Date women from United States / Alabama / Birmingham, 22 year old

Date single girl from United States. Hey this brittany a little bit about me im single I dont have any kids i work and take care of my mom and granny i dont have my own place yet but i do have mi own car. Im lookin for someone thats wellin to meet me half way if not all im looking for a man an not a lil boy games i dont play so dont even hit me if ur with them i just lookin to settle down and have fun

Meet a girl from United States. Hi. I'm Whitley! First time for everything, right? I graduated from UAB in dental hygiene. I moved to Mobile after graduating to pursue a career in pediatric dentistry, but very recently transferred back to Birmingham to be closer to my family! I'm a very goal driven woman. I grew up playing just about every sport. Soccer being the main one. I enjoy going to any sporting event. A good competitive game would be an ideal date for me. I enjoy being outdoors, and I also do some hunting and fishing with my dad. I love to share a good laugh, smile, or hug with anyone that needs it! Family and friends are a vital aspect of my life. I'm a very loyal and honest friend and a compassionate woman who loves the Lord. I have a twin brother, Brock, who knows me better than anyone.:) all you men must have his approval. Things I love: cooking, eating, coffee, wearing heels, wearing boots, the color purple, kids, my career, music, rainy days and movies, english and history, and wine tasting. I try not to take life too seriously and enjoy everything life has to offer. I'm definitely a grammar natzi.
I want someone who I can grow with spiritually. A best friend who I can be myself around. I love a contagious smile. Intelligent......when I say "intelligent" I enjoy having exciting, educational conversations. Outgoing. A family man. Someone I can laugh with, have fun with, but also relax with. If you're competitive, I'm your type. If you are manly enough to enjoy a romance, I like you already.
I donated 8 inches of my hair back at thanksgiving for cancer patients. So, if short hair turns you off, I'm sorry. But, everyone says I pull it off well. I'm in the process of growing it back out! So we'll see! :)

Date someone special from United States. I just moved to Alabama at the end of July from Texas for a Management training program downtown. I am super excited to be in a new city but obviously am slowly adjusting to the many changes :)! I would love a tour guide or someone fun to show me around this beautiful city.

Meet a soulmate from United States. I would describe myself as someone who is real and genuine. I am looking for that in someone else. I give my whole self to men I date and want to find someone who will do that for me. I am extremely proud of my work in college and can not wait to graduate and get going in life! I want a man who has it together. I have a huge heart that typically gets me in trouble. I want an honest, faithful man. I am open to something serious, but want to see how things go. Just looking to find a real connection with someone. I love to laugh, joke, and smile. I am a big sweetheart!


Meet a girl from Birmingham, United States. I am a 22 year old recent college graduate looking to meet someone out in the "real world." I am interested in medicine and am hoping to become a doctor. I am a caring, dedicated, witty, fun person who enjoys hanging out with friends, babysitting, watching Auburn football, or spending time with family. I am happiest when I stay busy. I am looking for someone who has similar values to me, a good personality, and the ability to make me laugh.

Date someone special from Birmingham, United States. I describe myself as a Romantic, Loving, Outgoing and Caring person.
I love life even though sometimes its difficult but everyday is a new experience for me.
I'm use to the city , I've been living in Alabama for almost a Year now
Well i know most of the guys here in Bama love to hunt, fish and all the outdoor things, Im not use to all of that but i can say that i like to try new things as long as i have good company. I'm willing to try anything,

Meet a soulmate from Birmingham, United States. Be funny, live simply and make me laugh. Love God, love your family and MUST love music. Grammar and punctuation are slightly more important to me than your shirt being ironed perfectly. Did I mention a good sense of humor? Recent college grad hitting the "real world" and still figuring out the rest. I love live music, hanging out with friends and college football. I'm just as likely to be out and about on a Saturday night as I am at home on a couch with a trashy Lifetime movie. I'm new to online dating but obviously I'm here to try it!

Date single girl from Alabama, United States. Speaking for myself, I am a local student. I enjoy learning about new things. I like exploring other cultures in the world. I enjoy the simple things. My ideal match is a person who is open minded and loving.

Meet a girl from Alabama, United States. I live for music, I'm a singer, Love to laugh and have fun, love to cook, Love Family and People, Plus Size Diva!!, I Love Love, I believe strongly in loyalty, honesty, and trust .My friends think I'm always the life of the party I love to make people laugh . I like a man that can make me smile and laugh.I'm hoping to attract a man with goals in life who is going somewhere , I need someone who can hold my attention and who has good conversation.I'm extremely passionate about music

Date someone special from Alabama, United States. Im athletic and toned im east indian with long thick black and brown hair and im kinda strong Im just lookin for a muscular guy who'll care about me and doesnt cheat and is honest plus id like aguy whos willig to hit third base and move on and get a job and that doesnt do three somes.YUCK!

Meet a soulmate from Alabama, United States. I am a very laid back person. I am completely content with just a night in watching tv. I do like to plan. I am a very organized, clean person. Mess and clutter does bother me. I have a very independent personality when needed. I am very hard working. I graduate from college in 2 months. I will be a registered nurse. I am also a 2nd LT in the Army. After i graduate i will be active duty and work for the army as a nurse. My match ideally has a college degree and a career. I also like clean, tidy people. I am not "housewife material." I plan on having a good career and being a strong part of the household.