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Date someone special from Alaska, United States. A friend recently wrote to his friends about me, and said "He's the kind of guy you could walk by every day for a year and not know he had anything to say- but he does." My first response to almost anything is to watch, listen, think. The result might be a joke, a poem, a smile, or a resolution. I'm known as dependable, but I've lived a slightly unorthodox life. I'm at the point know where I can't imagine ever wanting to do anything different- a great job, great community to live in, lots of opportunities to do things I love.I'm attracted to good humored women- women who are happy, who can laugh at life, who appreciate the irony that surrounds us. I'm attracted to good-hearted, caring women who are generous and compassionate. I appreciate thoughtfulness, boldness, and conviction. Most of all, I am attracted to women who can hold their own.

Meet single man from Alaska, United States. I am looking for a woman that enjoys life, that loves sex, that can take the good with the bad, that lives in the here and now.Life is in reality short so live life to the fullest.Oh please be sane, my last two were bipolar.

Date men and women from Alaska, United States. Hard working business owner single dad surveyor farmer hay homestead in talkeetna twin boys 11 daughter 12 looking for stable individual for a normal family life and no undo stress live and let live like Harley rides tractor rides atv adventures snow machining farm animals and pets 4 dogs 2 cats ect

Meet people from Alaska, United States. Recently set loose from the binds of a relationship. I am seeking a woman that will fit in with my non theist belief system. I don't go out raising hell and frequenting bars either. Guess I'm more of a homebody these days, and I'm fine with that. Oh, and I like to cuddle! Lastly, I am bisexual, so if that turns you off, keep looking honey! If that turns you on, hit me up!

Date a man from Alaska, United States. I was born at a very young age, a consequence of unprotected sex. I'm the black sheep of nine kids from an Irish Catholic family from a cold climate. My parents are right of the boat, which makes me 100% FBI (Full Blooded Irishman). I grew up in the Philly area, where they speak English with a Sylvester Stallone accent. I ran away from home when I was 14, without committing a crime, my parents promptly joined the Witness Protection Program. I don't like to brag, but I finished in the top 85% of my High School graduating class. I'm ashamed to say I went to Penn State after after all the scandals, but I also have to admit, college was seven of the best years of my life. I just wish I would have finished. After College I joined the Navy. Those were my "Officer and a Gentleman" days. Some might leave out the Gentleman part. For my next gig, I became a US Customs pilot living and working in Florida for 20 years. Those were my Miami Vice days, although it was more like Barney Miller. After 28 years of Federal Service I retired from Uncle Sam in 07 and promised my parents I would never run away from home again. Next, I took a job flying seaplanes and helicopters around the Caribbean. Those were my Jimmy Buffett days. With a hot passion to live and work in the Alaskan Bush, I arrived in Sitka in June of 09, and worked there for two years, flying all over SE Alaska (Fun Job). I landed here in Juneau in May last year and was fortunate to get one of the most primo flying jobs in Alaska, flying Lear Jets for AirLift NorthWest. I consider myself so lucky to be working at what I like to do and living where I want to live. And by the way, I'll take a SE Alaska winter over a Florida summer any day.
OK, enough of the resume stuff. Lets get to the heart of the subject. I'm single, never married (came real close a couple of times) and yes no kids. Hope you won't hold any of that against me. Did I mention I like to fly? and yes I also enjoy doing it as a hobby, and I even own a small helicopter. Skiing also ranks high on my list of fun things to do. I would normally buy a season lift ticket to Heavenly Valley but my new schedule makes it a little more difficult to travel there now. In my spare time I do enjoy home construction projects and the feeling of accomplishment that goes with it when a project if finished. I recently purchased a piece of land and hope to be building on it soon. Gosh I love to travel. But then again who doesn't. Even if it's just a weekend trip down the road, or white water rafting down the Grand Canyon, I'm game. If you can put a little adventure into the equation I will do my utmost to be on the trip list. This part of the world has so much to offer in terms of adventure and beauty, and I'd love to share some of these experiences.
I'd be lying if I said I'm not a visual kind of person, I am. I've learned to accept this and deal with it. I'd like to meet a woman who meets at least average height/weight standards, and still has all her own teeth. I realize I'm not Brad Pitt and I probably won't end up with a 25 year old Super-Model, but I'd like to find a woman who can at least, still drive at night. A good sense of humor and outgoing personality are a real plus. Honesty is very important. If you like what you read give me a shout.

Meet a soulmate from Alaska, United States. Hard worker caring raising 3 kids on my own have a farm land surveyor own my own business have a homestead like harleys have a 1980 wide glide been in Alaska for 30 years twin boys 11 and a 12 year old daughter young at heart and still willing to learn

Date someone special from United States. I am a fun loving, very spontaneous, flexible, and hard working guy looking for the same. I stay busy teaching photography and videography, running my own multi media company which is mostly involved with music videos and music and theatrical performance documentation, and still find the time to paint, build, and explore on weekends.
I am looking to find someone who is attractive (I do lots of model shoots), friendly, outgoing, flexible, and affectionate. I like women who are strong, have their own careers and pursuits, and aren't too high maintenance. I like the outdoors a lot so being rugged is important. I also love big city life, dressing up, and going out on the town.
I migrate from the desert to the north-lands and back on a yearly basis. I am in the desert for almost 10 months of the year. When I am in Joshua Tree, I teach full time at Copper Mountain College and the Hi-Desert Cultural Center with it’s 2 theaters; the Blak Box and the Kaye Ballard Theater. For June and July, and the first half of August I travel to my summer house in Cooper Landing, Alaska. I am proud to say I have about the nicest set up on the world famous Kenai River where there's an eagle nest in the front yard, and 6 runs of wild salmon swim by every summer. In Alaska I get to have my own schedule; painting, doing photo shoots, taping music performances, going fishing with my friends and keeping an on-going party down by the fire circle. Since I am currently in residence in Cooper Landing on the Kenai Peninsula, I have just adjusted my profile to see if there are any women in Alaska that might enjoy my company.
My scene at “Turquoise” as I call my place is just loads of fun. I have been summering in AK for 30 years now. I used to teach at KPC. I have lots of friends from Anchorage. I love the lifestyle of the river life. I was a Kenai fishing guide for ten years, working for Alaska Wildland Adventures.
Now I am wondering if there is any gal that would enjoy my very creative pursuits on the Kenai.
When I return this August to Joshua Tree, I will be developing a new vacation rental business with one of the 2 house I have on Rat Ridge. I will continue painting my new series of large scale paintings based on the Transverse Ranges of Southern California, with the goal of having museum exhibitions across the Los Angeles Basin. My art career is important to me. You can check out my work at the 2 web sites I maintain. has everything you might want to know or see about my long painting career. has all things photographic that I make; fine art prints, commercial work, videography which is mostly some selected music titles. I also have a channel on YouTube; sedowner channel. Check them out and you will have a pretty good idea of who I am. To end I will say that I like surprises, embrace change, and am always up for new experiences.

Meet single man from United States. I am an explorer and forever will be. A day trip to a new place is nice and offers me just a glimpse of what might be the next place to live. If outdoor activities are possible then I will return. If night life and outdoor activities are abundant then I may stay a while. Currently I am at my Homer Alaska house (arrived on June 10th 2012). I lived in Bartlett IL for a yr, in upstate New York four years, Hawaii for four, Alaska from 1991 (I am still a resident), Utah and Idaho 2 years each and California the rest.
I can do almost anything and very seldom hire someone to do things for me. If I don't know how to do something I will learn. If you need something fixed I'm on it. I enjoy a challenge and find survival challenges are most rewarding and make good stories for my grand-kids.
I would like to find someone to love, travel, dance, fish and go boating with. She should be happy with herself and if she has a desire to find out what makes me tick she can have almost anything. If that statement did not come out right for you it's because something's are hard for me to explain in writing but here is my best shot; if you bake me a brownie, I'll enjoy mowing your grass for hours and hours.
I am looking for someone who knows there is a difference between sex and love; to me, in short it's chemistry and Dopamine. I can explain it in length but not here in writing because a private view of the ocean would be a much better place.
The best match for me is a woman who understands I have children (6 and 6 grand-kids) in my life for life but not in my house forever (I do have a one 14 yr old boy living with me). Someone who can leave the past behind and looks for good things in the future. Someone who sees a lifespan is like a grain of sand among billions on the beach, she knows we are here just a tiny fraction of time, she doesn't waste time and enjoys every second. So If you are out there I will find you, just give me a place and time to look for you.

Date men and women from United States. Writing about myself isn't one of my strong points but I open up easily when asked and I love to chat. I've got a great sense of humor, like to entertain and enjoy making people smile. . I've been fortunate to have been able to see and do lots of interesting things as well as travel far and often. That being said there are a still a lot of places to see and new adventures to embark on in Alaska, the USA as well as the rest of the world. My two children are my greatest accomplishment and I continue to be very close to them and their spouses, getting together often. I have a grand daughter as well as a new grandson and I'm in the spoiling mode now! I'm no doubt a bit set in my ways but then most of us probably are at this age. I know how to take care of myself but I have a lot to share/offer. Without sounding confusing, I'm wondering if there's someone out there that knows how to take care of themselves but doesn't mind being taken care of? Being an Aircraft mechanic by trade I like to figure out what makes things tick and try to learn how to keep them ticking. That at least partially explains the situation in the garage:) My work history spans working as an Aircraft Mechanic for the Airlines, working for the Trans AK Pipeline both as a Technician and in Management as well as being self employed. I'm pretty handy at building, remodeling, electrical, etc. I've helped friends build log cabins on a remote lake and am starting another near the AK range for myself, family and friends.

Meet people from United States. I consider myself a pretty laid back, do-it yourselfer. I enjoy growing my own food and and cooking what I grow. You can follow along on my Garden Blog - just look up chateau-listeur on Google. I like to eat healthy and really enjoy fresh Alaska seafood. I don't hunt or ride loud machines in the wilderness - but I do have a canoe and enjoy the sound of loons on a lake. I am looking for companionship in the garden and the kitchen. I am hoping to meet my best friend and partner to share the adventure of life in Alaska with. I enjoy preparing dinners with friends, good conversation around the wood stove, planning next year's garden, fixing up my house and property, and photographing Alaska's natural scenery. I am pretty happy where I am at for now. A warm sunny day and a glass of wine - watching my garden grow - what more could I want? Maybe someone to share it with would be nice.

Date a man from United States. I`m 5' 3" and 57 years old . I luv to hunt and fish, am a rock hound, gold miner, like scifi movies,like to cook, like dogs cats & most four legged critters ,and have many other hobbies. I`m looking for a companion that would like to go out ( once in a while ) to dinner , a movie , lookin for rocks , playing with the gold mine , just going for a walk , etc. Let me be clear about one thing , SEX DOESN`T have to be part of the relationship . Her age should be under 58. I like petite women that enjoy a good meal . I doen`t eat cheese or drink(just doen`t enjoy the taste). I luv seafood,chinese,and a good steak. I`m looking first for a friend and companion to enjoy some time with and if it works out then we can get a little more serious about a relationship.
Have a great day and keep smiling.

Meet a soulmate from United States. first time in se ak. love living in hoonah this is my retirerment 20-yrs ago fished bearing sea for 10 yrs spent 20yrs s. great to be back this should be good once i learn to troll have been getting closer to the lord don't drink or do drugs anymore my last wife turned into an alcaholic it made me stop learning to be by myself but would rather have someone to share with enjoy sex like simpler things in life have gotten into the talk radio use to good older rock n roll still enjoy longhair or what most others call classical really like piano use to play the oboe tried to learn harmonica owned 2-street bikes for awhile hung out with the same people drove semi truck for 4yrs just happy when i stopped and here i am just a little lonely use to travel to other countries now i'm just trying to find myself it'd be nice to find someone that enjoys boats fishing and hunting and living in a village like hoonan,ak