Date men and women from United States / California, 33 year old

Date people from California, United States. I'm originally from the Midwest. I was born in Indiana, and grew up in Colorado and Iowa, with a few summers living and going to school in Hawaii. After high school, I moved to Los Angeles for college and law school.
I went to a private grade school, public high school, private college, and public grad school. It was definitely an adjustment, but it gives you a really good appreciation of the pros and cons of each system.
I’m half Japanese and half German, 4th generation both sides. Half of my relatives live in Hawaii and the other half in Chicago. Needless to say, it’s a great excuse to travel to 2 really great places. Also, since my dad retired in June and my parents started splitting their time between Hawaii and Las Vegas, I have even more good reasons to travel.

I’ve always loved sports. I swam competitively in both high school and college. I actually played baseball all the way up through the start of high school, at which point I decided to switch to swimming. Also, I’ve always enjoyed playing baseball, basketball, football, golf, tennis, and bowling.
Baseball is my favorite sport by far, I’m a big St. Louis Cardinals fan. My dad has always been a Chicago Cubs fan, and my best memories have always been going to baseball games or talking baseball with my dad. I also like the atmosphere at a baseball game the best out of all the sports, outdoor and laid back, you can just enjoy the weather and the food and the game. If you’ve only been to Dodger Stadium, that probably doesn’t make sense to you. It’s actually a lot different if you go to a baseball town like Chicago or St. Louis. With that said, I love going to basketball, football, or even hockey games. UCLA-USC at the Rose Bowl – sign me up!
I miss the Midwest sometimes, especially around the holidays. People there were just so much nicer, more polite, happier, and had better values. I don’t miss the below zero temps during the winter or the 100% humidity during the summer, haha. But waking up on Christmas morning with no snow on the ground will always seem kind of wrong to me.
I love traveling! I’ve been to Japan a few times, China a few times, Mexico a few times, Canada, India, England a few times, Wales, Scotland, France, multiple Hawaiian islands multiple times, and to most of the states in the US. I’ve got some amazing stories from those trips, especially India. My dream vacation would be 1 week in London during Christmas and then 1 week in Paris for New Years.
My favorite movies probably include Lost in Translation, Nick Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Up, Love Actually, Ocean’s 12, Kung Fu Panda 2, Rush Hour 2, Scott Pilgrim, and The Avengers.
My job is mostly employment and entertainment law, but I promise I’m not like any lawyer you’ve met. I always put family and friends before work, I never take work home, I never work on the weekends, I don’t work long hours, I don’t drink or smoke, and I’m not argumentative. I’m actually a pretty happy, funny, helpful, laid back, and responsible person. My friends say my personality is more like that of a teacher than a lawyer. I ended up in law because my dad was a lawyer, and when I was little I decided I wanted to be just like him. I ended up being pretty good at, so I’ve just kept doing it since law school.
About you:
Someone who hasn't lost her childlike wonder and innocence;
Someone who knows with certainty what her values are;
Someone who is truly happy with the person she is today, and who doesn't feel the constant need to prove something to herself or others;
Someone who is always smiling;
Someone to travel with;
A best friend;
Someone to have adventures with (an Ellie to my Carl if you've seen “Up”);
Someone who works to live and doesn't live to work;
Someone who can be equally happy dressing up for a fancy dinner or throwing on jeans and a baseball cap; and
Someone who brings out the best in me and who I bring out the best in.

Meet single man from California, United States. I'm not prone to selling myself in any fashion so this 200 character minimum description will simply meet the requirements. I'm a quite, somewhat introvert engineer, hard to imagine those things going together. Not really into the bar scene or driving to the beach to watch the surf come in, it just doesn't make sense to me. Looking for someone that is comfortable simply relaxing and being direct if they have a desire.

Date a soulmate from California, United States. How you doin. First of all I think trust is very important in a relationship thats when I'll open up 110% Im a laid back person that goes with the flow and try to get everybody involved so nobody will feel left out. I also think family is very important. With that said I got 2 handsome boys n 1 gorgeous girl. Im not looking to play or b played. Im looking for someone who can recieve and be affectionate with a hug or a kiss.Also someone who doesn't mind just relaxing holdin hands watching a sunrise, going to the beach and waching a sunset or just being together watching TV. So if you want to know me better just let me know.

Meet someone special from California, United States. I am a hard working person who lives life to the fullest. I'm open minded and love trying new things. I also want an equal, someone who isn't shy or reserved and is willing to try new things. My friends would say I'm nice, fun and loyal. I'm very honest and trustworthy, and expect my match to be the same.

Date men and women from California, United States. I would like to know A biutiful Girl That wants To go out have fun and let the time do It 's work And also
Share all the good times but also the bad Ones And someone icantrust and i can be trust

Meet a man from California, United States. Bonus points if you know where my headline is from...Anyway, I have a good head on my shoulders,and have my act together. I am respectful and get along with pretty much everyone. My parents raised me right I suppose. I'd like to believe that I have done well for myself, have worked hard to get where I'm at, and worked hard for the things I have.
Some things about me/I enjoy/can't live without include, but not limited to, the following...
- My family - I don't have a very large family, so we are all very close. My parents are legit and have been married for 40 years. Came to this country with nothing and were able to build a stable household for their kids. My brother and sister aren't half bad either.
- My friends - All a bunch of stand up people. We're all so different yet we've managed to stay friends for all these years. Ask the two guys I've been friends with since kindergarten that I still hang out with on a weekly basis.
- My job - Thankfully I have one in these tough times. Couldn't imagine working anywhere else. Always challenging me to do my best and enabling me to continuously grow.
- City of Orange - I love where I live, especially the Old Town area. Wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
- Music - Punk and hardcore (see list of good bands below) although my taste in music has mellowed and broadened in my old age. Still dig going to shows, but good bands are few and far between these days. Don't worry, I'll let you play DJ in my car.
- Vegas - Ummmm I love going there. I lost count how many times we went last year. Yikes. I am trying to cut down on the Vegas trips. I'm doing a better job this year with that.
Ok, so now things I am looking for in a girl include, but not limited to, the following (by no means is this all encompassing)...
- Family oriented - See #1 above.
- Someone who can make me laugh. Laughter is key.
- Someone who can challenge me. Need you to keep me on my toes.
- Someone I can be myself around. I'm serious when I need to be, but like enjoy life.
- Someone who likes to get the heck out of town every once in a while. Spur of the moment trips are always a good thing!
- Someone who is somewhat knowledgeable of what is going on in the world. FB status updates don't count.
- Someone who can recognize and appreciate a good guy when he's in front of them. No need to elaborate on this one.
- Someone who gets along with my friends. They're all good peeps, I promise.
At this point in my life, I am fortunate enough to have everything I can ask for (good job, health, my family, close friends, house, etc etc etc), except that special someone. Mushy, I know... OK, I'm done writing.

Date people from United States. I've been in Pasadena for about a year now. I moved here from Dallas/ Fort Worth area, but I am originally from Oklahoma. That is where most of my family is, so I guess it will always be home even though I left about 10 years ago. My closest friends would say that I am intelligent, funny, adventurous, compassionate, devout, and headstrong.
I had a friend tell me I was eclectic, and I suppose that is true. I had an elite job in the military, but I have also spent a lot of time in caretaking jobs and volunteer experiences i.e.., nurse's assistant in hospice home, caretaker of a boy with cerebral palsy, volunteer at orphanage, etc. I am a graduate student at a seminary, so I am intelligent and spiritual/ religious, but I am also simple, easygoing, and given to all sorts of fun and adventure. I love to travel and immerse myself in different cultures, but I like just hanging out at home sometimes and playing games. I like deep conversations about history, art, current events, philosophy or whatever, but I could be happy living my life out on a beach, secluded from the world. Fast food has always been the mainstay of my diet, but I am learning to enjoy making increasingly complex meals at home. In short, I'm curious about life and everything, always looking to grow, but simple and easily contented.
I am looking for a long term relationship; but, to start I am looking to make friends and have good conversations, laughs, and fun.

Meet single man from United States. Hi. I work hard all week so on the weekends i try to have as much fun as possible.
In my free time i like hanging out with friends and family, camping in the summer, tahoe, wine festivals.
Im pretty social, i like to be out and about, but I don't mind staying home and watching movies every once in a while.
I have a big family and were all pretty close.
Im looking for a girl that likes to have fun and has a good sense of humor.

Date a soulmate from United States. I am a Dad first. I'm hard working, honest, and a little shy. I have a dry, witty sence of humor. I enjoy deep conversations about philosophy, morality, and mortality. I currently play guitar in a local hard rock cover band and bass in another that plays classic rock standards. I also have three 'real' jobs, Baker, Care Worker, and Bouncer, so I stay very busy. I have many talents that relate to art, drawing, painting, video production, video game and web design, music performance and recording, and writing stories. When I relax, I like to have a beer, play some pool, watch my SF Giants play. I'll watch a good comedy, action or horror movie. I've also been known to kill one of my best friends a time or two on the xbox360. I might take an adventure up the highest mountain around, I have climbed Half Dome, Konocti, Shasta, and Lassen to name a few.

Meet someone special from United States. Hey there, thanks for swinging by. You are now automatically entered into the grand prize drawing.
I think I've figured out the purpose of this profile. It's like an essay for college. Your GPA (stats) and SAT scores (pics) are the bulk of the evaluation. The profile can rule someone out, but rarely rule 'em in. So I figure as long as the grammar is acceptable, Houston we are GO!
In all seriousness, I have a wonderful family, good friends, and a great calling for work. I aspire to live and grow just a few micrometers every day by a few principles: 1) Do good for the world (wouldn't everything be better with more random acts of kindness); 2) Learn something everyday (did you know Jack Daniels doesn't stay lit? Never knew...); 3) Invest in people and relationships (some evidence it helps reduce mortality); 4) Laugh as much as possible (that's free advice with a money-back guarantee). I figure if I can manage that while getting as much sun and exercise as possible, I should be good to go. Where to, I do not know... Want to come with?
So if you have taken your fair share of punches and rolled through 'em all, if you've stopped by to smell the roses even though you're late, if you appreciate genius yet find joy in the mundane, if you always want to go to the head of the roller coaster, if you take yourself seriously enough to snicker at the mirror... I say don't be shy. I think we'd get along just fine.

Date men and women from United States. I'm 32 years old and live in Canoga Pk ca. I play piano and am down to earth and have a fantastic sense of humor. Lol. I would love to meet someone that has good values and appreciates music and art and the simple things in life. I enjoy going for walks and hikes. I'm passionate about music and write my own pieces. I would just love to meet someone that matches my personality. I would like a girl with a sense of humor, active, fun, and above all just a real person who wants to get to know me.

Meet a man from United States. Heard friends talk about this site, now here I am trying it out for couple months. If you are reading this then it probably means I passed the picture viewings. Me… Ambitious, competitive, funny, athletic am a people person . I am always staying busy with work, sports or having a good time on the weekends. I see the glass half full not half empty. I love to travel and staying in shape. Some of my travels consist of a few parts in Asia, Central South America ,Caribbean and all over the US. I’m hoping to hit Europe for 2012 Olympics to watch a friend compete. I am a pretty smart guy. Business owner for 12 yrs. Grew up in a loving family and am grateful for that. I am a student of life for life. Always learning and always improving to be a better friend, father, lover and future husband for someone out there. I am a sponge for information. I could listen to talk radio or news all day. I always want to know everything and be good at the things that interest me. I am the type that if I don’t know how to do something I will buy books, videos, do research and/ or take classes if need be. Good examples are… I take photography classes, my book shelves are filled with business books from marketing, accounting to management, I sometimes take dance classes cause I hate being Colombian and sucking at dancing salsa. Lol.. Ive made mistakes in life, my mistakes and life lessons have made me the strong person I am today.
My Ideal match would be someone intelligent, someone that cares about themselves, that likes to stay in shape and knows where they are going in life or is already there. Someone supportive that helps me be a better person. I want someone that has their priorities in line, likes to go out and have fun but deff not a party girl. Im not going to lie in regards to physical appearance but it is always a plus. :)

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