Date men and women from United States / California / Redondo Beach, 45 year old

Date someone special from Redondo Beach, United States. NOTE: I now live in Houston...(Match keeps showing as Redondo Beach, where I moved from)
I hear most men love talking about themselves, so this should be great for a lot of guys! I’m also told that our communication skills often aren’t great, so it may be a catch-22. You’d think being in Marketing would give me an edge here, but I am a car guy first who happens to exploit that interest through Marketing rather than a Marketing guy who happens to be in cars…
Caveats aside, I’m a guy who may work a little too much at times, has no trouble filling his spare time, but would like a good excuse to carve out more time for someone special. Though kids would be a great bonus if it works out, I’m also a guy who thinks a married couple is already a family. I also always thought of kids as a great bonus if you find someone you want to spend your life with, but not a reason to get married (unless they turn up unexpectedly, of course).
I got these values growing up in the northeast, summering on an island on a lake in Maine (summer camp, 8 years) and on Cape Cod, near the lighthouse (which doesn’t shine in the windows as some think) and, more importantly, in sight of boats. Boats may not make the world go �round, but they sure are a nice way to go �round the world. My own: a simple 18’, 90hp outboard with no cabin or amenities to speak of but perfect for the shallow waters of Pleasant Bay. Sailing is even better if you’ve got the right breeze – and boat, and crew. I once sailed a lot and hope to again.
The combination of my career and a stop to collect another degree allowed me to take those values to Tucson (oh so briefly), Denver (where my soul still lingers), Chicago (for school and all the fun that goes with it), Detroit (3 suburbs anyway), Redondo Beach CA (loved living outdoors all year), and now Houston. I’ve learned to love each in its own way, though Detroit was a bit of a stretch … the others, easy. Tuscon is beautiful… Denver simply has it all… and Chicago is spectacular except for its location. LA spoiled me with its weather, as I love the sun for walking/hiking with my fantastic dog, riding the 28-year-old bike I bought new with paper route money on the beach, and running otherwise pointless errands in my convertible. Any former easterner who moves to the beaches of California needs one.
I do look for family values, though I’m not sure I mean the same thing as W did when I say that. I appreciate a woman with a brain, and yes, I’m also a full-blooded guy, so I also appreciate a woman with other compelling attributes. But definitely also with a brain, and I like humor – and happen to think that sarcasm is a great thing when it’s clever and good-natured, unfortunate and distasteful when it’s neither. Other criteria: high energy but low stress. Appreciative of tropical beaches (easy sell?) and easy to appreciate on a tropical beach. Sufficiently self-aware and grown up to know who she is – I’m not interested in helping someone figure that out. Did I mention beautiful? (yes, that IS in the eyes of the beholder) Oh, and you must love my dog. Honestly, that’s the easy part.
What’d I skip? Plenty, which is why we should have a cup of coffee if we match. Football? I like it but fall far short of being an addict. Cars? They’re the best part of my job but I don’t tinker on weekends. Women? That’s why I’m here… with an eye to quality over quantity. Sound good?

Meet men and women from Redondo Beach, United States. I am always (with rare exception) happy, very easy going and quietly confident. I am self-employed and work quite a few hours. Though, I also have the ability and will make time for someone. Even on a weekday during the day. At first I am sometimes quiet and then be very sociable in just about any situation. I am a bit of a geek in that I like computers and that I am well read on history and geography. I seem serious most of the time. But, I also like to joke around and can laugh at myself. Since, I am still young at heart (and in great health and look younger than I am). I like to take walks, bike or hike everyday. And, I love to have dinner out a couple of times a week and I like to cook or to help too. Also, have a lot of varied interests and many different types of friends. I am caring, loyal, sensible, dependable, a good listener, understanding and will always take the high road.
Two things that I don't spend very much time doing...TV watching. Though, I do like going to the theater to watch movies. Also, not very interested in watching or attending any sporting events. Unless, it is your's, someone's kids or friends or something like that. Or, to play in them myself.
I would like her to be drama-lite and generally be happy and wanting to have fun. Not into game playing. Has career goals or is happy in their life's work. Someone who knows what they want and not afraid to communicate how they feel or what they like. Have good relations with her family, kids (if any) and friends. Has a good balance of responsibilities and available time to spend exploring and doing things together. And, ideally looking for friendship first that would ultimately end up in a long-term relationship.

Date people from Redondo Beach, United States. Would you like to meet a tall, dark, and handsome gentleman? A well-educated man, with a great sense of humor, and well-mannered (yes, I'll hold the door open for you).
I'm looking for the elusive special person who already has a great life but also wants a best friend and more.
I moved to the South Bay (near Redondo Beach) 15 years ago and also have a condo in Las Vegas. Since I travel for work, I have the job flexibilty to spend my free time in either location.
If you like sports, that's a big plus (worked for ESPN for 12 years until I turned 34) and am still an avid sports fan. After having become jaded during my ESPN days, I have recently rekindled my passion for live sporting events.
There are two thing I always like on a date (one a bit superficial, one not): a good sense of humor and a woman in heels (if you missed it, the heels are the superficial part). I think high heels must have been invented by a tall guy!!
Important disclosure item: I travel a lot for business (it's usually 3-4 days at a time, including a lot of weekends). If you're looking for somebody who you'll see every day, that's not me.
So if you have a full and busy life like I do but want to treasure the time with someone special, let's meet!!
PS -- my travel insanity has yielded over 1.5 million frequent flier miles. Just saying, that might come in handy...

Meet single man from Redondo Beach, United States. About me...I have tons of interests and constantly feel I don't have enough time in the day to get to them all. Needless to say, I'm never bored (I think if you are bored, perhaps you're boring?) Little things - I always open doors and send flowers when it strikes me (my uncle taught me that...why send them when everyone else does?). I ask lots of questions and am a pretty good communicator. I've got a huge family that is very dear to me (41 1st cousins at last count). I have 2 cars...a hybrid sedan for the day and a Landcruiser for adventures/camping/surfing/roadtrips. Bigger things - Obviously, chemistry is important in a relationship, but I need to connect with someone on a deeper, intellectual level as well. My perspective is longer rather than short term so I generally don't sweat the small stuff. I'm introspective and am secure enough to be told when I'm not walking the talk and really need someone of the same mindset. I hope to be inspired as well as be an inspiration to the one I love. Oh, one last thing, I enjoy cooking, a lot! I could cook for you 5 nights a week if you'll help me clean. So if you want to be my tasting consultant, email me. Last dish made? smoked brisket...Knowing who you are and what your values are is very attractive to me. I fit best with a woman who is secure in herself. I don't really believe in the concept of a 'soul-mate' (really, who isn't looking for someone that knows your every want, need, and desire, without ever asking?) I'm fortunate to be a happy person. Hopefully you are too...bitter, cynical, pessimists need not apply...unless you are really, really, funny.
Lastly, I believe you have to work hard at making a great relationship, but it shouldn't be hard work.

Date a soulmate from Redondo Beach, United States. I'm an easygoing guy, successfull, more or less grounded and secure. Pretty good speller, pretty bad dancer, anything else just ask me, I'm an open book. I'm L.A. born and raised and there's nowhere I'd rather be, I'm constantly rediscovering our great city. While I'm blessed with great family and friends, a career that I love and the sweetest, most beautiful daughter, I'm ready for the next stage of my life and who knows? I might find it here.
Chemistry is so important and so hard to define, I'd love to find someone who laughs easily... at herself, at life in general and judging by past experience, probably at me. I'm family oriented and definitely looking for the same, a best friend and partner in all things. Girl next door type is good and if she's a little bit goofy or off center that's even better. Is a heart of gold is too much to ask? Probably, but we'll see, I'm an optimist by nature.


Date someone special from California, United States. I like to be active but really appreciate seeing everything around me. I enjoy golfing, running/walking, fishing, horseback riding, skiing. I recently started photography so I can take pictures as I travel around the state.
I have 2 teenage daughters that keep me busy every other week. They are a junior and senior in high school. My oldest is getting ready to graduate and head off to college in a few months.
I travel thru out Southern Califormia for my work which also keeps me busy. The balancing act between work, personal time and children is the toughest part for me. I enjoy traveling but I really appreciate being comfortable at home.
My music taste, as cliched as it is, vary. I went to several concerts last year ranging from country (Toby Keith, Sugarland) to rock and alternative/rock (Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, Young The Giant). My iPod has swing, reggae, country, rock, oldies, 80's, ska, rock.
I don't understand the women who say no winks. If someone feels like winking to show an initial interest it at least shows some interest.

Meet men and women from California, United States. Hi, thanks for the visit.
I have stories for each of the below... but I'm thinking it would be way to much.
Long story short, I'm:
Creative | Artistic | a Problem Solver
Athletic | an Endorphin Junkie | a Risk Taker
a Traveler | an Animal Lover | Adventurous
Romantic | Patient | Optimistic
I'm originally from Colorado.
But feel like a native Californian (been here since 1984)
I've combined my work with my passion, which makes it .. not so much like "work"
Live'n the dream
I'm patient, tolerant and was NOT on the debate team.
I've spent some time in various parts of the globe. From BoraBora to Northern Alaska.
I'm looking for that elusive "chemistry" I'm sure you know what I mean.
I have much more to add, but would rather do it in person.

Date people from California, United States. im super funny and make people laugh. I'm young at heart, I'm very generous and like helping people . i want someone easy going,funny and has a good drama.... i want someone with good family very easy to get along with and I'm looking for someone thats easy to get along with and just have a great time no matter what were doing and see where it takes us.. i could go on saying a bunch of stuff but it doesn't matter till i talk to whoever it is. I'm good looking i make good money all that b.s. it doesn't matter. chemistry is what matters

Meet single man from California, United States. Me:
I'm a friendly, fun, intelligent guy who always tries to see the bright side of things (eventually). I'm active physically--I run, hike, workout, and walk my dog (at least twice a day).
I have a great sense of humor--I enjoy laughing and making others laugh. I'm a little sarcastic (okay, a lot sometimes--but, not overly bitter or cynical). I have a quick wit, which you're just going to have to take my word for. One major flaw of internet dating is the inability to display or perceive wit
I also love watching sports. Don't worry, I don't spend countless hours watching football all weekend. Actually, I'm not that big of a fan of football, unless you're talking about soccer. I tivo lots of English League soccer, but never end up watching half of it. I do enjoy going to live sporting events though. In this country, hockey is my favorite; oversees, nothing compares to a soccer match.
I love music. I have far too many cds to keep track of (I'm told they'll be obsolete soon--that'll free up some storage space in my living room). I enjoy going to see live music--a great performance can really inspire me. I'm trying to learn the guitar right now. I've been playing (I don't think anyone else would consider it that) for about a year now. So many of my students play, all better than I--don't really know why I waited so long to learn.
I consider myself a writer. However, I have to be in the mood. When I am, I'm driven. I climb into my head and won't resurface until I'm satisfied with what I've created. I do need to spend a little more time allowing myself to create garbage just for the sake of writing. At one point thought it was what I would want to do for a living, even took some time off of work to pursue it full time. However, what I discovered is that I like people more than I like writing--so, at least the solitary life of the writer is out for me. I still intend to try to publish some short stories or a novel some day though.
Finally (if you're still reading), I'm a good person and a great friend. I try to be kind and considerate to others as much as possible. I find it odd that people are often surprised if I go out of my way to hold the door open for someone--feel like I'm just trying to treat people the way I think everyone should. I have a ton of friends who make my life very special. My friends know that they can count on me no matter what--my loyalty and reliability are characteristics they value greatly in me.
I don't have a list. I'm looking for someone who makes me feel more alive when I'm with her than when I'm not. Too much pressure? Okay, how about you're a caring person who makes me feel special; you offer thoughts during conversation that make me think; you care about yourself and your health; and you laugh and make me laugh too. Okay, I guess I did sort of have a short list.

Date a soulmate from California, United States. communication, a best friend would be a nice start, to take what we start to a place where only we can understand. Attraction is the bonus, caring for oneself is caring for others. I am outgoing and get along with most people, It would be great if my match had the same comfort level

Meet a soulmate from United States. I'm orginally from the east coast. I've been living in california for many years. I still have my east coast humor(even though I've been told that it was has water down a bit).I am fun loving and spontaneous, nurturing but competitive,peaceful but energetic and I love a challenge.
I've gotten hooked on martial arts(kick boxing) just can't seem to get enough!! About my match: The right man not only fascinates me but also brings out the best in me. Laughing is essential. Perfection is impossible. I will be in complete and utter comfort. I can be myself around you without feeling judged.
You can sit in a room working while I read a book and I'm entirely content. Someone who can go from 5 star restaurant to backpack and flip flops.

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