Date women from United States / Alabama / Auburn, 59 year old

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. Does anyone read all of this? If so you will know why you receive no answers here!!!
What a good life I have! The companionship of a kind, intelligent, affectionate man would make it almost perfect. I'm stable, sensible, sane, yet romantic, affectionate, adventurous. My career is challenging and interesting, but flexible so that I am able to work plenty of fun into my life, often on short notice. Friends and family are very important to me, and I'm frequently in touch with them.
Anything outdoors is fun, walking, camping, enjoying good conversation on the deck, equestrian events, concerts, fairs, festivals, picnics, tailgating, cookouts, boating, and more. If the clouds or the stars are above, it's probably fun!
Music events are interesting, listening or dancing, especially blues and country. Also appealing are arts events, exhibits, plays, movies, learning experiences. I enjoy cooking and entertaining, small groups or large ones. I'm comfortable in most situations.
I've worked hard to stay healthy and fit, and hope to stay as active as possible as long as possible.
My ideal partner would be confident in himself, but have softness and kindness along with the confidence. He should be on good terms with his family, and be financially responsible. He should be affectionate, intelligent, honest, ethical, and monogamous. While dating and making friends along the way is fun, I hope to be fortunate enough to find someone compatible who wants to enjoy the next half of life with me and grow old together.
If you like what I've written, please reply. Only on plentyOf fish as 1PositiveThinker, not here. Let's have fun getting to know each other.

Meet someone special from Alabama, United States. This sounds crazy and somewhat comical but I am "cerebral", an intellectual. There are degrees of intellectualism. I'm not a "Jeopardy" contestant but I have that gut-level instinct --as Alex Trebeck says--to compete to see how good I am. The paradox is that the answer comes before the question! I can't tell you where I am on the the intelligence spectrum. My friends describe me this way. I studied philosophy and theology for years for my own understanding. I've studied World Religions. I've taught World Literature. I've read Joseph Campbell's "Power of the Myth" and Bill Moyers' "World of Ideas." I've traveled broadly. I discovered I am militaristic (I don't shoot guns, people, or anything but believe the US should control the guns and the medicine and share when necessary.) and cosmopolitan (my definition) after reading Colleen McCollough's "First Man In Rome" historical fiction series (about four books -1000 pages each with a Latin glossary) full of strategical and tactical thinking. This is not a pretentious assessment.
I was married to a Renaissance man; however, I am aware that genius presents itself in many ways, so there is no need to compare. I would like a gentleman, a self-possessed man--one who is in command of his faculties. I may want to marry again if I find the right person. I mentioned the "M" word. I was loved and I have a good marriage track record of 30 years. I thrived in a marriage relationship so why wouldn't I mention it? It was a success and it was my primary vocation. I do not have a need to discuss the details with you, except to say, as a result, I have a daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters who live in Colorado. More importantly, I do want another deep (I don't know what that means exactly.),probably, very deep relationship because it keeps me focused, out of trouble, and hopefully benefiting others. I am very deep and very detailed in my communication but it's fun for me. However, I can go slow and keep it light for you. I want someone who is quick-witted and funny to balance my analytical side. Life is too short not to have fun! If you can serenade (or just sing to) me that is a plus. It's charming. It can turn the tables or the tides, used adroitly.
Most of you are retiring or retired, and I want to advance my career within the US Government. I hope that would not be a problem. If we connect, you can go with me. I have always found "two heads are better than one" . I would like to live in Colorado, Washington, DC (I was born in Richmond, Virginia, and grew up in southern central Virginia.), Manhattan, or England, where I studied legal systems. I plan to keep my home in Auburn. Telecommuting may be an option, The upshot is I want to use my graduate degree. I have experience in real estate, insurance, education, civics, public administration, law, and medicine. I can follow easily most topics. I have an engineering proclivity, and I completed a frame-off restoration of a 1976 Triump Spitfire in 1990.
I am a veteran of the USAF (SS). I was stationed in Turkey during the Viet Nam era. I am somewhat averse to learning this program but it is part of our culture today. It does allow us to cast a broad net. That, in itself, is interesting. Despite my work ethic, I am up for adventure and an intellectual challenge. I have an excellent attention span. I can follow digressions and determine whether or not they emphasize the point, or follow a logical conclusion....just so you know!
Recently, I read some info about relationships from an expert (a guy) who said "energy is important" and "chemistry is dangerous". All guys do not want to be loved the same way, according to the expert, so I am not going to presume. I will ask how you want to be loved if the energy is there, but I am not connecting all the dots! I am very romantic, sentimental, and affectionate. I am extremely loyal and guileless. I want my last dance to be my finest! Cheers

Date a woman from Alabama, United States. What to say! Just looking to meet and possibly become good friends with someone. I like to travel, love the beaches of AL and FL. Also, like the mountains of TN and GA. I enjoy reading for pleasure and for educational purposes. Gardening is very relaxing, which I also enjoy doing.

Meet a soulmate from Auburn, United States. Life is too short to spend it alone. I love my life enough to want to share it with someone with the same passions and desires, someone who values connecting spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Being challenged intellectually is important to me, as is continually broadening my horizons, with travel, meeting new people, reading, upping my workout routine, etc. I prefer talking to writing and have said enough about me. What about you???