Date men and women from United States / California / Santa Barbara, 48 year old

Date a soulmate from California, United States. @Match ~ Any honest n loyal woman that want the same in return?
Some times people come into your life and you know right away that they are meant to be a part of it, from the moment you lock eyes, you know that they will affect your life in some profound way.
Yes it is true I am looking for someone special. Essentially I am happy but do feel some emptiness. This is manifested by the fact that I do not have someone to think about, someone to talk to, someone I can think about when my days are rough, someone I can hold and kiss, someone to share life's experiences with, someone I can cherish, someone I can grow old with, someone I can go home to, someone I can build a life with.
I want so badly to have these feelings.I would love to have that special someone just to think about and all the negativity gets blown away and magically I can smile again. I long for that special someone to love me unconditionally, as I would do the same for them.
Maybe only in a perfect world? I still have hope! :-)
Are You REALLY Emotionally Available??
Let's face it, at this point in our lives, our hearts have been kicked around a bit, but nothing good can happen in a possible relationship if one person has built such a fantastic array of walls and traps around themselves that no one can get in, even despite having flexibility, ninja skills or special ops training. Take a risk. It's the only way to fly.
We all come from backgrounds as unique as our fingerprints, and one of the hardest things we ever do is make a perfect stranger into a family member, daily co-worker, or the likes. We have to learn that nothing is personal, we can never make assumptions, and we should always let others be who they are. People who are secure in who they are, have no need to demand, or wish, that others change. Those who don't "like", or "do" drama, have not carefully examined where their place, in conflict, has been. We are all accountable for where we are, in our lives. I believe that we need to ask for what we want, but just not expect to always get it. If anything is left UN-communicated, unfortunate conflicts can result, and in many cases, it could have been thwarted with a short talk. All people eventually get into conflict,; however, and in that case, the surest way to amend the situation is to hear each other, and recognize our own culpability.
So if you've read this far and I sound interesting to you. Please dont hestiate to ask for my picture. I will gladly share. Im more ineterested in a woman smart enough to look inside the hood rather than instant guuguu gaga from my paint. I want a mutual whole enchilada. Mind, body and soul.

Meet a man from California, United States. I have a deep desire to experience as much as I can during my life. I have taken a unique road less traveled according to many, which suits me. Being ordinary and a part of the rat race is something that I avoid. I methodically planned and worked towards goals that allow me to live a neat life of exploration of new places and new experiences. Pleasure can be found in all activities from strenuous outdoor activities to staying in, snuggling and watching movies all afternoon.
Although I am responsibly focused on the serious aspects of life, I am typically quite a sillyheart in all other areas. I am very generous, kind and considerate to those who are the same to me. I stand up for myself, my friends, and loved ones when it is time to do so. I know how to communicate with my partner, especially my continued appreciation of them and who they are. I consider myself very successful at what I think is important and I am proud of my accomplishments. I get great pleasure in helping others achieve their goals too. I offer any assistance to my partner but give them the space they need to be whomever they want to be. I consider myself a confident man who knows what he wants out of life and has the capability to achieve the goals I set. I have to be a gentleman too. Opening doors, holding chairs, politeness, etc. is totally built into my DNA.
My ideal match is someone who has a very open mind to all experiences, someone who is adventurous, able to push themselves to explore outside of their box. I'm not necessarily talking extreme sports, but I am very proud of people who do have the courage to explore to expand their horizons. My ideal match also has a kind compassionate heart, someone who appreciates getting along with others, particularly their partner. I don't like much drama as I am too interested in focusing my energy on having a great life.
My partner and I would explore life together enjoying whatever planned or unplanned adventures we come across. Love, compassion, respect and faithfulness for each other would be the cornerstone of our relationship. My ideal partner takes great pleasure in taking care of me just as I get immense pleasure taking care of her.
I am a long term permanent relationship oriented person. I have no desire to "play the field". I focus my relationship love and affection on one and only one special person. My commitment and dedication is as strong as there is. My ideal partner absolutely must be of the same frame of mind in this area. Honesty and integrity of the highest caliber is a must.
My love for all animals knows no bounds. I have a tendency to focus my altruistic side more towards animals and their well being. I do have compassion for those people less fortunate. I love to help people who want to help themselves.
If you are looking to have a real loving compassionate relationship where giving to your partner brings you great joy (as I do), then I am interested in hearing from you and seeing where our own adventure takes us!

Date single man from California, United States. I love the outdoors and spend most of my free time up in the mountains or at the beach. I am easy going and fairly quiet but I love to be around people. I enjoy people who are down to earth and like the outdoors and animals, especially dogs. I love to hike the canyon trails and play at the beach. I enjoy surfing, beach volleyball, and sailing out to the Channel Islands. I grew up in Santa Barbara and I love going for long walks along the beach, dining downtown, camping at red rocks, and touring SB's wine country on a bike. I have spent more than half of my life in Santa Barbara but have also lived in Vermont, Colorado, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Arizona. I am a former Army Officer with service in Europe and Asia. I believe in honor and that romance is a product of an established friendship. I am looking for someone who is easy going, likes to laugh, and enjoys the simple things in life. I recently returned to Santa Barbara and I am looking to make new friends. I love conversation especially one on one, watching movies (especially comedies), but most of all I would rather be enjoying the outdoors. I am very close to and spend a lot of time with my family (brother, sister, mom) and they all live here in town. I also love having a great cup of coffee. Thanks for reading my profile.

Meet people from California, United States. I have lived in Santa Barbara since the late 80s and love it! I came here via the Coast Guard and never left. I am in management and find it very rewarding overall although it has its challenges. I like to stay active in a variety of ways and am always open to new things. I want to do more out of country traveling to exotic places- warm climate mostly but have been to Alaska and above the Arctic Circle in the Northwest Territories of Canada- very cool! I am pretty handy and am currently remodeling my house, it is a disaster right now but will be a gem when I am done. I built a separate studio on my property (actually a man-cave) and have found it to be a great place to hang with friends. I hate building with plans, just have it my head, and wing it- always turns out good. Born in Wisconsin, yes I am a Cheesehead and huge Packer fan, but really grew up in Montana- Big Sky Country! It was a great place to grow up in and in some ways will always be home. I like to stay stimulated in a variety of ways as well- museums, art, theatre, sports, concerts- all sounds good!
I am looking for someone to share my life experiences with, wherever that leads us. Must be somewhat athletic and not squeamish- like an independent woman, one who we can do things together but also has her own interests. I like someone who can be a good conversationalist but also likes some quiet time. I definitely like someone who is spontaneous and can just go with the flow.

Date men and women from California, United States. Hey! I'm a very nice, intelligent man who loves live music, travel, fine dining, long walks and interesting conversation.
I've been all over the world and am convinced that I live in the best place on Earth. There are still a few places that I haven't visited that I would like to see. Next on my list is the Galapagos Islands. My favorite vacation so far was a Botswana safari. The scenery and the animals were amazing.
I really enjoy live music, especially blues, folk, Americana and jam band rock. Some of my favorite are Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Jonathon Richman, ALO and the Grateful Dead.
There is so much good food in the area to enjoy. My favorites are sushi, Italian, Korean and Mexican.
I stay in shape by taking Bikram yoga classes twice a week and walking my dog.
I am looking for a woman who is intelligent, affectionate, considerate, successful and happy with where she is in her life. She should be confident and not afraid to speak her mind.

Meet someone special from California, United States. I am from third world country (New Orleans) living in Californication; I have travelled to and lived all over the world in international oil and gas business; I am looking for someone who is attractive (blonde), tall, thin, athletic, well educated and well travelled. I must have someone with great sense of humor and spontaneous. Real Housewives of whatever city/county need not apply.

Date a soulmate from United States. So I guess I can be typical and say I love walks on the beach hiking and the like. But living in Santa Barbara Ca makes those activities come true and I like them both. Having a glass of wine as you sit and look at the surf is very relaxing and I just love it. I really do love to take life slow to count its blessing and not to take good fortune for granted. Of course why I am here is to find and share some life with a beautiful woman who is attractive on the out side as she is on the inside.

Meet a man from United States. Hello and thanks for stoping by. I honestly think it is more fun to talk to someone, to get to know them. Lets get together and have a coffee, tea, glass of wine and talk.
Some words to describe myself - good sense of humor, able to laugh at myself - mostly because I do some foolish things, looking for adventure - it keep you young, peaceful, positive. Ready to give my heart, and want to find a friend, and a lover. Looking for a passionate, romantic, loving relationship.
I want to find a person to see the world with. I am adventurous, always looking for new things to do. Enjoy good restaurants and lively conversation with friends. I enjoy an active lifestyle, like to run, bike, hike, paddle board or sit at the beach and people watch.
I want to meet a woman that is adventurous, and has a fun loving outlook on life. She wants to explore new places and new activities. Enjoys a night sharing a quiet dinner, a glass of wine and a movie. Other times wants to have fun times with friends.
There is much more to anyone than can be said in these few words. I hope you are a little curiosity and you are intrigued to find out a little more. How about a sunset walk on the beach or a hike......

Date single man from United States. I’ve been told I am kind, fun, creative and personally feel there is a good balance in my life and do value how fortunate it is to have the life that I do. SB has been a great town to grow as an architect in all it’s inspiring beauty. Being self employed is awesome, it allows me to be responsible when needed and then go out and play when I want.
Working out is important to me... you know the mind, body and spirit thing ! Traveling has been a great source of knowledge in so many ways even the little weekend jaunts can be a rejuvenating. I enjoy good one on one conversation silly or serious with or without a drink in hand. I like to go out in the night with friends or chill at home flipping channels or taking on the never ending home improvement projects. There is nothing like good music and if it's live, even better!
I am looking for a woman that has a positive attitude on life, active and personable. Likes to step out to have a little fun or just hang out with her man... Good chemistry is a great way to start ;)

Meet people from United States. born in alaska I'm an independant traveler . Love to rommance, communicate , get out experience all life and my partner have e xperienced and reflect on.Heli skiing is probably my favorite escape, want to share and show with like interest . Humble easy going and flexible to others needs and desires.sick on playiing guitar , eventualy doing the tribute band think if my own dos'nt take off
no children but have 14 Nieces & nephews all in Alaska so travel alot.Much to offer. injoy discussing the book your reading or life in general.
, ski, movies build fire and relaxe....etc.. like to read, beach, wine dine , movies snuggle cuddle , pretty much very open to what ever . Lets see if we have chemistry.

Date men and women from United States. Friends would say I have a broad sense of humor, stand by them over the long haul, & am artistically creative.
I'm financially secure & could take time off, but enjoy my job teaching music.
I'm happy about songs & CD's I've worked on. Back in the '90's I had a painting career, & now I love writing. Currently, I'm finishing up a "near-future" novel.
I'm grateful to have sisters who tell me when I'm doing well, or acting like a total freakin' fool.
Seeing a few of the kids I teach music to, really grasping it, makes me smile. But so does soup at Whole Foods, or finding the last banana bread at Trader Joes, or seeing an intelligent woman smiling back.
I'm not addicted to the latest gadget, the newest upgrade, or to celebrities famous only for being famous.
Contentment & gratitude are much better goals than the insatiable quest for constant happiness.
I like to stay healthy, & excercise at the gym to maintain my slender status, but not into artificially-induced bulk.
Hope to meet someone who is creative in their life, who likes people & is calm. Someone who is happy around others, but also content alone & not in need of constant attention. (Not high-maintenence, high-drama or high-strung.)
I believe in (non-brutal) honesty, monogamy & trust. And I seek someone who wants the same.
On weeknights, I'm low-key--Netflix, but on weekends like to go to restaurants, clubs, bars, concerts, theater, movies, hikes, beach, road trips & let other people suggest things.
A sense of humor is essential. I try to make other people laugh as much as possible. Bonus points if you make me laugh.
I want to settle down soon, but until that happens, seek someone to treat to dinner, see concerts with, take on trips and be relaxed around. I'm also fine w/ making new friends. Sometimes attraction not evident on 1st dates, grows through friendship.
I'm allergic to zealots who want to convert you to their diets or zany beliefs. (Been there; endured that.)
The one real deal-breaker is right-wing conservatives. If "some other viewpoint" means Fox News, & Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann are inspirational role models, it's not going to work.

Meet someone special from United States. I am a honest and hard working asian man. I am single. I love seeing the joy that a simple thoughtful act can bring to others. I want someone who appreciates that and who also wants to get the most out of her life.
I have lived in Vietnam, China, San Francisco and now I am new in Santa barbara. I am kind of old fashioned when it come to dating. I truly appreciate it when a wonman open doors for me, is the first to call.
I love my job....most days. I surround myself with good people...

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