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Date a woman from United States. I'm grateful for having a father who taught me to value you myself, work hard and follow my dreams. I know the person that I am looking for must be confident, strong and independent and can also be silly, funny & playful. Good Ole Girl from Texas! Moved to Birmingham 7 years ago. Have learned to love all that's available within proximity. I LOVE driving to the Florida beaches, Destin & Pensacola. I like to get in the car and drive!! I hike at Oak Mountain State Park, walk at Samford Trail and work out at the gym. (Cybex Arc Trainer is my fav!) I love the movies, local plays, going to listen to live music at Workplay and meeting up with friends for happy hour when I can get away from work! My favorite of all is spending quality time with my 2 beautiful children!!

Meet someone special from United States. Deciding to try this internet meet and greet takes a lot of courage I think. I've recently told several friends to so I decided I should give it a try myself hopefully for a positive testimony. I am one of those people who actually love to work. My job is amazing and I have worked very deligenty on my career. I am now at a place where i want to find someone to share time with. My daughter is a little older and I know it is time.
I recently took a trip to Europe. It was amazing but I promised myself when I went back I would be with someone I really loved. And I will.
One great thing about going to a job interview when you have a wonderful job is that there is no fear _ you are already in a good place. That is how I feel about dating now. We are moving to the water next month. I have my girl, my dogs, my jeep, kayak and bikes so life is good. - just may be a little better with someone to drink coffee with In the mornings and snuggle up with at night:)
I enjoy running and swimming and anything to do with the ocean. Things that are very important to me in a man are integrity, health conscious, environmentally aware, and caring towards others. I am big sports fan so that's pretty important too. I also enjoy people who have opinions about politics and religion but also keep an open mind and embrace the philosophy of always growing and learning. I love to travel so it's Important that he does too. I have zero interest in someone who pouts about their past and totally is a pessimist about the future....that's kinda my pet peeve. I like adventure- and probably always will so they should be a bit of a risk taker!
I have a wonderful family and an awesome group of friends. My philosophy of life can pretty much be summed up in Rudyard Kipling's poem "if".
Age, race, salaries etc are not as important to me as someone who makes me happy and makes me want to be a better person.

Date a soulmate from United States. I am loyal, dedicated, drama free, hard working individual looking for someone who has a great personality and an awesome sense of humor. If you ask me what would I like to do or would do on a date that question could be answered a million ways. I like to cook, go to the movies, take walks
and just talk, go on boat rides. I would love to learn how to play golf and start back playing tennis. I use to go dirt bike riding with my dad and would love to start that again. I am not a klingy person. I enjoy time with my friends or possibly just having time to myself and would encourage you to do the same. I do have kids and I respect the fact that children need to have one on one time with their parents. I have endured a lot in the past couple of years and by no means am I asking for a pity party for I greatly believe it has made me a stronger person.

Meet a woman from Birmingham, United States. “I think that when we look for love courageously, it reveals itself, and we wind up attracting even more love. If one person really wants us, everyone does. But if we're alone, we become even more alone. Life is strange.” - Paulo Coelho -
Looks get more "psychos" than the beauty of the Soul, so I was quite reluctant to post any photographs. However, I decided ONE will do. I am "serious," but not "desperate." A man does not need to be in my life to "complete me." My friends describe me as having a strong personality. I am bold and direct, open and honest with people and independent. I tend to be a leader and a motivator. However, I am also witty, intelligent, insightful; but insanely funny and playful and free-spirited. Sexy, sensual, romantic at heart... I'm comfortable in evening gowns or jeans, 4" heels, combat / biker boots or barefoot. I am an atypical female, definitely not average. In summary, DRAMA and I do not work well together... I have zero tolerance for it. Honestly, I haven't had many honest and truthful connections with this site, so I am reluctantly here again due to a busy schedule. I am a research freak (meaning, if you are on other "questionable" sites, I WILL know you are there... I do check "those" sites. It is sufficient to say, I had a nasty experience and learned a valuable lesson). I am not looking to be an occasional commitment or a weekend thing. Life is too short to play games and if you want to play, go elsewhere. Seeking someone with above average intelligence, STABLE (financially and emotionally), sound of mind and body, IN SHAPE and FIT, kind, caring, romantic, reliable, respectful with excellent "character" and with an energetic and magnetic personality. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Otherwise, reality is pretty straightforward.
I am not your "typical Southern Woman." I hate country music, NASCAR, do not care for hunting or camping. I am not a "serial dater..." In fact, I rarely "date," so I suppose you could use the following as my "guidelines:"
1. Be a man of character and integrity, morals and sincerity. Shallowness is unacceptable as is racism.
2. Be upfront and honest the FIRST time if you contact me and please "fit the profile" I have taken the time to complete, I do have standards and expectations, as do you. Be physically fit, attractive and share some of my interests (but be your own person).
3. I do NOT smoke and will not consider being with someone who does.
4. I do not ride "motorcycles" and seriously doubt that will change in the future (in other words, I won't ride your "Harley" with you). However, if "riding" is your hobby, I will respect that.
5. If children are not part of your ideal equation, I'm the wrong woman for you. I have three children ages 14, 10 and 8. Raising them in a loving, nurturing environment is FIRST priority. Gentlemen with children understand this aspect (or should) and know the constraints in the dating arena. Their father is involved in parenting, we are civil and do things together for our children.
It is worth noting that one should not determine what they think they see on the basis of my photograph. Never judge a book by it's cover. I understand we all have pasts... However, if you still carry that "baggage," and cannot move forward in your life because of it, please look elsewhere (been there, done that, will not do it again).
I have decided not to be a member, but I am not hard to locate if you look to typical social pages.

Date someone special from Birmingham, United States. I'm a fun loving kind of gal. I love to be the center of attention but also love giving attention to that special someone. Sometimes I'm too giving which often gets me burned but I can't stop being myself...I just need to find people who will not use me. I know that makes me sound like a fool, but not really , just soft hearted . I remain a mystery to most men , and at the same time I am very much a open book . I am always looking to make plans , last min or long term , I want to be having fun 24/7 . I'm always there for my friends and family for all special occations and events which keeps me pretty busy. I really enjoy networking thru my business.
I'm looking for someone who will treat me like the lady that I am. That special guy for me needs to be social and willing to be involved in my world and allow the same. I'm looking for someone to share my everything with. You will need to be somewhat outdoorsy and carefree. Other than that...we'll see.

Meet a soulmate from Birmingham, United States. My name is Christy, I am 42 , have been divorced for 2 years, , I am VERY down to earth, love to laugh and be silly. I have 3 dogs who are my kids. I do not need a man to complete me or pay my bills and I do NOT do drama. If you are into playing games with women or dishonesty, please keep movin. My favorite things are animals, especially panthers, meerkats, polar bears, tigers. I love the ocean and the mountains of East Tennessee. I am easily entertained and do not do the bar scene. I like to grill out, camp, hike, ride my mountain bike. I like to cook for others and love really funny movies. I have an awesome family, I do not have any children, I volunteer with The Humane Society and work with animals. I love music of all kinds, everything from Johnny Cash to Boston. I take care of myself, do not smoke and drink socially. My friends say I am a REAL friend and love everyone and I am very open and I speak my mind. I am a staunch Republican. My favorite channels on TV are Animal Planet, Discovery, History, and AE. I have little use for the media...they annoy me. I I believe you should always give more than you take, you should never take things for granted, never pass up a chance to tell your family you love them, practice a random act of kindness every day, I would like to meet a good hearted man to share the rest of my journey with. I do not care about money, it is simply a means to an end. I am a very giving, totally honest, easy to please cool chic.

Date a woman from Alabama, United States. My friends would describe me as sweet and a good friend:) God Creation makes me smile:) I am grateful for my life and my job. God has been good. I am hoping to attract someone who is spiritual and someone who likes to workout.

Meet someone special from Alabama, United States. A soul mate is a goal mate -- two people who ultimately share the same understanding of life's purpose and therefore share the same priorities, values and goals.
Don't you hate it when you lose a junior mint in your bed! Oh well, it'll turn up. Or else my hamster, Ezmeralda will find it. She's a sucker for chocolate! My power just got cut off, not because I'm poor but because I'm so unorganized! I can't do a thing with my hair, and my weakness is guns. Yes, I am a pistol! The last guy I dated is a player. That's new?! But oh well, I can get on this thing at any time and find another one! That's what it's for, right? Drop me a line. We'll go out! I will impress you. We'll have drinks...not necessarily in that order. ;)
If you got this far and have a sense of humor, then you know I was being funny, or attempting to be. Below is what I had as my bio, but I think it's boring and was trying to spice things up a bit as I'm sort of stale with "on-line-looking"... I can't call it "on-line dating" because I really haven't done much of that. That would be my fault as well. I tend to be a bit too selective.
I appreciate honesty and in depth conversations. My personality has been described as contagious or magnetic.
I get responses and winks with no photos. Really? I won't acknowledge those, just saying. I mean, they acknowledged me based on my photo, so wouldn't the reverse be true? C'mon! Please post or at least attach some recent photos! And the ones where you are waaaay off in the background or you're wearing sunglasses and a hat - negative.
I love to cook, and I enjoy trying new dishes, eclectic taste in music, especially from different cultures, poetry, dancing...I'm very clean and fit conscious. I am big on environmental friendliness, clean air, recycling, and trying to steer clear of toxins. I educate myself on these as well as other facets of green living. Also, I volunteer at the Animal Shelter and try my best to do what I can to help the four-legged.
My friends would probably describe me as having a big heart, independent, honest, energetic, funny, maybe just a nut at times - love to laugh and share intelligent conversation. I'm very independent, but I would love to spend time with someone who is charming, honest, interesting and attractive. I am attracted to someone who is assertive, who knows what he wants, means what he says and says what he means. Putting God first is a priority.
My values are solid, and I'm a great listener. I am very particular about who I date, and it is hard to describe "my type" because I don't really have a "type." It's about the person and the total package for me. One thing I do admire though is a great sense of humor! Laughter is the best medicine!
I don't like sugar-coating to spare my feelings. Truth is good and it always shines forth at some point anyway. Life is short. Let's do this right! Please have recent photos.
And p.s. guys, sorry, but when you are speaking about a "woman" in your profile, it is spelled W-O-M-A-N, not W-O-M-E-N! For example, "I am interested in a women who keeps herself in shape..." "Women" is plural, meaning more than one. I had to put this in my profile so that if by chance you read mine thus far, maybe you will re-check yours. I have seen only one profile where it was spelled correctly which is why I bring up the matter. No offense, but it might matter to some "women." Also in some instances it may appear as though you are looking for a "group thing" versus a conventional relationship. ;)
The grass is greener where you water it.

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. I am a sweet southernbelle who seeks a wonderful man to share my life with. My friends say life with me is like life with lucy. I am not looking to marry tomorrow. Desperate is not my middle name. On the other hand I do not want a man who is afraid of commitment. I am searching, just like everyone else. I just want to feel loved, appreciated, and be with someone who likesloves me for me. I do not like fake people. I am real and down to earth.

. I am out going person, watching comedian on television, I am proud of both of my kids they both graduate from high school and have jobs, each on like to go to church, my son has a boy and my girl has a daughter that makes me a grandmother, so i am grateful to have them in my life. I looking for someone who will love me and my kids and like to have fun, smile, and cuddle up sometimes. I looking for a friend right now and get to know them a little better as they get to know me and we know each other background. Someone who knows that a healthy lifestyle is to get out and explore the world and like to travel around it.
Which one of you could it be?

. simply put, i prefer to be with people who are empowering, have a good heart, care about others, are thoughtful of their friends and family, and politically and socially try to make this crazy world a better place. i most enjoy the company of people who laugh often and don't take themselves nor this short ride too seriously. i always see and believe in the best in everyone, i guess it is my own personal, spiritual Golden Rule.
i believe that pretty much by the time you hit 40, if not sooner, everyone has been injured, everyone has scars; sometimes reflection, meditation, writing, talking, and prayer are necessary and healing in the journey that is living and loving; sometimes you just have to light a match, walk the other way, and say F it!
suffice it to say i actually love to laugh and do so quite frequently. i think laughter is pretty much right next to love in the realm of human nourishment. i frequently share a good laugh with my boys. and i don't know of anything more healthy and positive for the heart and soul.
well, one way or another, i think we will all find what we are looking for whether here online in the cyber world or running to The Pig for a gallon of organic, skim milk.
like The Beatles said on the album Abbey Road,
"and in the end..
the love you take..
is equal to..
the love..
you make."

. I am a confident, strong and independent woman who is also very honest, caring and compassionate. I am at a point in my life that I have a career that I love. I am very loyal to my family and friends and I love to get away for the weekend or longer when possible. I volunteer for non-profits when time allows. During the day I am all corporate in my business suit, but after hours I am in a t-shirt and blue jeans taking care of my son and having fun. I love just snuggling on the couch with that special someone and talking for hours after cooking a great meal together
I am looking for someone that will accept and appreciate me for who I am. I am willing to embrace someone else's passion as I feel it is extremely important to support each other in a relationship. I need a partner that is not afraid to express his feelings and that is very confident and secure and can treat me like a lady. I firmly believe that a relationship is built on friendship first. I also believe that you must invest the the time and effort to have a happy, healthy, lasting relationship.
I would love to just get together for lunch or drinks to meet new people and see if there is a connection. Send me an email.

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