Date women from United States / Alabama / Cottonwood, 59 year old

Date someone special from Cottonwood, United States. Am living alone but am not lonely. Life is full of opportunities to explore. Am a free spirit that enjoys looking for that next wonderful experience. Regardless of age, one must never settle for mundane. New friend should be open for new experiences as well. There are some things better left alone due to our comfort level; however, let's explore and have fun; in this, the next chapter of our lives. Life is better when shared. Is there room in yours for me?

Meet a woman from Cottonwood, United States. OK, first of all, I am creative in everything I do. I am best known (famous, & infamous) for my bold contemporary acrylic paintings. I have a 5-year plan to get myself into Galleries across the U.S. So far I've been in several, but because of the economy, they are now closed.... soooo, here I go again. The challenge has begun!
I love my life & take the time to take care of myself. I try to hit the gym 3-4 times a week, and always look forward to hiking once a week. There is so much beauty in the state, so many places to see. I have not had the opportunity to travel a whole lot, though I've been to Mexico & Canada and a fare share of the U.S. I am planning a trip to Greece in the next few years - for an art workshop & alot of sightseeing. I would love to see London, Paris, Rome, and....and... too many to mention!
Family is very important to me. My grandson lives in the Phoenix area, and I go & spoil him regularly. I love animals, though I do not have any pets at this time.
I am looking for that positive individual who possibly be creative in his own right. Someone with a sense of humor, who is active, & who can be spontaneous.
Let's meet somewhere. I love art events, theater, movies, and dining out. That's just the short list.

Date a soulmate from Cottonwood, United States. Here it goes.... So....who am I? Lets see... I am a loving, trustworthy, honest, and loyal woman.... I can be quite playful (given the circumstances) and I'm also a very affectionate woman. There is no magic formula for being attracted to one another... you just know when it's there. It's really all we are striving to find... or else why would we be on this dating site? I always try to be upfront... I am not into game playing. Communication is key. I am seeking to find the same qualities in a man to compliment my life. I am ready to share the treats of life with that special someone. I love to have fun (who doesn't?) and I always try to be open minded to doing something fun and/or different things on the spur of the moment.... some of the very best times I've had in my life were those unplanned getaways... because there were no expectations. I am also a firm believer and taught my children way back when... "The Golden rule".... "do onto others as you would want them to do on to you".... I try hard to respect others at all times and I would expect no less in return. I do love to travel and getting away from the norm... it's candy for the soul! Everyone should take time to rejuvenate... Life really does have so much to offer, it's all about the choices we make ... and it's all out there if you just grab it! I try to live everyday as if it were my last and then dance as if no one is watching.... Any of this spark your interest?..... well....don't be bashful.... if you'd like to just say hello... drop a line or two and we can take it from there! I just re-activated my profile recently....I will be getting some more photos on here soon...promise! So.....stay tuned.....and best of luck to all in your search.....