Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 50 year old

Date a soulmate from Alaska, United States. Hi Thanks for looking at my profile, I will be honest, I don't know what to write here, I will tell you a little about me and what I am looking for, I am self employed and love what I do, I enjoy being in the great outdoors, either on the water or on a mountain top, traveling to warm climates cruising on my Harley's, I also enjoy staying at home doing yard work and home improvements, what I am looking for is a great woman, cute, funny, sexy, mature, no drama, no BS, honest, a pleasure to be around, Is that you? If it is, I'm waiting to hear from you

Meet people from Alaska, United States. Ok about me. I'm a Man ,so far so good ,right ? . Older in age , but not old at all. Love music, all kinds, food and kayaking. That's not all, but, we'll leave some for later. Looking for someone to kiss in the morning who wants to kiss me back. Ha ha . Oh I'm a one woman man , allways been allways will .

Date a man from Alaska, United States. I have a vast and diverse range of interests, always open minded and ready to please.
I like to think of myself as a very real person. I don't play head games well.
I am passionate, romantic, secure,very honest,energetic, aware and stable. Wild but grounded.
I love rock, blues, and reggae. Any music that gets the blood pumping.
I love to dance, romance and be romanced. I enjoy tasteful public displays of affection, being close at heart.
I am an outdoors man with a passion for travel and sunshine.I partake often in extreme sports and crazy acts.I will usually try anything Twice,unless of course i like it tooooo much the first
I am fearless but respectful of limitations.
I have a strong desire to "Really Live" I am responsible and loving single parent and mostly in control of that. I am Mr. Right to someone and Mr. Dane to all else.
I am an explorer and an adventurer, and i always do so with a smile on my face and a river of humor flowing from my heart. I can laugh at myself and be serious at the same time.
life is a Journey, no time like the present to take the next step.....
Simply said, My perfect match will adore me and allow me to adore her.
She will display a smile that speaks a thousand words. Surely will be romantic and passionate. Compassionate to all worthy of such. She will be dangerously beautiful in my eyes. Happy with the simple gift of life. Special kindness, as to cherish our time together and know the love when we are apart. She will be serious-ly funny. lol
She will know in her heart that my world is the same as hers.
She will be my equal, walking beside me, with me, not behind or ahead.
We will quiver when we touch and melt when we kiss. Our togetherness will keep all in prospective and we'll never become complacent,but always look for new adventure to share with each other.
My soul mate will be sheltered in my heart and appreciated like no other, loved unconditionally, and respected
All for three easy payments of $ 19.95

Meet single man from Alaska, United States. My ideal match is someone who takes a relationship to a new level with trust,no lies and that will stick with it no matter what happens.Live is to short to let little things bother you.I do pray and rely on God to show me the way in life.

Date someone special from Alaska, United States. o.k. so Im kind of skeptical on the validity of actually meeting someone here but I will give it a go anyway,
the story goes like this, I like camping ,fishing, hunting, snow machining, building classic cars, travel, building projects (homes) and relaxing,keep me outside at all times if possible. I like an ocasional movie or maybe some tv, but im not a couch potato, I would rather participate than watch. I dont smoke and im not into the bar scene.
I like to spend time at the gym. I feel a relationship should be give and take, not one sided.
about you, you also enjoy spending time outdoors, and some of the things I have mentioned above while introducing me to some of your interests. you have a sense of humor and you are not afraid to get your hands dirty now and then. you take life seriously only when needed and like to laugh the rest of the time. you take time to enjoy nature and everything around you while considering others.
well I guess thats the short story for now, if you would like to hear more let me know...... however, if you are just up for a few emails then fading away please dont waste our time, I am looking for a long term relationship, not an email buddy. Also if you and your ex are "friends" or you claim you dont own a tv or your just looking to be goods friends first, we are not a match. Thank you.

Meet men and women from Alaska, United States. I'm an honest down to earth person who likes to have fun in almost everything I do. Now there are always some of those things in life that can strech this a bit. I try to be positive about most things and look on the good side this sure make life a lot more enjoyable. Looking to meet a positive person that I can develop a LT relationship with. I enjoy getting outside for hikes and taking my dog for walks. Get out chasing critters quite a bit and would be great to have a partner that would enjoy this also but not a must as we all have things that make us happy. Ability to understand each other likes and dislikes is one of the parts of developing a relationship. Hope your having a great day talk to you soon.

Date a soulmate from United States. know let's be honest here, if you don't like the way I look in my photos you probably won't even read this, LOL!, so if you like singing in the car, taking drives to nowhere in particular, being lazy on a Sunday afternoon, laughing at the ridiculous, or lying on the couch with your favorite dog drop me a line.
And now the obligatory sales pitch...
I have a quirky sense of humor; a blend of Family Guy, The Marx Brothers, Bill Cosby and George Carlin.
I love to travel; I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to all 50 states, now I'm branching out to Europe. Have been to Ireland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Sweden. And coming soon - Isle of Man and Scotland!
I like to fish, though am not obsessed about it, usually wait until the silvers are running, hike, camp, ride my bike. Especially like takng my camera and exploring, finding the right shot and seeing if I can capture what my mind's eye sees.
I am looking for a woman who has a sense of humor, loves to travel, has an adventurous spirit. Not afraid to get dirty; loves the outdoors as well...

Meet people from United States. I'm kind and generous, I love children and I enjoyed being married for 25 years. I like smart, educated, and adventurous lady's. My social life is a movie, dinner out with friends, concerts, the bike trails,and long drives. Passionate about mountains, birds, and some travel. A nice date is a walk around Westchester Lagoon or the Seward beach, and a good visit while eating dinner with soft music in the background. I am very positive and I have a couple dumb jokes I like to tell. History is interesting to me, so is Sci-Fi.

Date a man from United States. Am a outgoing person and care about family and friends. Am a honest and friendly person. Love to go in the country and hunt and fish and enjoy the scenery. Like to take friends to our traditional gathering place of or culture. Am looking for a person that shares a common interest.

Meet single man from United States. Caring to a fault. Intelligent yet at times can act stupid. I am me, like no other. I laugh at myself and love the world. Two hundred characters is a bit to much. I don't talk about myself or who I am for I believe its better to show. Actions speak words anyone can say.Can reach me brewsterunderscoretoddathotoryadotcom. Hope to hear from you and be safe on your path through life. May it be well lit and filled with wonderment.

Date someone special from United States. Well, I hope that we have excellent compatability and that our love for each other is evident to all who see us. I am very attentive, affectionate , loving, loyal, faithful companion who likes to give and receive. I hope that my companion is the same.

Meet men and women from United States. I'm a happy guy who looks at life with a positive spin. I do my best to see what's best in everyone, and have learned that everyone has their story. I've also learned Victor Leslie had it right when he proclaimed that "the great tragedy in acquiring wisdom is the final realization that you didn't have to learn everything the hard way"! Looking for an open-minded partner that see's life in a similar light, that realizes that they aren't perfect, and is capable of self-deprication, but not self-hate!