Date men and women from United States / California, 50 year old

Date single man from California, United States. Active, outgoing, intelligent, well traveled, attractive man looking for a confident partner in life. (please read….no drama!) I love being outdoors, working out, motorcycles, cooking, wine tasting and holding hands. I am affectionate and comfortable expressing my true feelings. I own my own home and take pride in having little to no baggage as it is commonly called, (well maybe a few small bags, but not very heavy!) My life is very manageable, just missing that special person to share my love and the special times with. I enjoy bike riding and would welcome meeting someone who also enjoys riding the bike trails and hills of Riverside. Financially and emotionally secure.
Isn't attraction incredible? Imagine relaxing into strong arms holding you, feeling safe and appreciated and intimate, knowing you're exactly where you belong... I'm educated, successful, emotionally mature, and I know what I want. My work keeps me busy, but I make time for travel, dining out, music (very diverse tastes), dancing and anything new and interesting. I'm in great shape, with beautiful blue eyes like deep pools of water, (or so I have been told) and Blond short wavy hair (picture available). Looking to meet a woman who's smart, honest, and loves to laugh. Now tell me all about you...

Meet people from California, United States. I am an outgoing, spontaneous guy seeking a wonderful caring woman. I am rather old school in a romantiic gentleman way. Respect and communication are a must. I enjoy diverse scenes fom a quiet night at home to a wild and crazy Vegas weekend to a hike through Tuscany. Family and friends are very important to me.

Date a man from California, United States. My perfect match-
I'm a sucker for a smile! My perfect match could melt me where I stand with just a smile! She'd have the power to make me feel like a teenage boy by just making direct eye contact - I'd blush and have to look down just to regain my composure. A touch from this sensual lady could literally bring me to my knees!
She's an indepentant women, she can make up her own mind about her likes and dislikes. She'll try anything twice. We don't have to agree on everything - in fact, different is okay! She don't have to check with me about her decision, I know she would have both of us in mind when she makes it. She's got character, not attitude - she is an adult! I don't want to be lead, I don't want to drag someone along. I'm looking for my equal!! We fit ....just because we do! We won't have to work at it because there's chemistry!
We are two independent people, both of us are working. (This should be important to both of us!) We may be apart most of the day, busy is okay! But we both have one thing in mind - EACH OTHER! This single thought takes both of us through the day.
Now, a touch is everything to me! A touch means I love you. A touch means I may not have the time, but I've got you on my mind. A touch can keep me for days! A touch in passing is essential!
I'm a happy. funny, "I don't take myself to serious" kind of guy. I love to laugh.......... and if a situation gets weird I get a nevous laugh! I'm at a great place in my life. To ask someone to make me happy is waaaaay too much responsability for anyone other than me!!! I'm happy enough for both of us! If you don't have a smile, I'll give you one of mine!
Well, if you like my profile, please let me know. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Meet someone special from California, United States. I could go on and give you more facts about myself, like my height (6'2 ) or my eye color (green) depending on my mood. Or that I like boating, camping, travel, tennis. Etc, but I have a feeling that most of the other men on this site just gave you a list of facts about themselves in the hopes that you might see something you like. I believe that the proof is in the pudding, but I will say this, I am very creative. I have a passion for life that seems to be very rare. I have an amazing Mom, the best of friends, I have my health and a talent that let's me create some amazing things. I blend in anywhere, on any occasion with all walks of life. If you have read this far. Then there is some interest, so please take the next step and send me an email, Don't window shop. I don't bite, well maybe only on the 3rd date. LOL I am looking for a cool friendship, what I mean is where you can just be yourself, No pressure, No expectations, just you for you and me for me and let's enjoy where things can go. If I found a woman that's above and beyond the avg. woman with substance beyond looks, than I would be interested in seeing where it could lead. If something happens then its meant to be. I like to let nature take its course. I am a challenge, a bit elusive, fun, vibrant, funny, fun to be with, not afraid to put you in your place or have a stimulating conversation. I am very open minded with a positive outlook, a risk taker who is always up for adventure. I am driven with anything I set my mind to. One of my favorite quotes: You can't re-live the past, the future is determined by what you do today, so Now is the only time. I have spent the last 20 years building my future, or what I thought was important and wanted, with little time or desire to have anything lasting. Sometimes in life you need a wakeup call to figure out what is really important to you. I learned that having someone special in my life was vital and that's why I'm here now.
One day I will meet a girl, that will change my life. That time will be the best of years of my life, without question when I actually meet a girl that supersedes and eclipses every other girl, past and future, it is a rare and amazing thing. Something that has to be embraced. I want to flow with it. Enjoy her beauty - (and I mean beauty in all its forms). Enjoy the life force that a beautiful woman imparts to you. When you have a woman that captivates you, everything in your life becomes infused with her beauty - your career, your health, your dreams. It is empowering and invigorating. In fact, to a romantic like me, it is incredible. Only that. Romance. Now, if that touches you the way it touches me every time I read it, then respond back. I'm looking for someone that is striking on the outside AND down to earth on the inside. If you're a "typical" California woman, don't waste your time, I far too good for you.
As for the type of girl? looks wise, slim/athletic, attractive, smart, laid back, funny, goofy, ambitious. Honesty, Trust, Respect... The 3 keys to my time.
Best Always!

Date a soulmate from California, United States. Ok....who am I...????
I am a working professional who is now ready to find that special person who will share many of the same interests and life goals that I have and who completes me and makes me a better person than I am now.
Some of my life priorities: my family and my friends, my Golden Retriever Kobe, animals in general, my health and fitness, which involves working out at the gym 5-6 days a week, traveling to new destinations, new and exciting adventures, sports - playing, watching and attending. I am a die hard SF Giants and Niner fan, so if you are a Dodger fan, we will have to work on that.
I am ready for that special person to come into my life and share the future and the adventures with me - and must like dogs.
I am looking for a best friend first, a soul mate, a relationship, a life partner, and if it all goes right ............????
If my best friends were to describe me they would say: smart, fun and funny, caring, sweet and sincere, loves to travel, is willing to take risks, loves all animals, is a great dad, has it all together, is extremely physically fit, and most importantly, is a great person and a great friend.
Something I want you to know: When I find that one special person, and I will, I will treat that person like the princess she is and I will give her my heart, my soul, my love, and just as important, my respect.
No games, no drama, no issues, no problems. I am who I say I am....... Let's see if it works.

Meet men and women from California, United States. hard to describe a perfect match because you never know who might be perfect for you. It should feel just natural - when you don't feel any tension. I believe in chemistry. I like to feel at ease with my match. I like smart, intelligent women . Eyes attract me first. Smile - second.Usually I can feel the person just by looking at her. My match is generous, sincere, emotionally stable, strong, spiritual...I am a very loving caring individual, that loves life and all it has to offer and would like to share my life with that special woman, that will not not play games with emotions and feelings. I like to do a variety of things, but would do almost anything with the person that I am with, as long as we were both happy.
I hope one day to find someone responsible and knows what they want in life. A woman who is willing to share her feelings, who values friendships, who is honest and forthright; who can be independent and assertive; who likes herself who wants to be appreciated for who she is as a person; and one who is ready to have a relationship and settle down and be ready to start over a new future with the right person to explore and enjoy life every bit...I am looking to find my best friend. Someone to enjoy the rest of my life with, see new things and places, build lasting memories, and laugh with...A nice woman of integrity, warmth and humor. One good person seeking another with whom to share friendship, smiles, communication, parallel values, similar and new, but not all interests. Doesn't brag she's beautiful or insist her looks and acts younger than she is. The gift wrap is never as important as what's inside. I'm a Christian and want and need to be more active. Can't be interested if you're atheist, agnostic, not interested, etc. Am pretty well conservative, so if you're too far left of center we probably wouldn't be a very good match...the debate thing could possibly get a little too tough... I don't think that two people need to be clones of each other at all , but I do believe that being somewhere on the same sheet of music regarding core values is important when building a successful, harmonious relationship... What I'm hoping to find here is someone who is honest and genuine, enjoys having fun and laughing hard, is well grounded, has a healthy moral belief system, and who just wants to experience the coming days of life with someone.

Date single man from United States. im a single perent my son is 16 now im ready to meet someone. i love to smile, anything ilike to be happy so iplay every chance iget. Iwould love to find someone who wants to play the game of life with me. i love to eat pink to please my mate

Meet people from United States. I'm a person who enjoys life and wants the most out of it. I like to do all kinds of things. I treat other people the way I would like to be treated. I'm looking for some one to spend time with and enjoy what life has to offer.I like to go out and see good live music and enjoy good movies and good meals. I like kids. There fun to be around.

Date a man from United States. Thanks for taking a look at my profile,
Boy what to say about myself, I was born and raised in New Jersey and have lived in California for over 20 years enjoy both coast. I still have relatives back in New Jersey and New York and it's also fun to go back once in a while. I was in the Navy for 9 years did some traveling out west (Japan and Korea). I enjoy life and try to live comfortably; I'm told we only go around once in this world, so you have to make the most of it. I am very optimistic as I always seem to see the glass half full. My friends say that I am a caring person with a big heart, always putting others first.
I enjoy watching sports such as baseball (especially NY Mets), football and hockey. For fun I like to ride my mountain bike, play softball, go to movies and go for walks or runs. I like weekend getaways as well as relaxing at home and watching a movie. I enjoy going to concerts, sporting events, museums, and walks on the beach with my dog. I have a kitty and doggy who I call my kids. Both are great listeners and companions. The cat's name is Mookie and the dog's name is Izzy.
My ideal match would be someone who is witty, enjoys physical activities, has a sense of humor, and enjoys animals. Someone who enjoys sports and a good barbecue with friends and/or family. Of course I would like someone who would enjoy some fun in the sun (Hawaiian Island style).
Hope to hear from you.

Meet someone special from United States. I am a good looking man,caring,loving,outstanding,honest,kind,out modded,happy, secure, self-confident,psychologically aware,emotionally,financially secure and nice to be with.i have learn.To be a Strong man,have hard working, i lost my late father and mum.I love poetry, books, walks on the beach and cozy candlelight dinners. I enjoy movies,television, music, traveling, the desert, the quietness of the mountains, the ocean, sunrises and sunsets.I am comfortable in jeans or a nice english suit. A nonsmokerdrinker, not into drugs (don't need them; I live in a natural high). I believe in enjoying the good life and am high on it. I have a healthy attitude about God and the Bible.I'm a very outgoing person, who loves to dine out,travel and enjoy a simple life. Im romantic and very affectionate. I have a good sense of humor and I like to make you laugh.My desire is to meet a beautiful, sensitive, sensuous, warm, assertive single woman who wants a serious relationship.My interpretation of a woman is one to whom you can pour out all the contents of your heart,chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentleness of hands will take it all, sift it, keep that which is worth keeping and, with a breath of kindness, blow the rest awa

Date a soulmate from United States. I am a very young at heart person, who enjoys life and lives it to the fullest. I enjoy companionship of my son, but need to find that special someone. I can be very romantic and spontaneus, enjoy a very active lifestyle. I am full of surprises, just try me. I am looking for someone who can keep up with me and my son. I'll try anything once, the skies the limit. I am not looking for a woman to be an insta mother, only someone to share our lives together and be part of our family. I am a people person and enjoy all kinds of outings and events, very loyal and family orientated. So if you have a zest for life and a great sence of humor lets get together. Pretty simple.

Meet men and women from United States. I'm a hard working designer (architecture/interior design/urban design) but also think it's important to have a little humor and be able to laugh at myself as evidenced by one of my pics!
I was born in LA but have taken the opportunity to live in places like Phoenix, Boston, London, Tokyo, and now San Francisco. I also enjoy traveling and enjoyed exploring places like Barcelona, Beijing, Delhi, and even a little town in the middle of Ohio. Now the Bay Area is home and appreciate my view of Alcatraz, the parks, as well as the city's great museums, neighborhoods, and restaurants. Being an ex-sushi chef, food is a great passion whether it be cooking for friends, trying the latest hot spot or settling into a local dive so San Francisco is a great place to be!
I have to make decisions all day, so I tend to be spontaneous outside of work and hope you are ok with not everything being planned..excpet for making time to see each other! It's difficult to describe but am searching for that magical physical and emotional chemistry where we get that silly feeling every time we see each other, share side splitting laughs, and be supportive in each other's careers.
So instead of writing too much here, let's do it the old fashioned way and get to know each other through long conversations over a great cocktail!

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