Date men and women from United States / California, 83 year old

Date men and women from California, United States. Not interested in a serious relationship. Just good company occasionally for theater, symphony, out to dinner, etc.
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Meet someone special from California, United States. I am outgoing and yet reserved. I like to keep active and I like to help people who can't help themselves. I would like a mate who feels the same about helping others. I am so grateful for my health and would hope any companion that I would meet would also enjoy good health. I am looking for a thoughtful and loving man who is affectionate and kind. Someone who will be a good companion and friend. Someone with a good sense of humor.
I was a real estate broker for 20 years and a lawyer for 35 years and thoroughly enjoyed both professions. I would like to meet some one that had a profession, but it isn't all that important if we are compatible and the chemistry is there.
I was born and raised in California and have lived all of my life here except for my travels throughout the United States and Canada. I have not been abroad.
I am a good cook, but don't necessarily have a passion for it. I would prefer my partner did most of the cooking and I would do the
"clean up". I enjoy eating out on occasion and having friends in for dinner or refreshments.
My deceased husband was an avid hunter, fisherman, trap and skeet shooter and I have enjoyed doiing all those things with him.

Date a soulmate from California, United States. succinctly, i'd say i'm truly desirous of finding someone who is, evolved yet masculine, an independent thinker who can challenge me, someone with a great sense of humor, and someone who will make the time to share some of what this amazing world has got to offer in the way of both simple pleasures and great adventures...
who am i? someone who is a bit of a thrill seeker, feminine yet sporty, (i've been told i'm a sexy tomboy), an intuitive, creative type with an edge, who is witty, worldly, and a tad feisty-just to keep things playful :) . i'm always passionate; always compassionate. having a huge thirst for knowledge and new cultures, i'm always up for travel. although the majority of my time is spent eating clean and healthy, i do really enjoy wine tasting and cooking for friends-I try to keep in mind it's about the journey...
I love anything pertaining to the arts and am definitely happiest when communing with nature, and particularly when i am at the beach-- that seems to be the one place in life that i really feel centered.
you: pleasantly surprise me...
although... if i had my'd be into fitness and a healthy balanced lifestyle. it also wouldn't hurt if you were creative, off-beat, adventurous, worldly and had the understanding that communication is key...
As for those "winks", we're on an anonymous site, it can't be any less pressure than that...please have the confidence to say hello if you're interested, otherwise...s.o.l. baby...

Meet people from California, United States. In this world, a happy living is what I am aiming to have. I am the woman who prefer to be happy all the time than thinking all the wrath of the world. I am the kind of woman who never quits to any consequences and trials in life. A woman who considers life as the greatest gift that needs to fill up with joy. A woman who prefer to be the most friendly one and that I value most of the person that is close to my heart most and still respect older one. I am the woman who in times of relationship, will do everything to make it last so long and then strong also. I am what I am and I prefer to be the nicest woman ever.Love and marriage is very important in life, that is why I always wanted to have a man who knows how to value love much and knows how to make me feel like I deserve true love and greatest love. My heart will smile a lot when I have a man who looks like he is responsible enough in a serious relationship to grow and enjoy it happily. I want a man who will comfort me with his hugs because I do consider the hugs of a man will heal loneliness of a woman. A man who knows how to be strong in facing lifeРІР‚в„ўs struggles and a man who is very known to be the friendly type.

Date a woman from California, United States. My date of birth does not indicate who I truly am. I am an active vibrant woman looking for a friendshiip to share with a nice gentleman who would love to join me on this life's path. It's an adventure meant to be shared, not hoarded by oneself.

Meet men and women from United States. Life is good and can get even better. I think that its not so much what we are dealt in life but our attitude about it. If we are dealt lemons , its possible to make lemonade. if we never had to overcome challenges, we would never grow. the grass may look greener on the other side, but I think we are asked to bloom right where we are.

Date someone special from United States. I am a woman looking for a guy. My name is sue and i want to meet a christian guy who loves me. I am interested in using this page at I wish to meet those and thank them for what they have done all they could to help me. I cannot wait to get married and live a life with a happy family. My parents are excited for me and also cannot wait. I am glad for getting provided by everyone and helped. Thank you everyone for trying to help me.

Meet a soulmate from United States. My friends descibe me as intelligent, good looking, and with a good sense of humor. They enjoy my cooking, and they like my company. I've met many mature men, 6 or 7 friendships, but I haven't met the "right" one to stay my friend. I'm looking for a pleasant looking , mature man, with a good mind and a sense of humor who enjoys being with a women like me.

Date people from United States. Enjoys life. good health, Drive, Do Prof. Clowning for 11 yrs. Bring fun, smiles & happiness to all children & adults.
Dance, Travel. enjoy nature. walks, parks, swimming, sports.
Live the best one can & enjoy life.
Retired for 16 yrs. Live in a retirement community.
Like movies, concerts,
looking for someone to do fun things, not looking
for marriage, just companionship, enjoy life.

Meet a woman from United States. Iam a widow of five yrs. My friends say I do not look nort act my age. I'am a happy person. I liveinEl Cajon, California. 'am a native Californian.I have a 4 year old Lahsa-Apso dog we are great pals..I try to live one day at a time. Iam not good talkng about myself. I do know I'am looking forward to meet a nice truthful man that would enjoy the things I like . I eat healthy not much of a cook but I get by. I enjoy going out to dinner. I like Mexican food,and Fish broiled. I also like Soft jazz wth candle light. Enjoy country music. My social llife isn't to good right now. I wont lie to you I'am looking for another persom to love again and for him to love me.
one acomplisshment I'am proud of is I now know how to take care of my self.

. I'm energetic, passionate, intelligent, well-read, well informed and a political junkie. I've lived in Philadelphia, New York, Georgia and California. I've travelled to most of Europe, Mexico, Afganistan, Canada & Equador. I have had many different careers such as professor, teacher, real estate, model, and vocalist. I'm looking for someone who can make me laugh, enjoys conversation, loves to travel and is adventerous. I am always seeking new knowledge and want someone to seek it with me. I graduated from State University of NY at Oswego & received a masters in education at Queens College of the City University of NY. I taught at Hofstra University in Hempstead,NY for 15 years during which time I travelled back & forth to Afghanistan, fell in love with trhe people & their handcrafts so I opened a shop & created a catalogue for them. I love classical, Jazz & some pop music, theatre, film, PBS, Charlie Rose, Bill Mahr & Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Right now I am reading the Social Animal by David Brooks. I love going to museums & people with a good sense of humor & good conversation.

. I am quiet, sophisticated, happy, optomystic, likes to be with people, likes to entertain, wordly, likes to travel, enjoys theater, movies, appreciates a good sense of humor. honesty and integrity are very important.