Date men and women from United States / California, 46 year old

Date a man from California, United States. im a man in a healing proccess, working on myself and not ( trying ) not dwelling in my past... looking for a queen with a Generous Heart and Family. non Smoker soft spoken but can carry a stick if need be? lets see what comes to light from a 1st interactoin of words? right now just need a friend..

Meet someone special from California, United States. Welcome to my little slice of cyberspace. Pleased to meet you. Come on in. Where’ve you been? ;o)
Here's a little bit about me:
I love…
…hiking and cycling
…singing along to The Verve (The best band in the world and I can tell you why)
... working on my business
…riding my motorcycle down PCH at sunset. I’m looking for a cutie to join me.
…anything to do with outside activities
…wine tasting
…to eat. Especially chocolate chip cookies!
…teasing my friends. I love pretending I’m an IRS agent and would like to speak with them about unreported income. He he.
Q: Why are u online?
A: My soul mate is hiding from me?
Q: Where will you take me on a first date?
A: How about we board a schooner and sail to the Caribbean, hijack a pirates vessel and terrorize everyone on the open sea while we search for lost sunken treasure? We’ll film the entire adventure to show everyone how awesome we are. This will, of course, be dependent on your pirating skills and whether or not you can train monkeys.
…Or, how bout we meet locally for a favorite drink and interesting conversation? Don’t worry, if we hang out there will never be an awkward silence. If you’re nervous, I will just tease you. ;o)
Q: What do you do for a living?
A: I'm an entrepreneur but I try not to talk about work too often. Few people let me. My work is actually less boring than it might sound and there are times I even catch myself wide awake in the office. I promise not to discuss work on a first date (unless, of course, you insist) I love what I do and especially love that I don’t have to rely on anyone but myself.
I say that because I once owned a marketing agency for the carpet cleaning industry…I had 40 crazy carpet cleaners working for me and the stress almost killed me! I had to step away from that field and the animals I employed. Yes, I said it. They were animals. Lol. I have stories.
Q: What do you do for fun?
Here are a few things in no particular order:
I like taking day trips, hiking, shopping, movies, going out to eat, museums, wine tasting, road biking, riding my motorcycle, mountain biking, concerts, Vegas, San Diego, hanging out with friends, going to the beach, and pretending I'm a monster and chasing my niece and nephew all around the house. They love it! ;o)
Q: Can you cook?
A: I wish. But I’m an expert at ordering takeout! he he. I can make an incredible salmon, wine and basmati rice dish though. Mmmm good. So I'm not totally useless. ;o)
Q: Are you a jealous person?
A: I don't get jealous. Unless you have cookies and you won't share. Then I'll be mad and give you a spanking. 5 swats for you!
Q: What are you looking for in a woman?
A: I’m looking for an intelligent, classy woman with a great temperament. I’m attracted to a woman who is beautiful, emotionally mature, honest, and who loves to experience new adventures.
If you've got most or all of these traits, clearly you are my soul mate and I'm in love with you already. ;o)
I'm happiest in an exclusive, monogamous relationship with crackling chemistry. I'd like to meet someone I could grow young with...someone that would sit on the porch with me and shake our fists at kids and tell them to Stay Off Our Lawn!!
Fair enough?
I'm glad we had this talk. ;o)
I’m a great listener so enough about me. How about you? Message me now and let's see what the future brings...

Date people from California, United States. "This is the only way that I am probably going to meet someone I'll like who will really appreciate me ."
Alright, So, I want all readers especially yes! you with a glowing smile on your face of this to understand " here it is. So if any of the following sounds lame, instead of making sense,Sorry . OK here it is “If you can capture my attention, I am goofy and very playful and fun. I love BBW women (amazingly enough I had a great relationship with my Mom . Yes, I liked and loved my Mom. The reason I suggested that I usually see women in their 20's, 30's, or 40’s early 50's (seen Shop Girl?), is because of their youthful outlook, and lack of baggage. But I am open to most any age or race (just like folks in Europe are). I am very creative, wild, and adventuresome and looking for same, ), but I still respectful of you babecakes."). If you like having a consensual "man in charge," so that you finally get exactly what you want, in a relationship… perhaps I am what you are looking for.
I would generally rather do anything arty or culture-wise than watch sports." "I sometimes works out doing speed-walking but I am a funny, positive, gentle guy. Although you will feel very much protected with me . No wimpy-girl here at all." I am safe and respects limits, so if you like laughing a lot, and someone with a satirical wit…someone who can laugh at himself too, I am your man. you get the idea. Only feminine and smart of course BBW need apply . Don't waste each others time otherwise if you are one of those people say what you mean and mean what you say I will gladly be your lover . “Let me not leave out if you can hold my interest I can and will help you…it’s just my nature.If you can entertain me . exciting enough, you’ll like me. Believe me you won’t be bored. And I need some one who unskinny and a woman who has meat on her bone type girl. However if you are the lazy, just want to have fun girl type, that is ok with me too. Treat me right and you will have a tremendouse respect from me I will show you an exciting time.” ““I am happy to e-mail recent photo or two And please be locol and close by area Max miles where we can see each other often times if you can be worth it please be California, unless you are traveling to Bay area . I know I want someone I can spend time with regularly.” Drop me an e-mail and we can start to find out what we need to know to let you explore more Best, I PREFER TO SHARE MY PICTURES ONCE WHEN GET CONNECTED OTHERWISE I AM NOT FOR WOMEN WHO ARE CRUISING BY AND WINK AT EVERY GUY IN THE WORLD . THANK YOU !
First Date Ideal Match
If you are able you catch my attention, you will be VERY feminine, a lover of regular manicures, pedicures, make-up, dresses, skirts, if you are comfortable with geans that is Ok too , perfume, and love pleasing... able to surrender to get exactly what you want and desire. P.S.-Send me a note and a photo will be sent back to you. You will be glad you did.-B You can be a dress size 16 or 28, just don't waste my time if you are very skinny and not have meat on your bone . You will make me yawn. Love arts and culture too. If you love animals, and/or love to volunteer help others, extra points. And points if you have seen the movie, "The Secret."

Meet single man from California, United States. I'm very personal, great personality, like to have fun, very romantic, like to go places, travel,
enjoy friends and family, and much more,
I'm popular and everybody likes me, I'm nice to others with a touch of class. I'm well educated with lots of common sense.
I'm looking for a good looking, with class, elegance, attractive lady, with great personality, fun, easy going with no drama.

Date men and women from California, United States. just looking for a woman that wants a bed partner but not everything else that comes with a relationship. we can just get together to vent tension or just to make mad love. call me or email me and then we can make this happen

Meet a soulmate from California, United States. Tall, dark, and Handsome looking for a sexy lady that likes to have fun and possibly more. I enjoy the night life also like to bowl and outdoor fun l love road trips, would like to spend time with that special lady and see where it takes us

Date a man from United States. Thanks for checking out my profile. I am looking for someone that shares most of the things I like and also is willing to introduce me to some things they like. Lets chat and see where this goes. I am looking for a best friend that can lead to a serious relationship and a family.
My ideal date would: Have a positive attitude, be low maintenance, be outgoing, spontaneous and fun, be attractive to me and have chemistry with me, have completed college or is attending college, be in or pursuing a fulfilling career, like to travel (even quick long weekend trips), have a similar passion for skiing/snowboarding, like to exercise and play sports regularly, like to dance, like to watch movies (going to movie theater is fine, but snuggling at home with you and a fire is preferred), willing to try new things and show me new things, willing to accept me as I am not think of me as a work in process, enjoys going out and enjoys staying in too. Bonus if you are a good cook (Believe it or not I can cook too. Dad was an army cook and we all learned too. And besides, I love to eat especially sweets).
I am originally from Michigan but moved to CA in 1991 for six months that has turned into a lifetime. I come from a large Italian family with four brothers and countless aunts, uncles, and cousins. My parents were one of the rare couples, in love and married 45 years “until death do us part”. My mom still lives in Michigan near one of my brothers and the rest of us are all over the country, including two here in CA. Graduated from the University of Michigan. I am actively involved with my alumni out here, especially as die hard Wolverine football fans. Been in a rewarding and successful career in banking since leaving school. Currently I manage the OC office for a large community business bank. Been an interesting ride in this economy the past few years, that is for sure.
When I am not working, I enjoy a wide variety of things, mostly active and mostly outdoors. Love the mountains and of course skiing (and am told that I am very good at Apre’ Skiing too!!!). Joined a ski club and we go to Mammoth about once a month. In addition I like to take at least one out of state ski trip each year, so far I have been to Utah, Colorado and Whistler recently. I would like to find someone that share my passion for skiing(or snowboarding), bonus if you can keep up in the steeps and speed too, but can settle for the Apres Ski side too. I generally work out 3-5 times a week or more at the gym and do enjoy rollerblading or biking on the beach and playing tennis too. Love to dance to classic rock and roll music whenever I can. I like adventure and trying new things, an unknown "bucket list" that I keep adding to.
One of my favorite quotes is “If you are not actively involved in getting what you want, you don’t really want it.” What do I want? Wouldn’t you like to know????? Well you will have to email me if you want to know!!! Not into the winks. Not into long drawn out emails and phone calls, let’s chat briefly, talk on the phone briefly and meet in person and see if we are a good match. I believe in the golden rule, treat others as you wish to be treated. If you email me, I will always email you back. Hopefully that karma will rub off on you when I email you. If you take the shy way and just wink, no guarantee of hearing from me. If you think we are a good match, I hope to hear from you. Thanks again for looking me up.

Meet someone special from United States. Me; I respect people, I like to make people feel good about themselves and make people laugh. I never pre-judge people, and I am always positive. I believe I am very funny and easy to be around and to feel comfortable with. I am well traveled and extremely interesting - seriousness...... I come with no ego. I am totally grateful for what I have and love my family and friends.. I am honest to a fault, and I have learned over the years, that someone needs to get to know before they see the real side of me.
You; someone who feels comfortable in their own skin, can laugh at them self, is confident in them self, who is Independence, who doesn't judge, but appreciates people, is passionate, is giving, while still appreciates being taken care of every now and then. I would like it if she loves to travel, dine out, experience new things and every now and then relax, cook a nice meal and have a passionate evening.

Date people from United States. I'm an active, intelligent, creative person looking for the right woman for continued fun and adventure. My passions are traveling, art, creativity, and making a positive difference in the world..
I am happy and secure with my accomplishments.... but life is truly meant for two. I enjoy traveling, going to interesting new restaurants, music events, art shows and sporting events however, when I reflect upon the happiest moments in my life, it always involves shared experiences with family and friends. To build a great house, you need a strong foundation upon which to assemble all the important things. To build a great man, you also need a solid foundation upon which to add all the things that set the real men apart from all the rest. There are many ways to define a man, and different people have different definitions, so here’s the definition that best describes me:
A real man is strong -- He accepts responsibility for his actions and his words. The only way to have a true relationship with someone is to be completely honest.
A real man is focused -- A real man knows the difference between what's important and what isn't.
A real man knows the importance of family - A real man works hard to keep his family strong and passes on his history and traditions.
A real man knows that his children are God's gift and should be treated as such.
I am looking for a woman who shares these views and who has the style, grace and has the education and or knowledge to back it up.
Perhaps this is too much for a dating website....what do you think?

Meet single man from United States. I am looking for a woman whose inner beauty matches her physical appearance. I want to be blind-sided by the unexpected. I want to be confounded to the point of where my heart fights with my head until they collide together, exhausted yet energized.

Date men and women from United States. Do you want learn French? I can be your teacher! -- Well, if you don't, everything still cool :)
I have been in San Francisco for a while now but can't get rid of this accent... can you help me?
More seriously, you'll find me kind, easy going, accommodating, open to different views, generous... and ready to commit to a friendship leading to a romantic relationship. I'm looking for a committed companion, Are you the one?

Meet a soulmate from United States. My ideal mate is a women with a good heart. For if the heart is good, it's all good.Someone down to earth, and loves life. A woman who has a love for God first and foremost,then love for herself. Because if you don't love yourself, you will not be able to love.

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