Date men and women from United States / California, 37 year old

Date someone special from California, United States. I love to laugh and have a good time. A healthy sense of humor is a must. I like to eat healthy and exercise regularly. I am a social butterfly. I'm a very loyal friend. My personal relationships are important to me. I catchup over cocktails with friends and coworkers regularly. I like classic and modern art. Food & Wine are my passion.

Meet a man from California, United States. The first kind of girl on Match is independent, secure and just as content to sit at home with Netflix as she is to go out on a date. The other kind is always moaning about being alone and plotting which guy to go after just like an Army general preparing for battle.
I guess I’m looking for someone who falls somewhere in between...a girl who is not altogether happy being alone but isn’t on the war path to find her next man either.
Everyone knows what a guy is supposed to want in a girlfriend: a soul mate, a best friend, blah, blah, blah. But I'm going to let you in on some little-known facts— that most guys would never tell you about. If you don't agree with me on these or think I am a jerk then I understand but hopefully this will give you a little idea about how I really think (and many guys do). Just want to be honest.
Don’t Leave Me GUESSING
Guessing is fun when it comes to game shows, but Howie Mandel can't help me when I’m trying to figure out which movie you'd like to see or what you want for your birthday or more importantly, what you're really pissed off about. I know girls all wish we'd just get you enough to figure it out on our own, but the truth is, guys aren't great at reading subtle hints.
Know when it’s ok to LIE
I want you to be honest with me when it comes to important things, but when it comes to personal things that could be sore spots, like thinking my best friend is hot or hating my mom's cooking, honestly, I'd prefer that you tell a little white lie.
You don't have to pretend to love my hideous new shirt, but you can just say something neutral, like, "It's okay. I like your green one better." I appreciate when girls have the heart not to needlessly hurt my feelings — because yes, I do have them!
Pick your BATTLES carefully
No relationship is perfect, and no two people are going to agree on everything. A great girlfriend doesn't let her pride stand in the way of letting her guy walk away from a silly argument at least thinking he got his point across (even if you still secretly disagree with me). If you're arguing about something important to you, like your religious beliefs, then stick to your guns.
But little disagreements can snowball into big fights. And nothing is sadder than having a huge fight and breaking up because I think Mad Men rocks and you think it sucks.
Every man wants a woman he can laugh with, so you have to have a good sense of humor. I want a woman who will laugh at my jokes and can make me laugh. And let's face it ladies, every now and then you're going to be the butt of my jokes too (and probably in a public place). When this happens, laugh. Better yet -- fire one right back at me. Please, don't take yourself too seriously.
Don’t make me CHASE you (too much)
I don't mind being the aggressor in a relationship, but I also don't want to feel like I'm running in circles. I will never understand why some ladies feel the need to ignore calls and turn down dates from guys they're interested in. It doesn't make me more interested, it makes me move on. If you're interested, let me know. Not only is that appreciated, but it's really hot. Who doesn't want to be wanted? Oh, and be obvious, us guys aren't good at taking hints.
Sorry if this sounds blunt but I hope this helps you to know a little more about me and maybe a little more about the sometimes strange, males species.
If my comments have inspired you...made you laugh...made you think, or even made you a little mad...then maybe we have something to chat about..
There is a lot more I could tell you about me....
like...I am a owner of an organic skin care products company...a published author, a gourmet chef, an enthusiastic wine connoisseur, and a serial entrepreneur. I live on the beach in Malibu, into water sports and fitness, love to travel the world, crave exploring and adventure, food is my pleasure, laughter is my medicine, life is my passion.

Date someone special from California, United States. Ok, not really, but he did wear really cool pants...
Alright, about me... I moved here several years ago after five years in London and ended up sticking around. Seems to happen to a lot of people around here :-) I'm Canadian, so no English accent here, but I do a pretty good Jamie Oliver and Ali G, if that counts.
I'm pretty active and try to getting outside any chance I get (usually cycling or on the volleyball courts). I'm always up for new random experiences, which generally revolve around food (don't worry, I'm not one of those annoying picture taking yelping foodies), and I'm a notoriously spontaneous last minute traveler... Priceline and I are on a first name basis. I've been lucky enough to go on (and come back from) a lot of crazy trips over the years (Trans-Siberian railway, kayak expedition in Australia, Walmart on Black Friday, etc...), but aside from several overseas trips a year to see friends, I try (and often fail) to stay fairly local these days and enjoy all the fun stuff right here in our own backyard.
So... how about you? Ideally you're athletic, open minded (and opinionated!), you don't freak out at carbs, and when life gives you lemons, you break out the tequila.

Meet a soulmate from California, United States. My name is Mark and I'm originally from Pittsburgh, PA, but now live in Elk Grove. I'm from a small town, but had bigger plans. I've lived in a couple other cities, but Pittsburgh will always be "Home" to me. I have a great network of friends throughout the country, and they have always been there for me.
I like to travel.
My sarcasm is funny, never meant to be mean or rude (at least I don't think so), and I enjoy making people laugh and telling stories, however I usually need to feel comfortable around them first.
I can be witty and charming and I'm not afraid of public speaking.
I can make friends easily.
I'm an aggressive listener, and enjoy getting to know people.
I like to keep myself busy and enjoy all sorts of activities.
I carry myself well in public, and can hold my own in a crowd.
I enjoy doing things with other peoples' family and friends especially since all mine are back East.
I don't rush into things, but I'm a quick decision maker. I am not afraid to take risks. Then again - it could take me all winter to decide on a the perfect coat.
I'm competitive,can be persistent and I always try and be my best.
I enjoy what I do for a living, I'm passionate about my career. I decided to buy in instead of selling out.
I'm open minded about most things, repsect other peoples' opinions and, outside of work, I'm laid back.
I like to date women who have a good sense of humor (laughing at my stories and jokes will the barometer), who are respectful of other people and enjoy life. I respect people with ambition and dreams, and people who know what they want out of life.
I enjoy most activities, will try most things, and I am looking for someone to enjoy them with.

Date single man from California, United States. I'm an outgoing person yet calm, cool that like to have fun and enjoy life. Love racing my cars, music,dancing and traveling. Prefer to have that special someone next to me so we can both enjoy life together.

Meet people from California, United States. Here's what I believe those that know me would say about me. He is trustworthy. . .loyal (potentially to a fault).. . fun, enjoys (and is always up for) a good time, spontaneous, active & in shape, competitive (but not to a fault). smart, and hard working.
I want to own my own business someday. I like to cook. I eat healthy - except when not. I want to volunteer more. I value people and experiences. I believe that time is our greatest commodity and try to remember not to waste it. I love giving gifts - particularly those that are completely unexpected.
I would like to have a loyal, creative, fun woman in my life to share experiences with. You must be in decent shape but I don't care if we share every activity.

Date men and women from United States. I am just looking. I am very open and enjoy life. I am looking for something similar. This is the 1st time trying online dating and I am hoping it is a positive experience. I am very open and willing to try new experiences but, interesting enough, I am pretty much down to earth.

Meet a man from United States. Just looking for someone laid back and cool to talk to, Nothing more, nothing less. Someone who likes to stay active and then become completely lazy as well.. I am not someone who likes to rush things. I am also extremely patient with most everything in life....Are my 200 words up yet?..... ;)

Date someone special from United States. Im just me you could like the man that iam or not I can't change me I think im one of a kind and hopefully if your that special someone you will think the same im a people person so im real easy to be around .

Meet a soulmate from United States. I have a 12 year old Princess going on 15! My daughter keeps me young. I don't have my daughter for the next 3 weeks cuz of summer so it would be nice to get to meet some new people.
For fun Princess Miranda and I like to swim, beach, kayak, hike, go to the gym - we go to 24hr fitness at Ocean Ranch - I got her a membership and I make her workout for two hours or more (she hates it - too long - lol), read - I'm just starting Mockingjay fromHunger Games (Miranda got me to read the series - have you read it?), watch good movies, basically we just try to live life and have fun.
TMI?? Hope not - looking forward to getting to know you... And hey - it's Summer - lets have fun;)

Date single man from United States. Hello out there first time doing this online dating deal but what the hell u only live once.. Well OK my name is Frank i live in Bellflower i guess u can say I'm tired of all the games out there I'm looking for someone that takes me seriously i like to find that special someone to start of as friend then who knows taking it to a higher level.... I like to travel just get up and go with out planing things that's the best time"s when u have fun the most. I love to drive down PCH just down the coast line enjoying the nice relaxing drive.. when i don't drive i like to B.B.Q in my back yard who Said u have to wait till the weekend or a Friday to BBQ lol I'm not fat i just like to eat good Hehehe !! Well I'm and Automotive technician i work for Nissan so anybody out there has a Nissan i do side jobs very cheep lol J/K ...No but for real Hehehe...OK well enough about me I'm just hoping to find some one special out there wish me luck ..........

Meet people from United States. I'm not great at talking about myself but here it goes, I love the great outdoors weather it be hunting in the woods or camping next to a beautiful mountain lake or just taking some guns up in the hills for some recreational shooting. I love going to the coast hanging around the campfire with friends. I"m into Nascar and Indy racing and old musclecars and hotrods. I enjoy a good roadtrip and would enjoy traveling the US and Europe someday. I like going to the movies or trying a new restaurant. I enjoy bowling or shooting a game of pool or simply relaxing at home with someone special watching tv or a dvd and if all else fails on occasion it's nice to simply relax at home alone with you're thoughts listening to music just be because I believe music sooths the soul. As far as who I'm looking for, I want a girl who knows how to laugh and dosen't take life too seriously yet knows when to be serious. I want a girl who is "girly" but can go camping for a few days without the comforts of home. I don't need a bookworm but want someone I can have a general intelligent conversation with. I like a jeans and t-shirt girl who also likes to dress up sometimes. I like a girl who is playful and a flirt weather we've been together 10 days or 10 years, and ofcourse a cute butt never hurts lol. Put simply I am just hoping to eventually find that one cute, sweet, girl with common interests and goals that is kind and affectionate, patient and understanding who makes me want to finally settle down for good who is understanding of lifes unexpected curveballs like me going from a well paid firefighter to being forced to take a lower paying job and go back to school like so many others due to this terrible economy. I want someone who is willing to stick with her man through the good times and bad.

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