Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 66 year old

Date a man from Alaska, United States. I'm an easy going reserved guy that enjoys the small things in life, music and old movies live theater and plays. I have lived in Alaska for many years even before it was a state! I like exploring the small towns and villages of our great nation whether they are in Alaska or some other state. I would like to find my best friend to experience what the world has to offer with. I am goin to retire in the next year and am thinking about becoming a snowbird by spending the summers in Alaska and the winters somewhere south where it is warm. Maybe just be a nomad in an RV and explore the lower 48 in the winter. I'm turned off by smokers and wish them success in quitting as I know it is hard to do.

Meet people from Alaska, United States. I am a recently retired academic professional. My wife and I had a wonderful marriage for 44 years, full of love and fun, until cancer took her away. I have 2 grown children with professional careers, no grandkids yet.
I have always enjoyed outdoor recreation, like back-country skiing, ocean kayaking, hiking and mountain biking. I prefer living in pristine environments, but with college town stimulation, such as lectures, reading and classical music. Therefore we maintained moderate to elegant homes in small-town coastal Alaska as well as in a major college town in Western Oregon. For now, I am still holding on to these places, though it is becoming a real challenge.
I am a non-religious, liberal freethinker, politically progressive and a world-traveler with an educational background in Europe. I have family and friendship ties to Germany and Austria.
I am financially secure, but prefer to adhere to a fairly simple life style without being stingy. I shun profligacy and try to adhere to high environmental and ecological standards. I am healthy and have maintained the same weight since age 17 due to a sensible diet and regular exercise without being rigid about it - I do it just for the enjoyment a healthy body provides.
I would like to make the acquaintance of a high-spirited, statuesque and athletic woman in the mature age range who has a comparable emotional as well as educational and cultural background.
After years of hard work and the care for a slowly dying loved one I am now getting ready to hopefully enjoy many more years of a healthy retirement at home and while traveling to selected areas of the world.
Will you be my companion? A woman who is compassionate and sensual as well as intellectually stimulating?
My hope is to find in you a soulmate for a permanent and loving relationship.

Date a soulmate from Alaska, United States. My music and those that I have performed at and with. Also bein a Clon (Weeble the Clown) I have enjoyed performing as a Clown. What I have done at work has helped. I am looking for some one that does work hard or has, and does cook. I try to cook as well.

Meet single man from Alaska, United States. Think Santa. Full beard. Still get around well but getting older is not for wimps. I want to keep things light, uncomplicated and discrete. As someone once said "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was."

Date someone special from Alaska, United States. Happy on my own but believe life becomes first complete in a relationship.
I am looking for someone who is interested in outdoor adventures, likes traveling and visiting entertainments of all kind. Someone who likes to bicycle and hike with me and is not afraid flying to interesting places around the world.
My match should be independent and be able to manage her own financial matters. Friends and outdoor/ travel partner first, romance, moving together not excluded.

Meet men and women from Alaska, United States. I'm just a regular 65 year old guy that has been stepped on enough to know I would rather not experience those slices accross my heart any more. Ive been told I'm a good looking man. I think that facial looks are not near as important as what's inside. I am cheerful and a rather upbeat sort of person. I know that someone that can't laugh at themselver, or at least enjoy something funny is not going to get along with me very well. I can be very serious, but I would rather just deal with life as it comes my way. Meaning I don't take myself too seriously nor do I take people that think they are just better than everyone else seriously at all. We are who we are. However I firmly believe we ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN ACTIONS. If I act like a butt head today I don't blame my parents or any school.
So if you cannot apologize for your mistakes, then you should keep walking through the list. You are not mature enough to own your own mistakes. Important for a real relationship.
My boys and their families are very important to me. I don't metal in their decisions but I do revel in their successes. I am proud of them both and the grandkids, well needless to say. We do spend a lot of time hunting when we get together. So the outdoors plays a large part in our family background. Yes I fish. Everyone fishes, I just fish for fish. Get it or not humor. Why try to put it all on this page. What would be left to discuss and dig through. mmm?
I should say up front that I am a christian man. It has come to my attention that I need to say that up front. Apparently the fact I am a christian man is in a liberal mind something they just don't get, and run from when you acknowledge God as the creator of everything, seen and unseen. My heart goes out to those unbelievers. They don't understand my faith, but I understand their lack of it.
I need to find a woman that understands life is ment to be shared with someone special to make those moments of discovery something of lasting memories. I want to have a partner in my life to plan trips and new experiences with. Someone to build a life of loving memories with. At home or somewhere new, a woman that understands the memories we leave with our families when we are gone is all we have to leave. So make good and loving memories while we have time to do so.

Date a man from United States. I would enjoy meeting someone who is spontaneous with a sense of adventure and enjoys good food and wine, conversation, travel, movies and enjoys the benefits of a partner who values his partners needs more than his own. I am open to just making new friends or developing a relationship where there is chemistry that could lead to more. I enjoy many types of music but especially classic rock, R&B and soul. Dancing is great fun with someone who has energy and a sense of rhythm and moves well with you-slow or fast. I have traveled a bit-Europe, Caribbean, USA, Cuba, Mexico-and want to see more of the world including Australia and the South Pacific. My two sons are my best friends and I do not want more of my own children but OK with my partner having kids at home or not. I moved to AK from Vancouver, WA after traveling here every 2 weeks on business for 6 years and love this state!. I bought a condo last year near hiking/biking/XC trails and have enjoyed all. I am learning how to fish (caught 25 Reds on the Kenai this summer- cleaned, filleted, and smoked them too!) I am looking forward to doing more hiking and camping, and learning how to snowboard. I have snow skied and am an avid water skier so hoping the transition will be painless-LOL. I just got back from a vacation in Kauai where I enjoyed snorkeling, a catamaran cruise, sightseeing, hiking and just hanging out by the ocean. Photography has been a favorite hobby and I just upgraded my camera to capture all AK has to offer. There is so much to see and enjoy here and many locations "outside", as they say here, to see too. it would be great to find a "partner in crime" with whom I can share these experiences. I enjoy cooking and have been a Pescatarian-only eating vegetables and seafood-since '82. Needles to say, I don't do "hunting" but do enjoy fishing. I stay fit with biking/hiking but also do Zumba 3 or 4 times a week-great fun-and start Yoga in January. I am told I look and act 10-15 years younger than I am. I think eating well and taking care of yourself is important. I am at that point in my life where if it isn't fun, why do it? This includes work and play. I believe in continuing education and am always open to learning about new ideas, "how to's" and exploring the unknown. If you would enjoy lively conversation, spending quiet moments by my fireplace with a glass of wine or seeking a new adventure-at home or abroad-I would enjoy hearing from you.

Meet people from United States. I am honest, straightforward, energetic and outgoing. I achieve through positive thoughts. I am an adventurer, one who loves to take risks, to discover and explore new worlds, and to take the untried path rather than the safe, reliable one. To me, life is a journey, an adventure, endlessly interesting and rich with possibilities.
I have traveled to and seen many different places in the world and have experimented with many different paths. My life is filled with the wonders I have seen and done and still doing.
I have a sporting, playful attitude toward life. I am a romantic, in love with love. I accept love as one of life's truest pleasures. I am a free spirit, looking for a lover, not for a security blanket. I am an idealist. I go after what I want, and I won't take no for an answer.
The earth is my mother, and I believe in preserving her and her inhabitants. Her animals are my closest friends.
I am looking for someone who I can share my life with, has a sense for fun, and a zest for life. A woman who is comfortable with herself and her body, confident, kind, sensitive, affectionate, sexy and sometimes wild, loves to be outdoors all times of the year, athletic, and loves all animals (this is a must), positive about life, loves an adventure and not afraid to take risks, or to be pushed to her limits to enjoy life.

Date a soulmate from United States. I am an active outdoors person who fishes, hunts, hikes, and practices archery. I fish and hunt because I prefer the wild meat to processed meat that has chemicals in it. I love the sport of archery, as I teach it in the local archery club and I teach Bow Hunter Education for the State of Alaska. I especially enjoy teaching young kids, women, and families about archery. I like to travel outside of Alaska for short periods of time, as I do not enjoy the rude people and excess traffic. When I travel, I tend to be spontaneous, stopping whenever I see something of interest such as a museum or antique shop. I like Las Vegas, Orlando, and San Antonio as places to go. I like most types of music, except Rap, but tend to gravitate toward old rock and roll or country. I am a fairly good photographer and cook, which comes in handy since I have to eat. I have a woodshop and do woodworking projects when I have the time. I am retired now from a local government administrative position, so I volunteer in the community to give back something. I serve on the local fire board, help out with MDA, and I have been a Red Cross disaster responder.
My ideal match would be a woman who shares some of the interests that I have. Hopefully, she would be willing to learn the sport of archery as I spend a lot of time with this sport. She would be intellegent, witty, humorous, and affectionate. She should like to keep up on current events locally and world wide. I would hope that travel a few times a year would not be out of the question. My ideal match would not be a party animal, as this is an activity that I do not partake in. I do go to events such as concerts and functions, but do not spend time in bars for the fun of it.
Right now I am looking for companionship and a travel partner. If things go well, things might progress from there Thanks for looking at my profile. Remember we are only as old as we act.

Meet single man from United States. As I grow older I realize it would be nice to have someone to share my life with. Looking for a woman who shares some of my interests but also has her own. The woman I am looking for must like to laugh,, be easy going, intelligent , and honest. Way too old to want to play games.
I enjoy going out to dinner, movies,and vacatiioning in Hawaii. But most of all I enjoy spending time at home reading, watching moveis. listening to music , and just having fun with the person I love.

Date someone special from United States. Im a very good person, love life and honest. I ride snowmachines, 4-wheelers and have a Harley.
I'm looking for someone whom likes to do these kind of fun things. Have motorhome to travel the lower 48, been to Florida last month. Love visits to the cabin.

Meet men and women from United States. i am a very quiet add reserved person who is mostly a wallflower, a christian who tries to lead a good but honest life.what i am most proud and greatfull for are my children and grandchildren.hopefully i can find a kind,loving,gentle home loving woman to grow spend the rest of my life with.