Date women from United States / Alabama / Townley, 59 year old

Date a woman from United States. So who am I? Well...a real person - former hippie turned Republican, *** now turning into a "who knows what" politically...*** Still love John Denver music as well as Eric Clapton stuff. I also love Janice Joplin and well as Gretchen Wilson music. Love my dogs - have 3. I love to crochet, cook, swim and ride. Just want to have real friendships. Honesty, reality, truth, kindness, heart, sincerity, love is what I desire to be the center of a relationship - this is very is important to me.
Are there men out there who also want deep friendships? Men who want to share their hearts and thoughts? Who care what the person they are with thinks? Real Conversation!! Someone down to earth? Men who are real? I really hope so.
I'm learning to live happily on my own. Wanting to learn all kinds of things like rebuilding a barn on my property. Put in a great garden, put my granddaughter's swing in the tree. Recently I learned how to put a gate on my porch. Want to parachute sometime. Ride Route 66 on a bike some day - either on my own or as a passenger with a heart partner.
I really would like a relationship with a man who is real and honest and would like to try all kinds of things, such as teach me to play golf. Would you like to go on a huge roller coaster? One who has patience, love for folks who seem to be "less in life" than us, honesty, sincerity, and heart felt goodness which appears to be extremely rare these days - very significant characters to me. This may just be a fairy tale prince.
God to me is a dear friend/Dad. Ever wonder what creating crickets was like? Sunsets? Mountains? Knowing hearts and feelings of men and women? This is how I think of him all the time.
At this time in my life I choose to be me and would really like to know men who choose to be themselves and care for other people at the same time. Very challenging and rare.
There are many, many other things to talk about over a glass of wine on the porch or in a restaurant or on the river.