Date men and women from United States / California, 93 year old

Date people from California, United States. I am a young lady that loves doing things such as outdoor things! what makes me smile is people talking sweet! i amgreateful for having a lovely family that i loves hanging out with. BUT! not always! :D!

Meet men and women from California, United States. I'm friendly, outgoing, and enjoy spontaneous activities.I would like to travel and share new experiences with someone who is honest and outgoing as well. I love the out doors and love hiking. I love taking challenges and hope the other possesses the same needs and wants.

Date a woman from California, United States. im a child of 6, 2 real plus me and 3 step. my life hasnt been easy, my dad left when i was born cause he hated me and i havent had a man in my life since. my mom almost died from cancer and ive been takeing care of my 5 siblings. i havent been able to experiance many things because of this. i havent smiled in forever and i want to. the only thing that my family has been proud of me for is a $500 scholarship. i hope that i can finally have a man in my life like ive dreamed. xoxo-you know you love me

Meet someone special from California, United States. I'm a relly fun and outgoing girl. I love to read and hear music. I am a joker so I like to play around a lot. My closest friends would describe me as someone who is really honest and smart. I am hoping to attract someone with gorgeous eyes and an awesome personality. I hope they know how to rake a joke!

Date a soulmate from California, United States. i love shopping and going on vacations!!! i am a millionare !!! i love 2 sing and dance i am in love with rollercoasters cuz i think they r exciting!!! i love thrill rides!!! hope i will find someone perfect 2 marry!!! bye

Meet people from United States. I run a Music store in a Sierra Gold rush era town - - Guitars, Mandolins, banjos, native Drums, etc. & I give piano lessons there, too. I've been known to put on a few music concerts - so I guess you could say I'm a pretty active person. That's when I'm at work & in town.
But when I go home to my hillside rustic sanctuary, it's a whole different picture. Quiet, breezy and I spend a lot of time in the garden.
A 6 foot male EMU (think "BIG BIRD from Sesame Street...) just decided to wander up there a couple of months ago - I think he's in love with me. Men have to be careful, though. He thinks he is my new 'Body-Guard'. Otherwise, he's a very gentle soul - like me.
I've been a 12 step woman for over 20 years, so don't ask me to go out for a hard night of drinking. I wouldn't even bother. I don't watch TV - but rent movies, read, write my dreams.
Enough about me? What I'm looking for?
A man with an interesting sense of humor. A creative or hard workin' guy could be a plus. Wanna help me build a POND ? Travel?

Date men and women from United States. Iam a very honest person who hates lies. Iam very warm and easy to please with litle gestures you win my heart. Once I am in love I am faithful for ever. My significant other becomes my friend, my world.
I am looking for companionship who knows maybe into a relationship.
Comunnication is a plus, I need opinion about my conversation.

Meet a woman from United States. how describe myself is that I'm athletic and that I like to do outdoor activities and I like having fun but not to much fun that's never good I don't drink I don't have any kids and I love my job and I make really good money in life

Date someone special from United States. everyone says i'm funny and is easy to be friends with. if someone says something funny i wil always smile or just seems happy. i love non-wimpy guys. i am often on T.V. advertising and love being on camera. i hope to spend as much time as possible with my lover. Is this you?

Meet a soulmate from United States. God & Family come first? Love animals? Check .... Sense of humor? Check .... Smarter than a doornail? Check .... Long for the beach? Check .... Have a Harley & like to ride? Check .... How about you?

. im not a perfect.
my hair doesnt always stay in place &
i spill things alot im pretty clumsey &
sometimes i have a broken heart.
my freinds & i sometimes fight &
maybe some days nothing goes right
but when i think about it and take a step back
i remember how amazing life truly is
& that maybe just maybe i like being

. i am very funny and i love funny people. i am a people person and i take my relationships with my family and friends very seriously. :D i love to play volley ball and i love to cook all kinds of foods and desserts! :)