Date men and women from United States / California, 71 year old

Date a soulmate from California, United States. I believe strongly in honesty, trust and respect. I am interested in a wide variety of things and want a partner have interests in some of them also...have an interest and learning and exploring life. I feel the ability for a couple to communicate is is important we are able to explain our thoughts to each other both for our mutual enjoyment and to avoid misunderstandings. However, as we all know, love initially grows from some indescribable set of consious and sub-consious emotions and interpretations that we have when we meet someone ....and without 'chemistry' , there is nothing.

Meet a man from California, United States. Im retired military so have traveled a great deal. I am widowed, just me and the dog at home now, and that gets kind of lonely. Im seeking a friend and if that offers extra benefits, so much the better.

Date men and women from California, United States. Cow farmer, structural engineer, horse trainer, polo player.
My Dad was a bridge contractor and I grew up working on old steel bridges in the Appalachian mountains of eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. My mother was a a beautiful and educated woman who taught me manners. I live in a log cabin on my bluegrass farm east of Lexington, Kentucky. I also have a small home in the Santa Rosa Mountains south of Palm Desert, California. But my value system is from the coal mining towns of Appalachia.
At 69, I've worked hard, led a Spartan life, and am able to donate a modest yearly sum to charity. World hunger and global warming are causes that hold my attention more than donating to local charities and the performing arts.
I'm interested in meeting a powerful woman.
I want a woman who looks outward, and shares the same perspective of the world as mine. A woman who shares my interests and enjoys my company, and I her company.
A woman who thinks about global issues and what is of value that others haven't yet recognized; what causes to support, and the most efficient strategy to effect change.
I want a woman who is intrigued by the concept that you can actually own part of the earth and who appreciates the structural mechanics of a thoroughbred.

Meet someone special from California, United States. I've got one rule in life... find the humor in it. Also, I try to be honest... it's a lot easier to remember the truth. Okay, that's 2 rules.
Anyhow, I'm a single dad raising a beautiful 16 year old daughter. Not looking for a mom, but for that wonderful woman out there... a friend and lover, someone to share life's travel with. I've had a couple of good lifetimes and looking toward another.

Date people from California, United States. I grew up near Chicago (Winnetka), went to school in New England (Wesleyan) and came to San Francisco in the late 1960's. In 2000, I retired from a career in banking (Crocker, Wells Fargo, Sumitomo).
I've been divorced for a number of years and have one son, happily married, who has three wonderful children who are a rambunctious delight.
My interests are general and include good music, dining out, theater, history, sports, museums and travel. I am currently working on a book (my first and last such endeavor) about the 1873 Modoc Indian War at Tule Lake and the lava beds near the Oregon border.
I played trumpet in school and still enjoy my horn for my own enjoyment - strictly amateur.
I'm healthy and in good shape, thanks to regular exercise.
Etiquette-wise, I am from the "old school" and will open the door for you and walk on the curbside.

Meet single man from California, United States. im easey going not posive or demanding like to have fun good conversation i do like sports camping boating the lady should be easy to get along with and ahappy type and willing to try anything that might be fun or intersting to do

Date a soulmate from United States. Thanks for taking the time to read( all) of my profile - now sit down and hang on. Second generation California native, born in San Francisco. Have two great children and love to spend time with them. I'm just as happy in cutoffs and a tool belt as I am in a snazzy tux. I can be happy boating with my kids or you and a night out with you dining and dancing (slow dancing)...very slow dancing. HA!!! Made you laugh or your heart race. OK! Back to business. I'm happy and like to laugh and making you laugh to ; and I'm looking for the same in you. Money pays the rent and buys fresh crab and sourdough bread - not happiness. I don't dis-qualify people on what they do or didn't do for a profession . It's more important what's in your heart now.
Ok , back to the serious stuff . What I'm looking for in you - Please be happy with your life as it is now and not have anger issues with your ex. , its called getting rid of all that baggage . Chemistry, availability, articulate, classy, sincerity, patience, INTEGRITY, your love of dark chocolate...(Hey ! how did that get in there?)...happy, intuitive, playful, sensual and creative , I love women that have a creative , artistic side .
Blacktie events to boating on Lake Tahoe, dancing, movies, the theater, cooking for two, my Tuscan chicken or salmond and grilled asparagus with carmelized peaches from the grill...with Andrea Bocelli on a cd singing in the background. Helping you shop for a little black dress and strappy heels at Macy's or Nordstrom. HA!!! Made you laugh again. I enjoy learning all kinds of new things and will share your passions with you .
I think thats enough for now .,Thanks for your time and i'd just like to add that i'd RATHER TALK THEN TYPE , SO LETS NOT GET STUCK IN EMAIL LAND and just remember that TYPING gets in the way of thinking ! NOT LOOKING FOR A PEN-PAL , but for a woman who would rather talk for awile then just meet , because isn't thats what this is all about " meeting " .

Meet a man from United States. About my self I have lived in bay area for most of my life, went to High School in Mountain View join the navy after HS after discharge & marriage enrolled at West Valley College Got my AA in Bus Admin Work in high tech, raise a family of (4) kids (10) grandkids and (4) great Grandkids.
Things I like to do: Short trips on the back roads or long trips, nothing to hold me back enjoy most music, except rap or Hard Rock I like the oldies of the 60s,70s, & 80s I also like the new country songs.
I enjoy going out to dinner, movies any where with good entertainment, I also enjoy a good glass of wine and a beer on occasion.
I also like going to lake Tulloch to watch the grandkid wake board.The things i am most passionate about are my kids and grandkids.

Date men and women from United States. A LITTLE ABOUT ME...
About me, well I was a shipping clerk leadman for Container Corporation Of America for many years in Boston Mass. and Irvine Ca. moved to Southern California in 1976 so I can say its home.
I work at Wal Mart as a greeter and I never had a job that I enjoy more, meeting nice people, then again some not so nice.
I also walk 2 miles every morning before going to work, to stay in shape.
I enjoy dinning out, live theater, movies, dancing, traveling, weekend getaway or driving cross country and going on cruises, and a quiet evening at home sitting nby the fire place with that special Lady in my life.
I was married for over 45 years, I have and always will be a one Woman Man.
Im looking to meet aady who enjoys some of the things l do, but also has her own idenity.
Also someone who enjoy dinning out, live theater. movies, dancing, traveling and going on cruises.
Life is too short you only here for a short period of time, make every day count, you never know what tomorrow will bring.
My bucket list is simple to meet that special Lady and everything else will fall into place.
Im a very caring and loving persom.
Send me a message and get to know me.
Who knows I might be what you are looking for.

Meet someone special from United States. Life is good. Retirement is great. I am healthy and financially comfortable. I stay busy with volunteering at three different agencies. I enjoy helping people and giving back to the community. Living in the Sacramento area opens up all kinds of possibilities for activities. I enjoy having access to the foothills, the mountains and the coast. Love taking drives to Tahoe, the gold country and Point Reyes National Seashore, for example. We have great cultural venues such as Three Stages, Crocker Art Museum and the Mondavi Center. I have spent many enjoyable hours biking the American River trail. I enjoy country and ballroom dancing and there are many places for that. It’s great exercise, the people are nice and it’s fun, too. There are innumerable good restaurants.
So, all in all, there’s only one thing missing: a special lady with whom to share my life. I would love to have someone hold hands with, hug, kiss, talk to, spend time with, take out to dinner on special occasions or for no reason at all, other than because we wanted to be together. But, I don’t want to smother her or be smothered. Me time is important for both persons.
If you feel we would be a good match please email or wink.

Date people from United States. Each day is such a luscious feast of opportunity, joy and pleasure. I just want to gorge myself all the time, though,.......tend to be more methodical. I'm desiring and open to giving, receiving and sharing that greater expansion that only a close, intimate relationship brings forth. I'm looking for a lady with agility of body, mind and spirit who loves herself just the way she is and has faith in the process of change and adventure.
What can I say? .......... I trust too easily, intend to be objective yet know what I like, without judging differences anything other than different. I want to see clearly without bias or prejudice of any kind. A favorite quote is, "Education is a process of learning how to learn... and to learning there is no end." by Brand Blanshard, another is, "The more I know, the more I know I don't know". I'd rather be happy than right

Meet single man from United States. Photos taken 5/15/12
Within the next 12 months, my plan is to
permanently relocate to San Diego County,
...preferably close to U.C. San Diego.
There are those who say that once people
pass a certain age (30, 40,50-- whatever)
that it is impossible to ever re-create...
a relationship that was like the kind
of relationship we created when we
were in our late teens or early twenties—
A relationship that is close, loving, affectionate
expressive,and caring-- where we treasure
each other deeply.
Well, I'm here to testify that that kind of
relationship is exactly the kind of relationship
that I want-
And, believe that I can make happen.
But, as you know, I can’t make that happen
just by myself.
It would take the both of us.
So, if that’s the kind of relationship that
you're also up for…
then I invite you to keep reading:
Would you have loved to have had dinner with
your partner plus Gilda Radner and Gene Wilder?
If so, we're off to a good start.
My ideal relationship:
We're smart but we live in our heart.
We're a couple who feel most alive and
happy when we're emotionally close.
Does this mean that we want
matching ankle tattoos? Nope!
Making one another happy makes
each of us happy.
We have no use for the love of power,
but we thrive on the power of love.
In her values and behavior,
in her way of being in the world—
My ideal mate is her own woman--
A woman who knows
not dominating, not submissive.
Regardless of how successful she
may be in any or all of the other parts
of her life...
My ideal mate is also soft, gentle,
tender, nurturing.
She is comfortable with herself.
Because our mutual trust is strong,
we're not afraid to be vulnerable with
each other.
My mate enjoys exercise and a squeaky
clean body--mine and hers.
She enjoys being, at times, irreverent,
playful, silly, affectionate, sexual.
She has a minimum daily requirement
of at least a dozen hugs and kisses.
She enjoys travel and she enjoys being home.
She may like to garden, and to camp--including
snuggling in a sleeping bag.
She enjoys conversations that span
a range of topics:
History, art, literature, philosophy, politics, music,
psychology, movies, current events, MSNBC, and
anything else of her own that she'd like to contribute.
My mate is creative, original, and, however she
chooses to express her creativity,
I'm her biggest fan...
supportive, appreciative, and admiring.
We offer each other self disclosure and feedback,
honestly, but with empathy and compassion...
Each of us has an "abundance" attitude,
which makes both of us givers, not takers.
She enjoys animals--and doesn't have to be
coaxed to scratch the dog, the cat (or me)
behind the ears.
She enjoys collaborating--Maybe that means
our cooking together, singing, or our writing
a children's book or a screen play...
Even though it's not a part of my job,
I'm professionally trained in several
different types of massage...
Even if some part of each day is
spent with each of us working on separate
we enjoy taking a a break every so often,
and doing something like dancing to Eric Clapton's
"You Look Wonderful Tonight."
The current project that I'm working on
(developing a workshop) is making me feel
like Michelangelo...
who needed about two years to create
his statue of David in Florence, Italy...

And, speaking of Florence, how fun it
would be to visit that city together.
And, if we've gone that far, going to
the Greek isles, would also be fun.
Re: Alcohol
I do not drink-
Not because I'm an uptight teatotaler
or a recovering alcoholic.
Alcohol simply doesn't get me high.
Instead, It just goes to the back of my neck
and hurts for the next 24 hours...
Thanks for listening.

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