Date men and women from United States / Arkansas, 48 year old

Date single man from Arkansas, United States. I'm the outdoors type. Love hunting, fishing, camping and riding horses or 4-wheelers. Been alone for a few yours following my divorce. Two children. One in college and one working. I live out in the country where it's nice and quite. I'm tired of being alone all the time and am looking for someone to hold and cuddle at night and walk and talk with during the day. I am honest almost to a fault. I like to travel and see new places and meet new people. Always wanted to go to Europe.

Meet people from Arkansas, United States. Looking for the special person to spend time with. I am non-military but medically retired. This arena is new to me so please bare with me. I have three kids two of which live with me and one which lives with my sister.

Date men and women from Arkansas, United States. I've not done this before but I'm intrigued!The examples suggest that I say some of the things that I've done....uncomfortable with that but I 've done quite alot and maybe would talk about that later. I love making people laugh and love making music!

Meet a man from Arkansas, United States. I am a truly youthful 48 year old with tons of positive energy and always with a smile. I am very athletic, playing sports and working out 4-5 times per week. I enjoy actively playing basketball and tennis at high levels to this day. Although competitive in many respects of my life, I believe I keep things in a healthy perspective.
I enjoy being a father so very much. That was a big reason I've stayed single for the first few years after my divorce. I see my kids almost everyday and they enjoy a very good relationship with both their mother and myself. Most times, they have any option of which parent to be with, and I believe that is very healthy for them (and for me too!).
I also enjoy kids in general as well. So, if you have kids, great! The more the merrier!
I am looking for a pleasant and happy person with whom to share the rest of my life. I am not in a "rush" (hence, my seven years being single), but my ultimate goal is to date to find my best friend, girl friend and then hopefully wife.
My ideal lady would be youthful in heart and mind as well. She would be smart, happy, open minded and wanting a "50/50" relationship. I don't believe one or the other person in a relationship should dominate the other. I want to learn and participate in what you enjoy (when you want me to of course). I think it woud be good if you had an interest in some of the things I like too.
Other than this, I guess we all know it comes down to a "chemistry" in person once we meet. To that end, I hope to meet YOU soon!

Date someone special from Arkansas, United States. I am a man who is completely trustworthy, faithful, and good moral character. I have always tried to do what's right in my life which I know comes from my strong Christian and family background. I enjoy going to movies, riding my motorcycle, and cooking, among other things. To me, it's not about the activity but rather just being with that special person. I am a proud father of four boys who are grown now and doing there own thing and going there own direction. Don't get me wrong, I am still involved with my kids and love doing things with them when we can. I do love music and have a wide range of songs on my MP3 player ranging from classic rock, to country, to contemporary Christian. A lot of the songs I have would indicate I am a romantic at heart!
If you are looking for someone who is dependable, trustworthy, loyal, affectionate, witty, charming, and yes, even romantic then your look is over. Hey, I'm even house broken.....I know how to keep a clean house, do laundry (not looking for a mother!), and put the lid down..oh yeah, I shower as well as brush and floss my teeth every day.....what more could you ask for???? lol I do take seriously the man's role in a relationship and really believe that a man should be a servant/leader and should help out around the house. Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you.
One more note: If you are not over an ex, have a lot of drama, not really ready to be in a relationship, then please don't respond.

Meet a soulmate from Arkansas, United States. OK.....
Apparently this is going to be much more difficult than I had hoped. Ladies, I would sincerely like to apologies for the freaks you have encountered here. If they are anything like the couple I have met and few I have talked to then... Wow!
I am a fairly normal (who of us it absolutely normal) 48 year old man who never feels his age. I'm not big into working out, but I find ways to stay busy. I'm not a couch potato. Nor do I drink warm milk before bed.... I love to ride motorcycles and I would hope to find someone who would enjoy it also. I am a firearms instructor (part time) so I enjoy shooting as well and have 2 ranges at the house.
Why am I here...
I would like to meet some with a great sense of humor. Please if your outlook on life involves suicide move along... As I said, freaks. I don't mind a little baggage, we all have some but it should not define you. Please have a picture handy, it's only fair. I love the outdoors but am never opposed to watching a movie. I really enjoy cooking as long as I have someone to cook for, not much fun cooking for yourself. I do have 1 son, he turned 20 yesterday. He attends collage and is rarely home. I can tell you this, you may think your prepared for the kids moving out, I thought I was.... Not so much now. The real reason I'm here: Tired of being alone.
If I haven't frightened you away yet... send me an email.
I have been known to send cards or flowers for no reason, open doors, pay for dinner and generally be a somewhat old fashioned kind of guy.
Legal Disclaimer:
I don't do drugs, you shouldn't either.
I don't lie, cheat or steal.
Not looking for a FWB type relationship. Just not for me.
I do enjoy a beer or two but not wading through a mass of 21 year old kids to get it! l
I own a business that supports me. So I won't be needing to borrow your car or a loan from you or a place to live!
I am also a Firearms instructor (part time, a little side business) my FUN job!
Yes, I will teach you to shoot if asked. :)

Date single man from United States. im very slick and good looking. I like to have fun. I like to travel. I llike to eat. I hate sports. I hope u like my profile. If not, please be nice. How much more do i have to write? I have nothing else to say

Meet people from United States. I'm a guy who enjoys life, lives in the moment, is grateful for all that I have been given, my life, my health, my daughters, my upbringing, my parents. I live each day to the fullest and want someone that wants to do the same with me. What you see is what you get. I am very honest and trustworthy. I am pretty spontaneous. I love to travel and my work allows me to go at any time. I would love to have a partner that can do the same. I also volunteer 4 days a week helping the poor. I love to camp and enjoy being in nature. I played competitive tennis since I was six years old and went through college on a full tennis scholarship. I still play just not on a daily basis. I love to cook out and wine and dine my lady. Music festivals where you can camp out for a few days in the travel trailer is one of my fave things to do. Wakarusa and Harvest festival on Mulberry Mountain in Arkansas are two I like to go to. I am brand new to this on line stuff and plan to give it a month (from yesterday 7/22/12) to see what happens. I'm not really into the bar scene to meet someone, plus it is generally too smoky usually anyway. I'm looking for someone that wants to spend time together talking, having fun doing nothing or anything. If you'd like to meet for a drink or coffee or whatever, send me an e mail. We'll see what happens.

Date men and women from United States. Contractor/Software Developer by Day (keeps good clothes on my 10 yr old son and is the vehicle by which I'm building our house currently) but a deeply engrained singer/songwriter in my soul... and am actively sending materials to Nashville for publishing rights.
10 years ago, I would've never imagined being a 100% single full-time Dad to my son. But as the cliche goes "life takes us down unforeseen paths"..... and seriously, my instance of life in raising my boy is priceless - couldn't live with myself any other way.
We have horses and a great wooded property near Lake DeGray in Bismarck...
We're not much into the mainstream things like a lot of T.V. or trendy current events [what are they anyway these days?]
My son is very bright; objectively speaking - to a science geek level.... and this can throw peers off at 10 yr old age-range... I see it first hand.... him being called a nerd and/or basically kids are just mean! ;) hey not a pity thing, he's tough! LOL
I guess I'm saying that we'd rather be at the Lake or on our horses or sifting river banks for Native American artifacts .vs. watching American Idol or zip-lining(?) My son is into blacksmithing and naturalism... oh yes, he has vid games comin' out the wahzoo - so I suppose we are in THAT mainstream niche' (I don't play them, but he goes online Xbox and has friends that he games with... I regulate his vid game to 1 hour max!)
I suppose I'm more into Love, Kindness and Truth .vs. organized Religion --- I've found that (in small country towns) church is often used as a judging block by the locals ... very small minded in my opinion. OK - nuff on that :)
I paint and write songs most of the time when not hanging with my boy... try to avoid carpal tunnel from coding software and writing too many emails as a project manager. Again, that near-future music-flexibilty-feasibility I mentioned is nearing and I'm getting psychologically primed, as this will be a re-life after raising my boy alone. I lived as a pro bass player for 15 years before my son... the lesser $ aspect does not bother me in a future context, as my current capacity is doing very well, which will afford me a focused songwriting pursuit at that time - and we'll be in our free n clear home, et al! Life is Good ... can't wait!
I'd really cherish the finishing touch on a lot of hard work - a great woman who knows herself and is at a point in life where things are opening up and spontaneity can be a part of our life.... .vs. a cookie-cutter "list" of ideals that may just bore the crap out ANY man, driven or not! LOL Hey, I'm cool with [omg here it goes] "Walks, Talks, cooking, museums, festivals, work out 4-5 times/wk yeh right, sunsets or [I love this one] ... just cuddling on the couch with a movie and that special someone" LOL - OF COURSE those things are inherent to some of the conventions in a relationship! But are they at the forefront of your daily life?... and do they really define you and convey anything useful in terms of cyber-presenting yourself?!
Well, if this helps: I love schlogging beers in Munich (Dusseldorf and Heidelberg are awesome too!) great Agave in Cancun, searching for awesome food-dives and Blues juke joints in the South USA, Colorado, yes CA beaches, AR woods on our property trapping exotic forest animals (Bobcats, Foxes, Armadillos etc) and letting them go [relocating] them to remote woods far from our house (want kids to be able to visit and swim etc) --- what else?... riding horses regularly, strong coffee, John Hiatt songs and New Orleans in Autumn...
These and many other meanderings of zest are my idea of livin' how when we can do it like we do it!
Thank You for reading - and I sincerely hope to meet you beyond this cyber barrier :)

Meet a man from United States. New to the NWA and looking for someone to show me around the area. Not looking for a relationship just yet but yet new friends. Looking for a nice lady to have dinner and hange out with from time to time.

Date someone special from United States. Athletic, sports minded, fun seeking, caring and giving man looking for the right women to complete the both of us and bring happiness to both our lives. Looking to have fun, and possibly find a life partner.

Meet a soulmate from United States. I have been in NWA for 2 years, bought a house and settled here in Fayetteville, I am responsible, considerate, fun, and well educated. I have one kid who I raised by myself since he was a baby, who is now a sophomore at the university and will be going to med school to be a doctor. I have had many careers: teacher, navy officer, RN; and now I go fishing and ride my Harley. Looking for a LTR with a sane and educated woman, one who has time for a relationship.

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