I want the same in a partner. Unfortunately, I have hepatitus C so I am looking for other women who have it for dating. I am going to take interferon in the future to get rid of it.

Meet a man from United States. I am fairly laid back. I am privately affectionate. I listen. I would like to find someone that has found their own way. I don't enjoy being lied to and I offer honesty in return. I would like to find someone who would join me in my adventures rather than wait for me to return.

Date men and women from United States. Looking for a spiritually strong woman in the Christian faith, with the mental faculty and physical capacity of a fast pace life style. I'm not one to sit idle... But can truly focus on relaxing when time permits or is just necessary.

Meet a soulmate from United States. I'm fun loving and just want to enjoy life. I have 3 boys that live in CO and I go home to visit them often but while I'm here I'm all alone. I'd love to explore and go on adventures. I have a somewhat high profile job so I can't post a public picture on here.