Date men and women from United States / California, 78 year old

Date someone special from California, United States. I am an antisocial misanthrope and consider dogs to be a far superior species (except for their fondness for humans which seldom works out very well for them). My closest friends are dogs. The few humans I consider friends seem to like me anyway, although I don't know why. I would like to meet a man who is not a complete idiot and has read virtually every major work since Homer. And, of course, likes dogs.

Meet a woman from California, United States. I'm a petite woman in her seventies looking for companionship. I love to play cards, travel, dance, gamble a bit and cook. I am self sufficient personally as well as financially. Not looking for a sugar daddy. Just someone to spend some time with who enjoys the things I do. I am in excellent physical shape and watch what I eat. I still continue to spend time with my grand kids and family is a big part of my life.

Date a soulmate from California, United States. I have no idea how my closest friends would describe me.....I have so few friends left. Most of them have died.
I am grateful that I have 3 grown children of my own and several step children; many grand children and even a few step great grand children. I love them all and they give me love and admiration in return.
I seldom meet new friends in my work, so my social life is practically non-existent.

Meet men and women from California, United States. Ideally, I see myself with someone who is emotionally available, honest, interested in at least some of the things I am (art, theatre, writing, dining, music) and open to exploring new avenues of interest together.
I see myself as an intelligent companion, a good listener, willing to try new things, willing to cook for us some of the time, emotionally available and affectionate.

Date people from California, United States. Lifelong lover of learning with awareness of knowing way too little. So many wonders, so little time. Love to be with people who enjoy life, but also like some solitude to think, read, write. My cup is always at least half-full. Nobody's perfect, thank God. Babies, puppies, kittens make me smile and renew my faith that there is true goodness and joy in the world even in the midst of travail. Proud to have reared children and helped with grandchildren who have become successful teachers, nurses, musicians, dancers, singers, marines and naval officers along with being great parents and citizens. Only love lasts forever. My husband died two years ago after a lengthy illness. We were together 37 wonderful, unpredictable years. I hope there is someone else out there who loves to explore new places and people. Who also likes to learn about new discoveries in science and the arts--as well as appreciate the findings and accomplishments of old masters. I am fascinated by ongoing studies in the field of physics, including the recent probable finding of the Higgs boson particle. I am totally ignorant of how to arrive at theories such as those of quantum physics, string theory, etc., but intrigued by the potential discoveries yet to be made. I'm not an intellectual; my knowledge is too limited. My wish would be to meet someone who is loving, with a kind heart, who shares my desire to continue learning as well as enjoy the beauty of the natural world all around us--especially the people in it who are our families and friends. We are surrounded by treasures. I don't think we can be in a truly loving, passionate relationship as couples unless we can also have empathy and compassion for others and a respect for our total environment.
Some personal info: I grew up in a tiny town in the mountains of Far Northern Calif. Have traveled and lived all over since then, including San Francisco, Chicago, and a short time in Italy. .BA in Communiation Arts, University of San Francisco. Grad studies in Journalism and Press Law. Work: Mktg,Adv,PR, writer, editor, real estate.
I'm a natural blonde (some help now from my hair-dresser). Have all original equipment with no augmentation, botox, or liposuction. What you see is what you get.

Meet someone special from United States. Im an out going person n like to do crazy things, have fun, I'am a people person and love family I would like to meet your family and for you to meet mine at some point for the both of us as far anything else u may ask me!!!!

Date a woman from United States. looking for someone to speak Spanish and like to have a relaxing day at home. Playing cards and having dinner at home. I have 9 kids and all live away from home. i am looking for someone that like to be around my family.

Meet a soulmate from United States. i am looking for happyness looking for kind , loveing gentel men a long term relationship enjoy beening a round childen and friend,s that every important lto me i like if he take pride in him sefi don,t think that to much to ask for you getting this al inl return and i would hurt you and romantic eigher supportive, compassionate,

Date men and women from United States. Im a good person i take responsiblity for my actions i want a man who can make me very happy! :)And who loves kids!He needs to be a chirstain and needs to be nice and a gentlemen and good with kids.He needs to make me smile and needs to treat my family with respect.Im looking for honesty in the relationship and being open to each other.

Meet people from United States. Looking for friendship some one I can talk with, laugh with, someone I would feel comfortable being around with a good sense of humour.. I like to listen to music mostly slow or jazz but I kind of like most music ( not hip hop ) I like to bake and cook sometimes.I like to play cards or boardgames and watch good movies. I am a very private person who likes homelife. I like being around friends.

. I am an attractive, well liked woman, with a good sense of humor, love sports. travel. dancing and dining.
I enjoy a gentleman with a nice smile, good sense of humor, likes sports and is active and likes to take trips, tennis, dancing and romancing (when the time is right).
I am easy to get along with and hope you are too. I am told I fit into almost any situation that is legal, fun or romantic.

. I am a cockeye`d optimist , with hope in my heart. What a daunting task this is to honestly describe who I am . I am very complex. I feel I have lived many lifetimes, and my age reflects my longevity. Quite a journey from UK--USA. I have a Brit`s sense of humour, traditional values, with a contemporary flair. My heart and mind are healthy and active. I am energetic,enjoy living life, work hard and love to play.I indulge in, and am appreciative of all that is beautiful. Music ,the arts, life sciences are my passion, my interests are ecletic, camping...attending openings,concerts, sitting in on a debate in the House of Commons. In the middle of cooking I can break into a dance (my own steps) go through the house and return to stir the pot. I can also sit and listen to you, be supportive, and yes I am an optimist, with reality thrown in. I am cheerful, even tempered, emotional, passionate, sensuous, sensitive, loyal, responsible,kind, caring and romantic. Truly I really am. I am also a risk taker, survivor,curious,and enjoy learning. I am not a sports enthusiast, apart from Tennis my physical endeavours are solitary,nor do I have strong views politically ,but I do care what is happening globally. How would I love thee? Let me count the ways I would love thee to the depth and breadth, and height my soul could reach, when feeling out of sight for the ends of Being and ideal Grace. I would love thee to the level of everyday`s most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.. .........With apologies to ElizabethYou have just been intrigued by what you have read and sayI would like to know more about her You know a little of what I like, Do our passions match?...You are healthy,active,open to new experiences, intelligent and enjoy good conversations on a variety of subjects.. Receptive to sharing and learning from the other.. Interest in music, classical, opera?, jazz, blues, is essential Other interests can be diverse. What is most important will be our values. You are kind, sensitive, sensuous inquisitive and have a sense of humour, all of this tempered with honesty. Oh yes dress casual to formal. Now that isn`t such a tall order is it? Most importantly you want to spend the next twenty two years living with me.