Date women from United States / Alabama / Daphne, 59 year old

Date someone special from Daphne, United States. Three years on the coast- life is great! Semi-retirement gives me plenty of time to play and explore. I have kayaked, fished,walked and eaten in many great places. My shooting star wishes bring someone to life to enjoy those things with.
The gentleman of my dreams is just that He doesn't have to be beautiful to the world- just beautiful to me. Kindness to old folks, to children, to servers in restaurants, and to sales clerks, along with a warm smile for me all rank high on my list of 'gentleman qualities". He loves his family, his friends, his hobbies, and maybe even his job, but still has a place in his life and his day for me. He is a person of integrity, of joy, and of faith. He loves life, and is ready to live it fully.
My family reminds me that I do live in South Alabama, and they remind me that they would like for me to stay here. Given that for most of my life I have moved from place to place, I am unlikely to pack my bags for a long distance move. Travel though, is a gift!
Seeing the Grands a couple of times a month has become one my great pleasures, and getting to watch them grow is particularly sweet when I remember that someone else takes care of the rough spots all kids go through. I guess that means that I am finally 'Home".
My latest discovery is social dance- not Dancing with the Stars, just a little simple dance floor magic. Dance is exercise with the addition of great friends, great music, and relaxation. Being a perfect, or even a good dancer is not a requirement-just spin me around a bit, hold me close, and laugh when we mess up. I am just beginning to learn, have a song in my heart, and hope to someday get a few wings on my feet. If you don't dance-we will find something else to do.

Meet a soulmate from Daphne, United States. My children are all grown and it's just me, my sister, her cat and my dog. I enjoy participating in half marathons and I recently completed my 4th. There are several half marathons that are on my bucket list, along with serveral places, such as, The Grand Canyons, Ireland, and Alaska, just to name a few.
I also enjoy riding my Trek Bike, concerts, going to the beach especially during a full moon, puzzles, grilling, and deep sea fishing. I've been single for quite a while now, but I look forward to meeting someone and making new memories. Life goes by so fast, I can hardly catch my breath.
Thank you for taking the time to read my essay, and if you're willing to take a chance so am I.............nothing ventured, nothing gained. I'm not a psycho, haven't been in jail, easy on the eyes, if I do say so myself, easy to get along with, not a chatty cathy, don't smoke, rarely drink, but I am very affectionate, a giver not a taker, and I look forward to meeting someone to begin a new chapter with...........
All these photos are current, and the most recent one was taken 11-12-11, after completing my 4th half marathon (13.1 miles in 3.48:32).
Would you care to dance to our own music?
May you always have walls for the winds,
a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
and all your heart might desire.

Date a woman from Daphne, United States. Hello! I am a teacher, so right off the bat, you know I love kids. And I am a grandma! I will do my best to describe myself.. I love the beach and the lake, any where near water! I am positive person and Christian. I am looking for friendship first!
I have lived in Alabama since 1989, we moved down here when the kids were little and all that medical trash was washing up on the Jersey beaches. I have been divorced a few years now.
I have 3 dogs, an outdoor cat, and a bird named Sally who has been going to school with me for 15 years. I am caring for my son's 3 legged chow, inherited my Mom's papillion, and I lost my flat-coat last August and recently got a flattie puppy. And she is naughty! Any typos here are her fault, as she jumps in my lap for a hug, and plops that big paw on the keyboard.
I have two children, grown, but they still need me. It's nice to be needed! Don't you think?
I go to bed early and get up early, I love dawn and dusk.
Politically, I find myself pretty conservative these days. I have long lost the ideals of youth! Right now I am still concerned about the oil spill and the long term effects to the life in and around the gulf that is suffering.
School is in, so it is back to work.
I'm balanced, intelligent, affectionate, stable and fun to be with. I keep family close and my friends near. It isn't easy to judge the personality of a person completely by reading a few paragraphs on a profile like this one, but maybe it will help me find my match. I have a lot of patience, consider myself down to earth, I avoid drama and I'm a little shy. I enjoy sailing, being home with my dogs, movies, walking in the woods or along the seashore, boat rides, grilling hot dogs on the beach, concerts, plays, going out, good food, drinks, jeans and my little dress.
I am dedicated to the pursuit of happiness, with or without someone in my life. I can't make it happen, but when I least expect it, maybe I will find that special connection....the one each of us is looking for. A slow dance, a good hugger, a glass of wine, tea and cookies, good converation and I'd love my heart to skip a beat! I'm attracted to men that are affectionate, at ease with themselves, like to smile and love to laugh. I believe it is very important to respect each other's feelings and to keep the lines of communication open and honest. I am looking for someone to talk about their day over an evening cocktail and then cuddle on the couch and watch tv for a while, or take the magic carpet to Xanadu to see the waterfalls and lush green surroundings and sip champagne with a hint of raspberries~only kidding!
I am energetic and low maintenance, looking for someone that enjoys his life, as much as I do mine. I am true to my profile and would like a great guy as a friend first, anything after that I am beginning to think a miracle!
...I am busy, but there is something missing in my life! Could it be you? I always have something I should be taking care of, so please...Distract me! I am looking for someone to share my life with, not really change it! I know that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and this is a brief summary about myself. Wink.....and I'll respond! Thanks for checking me out~Have a blessed day!

Meet someone special from Alabama, United States. Looking for a companion who wants to explore life, travel, have dinner and go dancing. Love long walks around town, art museums and festivals. Exercise and enjoying life are very important to me. Have a golden retriever and we walk everyday and listen to the sounds of nature. Come join us! Have had a power boat for a number of years, now looking for a sailor and a sunset to take life a little slower.

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. I really try to enjoy life and make the most of what I have in mine. Family is very important to me. I love travel, music, the beach or the mountains. Enjoy cooking and enjoy a good meal out. Love movies most all kinds, except really horror. Love to garden and work in my yard with flowers and veggies. Enjoy families and kids having fun like picnics at the beach or boating. Or just playing in the yard, outdoor stuff, long walks. Exploring new adventures. Mainly just looking for someone who enjoys life and some of the things I enjoy. I'm always open to most adventures or someone else interests. Hopefully, a man who is courteous, outgoing, pleasant personality, funny, financially stable. Someone who family, church and friends are all important. Someone who is respectful of others and tells the truth in a friendship or relationship when he is ready to move on with his life; big a 'big boy' and tell the truth, instead of 'sneaking' around, cheating or lying. I can deal with a breakup - just tell the truth. At this point in my life, don't really need the "games". Just a friend who wants to enjoy having someone in his life. Sharing the fun good times and the sad sometimes. No matter where it leads, at least enjoy the time spent!

Meet a woman from Alabama, United States. Shy at first, but then hard to shut up. Good listener who doesn't get out much socially.
My children and grandson make me smile.
Maybe not really looking for a relationship but
friendship. Love the water and boating. I enjoy getting to use "sign language". I am grateful to have pretty good health.