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Date people from Berkeley, United States. Life for me is not only about having fun and taking it easy, but also finding an empowering context and making a contribution to the community and world around me. A great match for me would a woman who knows the balance between life's pleasures and challenges, who embraces the personal growth available through life's difficulties, and always comes out grateful and smiling. We will celebrate life, each other, and the opportunities to make a difference.
I expect that the woman I share my life with (next) will be "up to something". She will have a sense of life purpose, and a good grasp on the actions to take to fulfill on it. She will be gifted at what she does, and generous with everyone. She will have the accomplishment of a dedicated practitioner, and the humility of a lifelong student of her craft. She will have a full life, and seek always to enrich the lives of others.
What I am up to is to restore the balance and harmony of nature, particularly as it expresses through the activities of humankind. I see that the plant kingdom and the natural world it creates and lives in has such a huge abundance of healing and grace, all we have to do is play along, and we are completely fulfilled. Plant wisdom medicine is available to each of us, right on our porch herb garden and in our kitchens. I live on a small urban farm in Berkeley, growing as much food and medicine as I can, and train in and share from some of the most profound ancient healing traditions of this planet. I offer my hands, heart, and breath to help others live more simply and "closer to the land", in whatever life circumstance they are in.
It's not necessary that my girlfriend or partner share the same life purpose as I. I find that purpose-driven people find a lot of ways to collaborate, regardless of the modality or field of expression they are working in.
Wow, that comes across as pretty intense! I'm really not as driven as that may sound. I appreciate that the natural rhythm of life includes peace, time to relax and enjoy, and just putter around.
So tell me, what are you up to?

Meet a soulmate from Berkeley, United States. Time lets me play and be, golden in the mercy of his means. Isn’t life wonderful? I am often struck by how gloriously beautiful everyday occurrences are: sunshine, the Moon, clouds, puddles, birdsong, fresh air, cats, dogs, and children. When I remember to cultivate a mindfulness of gratitude and appreciation, I find these practices are ample rewards in themselves. I often go out of my way to see flowers, sunsets, rainbows, after-dark moonrises. I often strive to have a friendly smile on my face when I am in a public place (a store, or BART). It hurts my heart to see how many people walk through this life looking sad, afraid, or defeated. (The notion of some infinitely gentle, infinitely suffering thing.) While it’s not much, I try to share a smile or a kind word whenever I can.
Bookish by nature, even a bit of a nerd, I have worked over years to ground my energies and occupy my body fully. Tai chi, and studying massage, and training in energy healing have all contributed to this process. I love to be alive. I love to be in motion. I love hiking, especially on mountain trails. I typically bound up stairs instead of taking the elevator. Energy is eternal delight. At the same time, I far prefer calm and serenity to entertainment-driven stimulation. I find TV taxing. I far prefer heartful conversation to media. I am recharged by quiet recollection, and through mindfulness and breathwork, I usually can create the inner space for that even within the rough and tumble of the everyday life. Friends appreciate my deep listening and my ability to remain centered & calm even when all hell breaks loose.
I am deeply aware of how precious life is, how precious each day is. Some significant losses in my early adolescence have profoundly shaped me. The fragility of life is vividly present for me, so I strive not to take anyone or anything for granted. I strive to bring kindness and empathy even to my interactions with cashiers in stores: however brief our interaction, they too have their whole life story. If the people with whom I interact regularly feel my genuine appreciation, I feel I have chosen well. Each day has its unique gifts and its unique opportunities. Today belongs to the few, and tomorrow to no one.
I feel Life deeply. Classical music often moves me, sometimes to tears. Other times, it stirs me, as when I’m driving with one hand and air-conducting the symphony with the other hand. Good poetry can simply haunt me for days (needless to say, that is scant surprise to the astute reader). Good food, especially with good wine, can be soul-satisfying. A good thoughtful intelligent conversation can warm my heart for hours afterward. I laugh frequently, as much at my own foibles as at anything else, and am frequently amused by the absurd juxtapositions of modern life.
I feel Life deeply, but nothing so deeply as matters of the heart. A woman’s tenderness and deep sensitivity impact me profoundly, as do her integrity and depth of sincerity. Nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands. In romance, I would like my love to be experienced as a constant stream of kindness, patience, and consideration --- to love the pilgrim soul in you and love the sorrows of your changing face. I strive to show my appreciation in relationship: perhaps bringing that first cup of coffee/tea to the bed, or giving a foot massage after she's had a long day. Once compassion and trust have been established, I prefer that the majority of our conversations be about “red pills” rather than “blue pills”, about growth and expansion and discovery rather than complaisance & static satisfaction. I sincerely believe that the work of Love is the highest spiritual work, and no small part of that is, every day, encountering my lover with my best self, to love to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.
If anything I have said has struck a chord, I would love to talk with you.

Date someone special from Berkeley, United States. Let's see if I can get your attention in 4000 words or less while you're out doing your daily boy shopping.
I’m a scientist. Not the socially awkward type, well, mostly not the socially awkward type. More of the somewhat wacky prankster type. Science is my job but it also defines me in the way that art defines an artist. I’ve always been curious about pretty much everything and now I get paid to be curious. Not a bad gig.
I love: to be out on a hike, reading a good book, listening to music, cooking with friends, be at a really good party or zipping down the highway with the top down and the stereo turned up.
I can be a great planner. But I don’t like to do it. It’s not the effort, it's the lack of spontaneity. If you live in the big city, or big city adjacent as the case may be, there's always something to do that’s interesting. John Lennon said, "Life is just what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans." It's true. The planners I know, tend to be the obsessers I know. And that’s just no way to live.
I like to travel, see other countries, hike their pristine trails, eat their exotic foods and and show them that not all Americans are bad.
I want to buy a basset hound that totally ignores me except when it needs to go out. Seriously he shouldn’t even look up when I call its name. He might not have a name. But he will be so well cared for that he will brag to all of the other dogs that he’s living the doggie equivalent of Nirvana.
I think that if you're not laughing at yourself you're missing out on some great humor.
My homemade, 2010 holiday card featured a Prop 8 protest sign, "Jesus had two Dad"s.
I'm trade marking "Eggnostyx. The holiday drink of the non-believer and the damned." It's a niche market, but it's a market.
I was raised by the Amish. Well Mennonites really. But most people don't know who they are due the efforts of those glory hogs the Amish (oh yeah, I said it). The Mennonites would complain but they're people who until fairly recently considered the button as "worldly" and "proud" and as such, likely to be the work of the devil. Standing up for themselves ain't a strong suit. And think about those faded, well worn, very comfortable 501's in your closet. They're are a first class, denim clad, making your butt look great, trip to hell.
I listen to The Beatles every day. They make me happy and give me perspective.
I know when to be serious, when words are no better than silence and when to be playful and silly.
I am the calming force in the midst of the storm, never panicking in a crisis.
I am a vegetarian. If you're not, I don't care. I'm not the preachy type who tries to convert you. If I cook for you and I'm a very good cook who can make you forget there isn't any meat on your plate, it'll be vegetarian. If you cook for me, well, there needs to be something I can eat now doesn't there.
My earthquake kit includes emergency vodka and antibiotics.
I'm looking for someone who shares my values. I don't want a clone, rather someone who can teach me about the many things I don't know and who wants to know the small amount I can teach her.
If you are happy with your life and you want to get to know someone who's happy with their funny often down right hysterical life.
If you think that joy, compassion, generosity and kindness are the most important things.
If you love the warmth of the sun on your face but are content with a great read on a rainy Saturday.
If you’ve never thought about submitting all of the answers in your annual corporate performance evaluation as haiku poems but now you think of nothing else.
If someone making you Asparagus baked with butter and Parmesan sounds fantastic.
If you thought something in the profile was interesting or made you laugh.
Drop me a line.
Match, the ebay of dating. Add me to your shopping cart, and get to know the merchandise better. No purchases are final. No receipt required for returns. Cash or store credit.

Meet single man from Berkeley, United States. I value kindness and compassion very much. I admire it in others and strive to practice it always myself. That said, I’m not exactly Mother Theresa, and I like to have fun, and I laugh at and do things that Mother T probably wouldn’t approve of. Humor is essential, because life has its rough spots, and when people can approach the good things as well as the tough spots with humor, it makes life sooo much better. I like being with somebody who makes me laugh and I make her laugh.
About me, hmmm… I’m continually learning, sometimes from my mistakes. I’m a creative type, but I don’t wear a beret and dress in black. I like to be active and reasonably fit because life’s better when you’re healthy, and it can help you avoid problems (like somebody trying to rob you in Medellin, for example…). I’m athletic, but I don’t spend much time watching sports. I would usually rather watch a movie, or play frisbee (with you, maybe?). I love nature as well as city life. A lot of my work is done at a computer and interacting with people, but I like to work with my hands and do physically creative work too. I have been known to build things from time to time, and I don’t mind getting dirty. I grow some very tasty tomatoes. I’m sociable and I like to meet new people, and I enjoy the company of friends and family. I like to travel and try to combine it with work when I can. I like being in among different cultures—gives you new perspectives and opens your mind. Related biographical tidbit: I was recently a Fulbright Fellow in Colombia. Now I am back and beginning a new chapter.
I tend to be attracted to women who are down to earth and independent thinkers. I find creativity and optimism to be very attractive qualities, as well as humility, confidence, and thoughtfulness. And I just love a beautiful, warm smile. The woman for me values family a lot. I feel blessed to come from a loving family, who I see frequently. I'm much more interested in someone's character than in their income or trappings. I’d love to meet somebody with whom I can really bond and create a beautiful, mutually supportive and loving (and fun!) relationship and eventually home. I think good relationships are ones in which partners bring new things-- ideas, inspiration, ways of doing things and ways of seeing the world-- that contribute to each other's growth and happiness. They see themselves as equals, embracing their differences (maybe they’re complementary), giving each other space, and having shared goals/visions (and lots of love). And of course, as others on this site have noted, chemistry is key, and it’s impossible to predict the magic of chemistry between two people, but we never know unless we make that first step, so please feel free…

Date men and women from Berkeley, United States. If you’re looking for dark, brooding, complicated….somebody you can fix, that’s not me. I’m easy going, happy and like to have fun. But don’t equate this lack of drama to simple or boring. It just means that I’ve learned which things in this life are worth worrying about.
I am more comfortable talking about other people instead of myself, so let’s talk about YOU. You are kind and honest. These are your best qualities. You are also smart. You’re healthy and take good care of yourself, laugh easily and roll with life’s punches. You laugh at my jokes, but make me work for it. You are open-minded and curious, not self-absorbed but have a good perspective on what matters in this life. You are authentic; a true individual. You are quirky (not crazy mind you, just quirky). You understand that the race is long and will put your energy into things of substance. Yes, you are passionate. And you're up for helping me harvest my olives in Italy!
So, now that you know what I’m looking for, here are some important, and not-so-important things you should know about me:
First, I'm 48. I'm perfectly happy with my age but there seems to be some “ageism” out in dating land and I notice that a lot of women pick 45 for your cutoff. What’s in a number anyway?...
I am a great list maker, but sadly, less great at crossing things off the list.
I had another career, but feel incredibly lucky to have now found what I really love to do.
I also take good care of myself; eat my veggies, work out regularly, all that.
I've lived in Norway, Ecuador and Italy. You wouldn't believe me if I told you how much I've traveled.
I’m a bargain. My dowry is 2 goats, 4 chickens and a dozen chocolate chip cookies.
It would make me happy to cook you a meal while you sip on a glass of wine and tell me about your day.
I prefer moonrises to sunrises, tropical to arctic, brussel sprouts to beets (but don't really like either).
I'd rather eat sitting next to each other at the bar than staring at each other across the table.
My cynicism and optimism are evenly matched.
I’ve learned that it’s not as important what you’re doing as who you’re doing it with. I would choose to be lost... in say... Mongolia... with no a hail storm... with somebody I love rather than sitting on a perfect white sand beach watching a sublime sunset by myself....OK, maybe skip the hail storm and throw in some chocolate.
It is not often that I fall for somebody….but when I do, I fall hard! And then I do my best to make sure they are on the receiving end of limitless fun and romance.
So now that we know who we are and what we’re looking for, let's take a chance, color outside of the lines, and see if we can create something extraordinary together!

Meet a man from Berkeley, United States. I'm an active, optimistic and adventurous soul looking for a woman I click with, and who is happy with herself, her life and career.
I work for a small city doing environmental work: green building, energy efficiency, recycling, cycling. It's a nice blend of planning and engineering stuff, and I'm not a planner nor an engineer!
I feel young and am happy to be alive - especially on a beautiful California day enjoying the sun and playing ultimate or watching a hummingbird.
After 3 years of separation I'm nearing the end of the divorce process. We've filed with the courts and are planning on finishing our marital settlement agreement in July. We are both ready to move on with our lives.
So this is the 2nd chapter of my adult life - my teenage girls are growing their flight feathers. My oldest is in college - the younger one will be a Senior in high school this fall. With the shared custody, I have more time for traveling and time for new activities with my dog, Buster, and somebody wonderful to share life with.
Full Disclosure: I recently got a vasectomy, so if you are looking to have a child with someone, I'm not your guy. I have two beautiful children and that's enough, but I understand why you want to have a child - it's been great being a parent - for the most part! :)

Date people from California, United States. I enjoy my own company, my skin fits me. Talk more when i can trust you. I enjoy spending time. reading,landscape. listening. I have a hand full of friends but know a lot of people. i like to get in the truck and drive looking at the landscapes around.

Meet a soulmate from California, United States. It's a little awkward to self-promote but I guess that is what we must do.
I spend my time between the SF Bay (where I grew up) and New York City (where I am now).
I just did a year and a half at Harvard Graduate School of Education where I cross-registered with Kennedy School of Government. I was accepted into a top doctorate program in education at Columbia Teachers College.
I'm working in leadership, transformative education, emotional intelligence, group learning and organizational psychology. I've been a high school and college teacher, an informal counselor and a school director. I run my own education institute called the Fractal Bridge Institute where I lead workshops and do professional development with teachers. An interesting and funny side note (given that we are on Match) is that I did a year-long life coaching training and find that I'm good at couple's coaching :)
Now for more personal information. Some family history gives good context. My dad grew up in Berkeley, CA, the northeastern U.S., and spent five years in Europe when he young. My mom grew up just 40 minutes north of Manhattan. They were drawn to the west coast by the warmer weather and all the excitement of the late 60's. 3 out of 4 of my grandparents worked in radio and my dad's dad was a diplomat who was second in charge at Radio Free Europe, an organization designed to help Eastern Europeans deal with Soviet occupation.
I grew up on a 44-acre farm on Mt. Veeder, part of western rural Napa Valley. We often woke to the stereotypical morning rooster call. We had a huge garden, chickens and a goat. We made homemade bread and ice cream, and stomped grapes on occasion. My siblings and I went to a Waldorf/Montessouri-inspired school started by my mom and we learned to love learning. We moved to Berkeley for high school and I attended UC Berkeley.
I've traveled most summers for the past 17 years. I've been to Europe five times and also Russia, Central America, Thailand and Australia. Recently went on a 6-week tour of Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Spain and Morocco (where I worked with a youth center for parent-less children). Two and a half years ago I traveled to Israel, Egypt and Turkey. Two years ago I visited India with a friend whose parents grew up there.
I used to be very good at tennis, played in college, and was a tennis teacher/coach. I love singing and have been told I can sing small sections of many songs fairly well. I particularly enjoy singing an East Indian style called Kirtan. I love films and often host salon/film nights. I particularly liked Juno, Little Miss Sunshine, Stranger than Fiction, Sideways, American Beauty, Station Agent, Sliding Doors, Waking Life, Before Sunrise, Mindwalk and Man Facing Southeast. In terms of older films, I enjoyed A Thousand Clowns, Grapes of Wrath, Lawrence of Arabia, To Kill a Mockingbird.
I am extremely stimulated by well-written screenplays with interesting dialogue, and have become connected to the arts scenes of New York and the SF Bay Area. I used to be director of a school for the performing arts and like environemenst that foster fun and creativity like the TED Talks. I go regularly to story-telling, comedy and monologues.
I have a close family and an amazing community of friends who are very close. I helped to start a huge community in the SF Bay Area. I have been able to be true friends with my romantic partner and am a very sensual and loving partner.
Finally, I'm embarassed to add this but my friend insisted that I include here: I was told at the end of a year-long training by the leader that I was "every mother's prayer that her daughter bring me home to dinner." So there is is and I suppose you will be the judge of that :)

Date someone special from California, United States. I'm funny, respectful and patient. Foreign cultures and travel excite me, but I'm enjoying my new home in the Bay area.
I like people who've tackled challenges and gained wisdom through experience, who are moved by things outside themselves. I find women mature women very attractive, whether it's from age or experience. It's amazing the fun people can have together when respect is firmly established.
Music and art both compel and ground me. I'm especially passionate about collecting and listening to a wide variety of music . I'm a dog fanatic and a lover of movies. I also like museums and natural surroundings (love the woods and the beach). Cooking a nice meal is a great way to spend time with someone.

Meet single man from California, United States. I'm a nice person, a gentle soul with a big heart. I've moved around a lot in my life and I've made a lot of friends along the way. I'm easy to get a long with. I'm both strong willed and yet very sensitive. I love to travel and learn about other people and cultures. I spent most of my childhood traveling to visit family and I've had the good fortune to become acquainted with much of Europe, North and South America. One year I took a group of people to the site of the Titanic with Discovery Channel and then later in the summer crossed the Atlas Mountains in Morocco on mountain bike with my friends and family. Adventure is in my blood.
In vino veritas, Food & Wine is very important to me. I'm half French and worked in the wine industry for over nine years and launched many well known wine brands. I have also worked with spirits, beer, coffee, chocolate, and high tech consumer focused businesses. I love to learn and I'll always be learning and growing.
I exercise daily, mostly swimming, bike riding, yoga, rowing, but also outdoor activities like mountain biking, snowboarding, sailing, and hiking. There's always something going on. Carpe Diem (yes and i use a lot of odd foreign words in my prose latin, French, and sometimes made up words that I came up with my friends.... which makes me kind of a nerd). I love music and my tastes range from Mozart and Ludwig Van to DeadMouse, Manu Chao, and Daft Punk. Pretty much everything in between too. Music, visual arts, literary arts, I love it all.
I'm looking for friends, but ultimately a connection, a relationship, a woman to cherish and love, a spark of desire to fan into the flames of love. The rest will unveil naturally before us. Ciao.

Date men and women from California, United States. I am a simple man who take one day at the time. If you are smart, sexy, clever and great personality. I have been waiting for you all my life.
just be you and be honest. Cant wait to meet you. it is hard to meet and find the right one. Do believe in steps; friendship, date and more.

Meet people from United States. I am independent, finacially secure, and confident in who I am and what I want from life. I'm also an affectionate woman looking for a man who can make me feel cared for, sexy, safe (ie, respect for one another is important), and who can laugh with me at all the stuff life throws at us. I am tall (5'10") and curvy/athletic. I have lived & travelled overseas. Outside of my professional life, I don't spend a lot of time in intellectual pursuits. Lately, I've taken up bootcamp/MMA training which I really enjoy. I try to keep up on swimming laps too. Nesting is another favorite activity, I like to have a comfortable home and enjoy cooking and knitting when time is available. I donРІР‚в„ўt have kids of my own, itРІР‚в„ўs ok if you do. I spend as much time as I can with my nephew and other family.
So I don’t want to put out a strict list of criteria for the man—I’d rather leave it somewhat open and see what happens. Just have your life together and be secure in who you are. You should reside in the SF Bay Area so we can meet in person after an email/phonecall or two. Hope to hear from you.

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