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Date someone special from Alabama, United States. Loves to enjoy life. Always looking for the rainbow. Trust,honesty,loyalty traits I really admire and give back. Dance the night away.

Meet a soulmate from Alabama, United States. I'm a true GRITS - Girl Raised In The South. I am confident and accomplished...but, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I have a quick wit and a keen, but dry sense of humor. I find humor in so many situations. I may be perceived as sarcastic but those close to me know I am never mean spirited. My friends expect my candor and appreciate my honesty. I am strong but not hard; I cry at movies but I'm not emotional; I am independent but not aloof.
My Christian faith is very important to me. I love the Lord and try to reflect His light. I am patriotic. I appreciate those those who protect us and keep us safe. I am thankful to be an American.
I like music and love to dance, although, it's been a while since I put on my 'dancin' shoes. Once upon a time I played piano.
I am a retired teacher. I now work for a computer company. I am very fortunate to have had two jobs in my life that I love. Most people never find one they enjoy.
I would like to spend time with a gentleman who enjoys bright conversation. I look for good manners and someone who knows how to treat a lady. He is strong but has a kind heart.
I'm not sure about all this on-line stuff but let's see what happens..........

Date a woman from Alabama, United States. friendly christian lady who likes walking, yard sales, dancing, computer, movies, church, singings. looking for the one who would like to share their life with me. would prefer healthy minded, easy going guy without the addictions of smoking, drinking or drugs.

Meet someone special from United States. I smile when I laugh at myself which is often.
I think it is important to not take yourself too serious. In other words there are things in life that we can't control that mkae us sad. So when we have the opportunity to laugh then I say Laugh! My dog makes me laugh and he makes me smile.

Date a soulmate from United States. I place value on honesty and respect which I hope to receive from others. I would love to meet a courteous and caring man available and open to a relationship with no games or guessing. I would describe my social life as a mix of sharing time with friends and family while having the ability to feel comfortable alone.


. What was I thinking? I took the plunge and entered a ballroom dance competition. To my surprise I found it quite frightening and fun. Actually I finished quite well for a beginner...or was that my instructor that did so well? I do enjoy trying, but it is so much more fun to have a partner. There's still nothing better than a good slow dance or country 2-Step. I tend to be a bit reserved, but on occasion I will jump out there and do something completely off the wall for a good challenge or cause. I tend to be independent and stand for my convictions but I try to keep an open mind on most issues. I cant relate or respect those people that can't think or do for themselves...but I didn't say I don't appreciate shilvalry and a man with good manners. Family is a very important part of my life. I have two sons, two granddaughters and three grandsons. I love every minute I get to spend with them.
Have wheels will travel--Yes, I love to travel--it doesn't matter whether its a short road trip or a long adventure. I love going to places I've never been. However, I revisit my two favorite places throughout the year: Nashville, obviously for the music and Christmas festivities and Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg for the fall folage and atmosphere. I plan to check out the fall colors in the New England states some day...Alaska and any tropical island any time.
I enjoy being with friends and family but I also enjoy doing nothing at all-- quite evening at home and taking time to enjoy the little things in life. Sometimes spontaneous is the way to go--but I do like to have a basic plan...and navigator. I participate in church and music activities. I play keyboard and sing. I am trying to muster my courage to learn to play the fiddle (NOT violin).

. My Friends think I'm so Funny, that I need My own
stand up Club, Just the sound of My Daughter's voice makes me smile and watching Her grow into the Beautiful Wife That She is becoming and having a great Son-in Law, that loves her as much as I do. I'm grateful for My love of God and Country, Family and Life time Friends, I lived to to Retired in 2006, "Daughter out of College" and I'm almost over that "Wedding of Her Dreams" that was so Beautiful.... but drank all My all Savings, would love a Guy, that I could make laugh out loud every day. and have Him still wake up with that same smile the next day.

. I am kind and thoughtful with a dry, comical sense of humor. I enjoy laughing at myself as well as laughing with someone else. I go out of my way to keep stress and conflict out of my life, as life is too short to live it upset. My biggest fault is that I smoke. I make no promises that I will quit. Maybe one day ..... maybe not...... ? I try to quit, but never completely quit. Hopefully there is that special one who will accept this.
I like to ride motorcycles, boating, swimming, music, Alabama football, playing with animals. I love children as they are so honest and innocent. The beauty of children and pets is that they love you unconditionally. I have one grandchild in OR., so I don't get to be a "grandma" very often.
I enjoy movies, TV, going out with friends. I also like listening to a police scanner for entertainment. I enjoy doing home projects, cooking sometimes---I am a good cook. I like to travel, short get aways and going to Oregon once a year.
My match has an easy going attitude, with a sense of humor, likes to laugh, has patience, and understanding. Honesty and kindness are the most important traits to me. This someone would be intrested in having a great friendship above all else which is where I believe love begins.

. i am an honest caring. good sense of humor.christian lady.looking....for same hope to start out friends then he could be my mate for next to travel .sometimes do things on sour of moment. see what happens

. I may a little "over the top" for some people, as I am not a carbon copy of anyone... I can only be me, myself, and I.
I am intense, unique, passionate, open, playful, and intelligent, and I will not apologize for any of these... for I would have to deny my very self to do so.
I love my God, word-play jokes, happy people, and searching for constellations in the sky.
I love the smell of the air after a rain or a crisp autumn day, a good, black cup of coffee with a great read, puppy breath, singing alone or with others, and a purring cat smiling on my lap.
I know that "things" or "people" cannot make you happy...only "you" can make you happy. It is a definitive choice you make.

. I have a good sense of humor. I love children, and animals. I have 3 children, and am currently have custody of my 9 year old grand daughter. They must love children, and animals. I love to swim, and have fun.