Date men and women from United States / California, 79 year old

Date someone special from California, United States. I have been alone for 4 years now and it is getting lonely.Ilove the ocean and hae alvays lived by the ocaen.Ilove music and like to travel.and walk by the beach.I like to cook but like to go out for a lunch or dinner somtimes.Ihave two Girls both married and have chidren so they are busy with there own life .I;m looking for some companien to go out somtimes I do want to be busy as long as i'm able to .I 'm always try to stay bussy

Meet men and women from California, United States. I am a Healthy, Happy, Creative Lady and I like men that have a good sense of humor and are self-confident. I am a caring person and like men that are loving and kind.
I write Inspirational Poetry and many other works. I read only books that are uplifiting and meaningful.
The LIGHT of LOVE is within Us All,
In Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall,
All We need is a REASON to Shine,
All We need is SOMEONE To Call "MINE".
The only reason we really LIVE,
Is to find that SOMEONE we can GIVE,
All Our Love in a SPECIAL WAY,
Soul Mates sharing LIFE'S BOUQUE.
Spirits Dancing in a FULLMOON NIGHT,
Together you will be a Mighty BEAM,
That Lights the Path to ALL YOUR DREAMS...
Love's MIRACLES appear with the Rising SUN,
When there are
By Rita Turner

Date a soulmate from California, United States. My friends would describe me as loyal, young for my age, sometimes stubborn , sometimes
I would hope to attract someone who is
thoughtful, caring and happy.
I am grateful for the country I live, the ability
to take care of myself, and my health

Meet a woman from California, United States. My friends consider me the ultimate enthuisasm machine. I am into so many interests and willing to try out new experiences. I am also a catalyst, finding ways to connect people and projects so they can thrive. My social life is rather quiet these days, but I jump into activities, such as a week at "camp" at Stagebridge this summer. I'm grateful for a great education and for hving had a wonderufl marriage. I would so much enjoy a flexible individual as a partner to go places and do thing, to share ideas, to meet one another's friends, someone who knows how to relax and laugh at the world. I am passaionte about justice and civil rights, and about the role of the arts in education and life generally.

Date people from California, United States. a past marriage of 53 years,my faith,my
children.Honesty,not superficial.Trying to keep busy with working out,volunteering,concerts
plays,reading,gardening,getting together with my kids.No lying!Kids and animals,todays politicians

Meet someone special from United States. I'm a very young 79 and my friends, interests and appearance are those of a woman in her 60s. I was married for 53 years to a great guy, we had a lot of fun together and raised three children.
I am a former journalist and as such I love good conversation, reading, and communication in general. I'm intelligent and have a good sense of humor. I'm somewhat of a news junkie. I love sports cars, music from the 60s and 70s, classical music, good movies and good books, mostly non-fiction.
I'm looking for someone smart, fun, witty and comfortable with himself. I'm not looking for marriage, but would love to meet someone to hang out with; coffee, lunch, a movie and lots of great conversation. I enjoy people and have many friends, but I guess I'm basically looking for a "buddy". If that's you, then please drop me a line.

Date men and women from United States. I am a recent widow (a little over a year) and feel I'm ready to enter the social scene again. So many fun and interesting things to do and places to go, but they seem to be geared for a couple.
(Besides, I'd prefer to be with a man instead of my women friends!)

Meet a soulmate from United States. I am looking for a man of integrity intelligent,compassionate-- i am an open and creative person and would like to meet somebody who is also creative (writer, painter, poet) and who has a good/great sense of humor.
Although I have a PhD,, it is not necessary for the guy to be highly educated--just curious and not anti-intellectual. I live by the golden rule and hope my partner would too.
I am very fit and have good health habits as well as good genes. I am lucky in having no chronic diseases and use no medicatons. I look younger and am biologically younger than my chronological age. Would like my partner to be healthy.
I want a monogamous relationship and do not believe I have to live in the same city as my partner.I live in a beautiful setting with a panoramic view of the Pacific but know that this place is not for everybody. I am self motivated, independent, and not clingy, and don't mind being alone--but I do come down from the hills more than occasionally and would love to be close to a great guy.

Date a woman from United States. Looking for a great guy w/sense of humor, attractive, love of the good life, and loves to go to the Music Center for play or musical, a day in Sta. Barbara, good restaurants, and quiet evenings at home. I am a professional watercolor artist so I have a love of museums, and attending my favorite galleries. Love to take day trips. L.A. and its environs has it all.

Meet people from United States. My friends would describe me as fun-loving, outgoing, intelligent, and talented as a writer.
Some would say attractive and generally well dressed in inexpensive clothes (usually pants & tops, so I have pockets!). I love puns and word games, am grateful to be alive and healthy in my seventh decade and blessed with 10 adorable grandchildren, some in college.
I would like to meet a good conversationalist with a sense of humor who enjoys movies and current events, is open-minded about religion and politics, and preferably knows something about email and web sites. I laugh out loud at satirists like Stephen Colbert; I love Bill Moyers & Company and trust PBS News Hour.
Don't need a husband, but am open to male friendships and affectionate companionship. Good character is important to me, and I value personal habits of cleanliness and courtesy.

. I'm a warm, friendly, happy, upbeat, positive person who looks forward to every new day. I'm fortunate to have experienced personal and professional success. I'm very grateful for the diverse and colorful experiences I've had in my life which have allowed me to meet some of the world's most fascinating people. I enjoy staying active and engaged in the community and, having been widowed for several years, I'm having fun exploring new friendships and connections.
I'm looking for a man of quality. A man of integrity. A gentleman who is refined, polite, well spoken, well groomed, mentally active, happy, healthy and hopefully possesses a sense of humor.

. I am a healthy, attractive, positive, outgoing lady who would like someone in my life.
I would like someone a little younger who can afford to take me nice places and be fun to be with who is honest. positive, somewhat attractive and a gentleman..possible marriage minded.