Date men and women from United States / Alaska, 41 year old

Date single man from Alaska, United States. I am an Athabascan Alaskan Native from Tyonek Alaska. I currently reside in Wainwright, Alaska and am just looking for new adventures. I am 5ft8in. tall and weigh 220 lbs. I have multiple tatoos and am the guy that your parents said to stay away from.

Meet someone special from Alaska, United States. I can describe myself as confident under most situation and believes in honesty above all else. I'm looking for someone that is indepedant and likes to experience new things and also appreciates comfortable activities like watching movies on the couch or playing cribbage on the floor.

Date men and women from Alaska, United States. Me: I’m an active person who enjoys snowboarding, skiing, skate skiing, tennis, scuba diving, running, fishing, mountain biking, cooking, and travel, especially with that “special someone" as I am a romantice person who will give it all to a lady. I am open to a lot of things. The snowboarding and running are my focus though; I enjoy training and running in marathons.
I like to cook and like to experiment in the kitchen. I care about what I eat and I am somewhat of a wine enthusiast. I tend to be a passionate person in everything I do in career and personal life. I have a philosophy that it is not worth doing if you don't give it your all. I enjoy entertaining at home but admittedly don't do it much as I would like too. I enjoy traveling to new places and go beyond at least 3 times a year and during the dark season. I consider myself a dedicated father to my 10 year old daughter who always knows how to bring out the lighter side in me and she keeps me busy and I LOVE IT.
I am also a project manager who enjoys a very comfortable living while maintaining balance between my personal and professional life. I intend to travel abroad and work overseas some day but that is a ways out or unless life throws me a curve ball. On the weekends, I relax by working on the rock garden at home or on the firepit, my woodworking projects, home improvement, technical reading, hanging out with my daughter, and listening to music. I love music, mostly punk and grundge- as it is conducive to my persona.
Her: I hope to find someone with similar interests, but not a clone, and has a sense a humor and is willing to take on a little risk in the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment. I appreciate women who are independent but I am seeking balance with a real woman who desires companionship; that is why I am here. Any partner that would be involved with me, must be willing and want to be around kids and be good at it as I have 50% custody (there is no drama and it is awesome). Finally, someone who appreciates my strengths and support it, and yet understanding and patient enough to work through my shortcomings. which we all have them. Being a fun lady with profound femininity is a turn on for me.

Meet a man from Alaska, United States. Looking for someone nice to spend time and have fun with. I have been commited to one woman for 14 years, so looking for a faithful one man woman as well. Also looking for a woman who wants to settle in fairbanks and not dying to move to the lower 48. My job is in fairbanks and transfering somewhere else is not likely.
I enjoy traveling, dining out and also spending quiet time at home. I also enjoy swimming and working out at the alaska club gym as well.

Date people from Alaska, United States. Hi, I’m Todd, and I live in Palmer. I’m originally from the Midwest, but lived in several places before moving here three years ago. Alaska is amazing, I have a great life here and I would love to have someone to share it with. I think my friends would say that I’m kind, intelligent, funny (goofy), and outgoing, a good listener, and more of a fox than a hedgehog (my words, not theirs). I’m fortunate to have a terrific family, a good job that I enjoy, great friends, and opportunities to see the world.
I have lots of friends and a few close friends. I volunteer with a mountain biking and hiking group that builds and maintains trails, it’s been a great way to meet nice people and get out. And it’s a good kind of dirty. I’m really into hiking, mountain biking, Nordic skiing, and I’m learning to kayak (loving it!). I work with plants and I really enjoy working in gardens, but don’t have one at present. Animals are great; I have a “cat share” with my neighbor (he’s their cat but pretty much lives at my place :). I’m hoping to get a dog soon for a hiking and skiing buddy. I love kids, though I don’t have any of my own. I have two nieces and four nephews, they’re a ton of fun and I always look forward to spending time with them.
I’m looking for a kind, intelligent, funny, active person that likes to get outside and do fun activities. It doesn’t have to be anything major, a walk around the block and good conversation works (long hikes and bikes are great if you have the time). I'm easy going and willing to compromise. It's great if you have kids, I get along well with them because we're at the same mental level :). I can cook decently well and would really enjoy having someone to cook with. I’ve traveled a fair amount and would like to find someone that is at least curious about other places; I’d love to see more of Alaska and the world. More than anything I want a relationship based on mutual respect and kindness with someone that I find interesting and that feels the same about me. Thanks!

Meet a soulmate from Alaska, United States. raised in Texas by a lawman in a small town where we didn't even lock our doors. Raised my son by myself in same manner. In to typical "guy" stuff, cars, guns, karate, motorcycles, weight lifting, dogs but i also like bead & leather work.Traveling, the beach, growing flowers, movies, like slingblade, forrest gump, tombstone, o brother where art thou, and warhorse. music well i like listening to classic rock but like dancing to classic country. I am D&D free, have no mental, emotional or legal problems, expect the same. Try to eat right & take care of myself. Would much rather meet in person & have some coffee & conversation. Hopefully I wont have to bolt outta there & join the witness protection program. buahahaha.

Date single man from United States. Laid back, funny and respectful. Believe in communicating and spending time with my mate. Love going to dinner and movie and to travel and try new things. I go to church and play in the worship band.

Meet someone special from United States. How I would describe my self is dependable. You tell me to do something and you can consider it done. I am honest and most of all faithful. I am devoted to whom I am with and believe in compromise whole heartedly. I enjoy most of all being a FATHER to my 6 year old son. I enjoy helping him with his homework to having a SpongeBob film festival with popcorn and a ice cold coca~cola. I am an extremely hard worker and have a great job doing what I enjoy. I am very good with my hands from turning wooden bowls on a lathe to putting my sons 4-wheeler engine back together. I am a great cook from chinese food to mexican. However what I would have to say is the best is my B-B-Q. Anytime of the year, anytime of the day it does not matter, everything tastes better over a fire!! The cold left over steak/fajita from the fridge wrapped in a tortilla in the morning is the BEST!!! I am a good listener and enjoy a good conversation over a 2 shot vanilla latte. I am also real big into my family which mean everything to me. I also have many many friends which I go fishing, hunting,4-wheeling or just hang out with at the cabin. All and all I am a Carhartt having, blue jeans, flannelshirt and ball cap wearing, loves his son and fishing too type of man.

Date men and women from United States. dont know here to see and hope to meet new folks and get out to do something differant..the one i met will be out going , sexy ay least in spirt.and wanting the same ,can not be a nag,or overly opinated

Meet a man from United States. I'm originally from California and lived in Silicon Valley most of my life. I also lived in Manhattan for a few years and then moved to Alaska almost five years ago. I love the outdoors and all that Alaska is about.
I enjoy surrounding myself with people that have a great outlook on life and naturally look at the glass as half full vs half empty. I enjoy being around others that realize that life is short and it's up to you to make the most of every day.
I also think of myself as a fun, spontaneous and easy going person who loves to travel and create great memories with great friends as often as possible. I love boating, bicycling, hiking and motorcycling in the summer and snow biking, snow shoeing and snow skiing, in the winter. I've been to 27 countries around the world and have ridden my mountain bike from Los Angeles to Washington D.C.
About six months ago I decided to get involved with an MMA workout routine and I love the intensity of the training and now I'm starting to train for the New York City Marathon which I have run a few times in the past.
I'm a professional that gets up early every morning, five days a week and works hard but rarely feels like I'm working because I love what I do. I've learned to create a healthy balance between work and play.
I'm interested in meeting new people right now and just seeing where things go, coffee can be a good place to start.

Date people from United States. I am extremely dependable, loyal and work hard. I take care of people who take care of me.
I am pretty direct, but not overbearing. More of a know what I want and am clear about it. I am easy to get along with, but will admit, I am a take charge guy some of the time.
I like westerns, comedies, and really like 3-D movies.
I am a huge sports nut, and especially Nebraska Cornhusker football!!
I love to fly fish, but I don't eat fish much--I am a catch and release person.
I like to work out, and am going to do a mini-triathalon this summer, but I am not the type to be upset if I miss a workout or two!!
I would like someone who likes getting dressed up for a nice dinner/performance at the PAC, or just drinks, and can also put her hair in a ponytail and wear a ballcap to watch football. Someone who does not mind climbing on the back of my Harley and going for a ride--that bike is my great escape!!!

Meet a soulmate from United States. I am the man, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND the ONE who crowds flock to see. My aspirations are my motivations and nothin' stops me short of my dedication. I'm a believer who leaves all the naysayers in disbelief! Dreams are only dreams but I live in reality my dreams come true! It's when you don't, you won't, but I can and I will cause I'm for real. I'm forever changin', rearrangin', duplicatin' a potion that has the motion to bring me what I want and seek in this life. Open your eyes, read between the lines, this isn't no lie all you got to do is let go of the narrow mind. The world is endless, it's beauty is incomprehensible but it's yours, your life, your dream and I have just begun to live it!