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Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. I am a Christian woman that would like to meet a Godly man, I am not looking for the perfect fellow, but the man that will Love God first and then me. I am a happy person, and love doing nice thing for others. I enjoy the people I work with and my job is stable, but it is still a job, I would like to meet someone to have "fun" with. I am smart enough to know a scam when I hear it, so save it, if that is your purpose. It's just an email away from portential happiness!!! Blessings, Paula

Meet a woman from Alabama, United States. I am well educated and work in education.
Also, I am outgoing, loyal and have values and
I have a very high work ethic and often work extra jobs outside of the education field.
I dress fashionable but also love to wear my jogging clothes with my hair pulled back and a baseball cap on
In the winter I enjoy wearing my sweat suits.
I am also dedicated to Relay for Life events since my dad died of cancer

Date someone special from Alabama, United States. I ASPIRE TO BE A GENUINE SOUTHERN BELLE,

Meet a soulmate from United States. I understand more about this process now...really looking for honesty up front.
I love my life and am not looking for anyone to complete me.
I am searching for a best friend and soul mate of sorts-wherever that leads. I have been divorced 11 years, have a good relationship with my ex and have 3 fantastic well adjusted, and self sufficient adult children. I love tennis, great food, water stuff and seeing new places.
I work but have ample time to take off and play...would be so happy to find a guy who is compatible but must have the correct chemistry to match!
I stay fit and take care of me...I am looking but where are you?

Date a woman from United States. This sounds crazy and somewhat comical but I am "cerebral", an intellectual. There are degrees of intellectualism. I'm not a "Jeopardy" contestant but I have that gut-level instinct --as Alex Trebeck says--to compete to see how good I am. The paradox is that the answer comes before the question! I can't tell you where I am on the the intelligence spectrum. My friends describe me this way. I studied philosophy and theology for years for my own understanding. I've studied World Religions. I've taught World Literature. I've read Joseph Campbell's "Power of the Myth" and Bill Moyers' "World of Ideas." I've traveled broadly. I discovered I am militaristic (I don't shoot guns, people, or anything but believe the US should control the guns and the medicine and share when necessary.) and cosmopolitan (my definition) after reading Colleen McCollough's "First Man In Rome" historical fiction series (about four books -1000 pages each with a Latin glossary) full of strategical and tactical thinking. This is not a pretentious assessment.
I was married to a Renaissance man; however, I am aware that genius presents itself in many ways, so there is no need to compare. I would like a gentleman, a self-possessed man--one who is in command of his faculties. I may want to marry again if I find the right person. I mentioned the "M" word. I was loved and I have a good marriage track record of 30 years. I thrived in a marriage relationship so why wouldn't I mention it? It was a success and it was my primary vocation. I do not have a need to discuss the details with you, except to say, as a result, I have a daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters who live in Colorado. More importantly, I do want another deep (I don't know what that means exactly.),probably, very deep relationship because it keeps me focused, out of trouble, and hopefully benefiting others. I am very deep and very detailed in my communication but it's fun for me. However, I can go slow and keep it light for you. I want someone who is quick-witted and funny to balance my analytical side. Life is too short not to have fun! If you can serenade (or just sing to) me that is a plus. It's charming. It can turn the tables or the tides, used adroitly.
Most of you are retiring or retired, and I want to advance my career within the US Government. I hope that would not be a problem. If we connect, you can go with me. I have always found "two heads are better than one" . I would like to live in Colorado, Washington, DC (I was born in Richmond, Virginia, and grew up in southern central Virginia.), Manhattan, or England, where I studied legal systems. I plan to keep my home in Auburn. Telecommuting may be an option, The upshot is I want to use my graduate degree. I have experience in real estate, insurance, education, civics, public administration, law, and medicine. I can follow easily most topics. I have an engineering proclivity, and I completed a frame-off restoration of a 1976 Triump Spitfire in 1990.
I am a veteran of the USAF (SS). I was stationed in Turkey during the Viet Nam era. I am somewhat averse to learning this program but it is part of our culture today. It does allow us to cast a broad net. That, in itself, is interesting. Despite my work ethic, I am up for adventure and an intellectual challenge. I have an excellent attention span. I can follow digressions and determine whether or not they emphasize the point, or follow a logical conclusion....just so you know!
Recently, I read some info about relationships from an expert (a guy) who said "energy is important" and "chemistry is dangerous". All guys do not want to be loved the same way, according to the expert, so I am not going to presume. I will ask how you want to be loved if the energy is there, but I am not connecting all the dots! I am very romantic, sentimental, and affectionate. I am extremely loyal and guileless. I want my last dance to be my finest! Cheers

Meet someone special from United States. COMPATIBILITY: I enjoy traveling, going to movies, some concerts, Dining In and Out is okay sometimes, Love fishing, and guess what men? I can hang all day. Sports; Basketball, Football, Volleyball. Romantic; like cuddling, holding hands, kissing. Basically, someone I can enjoy spending time with and likewise. Companionship

. It has been nice chatting. Midnight I will close out on match. Good Luck... Trusting, giving, spontaneous love, accepting good/bad. We are none perfect. I want to run jump in your arms, swing me around, be your shoulder...wipe your tears and you wipe mine, hold hands run in the rain. I enjoy putting on the cowgirl boots and jeans and take a nature ride or put on after 5:00 for dinner out.. I love to slow dance if the chemistry is flowing. I enjoy public displays of affection as in holding hands and a soft kiss walking around. Favorite flower a single red rose. Love the beach when the sun is setting and enjoy the mountains. I was raised on my dad's farm and have not forgotten where I came from. Weekends with no plans I am in an XL T-shirt. Being a Christian is a choice I made long ago and still stand with my decision. I am a person that reaches out to people if it is no more than a simple hello. Looks are not everything but something. I am a giver not a taker. My family is very important to me and your family should be as important. Amazing the simple things that makes the world go round. Grilling out, ocean waves, laughing at nothing that would be funny. I don't like to be in charge I like a man to be a man. Without Communication there is no way to move forward with co-workers, friends, family or a new relationship. I don't argue, don't harbor jealousy. Love is not who you live with.....Love is the one you can't live without. A real man doesn't love a million girls....A Real Man loves one girl in a million ways.

. good person ,life my life being a live a good life,strong someoneto lean on i dont ran the street i some times share alot of times with my sisters,my grandchild good movies friendship not married,life

. I'm friendly, fun loving, easy going, trustworthy, good listener with a good personality. I'm low maintenance, the jeans and T-shirt type, but I like to dress up occasionally too. I recently moved back to Alabama from southern Floridda so I am fairly new to the Birmingham area. I'm looking for an easy going southern gentleman with a good personality, easy on the eyes, a great sense of humor is a must, trustworthy and must love dogs. My two Yorkies are a very important part of my life.
I've been single for a while, so all the drama is out of my life. I have learned that I am OK by myself, but I would love to have someone special in my life to do things with. I like eating out or in, movies, photography, antiquing, shopping, anything outdoors and of course Alabama sports. I enjoy doing new things and also enjoy doing nothing, just relaxing and enjoying someone's company.
I am the mother of two grown children and one beautiful grandson and a granddaughter due in the fall. I think I am liking this new grandparent roll.
Let's be friends first and then see where it goes. Want to talk over a drink or a cup of coffee?

. Where to begin? I enjoy being outside but also like to curl up with a good book or watch a good movie indoors. I like to read recipes, to cook and, more importantly, to eat wonderful food. I enjoy going to new places and meeting new people. I love many different kinds of music and going to concerts. (Just wish I could sing.)
I am looking for someone to have fun with; someone who is witty, clever and creative, maybe even a little wacky. However, caring is a very important trait, too. I am very concerned about the environment and hope to meet someone who shares that concern.

. I am a white female 54 years old and I go to church.I love to sing in church and I would like to meet some friends that like to go to church to. I like to go out to eat, fish and camp.I also like to bowl,and go ridding,

. I have always tried to help people by being friendly, cheerful, shoulder to cry on, being supportive, reliable. I have gone to several funeral homes to be supportive of grieving friends & family members & they have thanked me & appreciate my making the effort to help.