Date women from United States / Alabama / Birmingham, 59 year old

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. I love many of my habits and behaviors and I also love to change them, just because I can. I am self-sufficient most of the time but know how to ask for help and love to share what I have or experience. I came from a large family, grew up in the countryside of Colorado, the daughter of a veterinarian. My two grown sons make me smile when I think of them far away and keeping up with my siblings, nieces and nephews is fun and impossible. Our family has two mottos: “we learn by doing” and “leave it better than you found it”. I am hard-working and have a hard time sitting still. I would rather be fixing something, cooking, walking, building- but then, I can sit at an intense task for hours. And I can be a total slug, but not for long.
I would like to find someone that is still amazed at their selves and others and that ability has to be accompanied by a great sense of humor, the drier the better. Nobody is the perfect person they would like to be and I think we all have room for some self-improvement but I want to find someone who understands the process and is kindly. Someone who will reach out with a hand or give a push when needed. My search for a great partner includes someone who enjoys reaching out to those that need help and has his eyes open.
I guess my friends would say I am fun, green, natural, active, and 'not from around here'.
Having started my 3rd career, I am intent to master new skills and will need to do my living while being in the 'work' mode and I am okay with that. There is plenty of room for traveling- I moved to Alabama from Berlin, Germany so international friends call me to visit and there are many places I haven't been locally and world-wide. Everything is better shared with a good friend.

Meet someone special from Alabama, United States. OFF THIS WEBSITE AS OF 1/24/08 - I am basically a sweet Christian woman. I place God as the priority in my life. He is where I draw my strength.
My interests are so varied. I love everything from black tie affairs to quiet evenings at home. It is truly who you are with that makes an evening unique. Friends and family are extremely important to me. I have 2 grown, married children who live out of state and I have been blessed with identical twin granddaughters. I am also blessed to have all of my siblings and parents still living although they live out of town. Oh and yes, I have a little Maltese dog, Rowdy, who is my special little "companion" for years.
My interests include dining out, theater, shows, movies, winter nights by the fireplace, summer evenings on the beach or walks in the park, music, reading, church events, sporting events for Alabama or Auburn, ballroom dancing, having friends over, shopping (what woman doesn't love that), just watching tv with that special someone..You will find me enjoying even planting flowers - love the end result and the beauty...The list is endless....I love to go and do but am just as content being at home relaxing. I probably would not be described as a hiker, biker, camper, or fisher.
I am a romantic at heart - I openly show affection, say the words, love being held... Most who know me see me as very strong willed, intelligent, feminine and sophisticated but with a very little girl, fragile side.
I am often touched by movies, especially Meet Joe Black-loved the entire storyline-the romance, scenery, characters.. all very moving...Regarding travel, I have been very blessed and fortunate to have visited some beautiful and fun places all over the United States and Caribbean....I especially love to visit Destin in the summer. I hope one day to visit Italy, France, maybe England - I have never been to Europe..I am a kid at heart when it comes to Christmas. Love to decorate, love the music, love the food, love the giving, - all very special. Love summers too - flowers on my lawn, cooking out, sunsets, moonlight, the beach, etc.
I am looking for a best friend, soul mate, love of my life, someone who takes my breath away ..I am most often drawn to very traditional, conservative, professional and nice looking men who have a fun side to them and are financially secure. Chemistry is critical. You know that feeling you have just by seeing the person in a crowded room where your eyes meet and you feel like you are the only two people there. I like a man who takes pride in his appearance and dresses well. Since my life is God centered, it is equally important for me to find that in a man as well.
Although the love of my life could be elsewhere in the country, I really am interested in finding someone somewhat close to Birmingham or Huntsville, AL whose children are for the most part grown since mine are; however, I never close any doors..Any substantial relationship requires spontaneous, unplannned events. You know the times of last minute, just have to see you, let's go have fun at some new place, or let's go celebrate some special happening in each other's life... It is sometimes hard to do that at a distance. Dating is fine but it is wonderful if you have someone truly special to share the ups and downs of life with. Terms of endearment draw me closer (love, love, love that). A teddy bear to cuddle up to who knows how to love and care for his special someone. He also needs to absolutely love the Christmas holiday season. I would want someone who could truly share the special things including helping me to decorate - especially with a fire in the fireplace.
Oh and by the way, I do look like my picture and everything I say in my profile is truly me-I have heard the horror stories)..If you send a wink or an email, please have a current picture posted on your profile....I live in the moment and love those special even first sight moments.....Are you the one??

Date a woman from Alabama, United States. I am a Christian woman that would like to meet a Godly man, I am not looking for the perfect fellow, but the man that will Love God first and then me. I am a happy person, and love doing nice thing for others. I enjoy the people I work with and my job is stable, but it is still a job, I would like to meet someone to have "fun" with. I am smart enough to know a scam when I hear it, so save it, if that is your purpose. It's just an email away from portential happiness!!! Blessings, Paula

Meet a soulmate from Birmingham, United States. Some guy out there is missing out on a lot of fun, warmth, adventures, and more. I'm very curious about... almost everything; learning makes me happy. I'm very optimistic... it works for me. My pictures suck, but at least two of them are totally current. More soon, surely. It's only happened three times in my life (and I'm OLD), but I'm telling you, if I fall in love with you, what a charmed life you'll have. The total envy of your friends. I've been alone a long time now, and I do like my own company... but, really, I'd like to share. It's such great motivation to have someone you love to "do" for. (Is that southern? Yeah. Guess so.) I do not have a typical southern drawl, though. I've worked with clients in broadcasting all over the country, and I grew up in radio (old radio, when everyone needed a midwestern "no accent"), and I won't mind you, so-- not very southern.
Need to update some of the stuff below. I'll get to it.

Date someone special from Birmingham, United States. Some of my closest friends would describe me as people-oriented, fun-loving, a southern blend of steel magnolias, apple blossmine and homemade cherry pie...enriched, cream-filled and Southern to the core....a little Irish, a little English...some Cherokee, savvy, well educated and most and healthy...into fitness and want the man to be also..seeking a gentleman with wit ......a good communicator possessing a taste of Dallas, with an urban cowboy flair, if u will, some substance...(a thick wallet) yes, but ( this is not as important ....not nearly as important as the( CHARACTER in the man ) (and attitude ) a New York state of mind! Lol Able to (put on the dog) or ride um cowboys! Ride, rope and rangel ! I desire to be caught up in your orbit; like the gravitational pull of Jupiter and Mars! Venus is the receptor, and will win!
I like personality and confidence in a man... Not necessarily attitude, but humor; more importantly, a stand-up kind of a guy ; this I can truly appreciate! I am serious about my profile... Spent a lot of time and soul-searching to get to the Real BETSY!
I am in this to meet a person of quality, no games, in the interest of the two of us, if U r serious about me and want it to work, to make a lifetime commitment.
If U don't want commitment and quality in a relationshipt, don' t bother to email me. This is not a fling. A genuine person means a LOT to me.. I won't be deceived. From my perspective, please know, and do not mistake me for none other than THE sweet, and God- fearing LADY that I am, a very kind and loving, caring and gentle individual who is not in this to be anyone other than myself and yes......(the photos r ) me !!..and current...within the last 2-3 years. I have lost weight...into Fitness and Health more than ever and
(Have not been doctored-up.) I am Simple and want QUALITY! I want to get it right this time! There is no time like today; and no time for mistakes THIS time. Please understand; it is for a lifetime!
Finding this person of this quality with reciprocal traits, personalities that compliment each other with respect. It cuts both ways. I 'm looking for long lasting love..... commitment. No serial dater.... Long-lasting love, this should be the icing on the cake and the cream that rises to the top.... @ this point in our lives. And oh, yes... It's our love... Our relationship... Our committment... Ours !
I have a lot of heart and am wise enough to know the difference between material possessions and the value of the simple things in life. I was raised in a children's home and don't take ANYTHING for granted! I am grateful for everything I have...where I am (at this stage in my life) where I have been and where I am GOING! And last but not least; WHAT I want in this LIFE!

The person interested in me will want to know what makes me tick...get into my head; touch my heart, if he is to get to first base or to the END ZONE becauseTHIS Is my CALL!
And I am serious about this! I am a LADY.... I travel FIRST CLASS. U will stay on the 40 yard line until we know each other emotionally and feel comfortable with each other. The first down will tell me what U r made of !
I do appreciate someone with an interest in the cultural arts: architecture, art, museums, theatre, dance; however, it is not NOT expected..but a fine quality, and it would be nice.
And last but not least, an appreciation for the simple things in life: a baby's sweet smell, it's breath, God- given talent and FAMILY....the things money can't buy; the still of a beautiful sunset, the display of colors evaporating over the mountains' horizon, after a refreshing rain, captivating the essence of the wonder of it all....priceless, etched in one's memory; sharing this experience with someone special is the true essence of living! I want to find sensitivity in a man, one that knows himself and who is not mistaken about his contribution to a woman. Think about it.

Meet a woman from Birmingham, United States. I would love to become acquainted with a man who enjoys the same things I do. This person must be emotionally healthy, educated, and fun to be with. I have a job I love, and I simply like to relax during spare time. I am definitely not high maintenance and am equally comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt or dressed to go to a nice restaurant. I am an abstract thinker and enjoy intriguing conversation. I have a passion for travel and have been to Ireland, Israel, France, Egypt, Italy and the UK in recent years. I am somewhat independent but would enjoy the company of a like minded man.

Date a soulmate from United States. I am a passionate woman who is just about perfect! Just kidding. I love to spend a sunny day with my horses who are terribly spoiled, . I like spoiling a man also,and would love to be spoiled in return, making happines together.. The love of my life will be spoiled rotten! I am a very senuous, sexy woman but am a one man woman!. I am very selective. I have a very easy life and don't want to complicte it with domineering, controlling people who enjoy fighting and arguing, I do not participate. With everything I do I try to be the very best, and I love people. Everything in this life comes with a price. Oh yes, I am easy to love and once addicted to me, you will never settle for less! WELL MAYBE (SMILING ), HE WOULD BE VERY LOVING AND VERY AFFECTIONATE AND A ONE WOMAN MAN.
Let's take a long ride into the sunset and see what whe can find.
I also know how to dress up for formal affairs, very well. My life has been filled with excitement, in that I was only married about five years and single the rest of the time. So I was like a butterfly, very spontaneous, travelled when I wanted, never had to prepare meals for anyone, did nobody's laundry but my own. I am self spoiled,however, I am very giving, loving and passionate about many things. I can be just as happy having a picnic in the park as a trip to Alaska. I think people are attracted to me because I am a good listener and I sincerely care. I do believe that a man and woman are happier together than alone, and do live longer healthier lives, so I am for the first time seeking out the qualities I admire in a Man. A man who is very handsome is not at the top of my list. I am not perfect and I do not seek perfection. I am flexible and everything I have said is not written in stone. If you have a better idea, I am very willing to listen and try a new and better way of doing a lot of things. PLEASE NO WINKS!

Meet someone special from United States. Like I said I am looking for a nice man who is charming and handsome.I am a good woman,and i like to be treated with respect ,and I will do the same to him. I am easy going, I love to have fun and laugh. I want a reationship with a nice man,that if he says he will call me and he does, that is being honest, I also like honesty

Date a woman from United States. I wake up everyday happy! I see the glass half full and always see the best in people. I'm very visual and enjoy taking the time to really enjoy the beauty this earth has to offer. I enjoy a beautiful sunset and/or sunrise. Warms my heart to see people succeed! I am a caring, thoughtful person; I am well-traveled, attractive, good listener, very sociable, well dressed I remember things people tell me they like. I'm an open person and love to explore new things. I'm in touch with many people I've met throughout my life and cherish those relationships. I treasure my family. I am emotionally and financially secure. I live a very healthy life style - exercise and eat healthy, but do enjoy a chocolate anything as a treat. I love to do different things - attend art shows, concerts, charity events, wine tasting, movies. However, I also really enjoy my quiet time, watching a movie, reading, calling old friends and spending time with my pets - they are my babies! I love to plan vacations or do spur of the moment fun getaways. I can be strong, but I hope that you will protect me when I feel weak. My perfect match is someone who puts GOD before me. Someone who likes to have fun-be around family and friends, but also can appreciate spending quality time together. I would like to find someone who can look deep into my eyes and I can feel his heart being true/honest. Someone who understands that compromise is important for a relationship to work. We are a team - we each want to make the other happy! I want someone who is thoughtful, someone who is romantic. I'm very honest and I expect honesty. I've always been a one man women; I'm very loyal as a partner and friend. I want my partner to have a positive attitude and wake up happy. I want someone who values relationships. SMILE,HANDS, EYES are things I notice first.

. I am an energetic, creative, healthy, fun-loving woman who adores being outdoors and activities like hiking, boating, camping and white water rafting. My creative outlets include painting, pottery, photography, cooking, gardening and designing (from furniture to landscaping to brochures). Sometimes my ideas are fulfilled, sometimes not. Graphic design is my vocation which I have been doing in some form or another for many years. My wonderful daughter is in college and there are two cats at home. I enjoy exploring new places, going down a road to see where it leads; good conversation with someone who truly hears what is said; and intellectual stimulation. Also, I am grateful for many blessings and aware of lifeРІР‚в„ўs challenges and rewards. I believe in the golden rule, the mystery of a full moon, friends as family, staying healthy in body, mind and spirit, funky hole-in-the-wall places, the joy of laughter and that love trumps all else.
Why did I join this site? Again, I am exploring to see whatРІР‚в„ўs possible. Are there any energetic, curious, fun-loving and grounded men reading this who appreciate creativity, are comfortable in a dashing suit as well as getting dirty in jeans, who enjoy good conversation and cares about fellow humans? An open mind and positive outlook are always appealing to me. A ready smile coupled with an easy laugh are also endearing. Oh, and if you like red hair, sparkly green eyes and a big smile, IРІР‚в„ўm in!
These are just a few of thoughts jotted down. However, talking is a much better way to get to know someone. So, send me an email and letРІР‚в„ўs explore together.

. I am looking for someone with an intellectual mindset but who has an appreciation of humor and lightness! People describe me as classy, interesting, down to earth and philosophical!
Also, you will find me....
Smart.......... and Sexy
Curious .......Interested in Everything!
Politically moderate and Green....... Spiritual and on the path.....
Giving back to those less fortunate

Enjoying licking my fingers after a good meal......

Drinking a good glass of wine with you.....
Kicking off my shoes .......
Cuddling and being affectionate.....Rubbing your neck or shoulders
Playing with my dog,

beating you at card games!
Designing really good websites......
Being your friend, confidante,
.............with love, loyalty and trust
and what will I find out about you?

. Im and loving person.Im looking for some one who is going to love me for who I am.I want to be able to have fun and have joyful times with someone.Im and very good person to talk to.I like to make jokes.I love seeing good things happen to one another.I want someone who appreciates the thing I do in life.There could be something about you that make me want to talk to who.COULD IT BE YOU.