Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 54 year old

Date someone special from Alaska, United States. Anyway, let me tell you about myself. I like to think of my self as a great guy that you can take home to your parents. I am self reliant, supportive, faithful,and a good listener. Great at solving problems and with advise. Love, romance, mountain views, beach walks, sunsets, and life in general. I have a stable career that is rewarding and I love it. I'm looking to find a partner to enjoy and grow old with. Someone to share my passion and creativity with. Looking for someone ready for a journey. I enjoy meeting all kinds of people and learning the different things about different people in different situations. I don't want to tell you how wonderful I am, that, I want you to find out for yourself. I would like to learn more about you and how wonderful you are. I have no problem with the distance since my job takes me everywhere, moreover, I am willing to relocate for the right person.

Meet single man from Alaska, United States. wow i just spent 20 minutes typing and hit the wrong button and erased everything oops. so here i go again im 54 yrs old divorcing pretty much starting over i have a great job and just want to move on with my life ive been told im a nice looking man and all my friends would say im a nice guy ive worked hard all my life and i think thINK THAT IS WHAQT HAS MADE MEE WHAT I AM see what i meen about my typing lol . bottom line im a gentlmen who takes care of my own and is still looking for the right somone , contactt me also im not very good with this computer im just learning and i dont know how to put a picture on it

Date men and women from Alaska, United States. I acknowledge the heart as the most powerful of my assets for it is the heart that inherently contains always allows me to say, do and act in the most loving, kind way possible in any given set of circumstances. My age is a great advantage because it has given me the advantage of wisdom and the ability to laugh at life and to enjoy it to the full. I believe fervently in the Law of Attraction and Influence and that the right people will be attracted to me without any further effort on my part...the rest is up to you...Blessings from my heart to yours.I'm searching for my life time partner ("great love")! We’ll enjoy a connection created by healthy communication and compromise. Personal growth would be the core of our relationship. We would know this is the most important key to a healthy, respectful, and lasting love (both for us and others). Holding hands, long sloooow kisses, spooning, slow dancing, and lastly, sharing a desire for passionate intimacy would be a part of our lifestyle.I see us sharing a love and appreciation for nature: walking, hiking, biking, and kayaking. We will know that these simple pleasures enrich our lives and our relationship. I also see us having an enthusiasm for dance, like Dancing with the Stars! Volunteering.I believe we will want to give back to the world by helping the less fortunate and reaching out to people in need! So, do you have a similar belief or dream? Let's make our dream a reality!Best wishes, and thanks for viewing my profile.Create yourself a beautiful life!

Meet a man from Alaska, United States. I am pretty much laid back, easy going , but far from lazy.
If i start a project i stick with it till the end.I have had the same job for 11 years.
I am looking for someone with old fashion value's and is truly looking for a partner,and is willing to take the time to explore the possibility's
I am looking for new ideas,and things to try...
and hopefully they will too.

Date a soulmate from Alaska, United States. Long ago and far away, I enjoyed a career in journalism that I left behind to experience Alaska and to pursue a love for music. I now own a music teaching studio, and I still get outside whenever I can to take in this scenery I never tire of.
I enjoy a lot of recreational activities, but I'm not a fan of television or spectator sports. I much prefer doing to watching, though I do like going to the Bear Tooth for a good movie or out wherever there's a good band playing. At home, I've usually got my nose in a book or my chin on a fiddle.
I can be introspective, but I'm not the silent type at all. I love to talk, and I don't shy away from the things worth talking about.
I have a delightful 10-year-old daughter and would welcome someone who also enjoys children. I'd value someone who's developed a strong sense of self, who's achieved some success as she's defined it and who's reconciled with the inevitable disappointments. Someone who's now confident of her ability to build a relationship that not merely endures, but grows.

Meet people from Alaska, United States. Proud father of four exceptional children... one in grad school, two at UAA and one still at Dimond. I am passionate about my children, and I’m teaching them as they grow up to become responsible, caring and productive members of society. Three more years and the last one will be out of high school.
I love my kids, of course, and the dogs, and I have a few casual friends, but I really miss having true, female-type, adult companionship. Sure, I can come home after work and talk to the dogs and tell them about the day’s accomplishments and challenges. And I try to explain to them how politicians are systematically spending our country into oblivion and destroying the freedoms that my generation has enjoyed. Like they care. Never thought I would be single and looking at this point, but well, life happens. Since I don’t normally hang out at either bars or churches, I’m not sure where else to go to pick up chicks… so here I am. I have to believe there is someone out there with similar values and ideals –someone who is rid of divorce baggage and ready to enjoy life and a new friendship.
As for me, I’m pretty low-maintenance; definitely a type “B” personality. According to the Jung Typology Test, I am ISTP. (FYI, other ISTPs include Zachary Taylor, Sir Edmund Hillary, Charles Bronson, Tom Cruise, James Dean, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Keith Richards, Chuck Yeager and Frank Zappa. Perhaps that explains why I’ve always enjoyed Zappa’s musical prowess). I’m politically conservative, with libertarian leanings. I'm 5'8"/240, working on goal to drop 20 by year end. I enjoy hiking the Anchorage foothills and Kenai Peninsula trails, fishing, downhill skiing, camping and warm-water scuba diving. I recently quit bagpiping after several years with a local pipe band. Photography is my current creative outlet. I've traveled throughout most of the western hemisphere, and have lived in Utah, Maryland, Hawaii, in Latin America and in Alaska. I prefer Alaska.
What about you....? If you were a boy scout, you would be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. You're not a boy scout, of course, but those are personality characteristics that I would like to see in a partner. A healthy sense of humor would be good too. I’m hoping to find a friend –someone with whom I can hang out, see movies, go hiking, dining, traveling… or whatever. It’s hard to get to know someone from an online profile, but if any of this resonates with you, hit me up for a chat!

Date someone special from United States. Eazy gooding. A good looking woman. Makeing my way back too Alaska. Having God in my life. Someone with good HEART. GOOD. aGOOD JOKE!! I"m looking for a longtrem relationship and someone who be there when i need them.

Meet single man from United States. Very opened after I get to know you a bit. Like having fun while taking care of everyday life events. Looking for a 50-50 relationship that has a lot of give and take but comes out end the wash. I guess I have strong morals but theres give and take to a degree. (I hope that sounds the way I ment it)

Date men and women from United States. So me...nice smile, physically fit, sincere, affectionate, hopeless romantic, spontaneous, down to earthgood values. Midwest roots with an east coast mindset. I'm told that I look and act much younger than my age. My friends (who I pay) would say that I am thoughtful and outgoing, a gentleman, a devoted and proud father of one son s, I can make you laugh!
I feel most relaxed when at the beach, on a lake or the occasional escape to the mtns. I find it exhilarating to be driving along the coast with your top down (just seeing if you are paying I enjoy barbequeing and tailgating w friends, wine tasting , I enjoy shooting an occasional game of pool in a good dive bar, losing at the track or even bowling ridiculously once and a while is fun. I'm always up for attending local sporting events..I am happiest when in a healthy, committed relationship. I believe I have good genes, I love to travel!!..I've climbed the Great Wall, hiked the Canadian Rockies , skiied throughout UT and CO, sailed the Chesapeake Bay, Caribbean Islands and the Mediterranean Sea, have white water rafted some of the most exciting rivers in N. America and even caddied on the PGA Tour!...I've experienced much of Europe and Asia...but there is still so much more to see. Destinations next on my list are to see more of Italy!! - Florence, Lake Como and Capri; New ZealandAustralia, Vancouver, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland and S. Africa. All that is missing is the right travel companion. honesty a must! Smiling and laughter should come naturally to you. Exercisingstaying in shape should be important. Having a sweet tooth is a plus. Enjoy being pampered- especially getting flowers and cards..for no reason at all. Be flexible and spontaneous . I am conservative in political beliefs. I tend to get a long with a women who also has good conservative beliefs. However, I do like varying points of view. I'm a competitive skier and like summer outdoor activities(concerts, biking and so a couch potato would probably not be my style. But most importantly is a good heart. Nothing makes up for that. I would hope that we'd have lots in common, and also that each of us would bring new ideas, perspectives and interests to the relationship. It is impossible to convey everything about who I am and what I'm looking for here. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I hope what I have written has stirred your interest, and I would love to hear from you if you would like to get to know me better.

Meet a man from United States. I am a mellow, easy going guy who loves the mountains, ocean and wild beaches. I find my spiritual connection in nature and always amazed how a walk in the woods can put perspective on the problems of the day. I cherish my friends and hold them close. My two teenage children (boy and girl) are my pride and joy and are a big part of my life (logistically every other week)...they are truly amazing people. I am honest, loyal, affectionate, funny, independent, supportive, and try to enjoy every day.
I enjoy traveling anywhere...especially to new places, meeting people...being open to what comes. I enjoy learning new things and also sharing what I know with others. I like walks on empty beaches, hikes in the mountains after a summer rain, conversation with a good friend, good coffee, micro-brews boats. I also like snuggling up to warm fires, watching movies, sunsets and sunrises, holding hands...hugs and kisses are good too.
It is difficult to describe in a profile the type of person I am looking for in a partner, but I am sure I will know it when she comes along. But first I am looking for friendship. If there is chemistry...great, if not, that's OK too. I guess I am an old fashioned romantic and believe in that nervous energy you feel in your heart when you meet that special someone.

Date a soulmate from United States. I love to travel. I go to sporting events, baseball, football, nascar, airshows and air races. I play golf and would like to meet some one who enjoys golf. I like to scuba dive and hope to meet somebody that enjoys scuba. I don't like going to clubs or bars often but do enjoy going out for a nice dinner and/ or movie. I'm comfortable alone but would like to have some one to share time with. I'm very loyal and can be adventurous. I like to read. I love my job andI work 4 tens each week so I can travel on my weekends. Biking and hiking in summer along with grilling on the BBQ are some of the things I really enjoy. All my kids are in the lower 48 so I try go to see them as much as I can.

Meet people from United States. I am looking for a good woman who enjoys my company as much as I enjoy hers. I am very laid back and friendly. I love to cook, watch television, go for a nice drive, fish, hunt, subsist, and be with the people I care about. I'd like to meet someone with similar characteristics who will enjoy the person that I am, because I enjoy everyone that I meet. I like to see the good in everyone. I am VERY honest and straight-forward, and I am lots of fun! I love to talk, laugh, and joke with my friends, but I also try to look at every situation logically, and know what I should take seriously.