Date women from United States / Alabama / Birmingham, 64 year old

Date someone special from Birmingham, United States. Intelligent conversation sparks my interest.
I am an athletic and creative woman. I enjoy great conversations,.meeting new people and learning about them...spontaneous...while independent I still want a loving relationship.
I like spending time in the outdoors hiking or walking. I've backpacked in the Eastern Sierras; run in some fantastic places over the years and dived in some of the warmest waters on the planet. Open to new experiences and like spontaneous trips.
Looking to meet a LOCAL guy who is athletic and even better if he were more NPR than Fox News --we would mesh well....alternative interests and politics are fine...tolerance is the key to share life without changing another's views. I would welcome a long term relationship should that develop but having a good friendship and great communication is essential. Have three adult children all very creative and successful.
I'd like to fall in love again and am enjoying my life which I see as an unfolding adventure...can you tell that I have an upbeat view? I am a late blooming artist, finally enjoying my passion. I enjoy painting and that whole wonderful experience of creating. I also enjoy designing jewelry, spending time outdoors, entertaining, spontaneous road trips and working on home and love spending time painting with my grandsons. As an artist I have my own business which is incredibly satisfying. I eat healthy, work out to stay fit...hiking, swimming and walking. Former long distance runner....back to hitting the track for fitness but don't think I have any more marathons in did I ever complete that distance??? I enjoy dancing and music....but most of all any creative effort.
Have had the great opportunity to travel and live in many interesting places in Europe as a child and 8 years in the Marshall Islands (kwajalein) as an adult so I love the opportunity of travel.

Meet a woman from Birmingham, United States. After years as a national-magazine editor, writer, and entrepreneur, I finally finished my last year of college, graduating from UAB last December. I'm now at a crossroads but one thing I know: Although I've been single for a long time, I would like to share my life with someone intelligent, stimulating, and ready for a relationship.
Hmmm … what do I do for fun? I enjoy people and parties, good conversation, listening to NPR and music (especially blues and old-time rock 'n' roll), dancing (ballroom, boogie, Cajun and zydeco), anything nature- or garden-related, cooking, entertaining, doing crafts projects, hiking, and whitewater rafting. Also, concerts, theater, movies, museums, college football (Alabama) games, art shows, flea markets, and off-the-beaten-path places. Lowe’s and Home Depot are favorite haunts because I’m a hands-on remodeler. I can also browse in bookstores for hours.
Born and brought up in Alabama, I have also lived in Germany (2 yrs), Georgia (1 yr) and Iowa (12 yrs). I've traveled to numerous countries too. I enjoy hiking in the mountains and walking on the beach—both soothe my soul! My two grown daughters are married; I also have two precious grandsons who live in London, England.
I value integrity, kindness, and a positive outlook. One of my favorite quotes is from Woody Allen: “Ninety percent of life is just showing up.” I’m pretty sure he meant that if we make a sincere effort to show up, then life itself takes care of the rest. So I try to show up, giving my all to everything I do. I work very hard but I love to cut loose and laugh—and everything is more fun when there’s someone to share it. I have an empathetic and generous spirit (which may explain my liberal politics!) but a wicked sense of humor might pop up at any time. I'm a Southern girl, traditional when it comes to male/female roles and ladylike to all appearances. Still, you know how Steel Magnolias can be …we are just full of surprises!
About you: I hesitate to be too specific here because I like to leave room for happy accidents in love as well as in life, not letting overly strict criteria limit the possibilities. But if I were to write a description of my ideal match, it would be something like this: You have a style of your own, with ambition and a core belief in yourself and your abilities. You’re well-groomed, a gentleman with good manners, and I’m proud to be at your side. The traits that attract me are intelligence, gumption, and that amazing twinkle in your eyes. If you’re the man for me, you’ll know how to banter and play with words yet share deep conversations because you listen. You are strong enough to stay in touch with your emotions. You are passionate, you like to dance or are willing to learn, you enjoy shared activities—cooking together, for instance—and you participate in life rather than watch it go by. You’re probably a father. You have honesty, integrity, and innate kindness and consideration for others. You go the extra mile. You have a feisty spirit and a great sense of humor but a gentle soul. Whether or not you adhere to organized religion, you live consciously and are open to the idea of Divine guidance. When we meet each other, it won’t really be an accident. You’ll take good, health-conscious care of yourself so we’ll have more time together. A confident woman doesn’t frighten you because you can hold your own. We'll respect and nurture each other.
Does this description sound like you? Good! It may take a while for me to let my guard down, but if you win me over, you’ll find that I am with you all the way—totally loyal, your personal cheerleader, and the best friend/companion/lover you’ll ever have.
By the way, I donРІР‚в„ўt go out with married men or men who are only separated, and I don't respond to winks. I also don't see much point in corresponding if you live a long way away. I wish you well, but I'm probably not the one for you. Aside from these, please write to me and letРІР‚в„ўs see what we have in common.

Date a soulmate from Birmingham, United States. Happily retired after a successful career in nursing, worked enough, now ready to enjoy single life without work obligations. My 27 YO son is the light of my life for we have a great time together visiting anywhere we can find vintage items. I expect he will get into a serious relationship not allowing for as much time with his Mamma. He has told me what I know is true. "Mom, you need to get a life."
He is the accomplish I am most proud of.
My friends see me as a fun, witty, creative and easy to be around. I smile at babies, human and animal, especially puppies.
Mom is in a long term care facility here in
Birmingham. Since I am now an only child, Mom is my responsibility which I accept happily. On Sundays I lead the hymn singing at the nursing home. The residents love me and I love them.
I laugh out loud at a lot of things, especially corney jokes and myself. I sing out loud with the radio but not always the correct words, which my son finds especially funny.
My fellow high school alumni have stayed in touch all these years. We are a close group who "get together" frequently for entertainment and emotional support.
Soooo, why am I joining a dating service? I have few occasions to meet men who enjoy the same thing I do. Hopefully this will provide opportunities to find someone who is spontaneous, likes to travel, enjoys family, antiquing and walking in the mountains.
Actually, I cannot accurately describe myself or my desires for the remainder of my life. My suggestion is to meet me, see if I meet some of your expectations then maybe we can go from there.

Meet someone special from United States. Sincere, honest and thoughtful. Am told I am attractive and look much younger. Not posting picture because I am active in the community and have a high profile job. Just can't bring myself to post a picture. Never thought of myself as registering on an online dating site but have decided I will consider this an adventure and move on.. About the lack of will not be disappointed - really.
I am uncomplicated and financially secure. I have an MBA.
Like living in the city but have farm for fun and it also keeps me very active.

Date a woman from United States. I am happy and spontaneous. A true bibliophile- would love to meet someone who has a great sense of humor,loves music, movies and good food and wine. Tend to lean toward very intellectual men who enjoy conversation. I feel my mission in life is to make others smile and feel better whatever their circumstances. I'm the one friends turn to when there is an emotional or relationship crisis. I am looking for someone who wants to have fun.....who truly understands life is short and we need to make the most of the time we are given!

Meet a soulmate from United States. I like men. Wow. And I really like men who are self-confident, who act and dress with confidence even though it's their own unique style. I like men who are good listeners (can you imagine that? I like to talk.) I like to talk about important things,political, philosophical, psychological, religious, literary things. And I can take disagreement. Hey! I was one of eight siblings in a house not quite big enough for all of us. We disagreed often. But we still loved each other and it has continued that way up to today. Now my mother and father were AMAZING people. I've always known that, but I've realized it more fully since they passed away. Energy for one thing. WHERE DID THEY GET THE ENERGY to raise 8 and make each of us feel special. Now, once in a while, they MIGHT make us feel "special" in a negative way. (I said WAY too much about my parents here earlier...Crazy.)

I'm pretty self-confident--with my make-up on. ha. I'm pretty self-confident with it off too, but especially after I know people well. I can be tough and critical, but never more so than I am with myself. The two hardest thingsI do everyday is "going to bed, and getting out of bed." My sister's quote and my whole family could say the same; however, we get up anyway and do what needs to be done. We'd just like it to be in the afternoon instead of morning. So, now you know I'm somewhat of a night owl. Most fun things seem to happen at night.
I am delightful and am looking for a man who will say so. I like men who don't talk so much...but I like them to THINK a lot. I have been married to two complete opposite types. Easy going and sweet, and DARK and Brooding..and a little worse probably. I would like to find a serious, sweet, easy-going, MANLY man. Not Alan Alda.I do appreciate sensitivity however. I like men with dry wit who understand a little sarcasm as humor now and then. I like home and hope he'd like home too. I do like to go out to eat occasionally, go to an occasional movie, go to live concerts, and maybe a play once in a while. I swim, but that's about it for athleticism. Yep. I'm a girlie girl. All my pics are within the past year, but I have some new ones I can't seem to get on....Not that great at technology, but I have so many other great qualities. I WILL make you laugh. Not necessarily intended, but I just have an ability to say things in a funny way. Like a funny man too, but I'm not crazy about joke-telling. My hair is "funny" right now.
My friends would say I'm really funny with an occasional dark side.They'd say she hasn't been diagnosed yet, but she needs to be. They would say I'm generous in material and non-material things. I love laughing and was once told I could be paid for letting people HEAR me laugh. What an unusual compliment. I have other unusual compliments and probably some insults. Ha!
Woody Allen makes me laugh, and I love his quotes:"Laughing is the most fun you can have with your clothes on." Good, huh? and "Sex is not dirty unless you're doing it right." SO GOOD! Forget his cheating with the Asian girl he married. I love Larry David (Curb your Enthusiasm). Just the title makes me laugh because I know what he means. It's like an overly cheerful morning person when you're not.;also, The Office, the very bourgoisi"American Idol." I resisted it for 5 years until my life became just a little I like it now. I like to watch the Senate when there's a contentious debate. Like politics, but not as much as I did 3 years ago. Movies to LOVE: The Mighty Wind, Best in Show, both with Eugene Levy, Katherine O'hara, Christopher Guest, Fred Willard--I LOVE FRED!! I like black and whites from the 40's: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Member of the Wedding, Bringing up Baby, and just about anything Grant, Hepburn or Bette Davis was in. She was NO LOOKER, but what an actress. I'm boring myself and I'd bet half this will disaappear. Who knows who they are and exactly what they're looking for. I'll know it when I find it!

Date someone special from Alabama, United States. I am at peace with myself. I enjoy most sports and love to travel. I am honest, trustworthy, kind, romantic, and easy to get alone with. I would love to communicate with someone with the same intetest.

Meet a woman from Alabama, United States. Fun loving with a good work ethic, I love most kinds of music and enjoy making things--crafts, etc. I love people and am comfortable with most people and in most surroundings. I can switch from tom-boy, Ms. Fix-it, to Frilly and elegant at a moment's notice. I consider myself pretty diverse in my interests as well as my personality. I surround myself with beauty, which I find in nature and decor. I love finding a bargain. I have spent much of the last 10 years caregiving family members and immersed in my work. I am now wanting to reawaken prior interests and rediscover new interests. I am seeking good friendships with some quality men, with the hopes one will turn into a permanent committed love. I am a committed Christian and seeking relationships with only men who are also deeply committed to Christ and are actively involved in a local church. These are "must haves" as sharing that part of my life with someone special is of greatest importance....and I'm very tired of sitting in church alone. I would also love to work alongside someone I love in part time missions or ministry. I think you will see the Fruit of the Spirit in my life, and I am sure I would see that in yours as well. I am not looking for a perfect man, nor am I a perfect woman. I am seeking one who is attempting steady growth. My ideal man will have gentle strength, deep concern for others, a friendly demeanor and the ability to have fun and laugh at himself. I would love to meet someone who loves to travel and is in good health (as am I) He will have high expectations of himself, but have grace toward others. He will be loyal, affectionate (I'm a hugger and toucher), and a great listener. Having a musical side would be an added bonus as I enjoy using my little talents in that area and would love someone to share that with.

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. I am very outgoing, love to laugh and dance. My glass is alway half full and I look at the brighter side of things. I love spending time with family and friends. I want someone that is confident in himself and shares some of the things that I like. I have already spend the first part of my life taking care of others and now I want someone that I can share my life with and we can take care of each other. I think chemistry is very important.
I like dancing, long walks, movies, spending time with family and friends.

. I think 'less is more' when talking about yourself and describing what you want in a relationship. I want to see for myself - that should work both ways. Yes we all want companionship, hence the reason we are on here to start with. I don't really 'wink' in person, so hope you won't be put off if I don't wink back...I never really mastered it.
I have a great life and really no complaints. Love my family, friends, and of course, my dog - Lilly. I even like my job.
Have had 3 knee replacements in the past 2 years (I know, I only have 2 knees)
I have 3 great kids and 6 wonderful grandchildren.
Alabama football is a must - ROLL TIDE!
I have read that the 3 things one must have for a great relationship are similar social, political and religious views - I think they might be on to something!

. love the home lifenoCooking, relaxing and watching a good movie. Planting small gardens. having small projects around the house. Love reading old books and the Bible. Learning to speak spanish. Love writing grants for non profit organizations.. Teach bible study and travel.

. I am looking for someone who is easy to talk to and makes me smile. I guess we all are looking for that someone special who makes our heart skip a beat and makes a twinkle in our eyes . I think we have to get on date sites like this sometimes because those people just don't appear out of nowhere , like people think they do. Yes, it would be nice to just be in the right place at the right time, but chances are very slim of that happening, so here I am. I love working part time and seeing my friends and going to lunch with them, but I think I am ready to move on a little to maybe going out to dinner with a guy or going somewhere fun where we can laugh and just get to know one another. That special person could be just around the corner, but I think it is good that we all are taking this step to rush it up a little. We may be missing out on finding just who we are looking for if we don;t take that first step and search a little harder. I am ready to laugh again and enjoy life again.