Date men and women from United States / California / Hermosa Beach, 41 year old

Date a soulmate from California, United States. Career oriented, single, independent guy looking for an adventure and lifepartner. No drama, ready to settle with the right professional woman.
Interests include short trips, hiking, wlakingrunning, and going to comedy and art shows.
I am an early bird and enjoy going for a walkrun very early in the morning to get ready for a stressful day at times, lol.
Will you join me?

Meet a man from California, United States. I am very active and happy. I am very young for my age. I have a great career and life. I'm just looking for someone special to share it with. I don't handle drama well, so if thats you please don't even bother waisting our time. I'm very passionate about life and just about everything I do.

Date single man from California, United States. I would like to meet someone who knows themself & takes pride in expressing their individuality. Someone who follows their dreams & works on the passion that drives them from day to day. Sharing similar goals, dreams & working on those as a team is a very special experience.My ideal match would be athletic with strong values & loving heart. she would be health conscious & down to earth.

Meet men and women from California, United States. Why am I here. It can be a challenge to meet the right person so I decided to give this site one more try.
I do enjoy the bar with friends but don’t really try to or expect to meet the love of my life there. I’ve never been married. It doesn’t really bother me, to be honest it has its benefits, but that isn’t really what I want for the rest of my life. I’ve gotten to the point where finding that right person is really what I’m looking for.
So about me. I am a midwest transplant, born and raised in small city in michigan. I’ve been out here since 93 when I came out for school. After awhile I got to love the weather (it really is nicer just to visit the snow) and all the fun and diversity that the city has to offer so I never left. I appreciate some of the finer things in life (like food and wine) but I’m not materialistic. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. I LOVE to cook and and have been told by many I am very good at it. I love to try new food whether it is cooking or going out to a good place. I am intelligent, have a good sense of humor. Love to snowboard, love the outdoors and getting out of town just to relax and unwind.
So what do I want. Well I’m looking for someone who is kind, honest, intelligent and well grounded. I’m looking for a best friend and someone who can challenge me and open me up to new experiences. Most of all I suppose I am looking for someone who is comfortable with who they are and is looking for someone to share their life with.
Hope to here from you... And If not best wishes and good luck!!!

Date someone special from California, United States. Worried about getting crow’s feet, small wrinkles on your forehead, or those unflattering lines around the corner of your mouth? These are all symptoms of what scientists call “Frowny Face” and it can lead to lost business opportunities, fewer friends, or worse…permanent singledom! So what can you do?!
There are hundreds of products on the market that CLAIM to give you a wrinkle free face and the happiness and confidence of a woman with glowing skin. Botox has been all the rage for years, but medical experts have been finding the hidden dangers of this “miracle” cure. But now, there’s an all-natural product that can give you a bright shining and smile, while preventing those awful worry wrinkles…ME!!
After years of testing and clinical trials, I blend a curious intellect, with boyish charm and a patented sense of humor, sure to turn that frown upside down. Not only that, but I come with a great education, a nice family and friends, and an even temper. Yet I’ve got adventurous, mischievous and rebellious streaks, at NO extra charge!
I come in a tall, athletic package, am easy to manage and dress myself, simply and tastefully! Plus, you get a fresh, clean wrapper, with NO messy gels and NO overpowering fragrance!
How much would YOU pay for this miracle cure? Well, hold on, because there’s MORE!
Act now, and you get a FREE one night trial. That’s right…FREE! And we guarantee, if you’re not MOSTLY satisfied after your free trial, returns are a breeze. Simply DON’T pick up your phone and call! That’s right, no fuss, no muss!
So what are you waiting for?! Hurry and order your free trial now, because there is a limited supply…of one!

Meet people from California, United States. Hey there. I grew up in Montana, left for school in Indiana then Seattle, served my time as an officer in the Air Force in Dayton, OH, and LA Air Force Base in El Segundo, CA. Currently, I'm working my tail off at a start up company. It's very challenging, exciting, and potentially rewarding. It keeps me so busy I have a bit of trouble finding the time to do all the things I enjoy, such as skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, beach volleyball, camping, off-roading, etc. I grew up riding horses and taking weeklong pack trips into the Montana Rockies. I have my pilot's license. I've climbed Mt. Rainier and Mt. Shasta. I have many other things on my "to do" list like sailing the south Pacific, writing a book, and designing and building a home somewhere. I enjoy traveling. I've been to Europe twice, and hope to travel there again. I'd like to hit Central and South America (particularly Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, and Argentina), New Zealand, and Scandinavia.
Hmmm.... let's shift gears. I was raised with conservative Christian values and hope to meet someone with similar beliefs (that doesn't mean I don't know how to party, by the way - I'm writing this as I drink Mimosas and wait my turn to go under the limbo stick). I believe in getting to know someone before becoming intimate and I don't sleep around. Not that that initial physical "spark" isn't great - it certainly is. I'm intelligent (I'm an aerospace engineer in the start-up company, but I'm not a dork! really!), sensitive, a bit shy until I get to know someone, and have a rather sarcastic sense of humor - I'm trying to tone it down a bit, but be prepared :) I'm looking for someone to share experiences with - those we have in common as well as new. There's nothing I enjoy more than sharing a new experience with someone I care about. Imagine camping, in the mountains, during a raging thunderstorm and you have an idea of one way in which I like to spend time with someone special. BTW, if you can camp without the amenities of running water, bathrooms, and grills, you get bonus points. I'd love to meet someone who can play volleyball on the beach, grab a couple of beers afterwards, then clean up and go out for the evening. A love of the outdoors is great. If it's not a big part of your life, but you'd like to try the nature thing, then I can help! Character is extremely important. Honesty, values, integrity, sincerity, sensitivity. That's the good stuff. Cool adjectives to describe a person are: natural, genuine, down-to-earth, independent, ambitious (not in a power or money hungry way, but in a "I'd like to do that better" sort of way). If you can relate, we might get along very well! Bottom line: I'd like to meet someone who complements me in areas of mutual interests and beliefs and helps me improve in the areas in which I'm lacking. Friends first, and we'll see where it goes. Want to try new things, or want to show me the same? Great!

Date a soulmate from Hermosa Beach, United States. I once read an article which suggested, if you want to find your "soulmate", to be write down exactly what you're looking for and be excruciatingly specific. The idea being, that whether you believe it's God, the universe, karma, Buddha, fate, etc., the energy of knowing exactly what you're looking for, being open to that person, and being able to recognize the person when they arrive will all conspire to bring you together. The idea always appealed to me, but I never wrote down anything... until now.
So, is this you? Specifically?
Eyes that light up a room?
Goofy, punny, slightly naughty sense of humor?
"Girl next door pretty", but not vain?
Kind to waiters, small children, old people and animals?
Loves the beach and the mountains?
Brainy yet humble?
Good at board games, cards and trivia?
Plays beach volleyball?
Skis and/or snowboards?
Has a passport?
Would like to spend a month in Italy?
Coffee in the morning, wine/beer at night?
Conversation, music, books; anything as long as it's together?
Works to live, not lives to work?
Looking for a best friend, and a lover?
OK, universe, I've done my part...

Meet a man from Hermosa Beach, United States. I like local hidden lunch spots, spending money on iTunes (only $1.29..what a deal), small venue concerts, DTLA, hills, politics, spit balling movie quotes, games of chance, Mammoth, Boba, Whole Foods, maids, big dogs, hoop earrings, little nuggets of wisdom, sarcasm, foreign cars, people with a patriotic streak, El Porto, the strand, nurturing personalities, CL, racquet sports, street smarts (actually All Smarts), pragmatists, Pandora radio, laid back lifestyle, second languages, and midnight runs to Diddy Riese. My DVR is full of house/food/news shows, Cesar Milan, SAMCRO, NFL, and Tosh.0. I'm pretty active year round. I'm a fan of the Paleo diet, just don't like shopping for it. I would like to hear from someone interesting who smiles easily, and finds humor in everyday life. A woman who relishes her independence, voices her opinion, and knows how to be a team player, but is ready to release her grip on the reins of life a little bit. Oh, and can ride a board, bike, horse, diamond slope, SeeDoo, or skates. Dislikes- the 405, poor tippers, celebrity fanatics, late rent, drama magnets, rap, possums, monster trucks, white wine, trust issues....and not reading the instructions before you plug it in.

Date single man from Hermosa Beach, United States. After living abroad for a number of years (mostly in Norway but also in Colombia, Nicaragua, Lebanon, and Spain), I moved back to California last year to live closer to my family. Kinda starting anew, which is a little freaky but also opens a lot of new opportunities. I consider myself open, honest, with a good sense of humor and would like to meet someone with the same qualities. I have no type that I specifically look for, cause, you know, good things can come in different packages.

Meet a woman from Hermosa Beach, United States. Adventurous, social, educated, hard working and honest woman...
Looking for a sincere, open man who knows what he wants, is not afraid to pursue it and does not take himself or life too seriously...

Date men and women from United States. I LOVE to LAUGH, so if being too serious is your personality then I am not the girl for you. Words to describe myself:
•Independent,Loving, Smart, Honest, Loyal, Kind, Funny, Spontaneous, and Athletic. :) I can Be a girly girl but don't mind roughing it when camping or outdoors. I know how to even check my own oil in my!  I'm pretty much up to try anything new and do enjoy sports! Whether it's playing pool and having a beer to eating sushi I'm your girl! ;) I like to snowboard, horsebike ride, watch sporting events, hit the beach, movies, concerts, or just take a long drive and see where the universe takes me/us. I have two wonderful kids ages 11 and 8 and I am so grateful that I have a great relationship with their father. Life is too short to be bitter or angry because our marriage didnt work. :) I believe as long as our children see their parents respect each other and know they are loved by both of us beyond this life they will be ok in this world! 
What I hope for in my next relationship is to find a REAL MAN. I don't mean that in a negative way. What I mean is I have always worn the "pants" so to say and have been the pilot in my relationships.  I want to find someone I will always admire and respect. I want him to inspire me and teach me new things. I want someone that knows who he is and knows what he wants. I want a PARTNER/BEST FRIEND in life that I can grow with. I want the butterflies, chemistry, love and passion, etc.!! I can't wait to SPOIL my future partner/lover/friend with LOVE and AFFECTION. ;)
Ps. Musical taste is from old skool to classic rock and a little bit of everything else in between!! ;) It's as crazy as me!

Meet a soulmate from United States. Curiosity is lost on those that squander the bewilderment that only a freewheeling mind discovers. Feel the same?
Wanderlust is one way to over indulge in the wonders of the world. Lately, I’ve been focused on “flights less travelled”, such as my white knuckled trip through the Himalayan mountain range. Bhutan proved exhilarating with its windy, one-car-at-a-time roads on three thousand foot cliffs to reach the Last Shangri La. On the other end of the spectrum, Galapagos Islands was a marine safari teeming with evidence that Darwin stumbled upon something remarkable. Whether traveling on the reserves of Kenya or soaking up the wine, art, and tapas of Spain, adventure is the spice of life and dare I say I’m Indiana Jane (actually, I do dislike snakes).
Every day life should also be intriguing, playful, or spent with friends/family. I spend many weekends covered in sweat and sand from beach volleyball tournaments or huffing up trails to inspiration points. Sometimes the afternoon is best spent fighting against the headwinds on my beach cruiser along the strand followed by an evening at the comedy club with some friends. I’m more yang than yin, but embrace the balance of the two. I continually ask “what’s next” when considering the big picture. While ambitious and driven, I feel compassion is part of my core. I hope to equally be a teacher and student.
The guy IРІР‚в„ўm looking for is the ultimate playmate who wants to learn, laugh, and explore throughout life. He is multi-faceted with a diverse set of experiences that have shaped a solid and ethical character. He smile lights up a room as he feels thankful for all the amazing opportunities life has thrown his way. The outdoors recharges his soul. He is exceptional at what he does but not at the risk of losing sight of his highest priorities.
Above all, he is passionate and happy with life and wants to share it with a worthy companion.

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