Date men and women from United States / California / Chico, 40 year old

Date a soulmate from United States. I don't know how to describe myself. I am a complex and intelligent person with many interests and a very sharp and witty sense of humor. I stay in shape by cycling 3 to 5 times a week and I occasionally race in amateur race events. I am a great cook. I used to be a chef and, at one time, owned my own restaurant. Most of my training is in Italian cuisine, but I can cook almost anything. I am also a very classically trained bartender and have worked in fine dining for almost 20 years. I therefore love entertaining with friends or going out for food and drinks. I am a serious music lover and although I have played guitar most of my life, I don't consider myself a musician. I just love music. I think my balance makes me proud of the person that I am. I can connect with anybody on some level and I think everyone has something that makes them worthwhile. Part of my personality is the nerdy little kid that I used to be, (I love sci-fi), part is my funny and intellectual side, and another part is my responsible hard work ethic. I take pride in things that I do and I try to always find ways to improve.
What am I looking for? I want somebody who shares some interests with me and who likes to laugh and be silly sometimes. I believe physical attraction is important, but ultimately it is personality which makes or breaks a connection. I would like somebody who is easy going and likes to be spontaneous, but who also has motivation and direction in life.
I am very fun and comfortable to be around and I am always up for meeting new interesting people.

Meet single man from United States. --About me. The Cliffs Notes version!--
1) Techie career that sometimes requires overtime.
2) This bullet point is undergoing frequent remodeling as of late due in part to some training burnout, but cycling's a big part of my life. (Note please my alias above.) I try to accomodate other things in my life via a classic strategy: losing sleep and slotting workouts very early in the day. After getting up as silently as possible.
3) I run too, mostly in the wintertime. And hit the gym. After a steady 15 - 20-year diet of nothing but these three exercises I have been informed that other healthy activities exist. I started taking something the kids these days enjoy, called "pilates." But am basically up for anything that does not involve heights. Or sharks.
4) Like going to live theater.
5) Pretty disciplined with the finances.
6) Have a house that is not under water. In this economy, no less. See 5) previous.
7) Like kids a great deal. And the feeling seems to be mutual. I'm an uncle to a few and a virtual uncle to a few more. So if you have one or more, in the house or out of the house, that's cool beans. Just do not want to have (brand new) kids of my own at this stage of my life.
8) Like reading really dry current events news and nonfiction, especially economics texts. Wait a sec, you're dozing off, hang on just a little longer ...
9) Like dancing. How many guys will even dance, except under duress? I'm not a great dancer or a trained dancer or anything like that, but do enjoy it.
10) After 10 years of home ownership (see 6) with an early flurry of contracted and DIY projects to get the place livable, I settled in with little handyman motivation other than the occasional home repair. Thinking I'd move closer to Bidwell Park any year now. But having refinanced at a favorable rate, and getting sick of looking at my back yard, I'm back in home improvement mode again. Replacing a rotted deck, replanting, rethinking the lawn situation, and a hot tub on the way for relaxing.
11) There's a pic up there of me with a beer. I am usually a "one and done" kind of guy, averaging about one drink a week. Every 4 - 6 months on special occasions, it will be more than one drink. That sort of enhanced night out holds less and less interest for me these days, though.
--Who I'm looking for.--
I'll be brief here because there is no magic formula. But there are a few big things to get out of the way first.
1) Religion/spirituality is fine with me. But I'm not religious at all. If you are devoutly religious,or a little religious and it is important to you to be with somebody who feels the same, there's another guy out there for you.
2) Prefer somebody with a career. And that's a pretty broad use of the term, ie, not just a doc, accountant, teacher, or all the normal pursuits one thinks of when "career" is mentioned. Not looking for somebody who's constantly between jobs or looking for full financial support. There's another guy out there for you.
3) Probably somebody who is a morning person or can at least live with a morning person. As trivial as this sounds, being on opposite sleep schedules has made it tough in at least one of my past relationships--we never wanted to be awake at the same time.
4) Does not want any more kids. (Or no kids, if you have no kids now.) See 7) above in the "About Me" section.
5) No smoking.
6) Some sort of physical activity. Doesn't have to be cycling or running. Doesn't have to be a zillion days a week. Just something.
7) Looking for a long-term relationship. With any luck, the last relationship they'll ever want. More power to anybody who's just playing the field, and I'm not going to ask for your hand in marriage on the first date, but the ultimate goal for me is to be able to de-activate this account for good.

Date a man from United States. I am a responsible, hard working, committed, trustworthy, loving person that places my partner as a priority in my life and I am looking for the same. I can be serious but enjoy those silly times for the play/laughter. I like to have those special moments to just cuddle up on the couch with the right person and drink some wine, have a bbq with friends, watch a live band, see a movie, or go have an adventurous outing occasionally.
I would like to find a woman that is confident, classy yet sexy, outgoing, and wants to have fun in the relationship. Fitness needs to be a part of your routine as well. Are you caring, respectful, honest, and affectionate? Are you wanting that sincere friend you can confide in and share those days of good, bad, or indifferent?
I am looking forward to having a great friendship, partnership, positive personality, and chemistry/passion.

Meet people from United States. Hmm… describe myself… well let’s see. I’ve been described as funny, smart, outgoing and fun. I enjoy my job and often work too hard, though I've found I am a much happier person all around when I keep my life in balance. I’m always on the go, but also love just kicking back at home with my kids. I enjoy most all types of music. I enjoy cooking and dining out. I enjoy road trips, wine tasting, kayaking on the river, BBQ's with friends, listening to local bands, white water rafting, hikes, biking, and trying new activities. I think for me, it's not about the activity but rather the company that makes the most of whatever you are doing. Spontaneous daycations are definitely something I enjoy. Vacations are great too. Spending time outdoors when the weather is nice and just anything relaxing.
What do I really want? I would like to meet someone that has a good head on their shoulders. Knows where they have been and where they are going. Someone that is young at heart, yet responsible. I think being physically attracted to someone is important. I have a bit of a sacastic side and love to laugh, so someone with a good sense of humor and doesn't take life too seriously is important to me.
When it comes to relationships, I am passionate, loyal and supportive. I am generally accepting and am able to adapt to many situations, and while I don't pretend to have it all figured out I do feel that I'm in a great place in my life. I am looking for a partner who is active, confident and grounded. She must be stable, loyal, passionate and supportive. She must have a good sense of humor, a sense of adventure, and be willing to try new things. Eventually, I would like to settle down, so my ideal woman would want the same.
Why am I on here? That's a pretty good question. I don't have a lot of time to spare and I really don't have the time to meet people so I thought I would try this out and see what happens. I have been single for a while and thought I would get out and see what happens. All I ask is that you be real...don't tell me what you "think" I want to hear. Be true and be honest...just be yourself...and let's get to know each other.

Date someone special from United States. Ideal match loves life, exploring, appreciating, creating, experiencing and has the same respect/love/kindness for herself that she has for others.
You cannot recognize something in another that you do not first posess...
Do or Do not, there is no try.

Meet men and women from United States. Life is short and we should be doing things we love and be with the ones we love. I just made a life change and I recently bought a house in Chico and I'm enjoying making a home. I would like it to be drama free and filled with laughter, good food (I can cook), music and wine. I believe communication and integrity are essentials.
I like to be creative. Music is my favorite medium, so you must be able to handle some noise. It would be nice to find someone who puts passion in the things they do. I don't want any head games or drama and I want to find that girl I adore and treat like the princess she is...
I am not a serial dater and I am introverted at first. I don't want to be that guy that just emails every cute girl on here. So, if I do write you something I have read your profile and I do see something in you. Please feel free to wink at me if you're interested and I wil email you back if I see something too. I'm not lazy and I do believe in chivalry....

Date a soulmate from Chico, United States. I like to laugh and have fun. I may come across as sarcastic and cynical, but deep down inside I love life and want to make the most of this unique opportunity we have to live on this tiny planet in a remote galaxy, in an ever expanding universe.
I work like a dog. I am a Self-Employed Consultant dude with a mission to conserve soil, water, and biological resources, because without them we will die!
Half of my life I care for the four most adorable, intelligent children in the world. They are my best friends and my whole world revolves around them.
Music is god. I connect with the Supreme Being(s) through music. I play a bunch of instruments and love to sit around and play music with friends, drink too much, and shoot the shizzle.
Outdoorsy stuff is fun: running with the dog; jumping into cold water when its hot; mountain biking; surfing safaris; camping; and hiking to remote locations where humans have not been for like three weeks.
Hanging out with friend(s) is fun: Cooking really good food, playing cards (cribbage, hearts, gin, canasta, … you name it),drinking wine (tea, if necessary), and then…letting the evening breeze influence the outcome…
But enough about me…. What are you looking for?

Meet single man from Chico, United States. Italian man loves family living and what heritage means to one self. I like all outdoor sports (I am an Outdoor Coordinator for Summer Camps for youth with Special Needs), camping/fishing/hiking.
I own and manage my own Custom Classic Car Restoration Shop (you can see some of the cars that we have built and own). I just finished my "LAST" and final degree in Kinesiology and plan to teach part time at a College.
I have traveled and love to share about places I have been and wish to go. I would like to find someone that is interested in the same, including staying at home for a nice candle lit dinner, fire, popcorn and cuddling while watching a movie. But can also feel comfortable riding on the back of a Camel to see the Pyramids in Egypt, or how about riding in a gondola through the canals of Venice. I am warm hearted and would like to find someone else that is the same and would be very open-minded. Thank you for looking at my profile and drop me a line so we can chat.
I am old school when it comes to dating and I love to be respectful and curtious on a first date.(actually I do not like to call it dating, I rather call it "Courting.") I would pick up my date at her residence with a nice boaque of flowers and a special gift that would only come from me so it would set her to remember me by. I would escort her to my car and open the door for her (including every door that evening), and off we would go to Unique and fun place that would provide a chance for some wonderful conversation, dinning, and fun!
At the end of the night I would escort the nice young woman to her door and give her a huge hug and a kiss on both cheeks and ask her if she had a nice time and if she would like to go out again.

Date a man from Chico, United States. I'm fun and spontaneous. Looking for someone that likes to enjoy life. Is secure in themselves and drama free. Life is to short I'm trying to make the most of mine. Looking for the same. Fun haters need not respond. Lol

Meet people from Chico, United States. I never thought I would be giving vitamin shots to a snapping turtle, but then again the best things in life have all been surprises. Not that snapping turtles really rank amongst the best things in life but none the less, I thrive on experience and that was something I will never forget.
The search for fun and excitement has taken me to many places and taught me a cornucopia of skills. The best way to move a piano…check. Need to serve dinner to three hundred people, no problem. What’s the easiest way to handle a ten foot wave breaking in three inches of water… well in all honesty there is no easy to deal with that but if it happens trust me and go limp and flat, it will hurt less. What I haven’t learned by doing I learned by reading. I love to read and watch movies, do art and relax.
So what am I looking for? I want someone who I can share life with. I started out life thinking I was a loner but found out I am a really gregarious person who loves to talk and spend time with my friends and family. That’s where you come in. If you are the type that loves animals and talking then we’ve already got a lot in common. If you dislike having someone cook for you and care for you, well you had best be moving on. You should be honest and kind hearted, able to accept me for my ups and my downs. I’m not perfect and make mistakes but I always do my best to set things right in the end.
I can be goofy and crazy, serious and committed, it just depends on the mood at the time. I love to play board games, go on bike rides in the park and spend time with freinds. So if your interested in exploring a potential future over coffee or a walk in the park, you don’t mind a man who is not the average in so many ways, hit me up. Life is an experience that you might as well try.
There's just one other thing. I am finishing up my BS degree, I'm looking towards a Masters Degree as well as career. This means that my life is in a state of flux. It does not however mean that i will be unable to be in a committed relationship. It just means that if we meet, and things work out for the best, that i will work that much harder to make things work. That is after-all what a relationship is about, Right. Nuff said.

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