Date men and women from United States / California / Morgan Hill, 48 year old

Date people from California, United States. I have an enthusiastic personality and l want some to enjoy the life. I am interested in meeting someone who is sincerely and honest. I like talk face to face to discribe better the possibility to create a new frienship.

Meet men and women from California, United States. Life and all its complexities leave us scratching our heads at times. Thankfully, others have been down the same path we are now on, and have left us their wisdom and advice. With their carefully crafted words, they can lift us up, inspire us and help us see that what we are experiencing isn?t just unique to us, that others have faced the same peaks and valleys and conquered them. Quotes about life can help us see our own lives through the eyes of others, helping us get through the tough times, knowing better days are ahead. Many great people have come before us. Through their actions and through their words, they have inspired us to achieve our own greatness in life, to challenge the status quo, to reach

Date single man from California, United States. So where to start? I'm a complex person in some ways, yet simple and very basic in other ways. I think that on the surface is where you would notice the more straightforward aspects of my personality. I'm a jeans and t-shirts kind of guy, I don't wear much jewelry (a watch and a silver chain necklace), and my hairstyle is usually nothing more than running a comb over it and tying the tail back if I'm wearing my hair long. I drive a 1980 Jeep CJ7. Why? Because it's a basic vehicle. I have no need for seat heaters, leather interiors, etc. Those things are nice and I can appreciate them, but they just don't fit into my day-to-day view of what's really necessary. But I get around on my FZ6 most of the time.
The more complicated side of my personality is just that, more complicated. I tend to have my own way of doing things based on my knowledge and experience. That said though, I am also eager to learn from others and their experiences. I guess how that really breaks down is that I'll give anything a shot based on my experience, even if my direct experience is non-existent. In those cases I just rely on what I know and try to extrapolate how to work through an unfamiliar situation. There's a lot more to my complex side, that's just an example.
On weekends you will typically find me outside doing something. I'm a motorcyclist (non-negotiable). I'm been riding on the street for over 30 years and started seriously riding dirt bikes in 2005.
I love riding my dirt bikes and even took up cross country racing in late 2011. I like to hike and explore, both for exercise and for fun. I lay out and build dirt bike trails at my buddy's property near my house. If it's summertime, maybe a BBQ to occupy my time. Basically I like low key activities with my friends.
I was born on the east coast. My family moved to California when I was five years old with a couple of stops along the way. I've called the Bay Area home for almost the entire 40 years, though I did live out of state and country for four years when I was in the Air Force. I also lived in Phoenix recently for a couple of years, as well as a few years in SoCal. Loved Arizona, but SoCal was really a pragmatic stop for me (hated Temecula, a cultural black hole). I moved back up to the Bay Area as soon as I could.
I'm a pretty handy guy and will put my best effort into fixing stuff just because it can be a challenge and a learning experience. There generally isn't anything around the house that I can't handle. I've lost touch with some of my computer repair skills but I'll still dig in and try. I'm also an inventor/tinkerer. I started a business with a friend of mine designing and manufacturing accessories for off-road motorcycling. It's a work in progress but we have a good start behind us. We have several ideas in the pipeline and have many more ideas popping up all the time.
My "real job" is in medical devices. I design and build equipment for manufacturing the products. There are lot of constraints and complexities in that industry, but it's all worth it when I know that the things we make help people and improve their lives.
This is the Truth in Advertising part: In the Languages Spoken portion of the About Me, I checked Spanish and Japanese. I still speak some Spanish on a regular basis, but I've lost some of it. I was in the US Air Force in Spain many years back so that's where I picked it up. A little more work and I could become proficient again. The Japanese part is really that I'm trying to learn Japanese. I'm not very good yet, my pronunciation is OK, but I don't have much of a vocabulary. I really need someone to talk with so that I'll learn it more easily.
In summary, there are a lot of facets to my personality and life. I try to keep things simple but will pursue more complicated solutions and situations as necessary.
So get going! What are you waiting for? Send me an email or a wink! Let's meet and start getting to know one another.
Make it a great day!

Meet someone special from California, United States. Where do I begin.... My friends say I am intelligent, funny, warm, stubborn, and handsome. And of course I agree with them. I like to travel and explore. Sitting on the beach is cool but you have to immerse yourself in the culture you are visiting too. I'm am definitely not a home body but Sundays were made for football. I like to get dressed up and go out to dinner, or dress down and go to a BBQ with friends.
My sole mate must make me laugh. If you are not nice, that is a definate turn off. I like to talk politics-a healthy debate is good. But remember if we disagree that is okay. If you can not laugh at yourself, you can not laugh at others. Communication is very important so if I do something wrong you better tell me because otherwise I'm always right;-)

Date a soulmate from California, United States. I live in Gilroy and work in Morgan Hill. Ive always wanted to live near the ocean, But I also love hot weather. There a a couple of places I wouldnt mind moving to. Just have to decide where a safe place to land will be. In the mean time, I would be happy just enjoying life with someone who likes to enjoy life as well. I want to meet someone who enjoys laughing as much as I do. I want to meet the woman that makes me melt from seeing the look in her eyes, the smell of her hair or just that little smile that lets me know she is as much in love with me, as I am with her. I am not looking to date a million women, I just want that one in a million. I have been in real estate for many years and love what I do. I enjoy being outside, working out, taking a drive down the coast line to find a great little hole in the wall that has a awesome live band or going over to the delta and jet skiing to a place with live music. I feel just as comfortable in jeans or sweats as I am putting on my tux and heading out to an upscale social event. I am a true believer that every thing happens for a reason, But sometimes you have to give it a little nudge.
Just in case I meet that special girl, there is something she needs to know...When I met my ex-fiance, 12 years ago, She had a daughter, Marisa, who just turned 2 at the time. Her biological father is a real piece of work and had chosen not to be a part of her life. Even though we have split up several years ago, I have helped raise her ever since. She turns 15 this June. I see her every chance I get which is not very often These days unfortunately :( teenagers!
She has made me realize that you dont have to be the sperm donor to be a Dad in a little childs life.
I enjoy someone with a sense of humor and a great smile is sexy too. Someone who is supportive in your goals what you strive to do. Someone who can really enjoy life. Someone who enjoys what they do. What im really looking for is someone that I can also call my best friend, my lover, But not ever lose that special, intimate connection that is so important (and fun!) in a relationship Nothing else is worth anything unless you have that kind of connection. And I would love to have an amazing spark and fireworks go off when I first see her, but I think we all would like that. Thought I found it once, I really thought I did. I would sure like to find it again if its possible. Can I really get THAT Lucky? Hope everyone has a Very Happy and Prosperous 2012!!

Meet a man from California, United States. I grew up in California (San Jose area).
I am financially stable, homeowner, good job, and have a nice portfolio/retirement.
I would like to love to retire in San Diego, Orange County area or maybe Florida.
I love to travel, dine out, exercise, and be spontaneous.
I am trustworthy, loyal, honest, and passionate.
Im looking for a younger woman 20's 30's who wants a LTR and to enjoy my retirement with me and travel and be spoiled.

Date people from Morgan Hill, United States. Caring and committed.
Manufacturing professional whose job allows him to travel internationally.
Wants to share lifes experiences with someone who wants to share theirs. Spend time together and move forward in a very positive meaning ful way.
Very private but willing to open up and share the soul.

Meet someone special from Morgan Hill, United States. I am curious and inquisitive, intelligent and fun loving, i have many interests, in some many different areas of life, i believe life is a great big adventure with so much to discover and many opportunities. Polite, kind to others, funny at times, too sensitive, caring and compassionate for those less fortunate. I can't stand bullies and cowards and pretentious people. i like to be a round people who are caring and loving, they always make you feel wanted. I have 3 intelligent wonderful sons. One is already away from home. Two other teenagers most of the time living at home. They mean a lot to me. I love my family and very loyal to my friends.
Looking for someone special, interesting to spend time with and enjoy life. Looking for someone who will truly work with me as a team in every way. I expect respect, love and consideration and believe in giving the same in return.

Date a soulmate from Morgan Hill, United States. I have found the most memoriable times in my life have been when I have unexpectally come across something/someone/ or a situation that I did not expect. I am a mature God fearing woman that is proud to be a woman and I am glad for the lessons life has given me and belive I am better for them. I also believe the situations of today are not the reality of tomorrow. I am the type that flirts playfully yet would never assume you would even notice. I can be myself in a pair of jeans on a jobsite or in an evening dress dining at a fine resturant. I thrive in the outdoors and the sunrise can stop me dead in my tracks with pure enjoyment and serenity. I am just as comfortable going out to a concert alone as I am with a group of friends. I can dine alone and also enjoy an intimate quiet dinner for two. Music will change my mood in an instant and I enjoy just about any kind. I will dance to anything, never waiting to be asked. I love nothing better then dancing to good funky soul and RB's as well as listening to a drum at a pow wow. Listening to live music outdoors is a passion. I also enjoy driving and traveling and have spent weekends alone on the road, often simply to see where the next turn leads. I am in the point of my life that I want complete brutal honesty. I am NOT one to judge, and I TRY my best not to assume anything. But you MUST be honest. New experiences make me smile and learning is a passion I don't ever seem to tire of and often leaving me amazed. I am always eager to explore and see new places. However, take me to where the locals are not the tourists. I am ready to enjoy life with someone that makes me smile and brings that extra spark of passion to my life! I am a bit of a romantic- however, that is often hidden behind my realisitic side. I am at times too honest, too confident, but I am always willing to smile. I do believe smiling is something that requires nothing, gives mutual instantous pleasure, and the one thing absolutely everyone can instantly understand. I am not comfortable to go looking for someone- instead would prefer one to stumble upon me, or I stumble upon them. For myself, attraction is often something that grows from knowledge of one's values, morals, and basic humanity towards others. Simple honesty and a basic respect for others are values I place very high. The respect for other cultues, the acknowledgement in the errors of history and the openmindness to overcome ones own prejudices are as important to me as physical chemisty. I also find that attention to ones own health, fitness and happiness is also an important element in how one will work at maintaining a relationship. To be blunt, physical attraction is a must, however, please understand, I truely believe attraction is in the eye of the beholder, and is often more then skin deep. In regards to personality, I enjoy those that have a bit of independence, but also show a willingness to share special times. I want nothing to do with drugs or heavy weekend drinking, however I will have a cocktail from time to time. I am drawn to men in the professional fields but again anything is possible, and I rule no one out. I will never be the type to "have" to have someone at my side to make me whole, instead I would be one to enjoy the company and find pleasure in sharing an experiance together and will always attempt to advoid taking things for granted. To find someone that makes me smile and enjoys early morning sunrises...WOW! would that be a "dream" for sure... ahhh, but then dreaming is what keeps me positive and I am one that has no plans to ever stop dreaming...Do you like dreaming? Do you like to smile? Can you wake before noon? Can you accept a passionate yet independant woman who still wants to spend time together? IF you have read this far then something seems to be keeping your interest...I would be honored if you would say hello

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