Date men and women from United States / California / Chico, 62 year old

Date people from California, United States. My work as a college professor is enormously gratifying. When students wow me with what they show me they can do, I need to remind myself that I get paid for this job, too. I’m not independently wealthy, so doing it without getting paid for it isn’t an option! I strive for important lessons for my students – to see that when Emerson talks about "skating on the hard surfaces of life" he means not just enduring hard challenges but conquering those challenges gleefully. By "sail with God the seas," Emerson means to embrace spiritual and intellectual adventure and not to be content with the way that life and the world have formed what you are.
I write essays about cinema, which I publish in academic journals and books. I’ve developed a theoretical interest in goofiness. I travel often, and mostly connected with giving presentations at academic conferences. Depending on the destination, I can stay longer in London, New York, or wherever – usually to see movies and art and to share time with a dear friend over a fine dinner or a good stroll.
My writing projects are more inventive than methodological, and hence more like creative writing than scholarly work. The sign of finally having full confidence in an essay is a touch of humor all over it, even if I’m the only one ever to think it’s funny. There are times when I’m intensely absorbed in writing and revising for hours and days on end and impervious to all distractions. Once finished I want nothing better than to cook up a good meal to share with someone dear to me, and to talk for hours. Or go out dancing, with my soul sufficiently lubricated, of course.
Days at home begin with the San Francisco Chronicle (great comics pages!) and the New York Times (no comics) on Sundays, while listening to NPR and sipping coffee. I've lived with hilarious cats for many years. I harbor no illusions about who owns whom when you share a home with felines. Presently, though, I have no pets.
Hundreds of movies count as my favorites. Some recent films that I thought especially interesting: Ic?ar Bolla?n, Even the Rain; Agnieska Holland, In Darkness; Zhang Yimou, The Flowers of War; Werner Herzog, Cave of Forgotten Dreams; Julie Taymor, The Tempest; Joel and Ethan Coen, True Grit; Roman Polanski, Carnage; Terence Davies, The Deep Blue Sea.
I live alone self-reliantly and very contentedly in a lovely house full of light from big windows on every wall. A series of chosen transformations in my life in recent years have opened up new pathways to being able to thrive, and to be healthy and happy.
My friends are mostly academics, writers, and artists but I enjoy people wherever I meet them. I'm always ecstatic meeting people I can connect with. I don't think there's a set of traits that defines who attracts me romantically. The world is full of wonderful people, but they aren't all good matches for each other. The people I admire most are those who have a self-defined purpose in life that means being absorbed in creativity – writing in particular but not exclusively. Being serious about what you do in life is vital, and being able to see it all as funny nevertheless is a sign of contentment and confidence. Taking command of one’s life and health, enjoying of the pleasures of life, and being ever open to change are what I admire. I cherish dear, intense friendship, which can be the basis for something much more important. I love finding out how someone close to me feels and thinks, what makes her happy, what can help her thrive. I'm not looking for a companion to simply while away leisure time with, but someone who has her own engaging interests and purpose, and to tell me all about it .
I especially admire the devoted romanticism of Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing, and that of Robert Kincaid in The Bridges of Madison Co

Meet a man from California, United States. Like to get outside for hiking and bike riding. Enjoy
your company and conversation. Read a few newspapers each day, and surf the net to keep
informed, as well as in touch with the grand kids.
Enjoy cruises but mostly like to travel by bike
inorder to smell the roses and see all the sights.
There is a lot of the US left to explore. Would enjoy
a lady companion to likes the same, and who tells
me when I go off the deep en d.

Date a soulmate from California, United States. Not really looking... and have come to a place in my life where I'm O K with being by myself as I believe no one can ever really be alone... we are all connected here on the planet... most have not believed this but soon will know in their heart we are all one and the same........Namaste..........

Meet men and women from California, United States. Enjoy dancing and outdoor activities, like to read and discuss current issues. Usually read two or three newspapers at breakfast. Looking for someone with simular interests, and who is articulate and not afraid of expressing her opinion
when it may be different from others.

Date single man from California, United States. I'm a big funloving, honorable man, with good intentions. I have been a widower for eight years. I am looking for friendship only at this time. If you are looking for a needy sugar daddy, then I think you should continue your search.

Meet someone special from California, United States. I am thoughtful, easygoing, polite, caring and gregarious individual. I believe that being grateful for what you have rather than focusing on what you don't have brings about about greater contentment and happiness. I am decisive and and full of life and energy. I'm very active. I jog, bicycle, swim, work my abs, and lift weights. If you think I may be too old for you just think in Nov 2010, I finished 134th out of 649 runners in the Almond Bow 5K racel.
Fun can be physical or social. My physical fun includes: water skiing, snow skiing, hiking, camping, riding motorcycles, and swimming. I love to SCUBA dive as well. My social fun includes dinners with friends, socializing with friends and family, walking under a full moon, going out to dinner with that special someone, or traveling. I want to do alot more traveling in the future.
I am romantic and enjoy moonlight walks, candle light dinners, slow dancing, watching sunsets, and quiet times with that special person. I want to meet someone that is happy with themselves and would rather read, talk, visit, or socialize rather than watch TV. I want to meet someone who is patience and polite, and can handle life's pressures with peace and tranquility.
I want a woman that is centered, someone I laugh with, hold hands, hug, and dance with. A giving woman who can support me when I have a heavy heart. I will be her foundation and love treating her as a lady...with respect, affection, patience, and active listening. I want to smile when I see that you've texted or emailed me. I want to feel my heart race when I hear your voice, to get butterflies when I see you walk towards me.
My idea of romance is spending time with that special someone, spending time in the kitchen, cuddling in front of a fire or watching a movie, and kissing like a couple of teenagers.
I am a strong, centered, confident, and persistence man that sets high goals. But soft when it requires patience, flexibility, compromise, and love.
I love taking the time to listen and discover your life and have you discover my life.
I'm willing to pursue meeting that someone special and be vulnerability with this venture. I believe we should run towards love and not away from it (even after ending a previous relationship). Why...because love is life's greatest joy!
I'm been told by others that I am the most honest person they have met. I believe that what is truly important life are: simple pleasures coupled with honest and pure emotions surrounded by the majestic beauty of nature.
I am resolutely optimistic. I believe happiness and success comes to those who are grateful and optimistic and I live this way.

Date people from United States. I would describe myself as quiet, considerate, compassionate, irreverant about belief systems, and serious about everything, including serious about not taking life too seriously. I am the kind of guy that ignores professional sports and reads the New Yorker for entertainment. Environmental issues are important to me, and organic gardening is part of my life. I enjoy travelling, but being home with an affectionate mate would also be wonderful. I enjoy the physical plane, including exercise, massage, and profound sensuality. I hope to be challenged in a spirit of friendly debate, and would like to offer the same. I look forward to walks on the beach, gardening, sharing what is important, humor, and loving life despite the occasional pain and disappointment. I find deep pleasure in learning and sharing learning with children of all ages. I enjoy beautiful places in Nature and in the mind. Chemistry needs to be there for us. We will both know if it is.I would like to meet a woman who is bright, thoughtful, open to new ideas, capable of serious intellectual discussions, and yet also able to drop the seriousness and laugh at the absurdity of life. She enjoys giving and getting touch. Physical fitness and a healthy diet would be nice. Some sophistication and integrity about psychological issues wouldn't hurt. But we will just have to see about the chemistry, won't we?

Meet a man from United States. I am very committed to health and fitness and hope you are too, not that you have to be a gym rat. I believe that how you care about yourself says a lot about how you care for the one you love. I would like to meet someone who's life centers around love, laughter, fun .Someone who is a little outside the average, a little left of center would be great. Stunning beauty is fine but a cute face and a great personality will melt my heart! You are heavily into health and fitness, and love nothing more than a good workout followed by a relaxing massage. You are spontaneous and have a great sense of . humor , even though some think you are a little goofy. Your care more for others than yourself, sometimes a little to much. Your liberal to the point of being thought of as a tree hugger. Your friends love to have your around even though they think your a little off center, but in a good way. Sorry, I'm not a subscriber, so I can't read emails but a wink would be great!

Date a woman from United States. Im a happy person, I like people and try to see the good in everyone.My faith is woven into my daily life. I love to make people laugh and smile and be upbeat. I have worked hard and long my adult life. I would love to find a friend 1st, who would love to share their time, life, and experiences with someone who is ready for adventure. I would enjoy meeting an active,fun loving man, who takes the effort to make himself attractive inside and out. Waiting to meet you and make memories togeather.

Meet men and women from United States. Looking for someone who is compatable with me. Funloving and grateful for the advantages of the time we live.
In todays world everyone needs a friend that someone special who makes you smile. The one person who understands, and still has the first consideration to the other person.
I would like to meet this man

Date a soulmate from Chico, United States. I think my friends would describe me as easy to talk to, and fun to be with. I love to hear what others are doing, and get new ideas from my friends. I'm grateful for my family, that all are healthy and they live nearby. I would like to meet a man who has lots of personal interests he'd like to share, and who wants to get to know me and share my interests as well.

Meet people from Chico, United States. I am a "glass half full" kind of person! I find wonder and joy running in the park in the crisp early morning mist. I am a passionate person ...passionate about my job. I am an RN and work in a heart surgery program. I have the great privilege of
working with folks facing crisises, and being able to walk through frightening experiences with them. It is incredibly rewarding. I am passionate about the three beautiful daughters I have raised. To watch them grow into lovely, productive human beings is one of my greatest joys. I am passionate about my physical activity and health. I LOVE to run, and bicycle, and swim. I was have run the Boston Marathon four times, and will be running it again this April. The last six years, I have been able to ride Cycle Oregon, a nearly 500 mile, week long bike ride with 2000 other cyclists. I would love to share that ride with a adventursome, fit man this next fall!! I thrive on being outside, whether running, hiking, cycling and would hope to meet someone that can share that love with me. I look forward to being with someone who is healthy, active, and passionate about nature. I also would like a travel partner, to explore other cultures, art, and history. I grew up a military brat, and have lived in other cultures, and continue to travel. I dream of taking bikes to Europe, with other couples, and seeing the countryside up close and personal. Sharing baguettes on the steps of a cathedral in France, exploring the Pyrenees on bikes, staying in a B and B in Belgium, and of course the Mediterannean. I like to share over a cup of coffee, pillow talk, solving the world's problems with a bright curious man...maybe even going to a third world country...and DOING something good. I am easy going, spontaneous, and a peaceFUL person, who likes conflict resolved quickly. I don't do well with angry words, but like a kindhearted man. I am up for play, at work, and in helping others...I want to share my heart and dreams with another!

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