Date men and women from United States / California, 86 year old

Date a soulmate from California, United States. Want a common, ordinary, fun loving, healthy, active Christian man that enjoys dangerous vices smoking, drinking, gambling, druggie other than prescribed medicine or crimnal record. This would match up with me.

Meet people from California, United States. I am independent, have good mental health, dislike unfairness, untrustworthiness, arrogance. Would like companionship with man who has as little baggage as possible at this age, is in fairly good health and respects women. My social life consists of mostly women friends, two groups; one is a book group, one old friends dining at each other's homes. I belong to a university group for retirees who want to keep learning. I have recently had my DNA done. I like seeing and learning new things. I have neighbor friends who socialize. I plan to try kayaking with my grandson soon. I seen to be attracted to slender men rather than heavyset ones. Ha! I am told that I look much younger than I am, that I think younger also. I am amused when someone says I look only 70 and that is a compliment!! Life is such a mystery.

Date someone special from California, United States. I want someone that has a good sense of humor. I need your your parents not to judge about skin color.I like long strolls in the park.It doesn't matter if your family is rich or not.If we stay together long enough we could have kids. You and me would need to support the kids.

Meet men and women from California, United States. I looking for nice gentleman,clean,romantic,the good character,like go out to dance , go to the restaurant, go the diferent places .with my,
amorous, detail ,like send flowers to my, like cook,
gardenet,nice with the family. call me leonard????

Date a woman from California, United States. Blonde, Nordic youthful lady of matured age interested in serious relationship of companionship/friendship to enjoy healthy, good experiences of mutual interest.
I would love to find a thoughtful, young-minded gentleman who is spiritually minded, loves serious
conversation, has a good sense of humor and loves life.

Meet a soulmate from United States. Open and ready for a friendly relationship with someone who appreciates spending time with interesting people...enjoying good conversation!
Especially laughter! How about a game of casino or Scrabble???

Date people from United States. My friends would say I am friendly,loving and caring. Waking up and seeing the sunshine always makes me smile. I'm proud of my four children and the way they have turned out. I am grateful for my family and my friends.
you know..I just decided that I don't really need anyone in my life right now..I am happy with all my friends here. I will not finish this profile. Thank you.

Meet someone special from United States. I am a person. I play in a rockband. It is really cool. My friends all like me and they think I'm cool. I enjoy horses a lot. Horses are definitiely really cool and nice creatures. I like lobsters too. They are really nice. They taste good too when I eat them. I also enjoy shrimp. They taste very good as well. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be able to breathe underwater, like a shrimp. I also enjoy hip hop music. I am not afraid of ghosts.
Sometimes I get together with friends and dance. It is very fun for me. However, I am not afraid of mentioned before. They do not scare me so if you are afraid don't message me.

Date men and women from United States. I am just looking at this point in time. My husband passed away almost two years ago and my daughter has suggested that perhaps I find some new friends to spend time with. I enjoy reading, playing cards and cooking.

Meet a woman from United States. i am a friendly, average looking and my friends enjoy being with me and I enjoy being around people. I love to travel and have visited Europe, Greece, Egypt, China. Hawaii and South Africa.
I enjoy dining out in great eating places. I am very happy that I have lived this long. My grandchildren and greatgrandchildren enjoy being with me and that I think is a plus.

. I'm a Mayflower Descendant & a person who says what I mean, you can depend on me. I was involved with Geneology for awhile but not now but spending time with someone either talking or just being together is important. Going to shows or plays etc is interesting to me. Taking time to describe myself i not easy, when you meet a person for the first time you know right away if there's a chance for a repeat time. Talking will telli if it will go further.

. I am a retired woman still believing in the institution of marriage which God created and put Himself into it as the point of focus and worship.
I have never been married because I chose a career. I don;t believe in the combination of career and marriage for a woman. If she chooses
marriage, her family (husband an chilcren) are to
be the center to which she spends all her hours, giving love and care, which is a full time job. We are seeing all around us the tragic results of working mothers having a career, and leaving the care of her family to others. I chose a career in the Arts, hence never married. Now, retired, I like to spend my remaining years with a husband enjoying our retirement and preparing for the life God has promised us in His Kingdom. A future soon to be realised for those who has chosen Him as their God and Savior.
I was not domestically raised because we had 5 servants in the house, among which was a fooltime cook. hence my poor cooking results.
I don't like to spend time in the kitchen just for myself. I am a vegetarian. In exellent health, active, have an all around interest in everything educational. My curious mind needs to know. I love people and like their company. Talking about education. I love animals and have two pets that I mother and spoil. Great company. I live in a mobile home park where
I feel safe.