Date men and women from United States / California, 59 year old

Date people from California, United States. Going off this site soon It would be great to find a fun loving guy with whom to share life. I am fun to be with, attractive, independent, strong but soft. Love to laugh. I am creating meeting a man with principals, loyal, trustworthy, kind, romantic, sexy.
There has to be chemistry, I will know with our first kiss :) Good sense of humor to keep me amused and an open heart and chest to lay my head upon.
I am controlled by my moods, in a good way. I change as my mood changes. I change my hair color and make-up when my mood changes.
I am wide-eyed and innocent to the world at times...lots of little girl in me, I never want to grow up. However, I can play all the parts in the office, professional. In the bedroom...all woman. I have a curious mind to the mysteries in life, what is on the other side, paranormal, UFO's. I am a Coast to Coast fan!!
I love all living things...I cherish them all. It is my nature to nurture. I have little dogs that if you see see them trailing behind me. They make my lfe joyful,complete and are my babies. So if you are not an animal lover and do not have patience, compassion and love for dogs..or any are not for me, sorry.
You can call me a Mother Earth type...I have open arms to all and want all to be happy, comfortable and well taken care of. I border on psychic at times and rely on my intuition to help navigate me through life. I am a Cancerian, if you believe that kind of thing...but describes me perfectly and who I am. I am hoping to help design a pool one day, waterfalls, caves, fire pit to play in, pretend we are pirates, explorers, swim naked under a full moon. To create our own world in which to dwell.
I still believe in fairy-tales, love at first sight, happily ever after. I am waiting to be swept off my feet, feel butterflies in my stomach and get literally lost in his kiss. Looking for my Prince and I will be his Princess.
I am sure after reading this you can see I am different if not eccentric..*smiling. This is me.
There's so much out there to do and explore. Let's see what happens!

Meet men and women from California, United States. Where do I begin, I guess I am looking to meet someone and be friends first and see if it takes us to a mutual place in emotion and future. I must tell you I am a widower who lost his wife to cancer and we had a great relationship, and all the things that go with it, if you actually want to know we met on this site, so I know this site can work.
I have two children ages 15 and 17, who live with me one week at a time, and they also have a special place in my life. It was mentioned to me this was confusing, since my wife passed away. Actually, my kids are from a prior marriage, and I get along with my ex and her boyfriend.
I guess I am looking to see if there is someone out there who would like to see what life has to offer, share in special moments, enjoy a family, and most of all have fun in doing so. I've been told I live my life like a kid, and look younger and I guess even act younger, because I enjoy life, you will have to make your own decision on that subject.
I am not into drama or drugs, I was in law enforcement my entire life and now coach girls high school softball. So I think you would be safe with me, at least I have had the background check, and it came up clean.
I hope after reading my profile I have given you some insight as to who I am and what I am looking for in life and a person. If any of those things are similar to your interest, please send me a wink or message and I will get back with you. Remeber to smile, and have a great day. Gary

Date people from California, United States. If you thought we just had five senses, then I’ve got news for you! If you want to roll with me, you have to engage ALL of your senses, and not just the obvious ones! Bring on your sense of adventure, your sense of fun, your sense of self, your sense of wonder, and your sense of humor. The first and last ones are most important! I hope to find that one special woman with whom I can expand my collection of amazing life experiences, making sure that fun and laughter are always on the menu.
Far from reserved and complacent, I am an out-going man who thrives on challenging myself, seeking new adventures, and stretching myself beyond my comfort zone. From sky skiing to scuba diving, I boast a wide variety of interests and hope to share in these with an equally enthusiastic woman.
If you were to inquire of my friends and family, they would probably comment on my friendly and approachable nature. I like to make others feel right at home when they are with me. Getting along with others comes naturally to me and I enjoy a diverse and wide circle of friends.
As a partner, I am steadfast, loyal and trustworthy. I don’t entertain games or drama and am willing to make an emotional commitment. I live with an open mind and am unafraid to pursue new experiences. I am authentic, true to myself as well as to others,
To describe myself as compassionate is an understatement, especially when it comes to animals. From rescue pets to working with horses that were otherwise deemed as lost causes, I am willing to devote my love, time, and attention to ensure that these creatures feel safe, secure, and valued.
An avid reader, I do enjoy the solitude of losing myself in the pages of a good book, but life is more than a vicarious thrill, and I aspire to make my passport my favorite book! I love adventures in travel and am more than willing to indulge my passion for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping out, scuba diving, rafting and more. A vacation is not just sitting on a beach somewhere! It’s adventure and action! From the national parks to the Great Barrier Reef, what’s not to love?
What I seek in a partner is what I see in myself. I admire a woman who has a quick wit paired with a curious intellect that allows for stimulating dialogue, yet she fun and playful sense of humor is always at the ready. she is confident and self-assured, yet lacks the weight of ego and arrogance. He exudes a quiet strength clothed in humility.
As one who leads a fit, healthy, and active lifestyle, it’s important to me to share in similar passions, pursuits, and pleasures, but I am just as excited about the differences my match will bring to the table that will serve to keep things interesting and alive.
Life is great. I enjoy many friends, hobbies and interests, but as one with a huge heart, there is more than enough love and room to celebrate in the abundance with one adventurous, purposeful, and sometimes daring, kind of man!bf

Meet single man from California, United States. I'm active - I teach high school special education in Northern California. I love to travel, play guitar, mandolin and piano. I also cook a lot and fish during the summer. I would like a match who enjoys music, theater, traveling and romance. Spontaneous and upbeat a must; be an "off the beaten path" person like me.
I'm attracted to smart women, humor, nicely turned ankles, soft skin, singing, an adventurous spirit - also, I am a sucker for a pretty face.
I am half Sicilian and Half Bulgarian; second child of a war hero and a roller derby queen. Raised an hour north of Manhattan, so I am a country boy. I live in West Sonoma County and love the countryside and the pace and the ability to be in SF in an hour. My heroes are Les Paul, Carl Safina, Warren Zevon, Jimmy Carter, Thomas Lauderdale, Martina Navratilova and my parents.
I love teaching because I know I will never get it right and that is the greatest challenge. It keeps me coming back to it every day. Education is the most complex set of human dynamics in all of creation. There is nothing that compares to the level of responsibility and importance inherent in this field. I have to work with colleagues I can learn from, and I've been lucky to have plenty of those over the years. I am up for some travel, any kind of dining, fine or funky, live music, live theater, wine tasting, dog walking, exploring...
Happy Trails!

Date a soulmate from California, United States. I have been divoeced for over 10 years now and am looking to meet someone to spend the rest of my life with. I know thats not possible without getting to know someone so here I am. I like to go for rides on my Harley (no not a biker). No tattoos here. (might be good on some people) just not on me. I like all kinds of music except rap, is that music? I don't think so. Had a club with Blues & Jazz. Car shows are nice something different, river was fun sold my boat not fun anymore, unless YOU have one. Wine tasting, Travel, Dining, movies, Honey do chores. yes I can do them. For the rest of me just send me a line we can discuss??
I am sorry I have not responded to those that have e-mailed me on this sight. I have not decided if I am going to join or not. If you wink I can see your profile and can wink back if interested in knowing more about you. Thank youfor your interest.

Meet someone special from California, United States. My life has always been about being healthy and exploring the world. I have been a dance photographer and involved in fashion design my whole life. I love Europe and its couture and of course the food.
i would love to be with someone that has passion and
love of design.
i appreciate the simple things in life from walking on the beach to watching a great movie to just going out and enjoying a diner together. I have always been a passionate person and hope to find the right lady to share the adventure which I hope will continue for years into the future.

Date a man from United States.
Thanks for stopping bye,
I hope you will read between the lines and see there is more than what meets the eye. Like my tag line says, "if you are looking for a nice guy, hard working, slightly rough around the edges, but definitely can make you laugh, and willing to treat you with respect, and knows the values of commitment, love and honesty, then I am your man!
Please dont just send a "wink," because I don't respond to just "winks." If you thought enough to let me know your interested, then take a few minutes and tell me what you liked.
First and foremost, you must love dogs! You don’t have to have dogs, but you must love dogs. This is a deal breaker. I am not saying they are more important than any relationship, but they are my only “baggage” so to speak.
I am hoping to find a woman who is equally grounded, has a goal in life, wants to share the ups and downs of "just life" and can share it with her man, to help the burden and pain that sometimes life can bring. A woman who will make me her priority and she will be my priority. A woman who wants to be taken care of, and who wants to take care of her man! Because in the end, all you have is each other!
A little insight. I know what it’s like to be in love and I am determined to find love again. Life is meant to be shared! Knowing that she has your back and you have her back, is what it’s all about. Giving each other the security, affection, attention, communication, understanding, and trust, is what a relationship is all about. Knowing that you are there for each other and that life means more to you with that person, then without that person.
A little about me. I have a great job, that allows me the opportunity to travel all over the World. And I want to share that, when the opportunity exists with my love. I work hard, and would be considered, your basic, down to earth kind of guy. I enjoy the simple things that comes with life, and come the weekend, I enjoy quality, not quantity. But what makes everything worth while, is who you are with. I enjoy going out to dinner out, movies, parks, beaches, outdoor festivals, and a nice enjoyable weekend drive to anywhere by the ocean. Weekend trips are a must and room service is mandatory!!! But mostly I enjoy having the woman I love with me. I am not looking to change her, just hoping that I will compliment her. She can climb the highest mountain, ski the Alps, trek across the Amazon rain forest, if that makes her happy, and I will be happily waiting for her. Mostly, she will learn that she can count on me, and I want to count on her. Because trust is everything!
A little about her. I am looking for that very special woman, who can be as comfortable in jeans, as well as high heels. Who possesses natural beauty without makeup, but still enjoys wearing makeup to enhance her natural beauty. I love curves on a woman, and who looks like a woman and who has visual appeal and looks good in anything she wears. I would like to find a woman who can hammer a nail, but still wants to get her nails done. Someone who can relax and enjoy the simple pleasures and can stop and smell the roses along the way in life. Just being with the one you love.

Meet men and women from United States. My name is Natasha and I am the daughter of this amazing man. I am looking for a women who has some of the same interest's.
Let me tell you a little about him, he was a single father of three, raised us and always put us first before himself. Never had much time for himself and now as I get older I would hate to see him grow old by himself...he has the biggest heart, he works hard but also plays harder, he is fit and loves to be outdoors, smart, funny, Everything he has been through in life and he still is a positive man.
He was in the Navy for over 20 years retired as a chief.
If you'd like to know more,don't hesitate to ask!

Date people from United States. No matter what may be written below my quest is love not only for me but For love can not exist without two hearts being together as one..I know love won't be instant and takes time to grow and be nutured, but that is what I am willing to do..
I have had in my life the privilege of knowing pure love and the joy it brings..I know it is possible again.
So please read on, please keep in mind what really matters together..
So this is where I write about me huh?..Here goes..YIKES!!
I am a very positve person, my outlook is always up. And desire a woman that smiles often and cares for those around her. And most importantly her ownself.. Know it's been journey for all of us to get here and we all are wanting a heart to not only share and care for but also to find someone that desires the same in return.. Love is for two who want to be one...
My outlook tends not to match my age. A lot of my tastes lean towards a more younger style..
For example, music wise I tend to listen to and enjoy alternative music. Such as Muse, The Temper Trap, Greenday, The Killers and Norah Jones and WaY more. It is not to say I don't enjoy the other music such as Fleetwood Mac, Matchbook 20, Beatles, Three Doors Down, Sarah McLachlan, Frank Sinatra, Fiona Apple and classical. I am a music person, also love nice Jazz, new and old Blues...hmm just easier to say music...Some only to music from the 70's, 80's. Please don't take that wrong I listen to most styles of music, just enjoy all that comes on to the word is expansive...
I also LoVe to cook!! I would enjoy finding someone that enjoys good foods.. I am pretty good cook, just would be a lot more fun to share the cooking and love to share some great meals with someone special.. Sure great watching the food channel and getting recipes from them, just a heck of a lot better, fun and sometimes scary making up your own. Two creative minds are better than one. Yes sometimes you make it and you say.."Oh My god never again!!" Isn't that half the fun of being creative?
And to talk of each others day and what each is thinking and feeling is paramount to both of us getting to know one another every day. Sharing everything, without concern to share openly and speak honestly from one another's heart.
I do also have a love also for good and fine wine...still learning A LOT though. I tend to lean towards reds, though not limited to that. As a lot of foods just don't go with red wines. Have more than a few bottles of some nice ones, just need to find the right one to pull the cork and enjoy with.
One of the things I would love to share is going for drives by pointing the car in a random pick and point..I about throwing a dart on a map?? Then ending up somewhere, wine tasting, eating out at small out of the way places or a picnic. It is the journey and the company that counts not always the destination.
And one of the main reasons I am here is something I have really not seen or spoken about much, implied yes...spoken of rarely. Being able to find someone to share time together, holding hands, long slow kisses, understanding each others heart through conversation, words written and anyway possible, to become beyond close, knowing how the other will finish a sentence and when the phone rings answer.."Hi honey I was just thinking of you too" Barely able to wait to see them once again for the joy they bring to your heart...Love..
The main thing it all comes down to is openess, being able to be yourself as much you want the other to be for the other..respect.
You can ask what you want and I will answer honestly. Have a saying I tend to live by...Easier to tell the truth than to remember which lie you told. Makes life a hell of a lot easier..;~)
By the way did I say I enjoy dancing...must go along with the music..LOL ;~)
Please remember what I wrote at the beginning of this...Love in time as we grow closer...

Meet single man from United States. A mature guy looking to spend quality time with a lady wanting to try to find the same in this pass me by world. Leaveing a 21yr. marriage. Lifes too short. Looking for the ultimate 1 on 1 relationship. I'm compationate, loving, romantic, affectionate, easy going. warm ,caring,sensuous,mature,yet young at heart guy,sensetive, to touch, hold hands, kiss,cuddle. Some qualities my partner may pocess run along those as mine. And not stress over the little things that cause a bump in the road of life. Thanks for passing by. My membership will end as of 5/26/12 and don't plan to re-new, so i'll be back to a Standard member then.

Date a soulmate from United States. Me: My time is mostly split between my scientific consulting business and music. I read and write for several hours a day, mostly work related but also read about music, art, and history. I perform in a musical group regularly--not for the lime light but to share a talent. If you like a smart guy that isn't a nerd I could be a candidate. I have found that people find me hard to 'read' as I think from several perspectives. Nevertheless, no one would claim that I am not honest and up front--but some might claim I take it to a serious fault. I don't jump out of airplanes, do motorcycles, or SCUBA. I take more adventures between my ears than other parts of my body these days. Thrills can be subtle. I have no living children and no "ex" that has any significant impact in my affairs. Maybe most important, I abhor drama and do not permit it to be in my life.
You: Kind, cool, sexy, mature, and generally evolved. I don't have a specific image in my mind or a list of criteria for a potential partner, but I suspect that it will require someone very different. I haven't owned a TV for over 20 years--that is often hard for the 'conventional' woman to grasp. Afterall, how many guys don’t own or want a TV? I don't suspect I will find this special woman by reading a profile or looking at the pictures on, but via this site I hope to meet an interesting woman and discover I like her and she me.
That is how relationships begin for me; how do relationships begin with you?

Meet someone special from United States. My closest friends would describe me as a fun person to be around. What makes me smile, someone who cares, is funny and yet serious about life and relationships. I am most proud of my education (graduate school), my relationships i.e. friends, and most of all what God has allowed me to accomplish in life

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